record shelves

This Mean Something to Me

1. Ikea’s Expedit is the standard, affordable option for record storage.

2. Most places I’ve ever lived in either have floorboards or are slightly off-center, meaning the Expedit doesn’t line up flush with the wall.

3. This creates a gap between the wall and the edge of each “chamber.” If a record is pushed too far by accident, it can ding the corner of the jacket.

4. This could easily be solved by mounting a large piece of plywood, preferably painted to match the Expedit unit, upon purchase. However, that requires nails.

5. I have zero aversion to horribly rounded or missing corners but once-dinged corners are terrifying to me. Everybody loves imperfection but that’s different than liking NO LONGER PERFECT.

6. I now have a near-toddler, who sometimes pushes against a chunk of records and sends them all the way back. 

7. Here is the easy solution.

8. Take record mailers of various sizes. Fold out the larger flaps away from the inside until they form a u-shaped bracket.

9. Insert the mailer into a “chamber,” with the insider of the mailer (flaps closed over some cardboard) facing the wall. The larger flaps secure the mailer; the other side serves as a buffer with some give to it.

10. Put a chunk of records in and carefully push back. Check to make sure there isn’t still a gap. If so, use a bigger mailer. If they records are hanging over the front, use a smaller one.

11. Everyone will now be safe until the end of time.

12. Alternatively, just keep bangin’ until the wall-facing corner has been rounded down and breathe a sigh of relief. That sort of erosion can take a while, though.

13. Enjoy what you came here for!


1985. Don’t Metal With Evil

is the debut album by the heavy metal band Halloween. it was recorded from 1983-1985 in Detroit, Michigan.

The group was formed in 1983 by members Rick Craig, Brian Thomas, George Neal and Bill Whyte. after debut album the band started work on its follow up to Don’t Metal With Evil, Victims of the Night In 1986. However, the record was shelved until it was finally released on Molton Metal Records in 1997.

this great album. While it definitely shows its age, its still a catchy fun record that’s sure to get the blood pumping. If you are looking for a metal album for that special ghastly season, this is the one to get.

DAY 60

Someone was standing in front of my shelves of records about a years ago and she said, “So… you’re a pretty big Billy Joel fan”.  To which my response was, “Not as big of a fan as my step mother was”.  This record and for that matter all my Billy Joel records started life as my Step Mother’s records.  I don’t know how complete her Billy Joel collection was because it never occurred to me until this moment to ponder such a thing.  I just know there are a lot of them.  Billy Joel is one of the best represented artists in my collection and it is 100% because my Step Mom liked him so much.

This is as appropriate a record as anything else to come up randomly.  I have no strong feelings about Billy Joel.  I know to many he is painfully lame and worthy of being mocked but that always seemed harsh.  I can think of quite a few Billy Joel songs I enjoy.  I just also can’t imagine ever coming to a passionate defense of Billy Joel because I don’t care that much.  There are songs I like but I have never felt any deeper connection to his work.  This album is appropriate though because as a kid, with my Dad and Step Mom listening to tapes they made from Record (this was a really cool trick in 1983, dubbing your records to tape and listening in the car) the song they could use to sell me on listening to Billy Joel was the Ballad of Billy the Kid.  I didn’t know or care how factually accurate it was, a song about a Cowboy Outlaw was something I could get behind (I was also a huge fan of Rocky Raccoon by the Beatles for similar reasons).  This is a live album but a strange one cause it doesn’t sound like a live album.  They were all recorded live though and it’s really a collection of, “Here are some old songs you might not have heard because the Stranger was released and I became massively popular”.  I guess it functions as that.  This album still gets a pass for having a song about Billy the Kid even if the song has nothing to do with anything that really happened to Billy the Kid.