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Random question but what does @TheGoldenCloset supposed to mean? Is it Gguk's studio? (Sorry if you've already answered this! 😅)

it is kookie’s name for his studio/where he composes and records tracks ^_^ (also don’t apologize it’s perfectly fine to ask me questions even if you think I’ve answered them already. I’ve built this blog giving info so it’s ok to keep asking me~)

rap line and kookie have studios bcoz they compose~ before they moved dorms, jungkook’s studio was literally like the closet space in the dorm, it’s like one of the small rooms turned into a closet and then one part is where he records. That’s why he calls it Golden Closet~ now that he has his own room maybe that’s the new Golden Closet hehe~

golden closet - jungkook’s studio
mon studio - joon’s studio
hope world - jhope’s studio
genuis lab - suga’s studio

kookie’s recent golden closet that we know ^_^

*Tary gets hit in the head for an ungodly amount of damage by Vax*
*freeze frame as record scratches*
Tary’s voice: yep, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I got in this situation.
*tary crumples to the ground and starts yelling*
Tary’s voice: My name is Taryon Darrington, and this is how I became a part of Vox Machina.

If there’s a record for crying, my mom’s coming to take it
Because my dad wants love, and what he has with my mother ain’t it
This is the man I looked up to, and now I wish we weren’t related
Because he turned this house into a war zone, and for that, I really hate him
My Mom is screaming, pleading, “Lord I don’t want a divorce”
But deep down I’m thinking, mom, this love has ran through its course
No use in fighting no more, just know I got you for sure
The fall of an empire; countdown until he walks out the door
—  You’re no longer too young to understand // kdr

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But given that McKay, the man who might direct the Nightwing film, liked a bunch of tweets about Dick's Romani heritage, and said he wants diversity in Gotham, and WB's track record with previous castings, don't you think they will try to find a Romani actor?

I am very confident that they will. I want to see someone new and fresh as Dick’s actor. I want him to be Romani. I’m pretty sure DC won’t fail us. DC didn’t fail us by choosing Ben Affleck as Bruce. I think DC is trying to do what’s best for their fans, plus let’s all remember Geoff Johns is a part of the DCEU. Hes one of the best comic writers ever, it’s be impossible for him not to want to recognize Dick’s heritage.

Also, they wouldn’t have told or rather reminded us (during the new 52) that Dick is Romani if they didn’t care. You can’t just whitewash a character like that. Dc would just show a face of not enough care and love to one of its best characters.

I love to think that DC loves Dick as much as we do.

Now according to Jared Padalecki who showed interest in playing Dick… yeah.. look I absolutely love Jared, but he’s 1) way too old to play Dick and 2) not Romani.

It’s about time DC gives us some diversity in movies. And that’s my message to DC

Not everyone is white. And people of different color and culture deserve recognition. Dick is the best example for that and the fact that the director likes post about Dick being Romani on social media gives me so much hope

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That MCR primer. I swore I wouldn't read it all but then I did. I knew most of it, but what I didn't was GREAT. (Vampire Money in balaclavas at the NME awards. That's my shady, body-positive band!) I had a few questions I was hoping would be cleared up that weren't though. I had heard G went missing in Tokyo '04 and they posted something on the site about it? Could be fan lore, but they didn't get too into what was actually said/evidence to clear up what is and isn't true.

I only became a fan in 2005 so I’m not an expert on that part of mcr history. Here’s a recording of Frank sounding really worried after Gerard went missing. Other than this, I don’t really know much about it, so hopefully someone else can help us out here.

92 Truths

So i come to tumblr to find i’ve been tagged in this by some lovely friends @permanentcross  @legend-waitforit-harry @kasiwrites @harryisthebaneofmyexistence @lightmelikeamatch

Rules: Write 92 truths about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.

So well this goes under a cut because 92 truths are a bit too much :P

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Hi! I'm a huge fan of the mischief managers. So, I was wondering if you were planning to film the wedding? And if you did, would you post it on YouTube? Thanks~

Hi! We will most likely film parts of the party (although probably not the ceremony because that makes us nervous enough without knowing it’s being recorded), but we won’t share it on open channels online, no.

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Why don't you believe in Gillovny any more?

I feel like I need to say that I’m not anti-Gillovny. If David and Gillian announced tomorrow they were deeply in love and building a house in the English countryside with a recording studio for David’s “music” and were starting an artisanal kombucha business, I’d be thrilled beyond words. But I don’t think it’s actually happening now or anytime in the recent past. There’s just no evidence for it and no reason for them to hide it. And Peter Morgan, of course.

Bright spot - we’ll always have RPF.

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do you ever leave asks unanswered/ are there specific reasons why you might not address an ask?

The asks that tend to be left unanswered by us for the most part are just the ones that are centralized around which AUs/characters we just don’t write for (for example we currently have a lot of Swapfell scenario, but I don’t write for Swapfell, so I can’t/won’t take them). We also tend to get so many “scenario with an anxious/depressed character” questions that after a while the askbox just feels like a broken record machine. 

It’s just easier to answer an ask with a more positive, upbeat feel to it that could easily lift someone’s spirits than an ask that could bring out someone’s insecurities or make them feel worse about themself. Ex: “Papyrus plans the perfect date for his s/o who’s into this, this, & this!” (positive: focuses on what the s/o likes & the things that make them happy) Versus: “How would Papyrus handle a s/o who’s anxious/depressed because of this certain thing about themselves?” (negative: focuses on the part of themselves that makes the s/o insecure, that they’re not happy with)

I hope that doesn’t sound too harsh, but that’s just how it is sometimes. Also there are questions we get now & then that just go a little too far for comfort–for example we recently got an ask about how Frisk would react to Toriel making them wear a diaper–which is a bit…odd.

This is the best way that I can sum it up, but if you have anything else you’d like to ask about, I’ll do my best to answer it!

- Mod-Mellow

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but do you think Tara (or, more likely with TWD's track record, Daryl) would tolerate Denise's killer as a part of the group?

I think it would be very hard for her, and it’d take him, but if Dwight could prove his worth and save lives, especially the lives she cares most about, she could accept it because that’s who she is. 

Not necessarily forgive him, but accept his help. Maybe.

New Fic Up!

If You Are a Cliffhanger Ending (I’m the One That Doesn’t Know Anything) has just been posted on AO3!

Summary:Ray’s track record with ill-fated romances is almost impressive, really, and what are the odds of him winding up in another disastrous love triangle, anyway?

Pairing: Ray Palmer/Nate Heywood/Amaya Jiwe

Rating: Teen and Up Audiences 

Chapters: 1/1

Words: 1,772

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What do you mean Broadway Cadenza? Other cadenza? I'm confused.

If you googled it it’d give you the answers you were looking for. A lot can also be found in my FAQ and this tag. But OK:

Sarah Brightman originated one Think of Me cadenza (the vocalization at the end of the song). This is the one that can be heard in the original cast album, and the one both Broadway Christines and most international Christine does.

Her alternate Claire Moore did another cadenza, with more coloratura and scales. This is usually the one the West End Christine does, as well as a few examples from international productions.

Because of this, the first one is often referred to as the Sarah Brightman cadenza, and sometimes the Broadway or international cadenza. The latter is referred to as the Claire Moore cadenza, the West End/UK cadenza, and sometimes even the Rebecca Caine cadenza (this because Rebecca Caine does the Moore version in the Canadian cast recording).

It’s still in large these two that’s in use, though other variations has also occurred. @glassprism made an extensive list over all variations a few days ago, with sound clips, so check out that if you wanna hear/read more.

Tag Game

sooo i got tagged by one of my new mutuals @jessiemueller (thank you my dear!)

rules: answer the questions and tag 20 blogs you’d like to get to know better

nicknames: there are many, including cori, corn, coreeeeeeen, cornucopia, and just any butchering of my name lol

time right now: 10:03pm

last thing i googled: vince vaughn because i didn’t believe that he was in hacksaw ridge

fave music artist: i listen to mainly cast recordings, so it’s hard to get a favourite artist. but in terms of artists with solo albums, i love sara bareilles, lady gaga, nate ruess, ed sheeran, aaron tveit, and ramin karimloo.

song stuck in my head: i’ve had “for forever” from dear evan hansen stuck in my head recently

last movie i watched: the grand budapest hotel

last tv show i watched: riverdale

what i’m wearing now: i’m wearing my student council sweatshirt from my high school and black leggings

when i created this blog: i made this blog in december 2012

the kind of stuff i post: i post theatre things (from les mis, phantom, waitress, gglam, hamilton, deh, etc.), music things, disney, and marvel

do i have other blogs: i used to have an anime blog and a studyblr but they’ve both since been deleted. i have a private

do i get asks regularly: i usually get joke asks from my friends (coughcough MARIE-ANNE AND TATS coughcough)

why did i choose my url: i just love the phrase “put your heart into it” so i figured that it would make a nice url

gender: female

hogwarts house: ravenclaw with a dash of hufflepuff

pokemon team: team valor

fave color: navy blue

average hours of sleep: anywhere between 6 and 9 (depending on whether it’s a weekday or weekend)

lucky number: i don’t have one surprisingly

favorite characters: marius pontmercy (les misérables), dawn (waitress), gina linetti (brooklyn nine-nine), michael scott (the office), clint barton/hawkeye

dream job: i’d love to be a composer. like dude if i could compose my own musical i would DIE

number of blankets i sleep with: about 1 or 2. i prefer one thick blanket over multiple thin ones

tagging: i can’t think of 20 people so i’m gonna tag some of my mutuals and some new followers (if you’re not tagged here and you wanna do it, consider yourself tagged by yours truly!): @striker-in-the-sky, @thegirlwithmanynames, @unicornshirtdays, @fuckthedoldrums, @we-cut-the-night, @plathcamusdostoyevskyjagger, @demonkingreborn, @angeoltaire, @elphabaoftheopera, @stagecraftandbanjos