record store day find

Imagine you go to a nearby record store to get ur favourite albums and one day you find this cute, fluffy dark haired boy with headphones on staring at you. He fumbles up the records he is holding as you smile at him.

You keep returning to the store and he starts talking and helping you with finding records, telling you his name is Calum and showing you all the new tats he’s got and soon he starts recommending his faves to you. The store owner doesn’t mind him stopping his work to be around you.

One day you’re having a bad day and are lying in your bed, not having slept the entire night. As the sun starts to rise, you hear the strains of your favourite song ‘Beside You’ from out the window.

You listen for a while but the sounds don’t fade away and you get up off your bed to glance out the window and gasp to see Calum standing there with a CD player held high in his hand, John Cusack style. As you lean out,smiling, he says “sorry, couldn’t find a beat box” and you laugh.

by Shubhi.