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Sophia's tweet from last night gave me all the feels 💛✨🔮

About the night being one for the record books? It’s nice that she gets to have these amazing experiences because she deserves them (particularly when they’re shared with Jesse) :)


Recorded one of my favorite songs ever late at night. Excuse the appearance and simple audio format, but I had to keep things natural since I’m hoping to use it for some sort of audition (not sure yet). Also, I forgot my contacts so I couldn’t really see where the camera was centered LOL. If you check it out, thank you ~ it means a ton! 

An Uncovered Truth Pt. 7

Tiny, golden strands stared back at Adam as he lingered over Ava’s crib, watching her stir. Ava adored listening to music before bedtime, and usually, Taylor would lull her to sleep with her singing. However, Taylor was passed out in their bedroom or so Adam thought. Therefore, he decided to play one of his recordings for his daughter. One night, when Taylor was playing a few of her songs acoustically, Adam had recorded her rendition of “You Are In Love” and played it nightly for Ava to get her to fall asleep. As he laid his cell phone on the desk beside Ava’s crib, he leaned against her crib. When a pair of smooth arms wrapped around his abdomen, he felt the familiar touch of his fiancé behind him.

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Hi, just wanted to drop by and say that THIS WAS FUCKING AWESOME Overcome is my fav series I fucking loved this. Also, I guess I wanted to open up a discussion? Like idk I've never had alot of experience with one-night stands cause of my religion, but from the OC's POV I personally don't think she owes Seungcheol or Joshua an apology, and I don't get why they're so angry when Jeonghan and OC both wanted to do the diddly dang? Idk I guess cause this blog is always open-minded, that I wanted help


okay first of all it makes me so honoured that you say Overcome is your favourite series, thank you so much for saying something like that omg

and yeah for the record, i don’t have a lot of experience with one night stands either. i’m just writing what i think a) makes sense in the hogwarts verse and b) makes sense in my head and context at the time

and in general, this fanfic is shaping up to be a lot different than i originally intended it to be. that being said, let’s discuss the details.

yes, Jeonghan and her (i’m going to reference the reader as her because she is established as female) did want to have the sexual interaction that they had. it was completely consensual, and going into it, they both had pre-existing feelings for one another. the major problem with him was that they had no discussion about it afterward, and he became very very confused about the status of their relationship, and because she was acting like nothing had changed, and for him, pretty much everything had changed, and it made him hurt. the actual act didn’t make him hurt, the lack of resolution around it was what messed him up.

now, with Joshua and Seungcheol, i think it’s actually a pretty reasonable reaction that they’re so upset at her, given the dynamics here (which is why i wrote in their anger in the first place). and this is why:

  • something i call “The Slytherin Effect”; even with some of the barriers between houses being broken down, there is still a prejudice against Slytherin. so both Joshua and Seungcheol, with their personalities, find it hard to see past this with her. with people like Jun and Jihoon, they can love them and be their friend in spite of them being a Slytherin, but with the reader, they hate her and dislike her personality because of her being a Slytherin - they use her house as an excuse for the way she is, and as an excuse not to like her, and to never like her. also, in the early stages of this story i considered something entirely different; that she would come back having turned magically sexy and they would be so blinded by her looks that they would forget their past hate for her and go fawning after her openly. but then i realized how ubsurb that was. even in fanfic land with that being a popular and amusing trope, it just wasn’t for me. i would much rather have them still hate her even though she’s sexy.
  • which brings me to my second point: them being afraid of their feelings. Jeonghan is just the different character in this whole series. that i knew from the beginning. with Jihan and Jeonghcheol being the popular ships, i knew i wanted him to be the connecting character between everyone. he’s the link to it all, just like Seungcheol was saying. he has so much love to give that he just brings everyone together. and he’s so confident and not caring of what anyone else thinks that he gives his love so freely. but Seungcheol and Joshua are the complete opposite. this is demonstrated for Joshua by his flashback - he’s hesitant to be affectionate with Jeonghan because he’s afraid of what that might mean. he has to be heavily convinced to even kiss him, that even showing that kind of affection is okay. (but eventually he gives in.) Seungcheol even says at some point in the dialogue that Joshua is out right afraid of his feelings for the reader because he’s just afraid of having feelings, especially for a Slytherin, someone he used to, and should continue to hate. also, it seems to be a continuing theme in my hogwarts au’s that uptight, bookish Ravenclaws deny their lust because they believe it isn’t logical - the reader in my Woozi hogwarts au and now with Joshua. so this just makes it easier to be angry at her and say she’s a terrible person than to admit that she really didn’t do anything wrong.
  • Seungcheol is a bit different, but still follows this rule; he clearly isn’t afraid to show affection and love to the people that he should love, to the people that it has been deemed acceptable for him to openly love. but he knows a Gryffindor like him should never love or even admit to liking a Slytherin as brazen as her, especially with their feud being so strong in the past, so he hates his feelings and tries to hide from them. and again, it makes it a whole lot easier to blame her for doing something wrong and say she’s a bitch, a bad person than to admit to actually liking her. it’s probably the equivalent of what people say about love manifesting in hate sometimes. except this was hate that suddenly turned into a whole lot of sexual attraction that they don’t know how to deal with.
  • lastly, probably the most important thing, is they put the reader at fault more because of Jeonghan’s reaction. because he ended up confused and hurt after their night together, Joshua and Seungcheol both act very negatively toward this. (Seungcheol more out of jealousy for someone touching Jeonghan and Joshua more out of protectiveness, never wanting Jeonghan to get hurt). it’s easier to hate someone when you’ve perceived that they’ve hurt someone you love. it’s also easier when you think you have to pick. they feel they can’t like/love Jeonghan and the reader at the same time, so they choose Jeonghan.

that’s just my thought process as a writer, but i would love to hear what everyone else thinks. so let the discussion commence. 


when i was little i rly loved cicadas and in like 4th grade i did a project about them and i made a little diorama out of a box with sticks and leaves and a couple dead cicadas i found as well as their shells and i took our tape recorder out one night to record a few minutes of cicada sounds and played this alongside the diorama

anyway i guess this is the year they come out of the ground to fuck and scream so ive been seeing cicadas and shells for the first time in years and my pupper was hunting one the other day it was so cute


Skyforge (PC) July 16, 2015 - By Allods Team, Obsidian Entertainment and My.Com - New Set 1

You can play it here:

My Input:

I’ve returned to the game again after a couple months away from it. Since I’ve been a bit blech of late I’ve mostly just been playing this game the past couple days with my friend Negi. We plan on recording a video of us doing a dungeon at some point as well. We recorded one last night but it didn’t come out right unfortunately.

I’ve made quite a bit of progress in the past couple days as well and many new features have unlocked in the process. I’ve gone from 26,000 prestige to 42,000 so I’ve jumped in power level exponentially. I’m still technically low level though because there are people with well over 600,000 prestige which is nuts.

One of the new features I’ve unlocked is the use of my divine form which brings out my god form. The god form increases your strength a huge amount and you can switch between any of your currently unlocked classes while in the form. It’s a pretty badass form and it really gives you a power trip because you can do some insane amounts of damage. It does require faith though and that’s generated by performing various actions and missions with your adepts.

No matter how far I get in this game there’s always new stuff to discover, it’s pretty awesome and just adds to the many reasons why I enjoy this MMO so much.

If you’ve never played it before, I definitely recommend it but I should warn you that it’s incredibly addicting. It’s on Civilization levels of addicting so you’ll lose many hours to this game.

It’s free to play and it’s one of the few that you can truly call free. There’s no item mall whatsoever, you can buy everything in the market with in-game cash or items collected in game and the developers give out premium account items every few months. It makes me wonder how they make money but they’re a great company for doing it.

There are a ton of reasons that I could mention as to why this game is fun but I’d rather not make this post any longer than it is haha. Definitely give it a shot though.

College AU Canon

Kano: Nerdy little bookworm, top of the class, always carrying textbooks, always looking down at the ground, loves hanging out in the library, breaks glasses frequently from tripping

Xavier: Frat boy, cocky, life of the party, holds the frat record for highest number of one night stands, constantly worrying about if his hair looks like “he just rolled out of bed”

Ray: Never goes to class but still makes good grades, usually out on the lawn playing guitar or hacky sack, adopts a new animal every week

Seth: Stoner kid, just barely passing and doesn’t care, gym junkie, loves dogs, foodie