record lady

Presenting Evgenia Medvedeva,

Current world record holder for the ladies’ short program score, World champion (2016), two-time European champion (2016, 2017), two-time Grand Prix Final champion (2015, 2016), and two-time Russian Figure Skating champion (2016, 2017). The very woman who became the first ladies’ singles skater to win senior Worlds the year after winning Junior Worlds and –

The Queen of our kingdom 

Alright everyone, it’s been weighing heavy on my heart and I gotta put this out there.  I gotta ask you all a favor.  If If IF Allura or Pidge (or both), end up romantically involved with one of The Dudes™ canonically, in the show, can we all promise, like pinky promise, to not treat them like shit? Like, can this fandom not do what I’ve seen since the olde days of fandom past, and tear down every girl character that dates their fave?  Can we just make a pact now to not dump on ANY female characters that end up kissing a face you don’t want them too? I’m trusting you guys, don’t let me down. Good talk.


Two, four, six, eight. Who did we annihilate? -  Badass female antagonists of Leverage


MODERN LADIES: The Schuyler Sisters (Hamilton) 

And when my time is up, have I done enough? Will they tell our story? 


Cider House Rules!
25 March 2016

The climb out of Canning Dam is a killer so many happy smiles on my face seeing those golden Strava PR medals. 💪😄 The roads out there are rough so a 73.1kph descent was a thrill too - I thought my bike was going to shake and rattle to pieces!

Today was the Dam Fine Ladies’ last hills training ride before the 3 Dams Challenge next Sunday; just 50km but it was challenging. Two helpful husbands cruised along with us - including mine - so it was great to catch a wheel for a change! The other lads did a faster 63km. After the ride, we all enjoyed a leisurely lunch and beer at Core Cider House 🍻. (Well, I had beer, as I am not too keen on cider.) #winning


The present representing the past. Black music will always be important. To us and to the world. We shaped the musical landscape, and the legends who paved the way will never be forgotten.