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gerardway: Look at how rad this is! A picture disc, a mix-tape comic, a poster. Definitely one of the coolest things I’ve been involved with. Available 4/22/17

Press release:
Gerard Way: “Into The Cave We Wander” / “Pogi’s Cavern”; 12” Picture Disc in Clear Vinyl Sleeve. Limited to 5,000.
Two new recordings from Gerard Way have been written to go with the comic book series CAVE CARSON HAS A CYBERNETIC EYE from DC’s Young Animal pop-up imprint. The 12” picture disc comes in a clear vinyl sleeve and includes the following: a 32-page comic featuring an all-new three-page story by Gerard Way and Michael Allred; previews of four DC’s Young Animal comics—DOOM PATROL, SHADE, THE CHANGING GIRL, CAVE CARSON HAS A CYBERNETIC EYE and MOTHER PANIC; and an 11”x 17” poster featuring characters from each of the series, drawn by Nick Derington. The songs were written and recorded with Ray Toro and produced by Doug McKean, Ray Toro and Gerard Way.
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Saturn Song
Beach House
Saturn Song

Just heard this on NPR.  One of 14 songs by a slew of artists on a super cool upcoming Record Store Day release called Space Project.  Each song incorporates unique space sounds recorded from the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 space probes.

The ‘sounds’ recorded by the Voyager probes aren’t sounds in the conventional sense; rather, they are electromagnetic radiation fluctuations in the magnetosphere of the planets, moons, and large asteroids the Voyager probes traveled near. Each celestial body is composed of different elements, has its own size and mass, and therefore sounds unique.

There are seven pairs of songs about different celestial bodies—see the breakdown below.


A Porcelain Raft: “Giove”
B The Antlers: “Jupiter”


A Mutual Benefit: “Terraform” 
B Anna Meredith: “Miranda”


A The Spiritualized Mississippi Space Program: “Always Together With You (The Bridge Song)”
B The Holydrug Couple: “Amphitrites Lost” 


A Youth Lagoon: “Worms”
B Blues Control: “Blues Danube”


A Beach House: “Saturn Song”
B Zomes: “Moonlet”


A Absolutely Free: “EARTH I”
B Jesu: “Song of Earth”


A Benoit & Sergio: “Long Neglected Words”
B Larry Gus: “Sphere of Io (For Georg Cantor)”

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On this day in music history: November 18, 1981 - “I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll”, the second album by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts is released. Produced by Kenny Laguna and Ritchie Cordell, it is recorded at Kingdom Sound Studios in Syosset, NY from Early - Mid 1981. Issued as the follow up to their debut “Bad Reputation”, it is also released on (former Casablanca Records founder) Neil Bogart’s Boardwalk Records. The title track, originally recorded by The Arrows in 1975, will be the band’s biggest hit, spending seven weeks at number one on the Hot 100 from March-May of 1982. Initial pressings of the LP contain a cover of the holiday classic “Little Drummer Boy” that will be replaced by the cut “Oh Woe Is Me” on later pressings. It also spins off a second hit single with their cover of Tommy James & The Shondells classic “Crimson And Clover” (#7 Pop).  With the demise of Boardwalk Records following Neil Bogart’s death in 1982, the album goes out of print for nearly a decade before Jett is able to acquire the rights to the bands’ master tapes. “Rock 'N’ Roll” is reissued on her own Blackheart Records imprint on CD and cassette in 1992 with all thirteen tracks included for the first time. The album is remastered in 1998 with two additional bonus tracks. It is reissued on vinyl in 2009, with a limited edition 180 gram LP pressed on clear vinyl for Record Store Day in 2011. A double vinyl LP edition is released in 2015 (with 1,000 copies pressed on white vinyl in hand numbered LP sleeves), with the second disc featuring live recordings. One hundred copies of the LP are inserted with a “golden ticket”, redeemable for a very limited edition lithograph poster of the reissues’ cover art work designed by artist Shepard Fairey. “I Love Rock 'N’ Roll” spends three weeks at number two on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

samaholland  asked:

⭐️ / Richie headcanon, please!

 I’m starting this off with the most important headcanon which is that 

-Richie only ever buys ice cream and fries when he goes to McDonald’s and obviously dips his fries in the ice cream

- Richie has a terrible memory so he keeps a mini spiral notebook filled with all the things he needs to do in the next week - including all the preparations for jokes he needs to set up

- After meeting Bev, Richie makes sure to time his smoke breaks so he can meet up with her at the notorious smoking wall behind the school. Sometimes they skip the rest of the school day to check out new releases at the record store or go pester Mike

- Richie is really (surprisingly to most people) good at math, so he and Ben sometimes tutor Bill afterschool while they sit on the hood of his car

- Really tries to build up a bad-boy image by learning to skateboard but he can’t keep up with the rest of the losers on bikes & doesn’t want that damaging his street cred

- Richie is actually really good friends with his high school Home Ec teacher? he normally spends his first period (which is supposed to be health, but Richie insists with Eddie around he doesn’t need it) in her office and they gossip over their morning coffee

- After coming in bruised up from a rough night at home, she teaches him how to stitch up rips and how to get blood stains out of his clothes


On this day in music history: September 7, 1965 - “Positively 4th Street” by Bob Dylan is released. Written by Bob Dylan, the stand alone single is issued between the releases of “Highway 61 Revisited” and “Blonde On Blonde” but is not included on either album. Over the years there has been much speculation over the meaning of the songs lyrics. Most believe its bitter and cynical tone is Dylan’s rebuke of the New York folk music community (4th Street being where Dylan lived in Greenwich Village) where he first gained fame as a songwriter and performer, feeling that many have turned on him when he begins moving away from his acoustic based folk sound towards a more band oriented electric sound. The track is recorded at Columbia Recording Studios in New York City on July 29, 1965, during the same session that produces the songs “It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry”, and “Tombstone Blues” (both featured on “Highway 61 Revisited”), The session features musicians such as Mike Bloomfield (guitar), Al Kooper (organ), Harvey Brooks (bass), Paul Griffin (piano), and Robert Gregg (drums). When Columbia Records releases the single, some early copies are accidentally pressed with an outtake version of “Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?” (another take is released as the follow up to “4th Street” on December 21, 1965). “Positively 4th Street” peaks at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 on November 6, 1965. The song goes on to become one of Dylan’s most popular and often covered songs. The original US 7" and picture sleeve are both replicated in the limited edition vinyl box set “Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?”, released on Black Friday Record Store Day in November of 2011 in the US, and in Europe in April of 2012. “Positively 4th Street” makes its full length album debut on “Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits” in March of 1967.


On this day in music history: November 1, 1988 - “The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick”, the debut album by Slick Rick is released. Produced by The Bomb Squad, Slick Rick and Jam Master Jay, it is recorded at Spectrum City Studios in Long Island City, L.I., NY, Chung King House Of Metal Studios in New York City from Late 1986 - Mid 1988. Following his departure from Doug E. Fresh & Get Fresh Crew, British born rapper Slick Rick signs with Def Jam Records and begins work on his first solo album. Rick works with Hank Shocklee and Eric “Vietnam” Sadler of The Bomb Squad, Run DMC DJ Jam Master Jay and with Def Jam co-founder Rick Rubin executive producing the project. Anchored by Rick’s sharp, unique highly vivid lyrics and distinctive rhyming style, the album is an instant sensation upon its release, and is widely regarded as one of the best rap albums of all time. It spins off three singles including “Teenage Love” (#8 Rap, #16 R&B), “Hey Young World” (#17 Rap, #42 R&B), and the classic “Children’s Story” (#2 Rap, #5 R&B), the songs narrative becoming highly prophetic years later, when the rapper ends up spending five years in prison on attempted murder charges when his own cousin and former bodyguard Mark Plummer is making threats on his life, with Rick shooting him and accidentally hitting an innocent bystander. “Children’s Story” later also becomes the basis of R&B singer Montell Jordan’s chart topping R&B and pop smash “This Is How We Do It” in 1995. The album is remastered and reissued as a limited edition package for Record Store Day in April of 2017. Released by Get On Down Records and limited to only 1,400 copies, it is packaged as an eighteen page illustrated hardbound “storybook”, including the full album on CD and  a bonus 7" of “Children’s Story” b/w “The Moment I Feared” with a faithful reproduction of the original single picture sleeve. “The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick” spends five weeks (non-consecutive) at number one on the Billboard R&B album chart, peaking at number thirty one on the Top 200, and is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

John Coltrane ‎– My Favorite Things
ORG Music ‎– ORGM-1080
2 × LP, 45 RPM, Remastered, 180gr vinyl
Released: 1961 (2013 reissue)

Amazingly, this is my first ever copy of “My Favorite Things”, on vinyl.  Nearly 60 Trane titles in, that’s almost impossible but it’s just been one of those obvious, jazz 101 must-have records that has eluded me.  I’m still on the hunt for an original mono pressing but I ain’t holding my breath.  In the meanwhile, this half-mastered audiophile copy from ORG Music is the best I’ve heard this sound. Nice gatefold sleeve, good paper stock and lined inner sleeves for housing your wax.  Well done, the details are well looked after.

ORG Music label owner Andrew J Rossiter and I will be talking Record Store Day releases soon as they have 4 yet-to-be-announced titles that will be available for Black Friday.  The conversation should prove interesting as ORG have been involved with RSD for many years so Andrew has seen the whole vinyl revival from up close.  Announcement soon.

LISTEN: John Coltrane ‎– My Favorite Things

For those who want to know what the fuck is going on with Brand New right now, I’ll explain it in a way that people who are foreign to the band will understand:

Back in 2006, the band was making their third album. During the process, the low quality demos were leaked. The band decided to rehash the entire demos, leaving only 3 songs from the demo in the actual record. Two of which were acoustics that either turned electric (Untitled 08/Sowing Season) or had more electrical flourishes (Untitled 06/Luca). Both of these songs were also given completely different lyrics. The other, Untitled 09, kept only the melody of its chorus and was put into the song “The Archers’ Bows Have Broken”. These demos are a huge part of their lore for the fact that they leaked and causes the band to work on new songs which later became their opus of an album, The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me (TDAG for short). It’s the one with the spooky skeleton dudes and the little girl that you see Tumblr edits of all the time. The one with “Jesus Christ, that’s a pretty face/I’m alone again”. Yeah, that one.

When TDAG came out 9 years ago, there was a thing in the linear notes that said to send a self addressed stamped envelope and $1 to this address for a lyric booklet. No one got anything from it except some people who got their dollars returned. It has been a running joke over the years. 9 years later, someone claims to have gotten a lyric booklet from the band. He posts pictures of it and at first people think it’s a lie, but more and more people kept getting the lyric booklet in the mail.

In the lyric booklet, it came with tbe dollar that was sent and a message saying “You will get it when it’s finished”. In addition, there was also this sheet of paper that says that their leaked demos from 2006 (the low quality leaks from before, known by the fanbase as Fight Off Your Demons) are available in a cassette in high quality near the Wardenclyfe Tower. Someone went to the address but nothing was there, just a bar and a restricted private property. After a while, people made a Google search about the location and it turns out that the place used to be a radio tower. Upon furter inspection, people found cryptic information about the tower, including the fact that on July 10th, it would be the 120th birthday of the Tesla radio tower. July 10th is also the birthday of Jesse Lacey, the lead singer of Brand New. Not only that, see, June 10th is the day that record stores will stop putting out new releases on Tuesday and instead, on Friday. In addition, a couple of months ago, Mike Sapone (or Kevin Devine, I forgot which exactly) posted a picture on Instagram of the band in the studio that was captioned with the birthdays of famous celebrities. So this thing about Jesse’s birthday isn’t without reason.

Later in the night, connections were made. Last year, the band had a “NODE” button on their site that lead to a couple of places, most notably, their mp3s and a link to a page on a site called “Fusion Anomaly” that covered conspiracy theories about radio towers and the Central Nervous System. The radio tower could be a connection to the Telsa one, but what about the CNS? Another thing the band did last year was put out a new brand of merch, Electricity Is Dangerous, which shows people getting into accidents from electricity and a red line that shows exactly how they got electricuted that happens to flow through the nervous system of the characters. Currently, at the bottom of the band’s site, you can find a text that says Earth Sound Alliance 2015. On Fusion Anomaly, you can find a page called The Sounds Of Earth that talks about a project in 1977 where NASA made a time capsule that contained a vinyl like disc that held audio of many Earth-like sounds so that aliens could learn about us should they find it. It contained things from the sound of rain, barking of dogs and kisses from Mothers.

About an hour after that discovery, another person was found with a lyric booklet. On one of her pictures, it revealed an image of lights torwards the sky, much like image of The Battle Of Los Angeles, another thing that Fusion Anomaly covers. On this image there’s text that says:

rip 2018
“Know God’s Just Work”

People assumed that this was stating the year that Brand New would break up. But what about the numbers? Questioning them, people thought they were a phone number, but it wasn’t long until the number was decoded to be:

2 18 1 14 4 14 5 23 

If you assign each letter a number, A = 1, B = 2, etc., you get B R A N D N E W. Brand New. This further fuels the theory of the band’s departure. In addition, Jesse himself has said the he doesn’t want to be in the band when he’s 40. Jesse turns 40 on 2018. In addition to this, Know God’s Just Work was also on a billboard in Brooklyn last year, that also caused cryptic hype.

What exactly is Brand New hyping? Is it the break up that will be done in 3 years? Is it a new album that will be out in June? The band has been in the studio on and off for 2 years now, so that isn’t a stretch. What further helps this theory is that the band says that they want the next album they make to be what would’ve happened if TDAG (and the album after it, Daisy) never existed. Thus, it would sound like a follow up to Deja Entendu, their second record, as opposed to Daisy, their fourth.

Want one last haunting thing? A video was found yesterday that was recorded back in the day. It’s the band playing live and during the middle of the set, someone asks about the lyric booklets that were never sent. Jesse says that they would send them out during a time that everyone has forgotten about them and no one cares. The last part referencing that a lot of people don’t have the same address as they did 10 years ago, so the people who get the booklets wouldn’t care as they have no idea what it is.

Could this all be nonsense speculation? Probably, but the band is known for being cryptic. It’s all part of the band’s lore. This is how the band acts, if at all. The band loves to be silent on social media and doesn’t even go to interviews or do press. Their last music video was back in 2003. Their last album was in 2009. The band has many cryptic gems in their discography, whether it be the first time the Deja Entendu astronaut surfaced the internet in 2003 to the fact that their 2009 album, Daisy, starts and ends with a woman singing gospel for about a minute. The band has 10 untitled songs, one of which is an interlude that repeats a single phrase over and over again (some say it’s “I will never listen”, but without the lyric booklet, no one knows for sure as it has vocal effects). They have another interlude called “Be Gone” that has Jesse talking over heavily distorted vocal effects, making interpretations of the lyrics impossible bar a few words. Another song, Limousine, is a 7 minute song about the car crash that killed the 7 year old Katie Flynn. As you can see, Brand New love to be obscure, so this whole series of events can be speculated without being far fetched. This band creates mass hysteria every time the mere thought of them doing something is brought up, to an extent not even close to being matched by any band in this general music scene. Music forums have crashed due to the influx of people trying to talk about this. So, that leads to the question that I tried to answer but basically failed at doing:

What the fuck is Brand New is up to this time?

EDIT: The contents of the cassette were never mentioned and I confused it with speculation. Thus, the cassette may not be the FOYD tracks. My apologies.


On this day in music history: April 8, 1977 - “The Clash”, the debut album by The Clash is released. Produced by Mickey Foote, it is recorded at CBS Studios in London and National Film and Television School in Beaconsfield, UK from February 10 - 27, 1977. The self-titled debut release by the iconic British punk band is recorded in just two and half weeks, at a cost of only £4000 ($6698.40 USD currently). Many of the songs are written while The Clash are living in a council flat in NW London being rented by Mick Jones’ grandmother. The album quickly establish the band in their home country and earn them a loyal fan base, featuring several songs that become standards in the bands repertoire including “White Riot”, “Career Opportunities”, “Remote Control”, and “I’m So Bored With The USA”. In spite of its UK and European success, CBS Records initially passes on the releasing the album in the US, calling it “un-commercial” and “not radio friendly”. It still finds a sizable audience in the United States when record stores begin importing UK copies of the album, selling an impressive 100,000 copies before it is picked up for domestic release by Epic Records in July of 1979, after the release of their second album “Give ‘Em Enough Rope”. However, the US version differs from its UK counterpart, replacing the tracks “Deny”, “Cheat”, “Protex Blue”, “48 Hours”, and “White Riot (original version)”, with “Clash City Rockers”, “Complete Control”, “White Riot” (re-recorded version), “(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais”, “I Fought the Law”, and “Jail Guitar Doors”. The initial US pressing also comes packaged with a bonus 7" single featuring the tracks “Groovy Times” and “Gates Of The West”. The album is remastered and reissued on CD in 1999, and on 180 gram vinyl. Another vinyl reissue is released in 2010 that includes the bonus 7". A numbered limited edition version pressed on split blue and white vinyl is released in the US for Black Friday Record Store Day in November of 2015. “The Clash” peaks at number twelve on the UK album chart, number one hundred twenty six on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.