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The Signs as Things my Grandfather Has Done

Aries: Rolled down his window and screamed: “YOU’RE ALL A BUNCH OF IDIOTS” at people protesting something he didn’t personally agree with. (I can’t remember exactly what they were protesting… I just remember it happening)

Taurus: Trash talked Donald Trump on a number of occasions, and called the guy who threw the shoe at George W. Bush a “goddamn national hero”.

Gemini: Looked me dead in the eye and said “Shianne, I’m so glad you agree that Kirk and Spock are gay. I’ve been trying to tell your grandma that for years.”

Cancer: Recorded all the episodes of Full House and put them on a video cassette for me. 

Leo: Whenever we drove past the cemetery told the same shitty joke: “You know people are just dying to get in there…” He laughed hysterically every time this happened. 

Virgo: I asked him what he was afraid of, he answered, “I’m afraid of someone holding a gun to my head and threatening to kill my entire family. That’s what I’m afraid of”. I was 7.

Libra: Jumped out of a moving car to avoid an argument with my grandmother.

Scorpio: Watched FOX News with me and paused every 10 seconds to explain why they were wrong. 

Sagittarius: Stayed up all night watching reruns of Seinfeld on multiple occasions.

Capricorn: Got really irritated that I kept calling crayons “colors”. He corrected me every single time.

Aquarius: Never signed up for the draft, even though he was 18 in ‘68. Is also very proud of this and says “I WOULD DO IT AGAIN!!!!!” on many occasions.

Pisces: Took a picture with his toy sized Yorkie for his Christmas card. They posed like he was taking her to the prom, and he was wearing a suit for some reason.

Percy Jackson may drool in his sleep, but he likes to point out that Annabeth snores

Let’s not forget how Michael won 8 Grammy’s in one night and still holds that record. Even if someone does pass it he made history!

Fun Fact: The reason why Michael says he wants to thank his brothers and “including” Jermaine and points to him is because Jermaine claimed that he wasn’t going to win album of the year.

Not only did he win record of the year, he won album of the year, and won in three different genres of music for best R&B song, best male pop vocal & best r&b vocal, and best rock vocal. Then he won producer of the year all in one night !
Beyoncé could make history on Grammy night!

  • She already became the most nominated female in history with a whopping 62 nominations.
  • She has potential to beat Alison Krauss in becoming the most Grammy awarded female in history. Alison has 27, while Beyoncé currently has 20. If Beyoncé win more than 7, then Beyoncé will surpass Alison Krauss and make history.
  • If Beyoncé wins 8 of her Grammys, then she will be tied with Michael Jackson (1984) and Santana (2000) for winning the most Grammy wins in one night.
  • If Beyoncé wins all 9 of her Grammys, then she will surpass Michael Jackson and Santana for winning the most Grammy wins in one night.
  • Beyoncé could break her own record in winning the most Grammys in a night by a female artist. Currently Beyoncé and Adele are tied for winning 6 Grammys in one night.
  • If Beyoncé wins 6 Grammys, then she will be the first female artist to win at least 6 Grammys in one night, twice.
  • If Beyoncé wins more than 6 Grammys, then she will be the most awarded Grammy female artist in one night.
  • She will become closer to becoming the most Grammy awarded artist of all time. <3
Getting a glimpse of what Fifth Harmony looks and sounds like as a four piece on stage last night was very promising. The harmonies, the solo distribution, and the arrangements were already so much better and it was only their first real performance...

The Night Writers - Let The Music (Use You)  

The crew didn’t dare touch Ray’s room. But there was a spare one next to it. And that’s where Jeremy sleeps. Well, at least attempts to. He swears to them he could hear an Xbox turning on and off at night. Or muffled sounds of a video game. And no one believed him. Until one night he records evidence; sounds from the computer in Ray’s room. “Let me out… Let me out!” playing over and over on a loop.

And Michael’s petrified. It’s Ray’s voice from an old prank video they recorded years ago when he and Gavin shut Ray in the closet of the old base.

The Lads want to perform a seance. Geoff want’s to move, right now immediately. Jack gets her way, and so they finally crack open their late friend’s room and begin packing his things. Nothing of Ray’s is to be left in the base.

Months go by until Jeremy is able to sleep peacefully again. And soon the crew forgets about the whole incident.

Until, that is, Gavin drops a quarter in the hallway and it rolls under the door into Ray’s room. And without thinking he busts into the room and is startled to see it completely empty. Completely, except for Ray’s purple Nintendo 64 sat upside-down in the corner of the room.

“Must'ved dropped it,” he thinks. And he reaches for it. But instead of taking it to Jack he’s lingering with the thought of bringing it to his room. His broke a long time ago, and Ray always kept things in working order.

So it sits in his room until the weekend when he’s free. He dusts it off and hooks it up with all his old wires. He clicks in Ocarina of Time, and bloody hell, it works!

But hold on, did Ray ever play Gavin’s game? There’s a profile in the load screen titled “Ray”, and he’s not going to lie, it’s a bit eerie. He wants to tell Michael, but what good would that do? He’ll just tell him to quit it and throw it out.

He enters the profile and it takes him to the naming screen. He hasn’t played for years, but he knows that’s not how it works. The cursor moves without Gavin touching the controller. And it types.


Dance The Night Away

Can you do a Carl x reader where they find an old record player and records and just listen to records and dance all night. At one point they get really close and they kiss. Fluffly or smutty I don’t mind. I also love your writing. <3 thank you!

This is gonna be fluff as I’m over 18 and writing smut involving anyone under 18 kinda freaks me out haha! I hope you don’t mind! This was still fun to write! And if you really want smut, just shoot me another request with someone over 18 haha! :P Thanks for your understanding and enjoy!

After the fall of Hershel’s farm four months ago, the group had been travelling, never staying in one place for more than a few days. Sometimes it was because it was surrounded by too many walkers. Sometimes there wasn’t enough food. But most of the time it was because it was in the middle of nowhere, not even close to any town they could gather supplies from.

The group had found you on the highway while you were eating some food you found sitting untouched on the hood of a car with a message written on the windshield for a girl named Sophia but whatever it said had been washed away by the elements. You figured the message must be old as the food was collecting dust so you helped yourself.

One woman, Carol, wasn’t happy to see you taking food that was once meant for her daughter but the group’s leader, Rick Grimes along with the rest of the group had understood your desperation and hunger and took you in. With your parents long dead, you had no one and it was a relief to be with people again, to be protected once more.

Carl was thrilled to have another kid his age to talk to and the two of you became close friends after four months of travelling together. He knew a lot about weapons and fighting for someone so young but it gave him a chance to teach you too. You were getting better but you still had a lot left to learn.

The group had been travelling without sleep for days and finding any form of shelter would’ve been acceptable to all of you. But, by mid-afternoon, you managed to find a decently sized house you could stay in. You were so excited, you almost ran towards it but you knew better and you moved cautiously.

You helped Carl search the house, finding nothing out of the ordinary. This house had been abandoned a long time ago. There wasn’t a single walker in this house which was fortunate as they wouldn’t have to waste time dragging it outside and burning it after killing it.

While the others searched the kitchen for food and set up their beds for the night, you and Carl explored upstairs. You came across a room with the entire wall lined with shelves that were starting to droop from the weight of the hundreds of records sitting on them.

“Wow,” you said, “Someone had an interesting hobby.”

“Look,” Carl said, blowing dust off an old record player sitting on a wooden table with even more records sitting in the cabinet underneath the table, “See anything you like?”

“I don’t know,” you replied, “Maybe we should just pick a random one and play it. For fun.”

“Sure.” Carl pulled a random record from the cabinet and put it on the player without even looking at the label. He carefully took the needle and placed it down. The music started, playing quietly and Carl turned it up just a bit.

“I’ve never heard of this,” you said, “But I like it.”

“Me too,” Carl said. Before he knew it, you had a hold of his hand and were spinning in a circle. He laughed as he tried to keep up with you, “What’re we doing?”

“Dance with me,” you said, letting go of his hands though you continued you twirl around in circles. Your energy just made him laugh even harder and he started dancing with you. Rick and the others came in to check on the two of you every now and then but it had been so long since the two of you were able to have any fun so they left you alone.

By the time night came, the two of you were exhausted and fell back on the mattress sitting on the other side of the room. Records were stacked on the wooden table and you had just put on another, letting it play in the background while you caught your breath.

“I’m glad we found this place,” Carl said.

“Me too,” you panted. You rubbed your tired eyes and then let your hand fall to your sides. Your hand landed on Carl’s and you quickly pulled away, your cheeks turning even redder, “Sorry.”

“Don’t be,” Carl said, grabbing your hand. The two of you sat up and stretched your sore muscles, “I’m…I’m really glad we found you, Y/N.”

“Really?” you said. Carl nodded and you couldn’t hide the smile on your face, “That’s really nice, Carl. I’m glad you found me too. Um…Carl…you know you’re still holding my hand, right?”

“Oh, sorry,” Carl muttered, pulling his hand away.

“No, no!” you exclaimed, taking his hand again, “I like it. I just didn’t know if you knew you were still holding my hand. Keep holding my hand.”

Carl squeezed your hand, “Thanks. I…um…I like it too. I like you, Y/N.”

“You do?”


“Wow,” you said, “No one I’ve ever liked has liked me back before.”

It was extremely awkward for the both of you but you were going to push through it, knowing now that you had feelings for each other. How serious these feelings could get for someone as young as you remained to be seen. But for now, you could enjoy the moment.

“So, um…” Carl murmured, staring at your lips, “What…um…what do we do…”

You weren’t sure how this would work but you had to do this because neither of you could hold back anymore. You leaned in and kissed his lips, your hand hovering just above his shoulder. The kiss didn’t last long and it was clumsy but it didn’t seem to bother him.

Carl smiled, looking up at the door as he heard footsteps approaching, “We should probably get downstairs.”

“Right,” you said. Carl reluctantly let go of your hand, getting up off the mattress to turn the music off as the door opened and Rick poked his head in, looking at you, then at Carl. He was clearly suspicious, knowing that it had gone quiet in here but he didn’t ask any questions considering he hadn’t caught them doing anything too bad. Although, you couldn’t imagine what Rick would’ve done if he caught you two just a moment ago, locked in a kiss.

“Hey,” he said, “Dinner’s ready. Come downstairs and eat.”

“We’ll be right down,” you said. Rick walked away but left the door open as he headed back downstairs. You couldn’t help but giggle and cover your face, “That wasn’t embarrassing at all.”

“Right?” Carl chuckled as he helped you onto your feet, “So, do you think we should tell my dad about um…about us?”

“I don’t know,” you shrugged as you followed him out of the room, “We’ll let him figure it out on his own!”

Hope you enjoyed this!


“Of course I know your name. I like you very much.”

* ( ; verse names — masterlist of ideas !

out of personal necessity, i’ve decided to collect a ton of possible verse names for future ships of mine. most of these are from random songs by various artists, but some might be popular phrases/quotes or products of my imagination, and they are in alpahbetic order. feel free to take whichever your want, but please like/reblog if you found this helpful. there are currently 123 names on this list (UPDATES ON JANUARY 4TH, +123

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Jeff Buckley performs live at Tower Records on December 16, 1994 in New York.

“I first became aware of the power of Jeff Buckley’s live performances when I saw him do an in-store concert at the East Village Tower Records in December 1994.  It was a freezing night, one of those nights when people’s noses turn to radishes and their eyes blast open in fixed gazes of shock, and yet there we all were, waiting at midnight to be granted access into the store, shuffling around and talking to the nearest person to keep our mouths warm.  The concert was short but worth the wait. I managed to get a spot somewhere between the Vs and the Ws, not too far from the stage.  Buckley, of course, was mesmerizing. He wore a white t-shirt, and his hair was longish, falling into his face—very sexy indeed.  A denizen of the East Village at the time, he joked about how weird it was to play where he shopped (it was even weirder for me that I shopped where he shopped).  Most of the songs played that night were from his then-new album, Grace, which I had somehow managed to learn all the lyrics to despite only having owned the album for a few weeks.”
-Jody Beth Rosen, A Brief Memoir Of An Early Buckley In-Store Appearance

Monsta X Reaction || Their Girlfriend Humming Quietly When She Moves In Her Sleep


“How cute~”


*Stares at you, awaiting more movement to hear the little hum. Does that until he himself gets sleepy*


*Talks to you as you’re sleeping*
“I wonder if you know how adorable you’re being in your sleep. I should really record it one night”


*Looks over at you quickly, not sure what just happened, but he would smile to himself realizing that it was just one of your hums*


Ok, but would he even notice?


*Probably already filming you so he can show it to you the next day*


*I feel like the gif is enough*


I'm in love

I’m in love with a moron
I’m in love with an asshole
I’m in love with a broken soul
I’m in love with a man whore
I’m in love with a boy who’s permanent record is almost as long as his list of one night stands
I’m in love with a liar
I’m in love with a boy who got kicked out of an alternative school
After getting kicked out of regular school
I’m In love with the boy who has stolen cars
I’m in love with a druggy
I’m in love with a narrsasist
I’m in love with a manipulator
I’m in love with a dumbass
I’m in love with an emotional abuser
I’m in love with a smile
I’m in love with a laugh
I’m in love with the faces you make
I’m in love with your touch
No one else has ever compared
I’m in love with how you brought color to my life
I’m in love with the excitement
Im in love with your smell
The sound of your voice
I’m in love your passion
You radiate with this energy
I’m in love with every last bit
I’m in love your dumb jokes
I’m in love with dumb ideas
I’m in love with your hobbies
I’m in love with your family
I’m in love with how when I’m with you I feel like I’m home no matter where I am
But I don’t know what makes you special
I could never resist to forgive you
You filled my ears with hope
And trust me each time you dropped my heart it broke..
I lost count of how many times I had to put myself back together again
And you always come back
And I can’t help but love you
And I know there has to be something about you
Because I have tried to love boys who
Treated me much better and really did love me
But it’s you
Over and over again
The same mistake
But I’m in love with you

anonymous asked:

Sucking Harry off in his Range Rover, mhm. Maybe like in that picture where he's sitting in a car on his phone and resting his legs on the passenger seat that is pulled right in the front? His legs on your back, hand tugging your hair while the other one records you for those late nights when he's on tour on the other side of the world. "God, love. You look so pretty sucking my cock-" you slide your tongue on the edge of his tip "ahh, fuck. Take me to the back of your throat, would you love?"

Yummy and soft and God the back of my throat……..PLEASE LET ME, STYLES