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Got7 Reaction To You Being Able To Sing.


Mark would be very much in awe. Since he’s a Rapper and your a singer and plus he loves you with all his heart he would secretly record you and show it to everyone.

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He would be upset. He would wonder why you didn’t tell him sooner. Other than that he would be very supportive of you and would want to hear you sing all the time.

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He would be savage about it. He thought he was the talented one in the relationship. He has competition now.

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Jackson would turn into your biggest fan boy! He would hear you sing and just go ham on your voice!

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Youngjae would just be so smiley. He would want to sing with you all the time.

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Bambam would just be shell shocked on your amazing voice but would still tease you saying that it was to high.

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He would be so shy about it. He wouldn’t tell you he knew til you saw his recording of you on his Instagram.

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IDW Rodimus, Drift, Brainstorm, Perceptor, Ratchet, and Fort Max with a s/o who starts sleep walking with their eyes open and just walks around the Lost Light aimlessly and doing random little things

Rodimus freaks out at first- are you okay??? He wakes up the whole ship because “You guys something’s wrong with y/n!!!” Once Ratchet explains he finds it hilarious. He asks Rewind to record you, to which Rewind replies “Screw you, I’m going back to berth.” In the morning he nearly dies laughing telling you what happened. Go to sleep, Roddy, you’re exhausted. 

Drift also freaks out IS HIS S/O POSSESSED OR SOMETHING??? He comms Ratchet frantically (”why would I know about possession? They’re sleepwalking Drift, just put them back to bed!”) Oh, okay. He picks you up and brings you to berth, cuddling you so you don’t wander off again.

Brainstorm is freakin’ tired and straps you down. In the morning he’ll make something that will stop your nightly escapades but for now… let him recharge.

Perceptor tries to find a way to stop your sleepwalking. You could end up getting hurt, and even if you don’t you won’t be very well-rested. He tries everything- even hypnotism. In the end, it turns out snuggles keep you in the berth.

Ratchet sleeps through the whole thing. But he does notice how tired you are during the day, so at bedtime he locks the habsuite doors and makes sure you’re as comfortable as possible . 

Fort Max is a worrywart. He takes you to Ratchet, Rung, Brainstorm, and Perceptor- any smart person he knows- to figure out how to keep you safe and sound at night. He talks to you about why you do it, if there may be an underlying cause. In the end he settles for making things as safe as possible. He keeps dangerous objects away from the habsuite and locks all the doors, and even sets up an alarm for if you try to open them.

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Question, is there any point to "Ascending" more than once yet? Like, do bonuses from the mausoleum stack or something?

not yet (though the game records how many times you complete it) !

once i’m done fixing all the big bugs, i’ll move on to making content updates, with more techs like agriculture and transport, and more victory monuments, each with their own permanent effects (some of which may stack).

For the week of March 27th - April 3rd, we’ll be tackling two short stories and one of them is a doozy!

The Adventure of the Reigate Squire  (#REIG ACD)


A Scandal in Bohemia  (#SCAN ACD)

Reigate Squire is roughly 7000 words, and Scandal comes in just shy of 9000, so I think we can handle it.  

Readers and “scholars” have been getting the relationship between Adler and Holmes consistently wrong for 130 years.  Let’s take the time to give it the reading it deserves.  Be silly, be serious…it’s all fine.  Holmes, Watson, and Adler deserve to have the record set to rights.

(If you have questions about the timeline we are following, check out the link in the header)

Feel free to read at your own pace this week, we will be tracking the tags for both stories and posting what we find as the week goes on.

I loved this picture so much I put it in a frame! I did this in January with watercolor and had done it digitally, but wasn’t happy with it. The Last Guardian is probably one of my favourite games @therealjacksepticeye has played and I think I’m going to keep this for a while, unless I meet Jack, then I’ll give it to him, but for now it will stay in my recording room lol

Hope you like it!

Pls don’t repost or remove my caption (or I will send Trico to smack you)

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Hey do you do speedart? If so what's your YouTube channel/what tag is it under?

You can record whatever you draw on your screen (or with traditional you can set up a camera on a tripod and angle it towards your drawing, then import the videos onto your computer) and edit the videos in a program like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. Editing can involve speeding them up (I usually do 8X the original speed), and add music etc. 

My Youtube channel is (Victoria Putinski)

Hey there folks,

If you have any (doesn’t have to be FFXV related) questions/comments for me don’t be afraid to ask them. I’ll answer them as best as I can.  

Also I’ll state this for the record, any questions or comments you ask of me are NOT stupid or dumb. I’m not sure why you’d think they’d be when all you’re doing is getting clarification or trying to understand something, there is nothing wrong with learning stuff.

Truth - James Delaney

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Request: Oh my goodness!! Me too!! The scene where he’s going through the trunk really speaks to me??? I watch it live and then the DVR recording sighs lmao Like if you could do an imagine where it’s like, maybe the reader with him? No romance between his sister and the reader has a slow burn relationship with him and she’s there when he’s going through the trunk with him?? Or anything intimate tbh!!

Forbidden | Spy | Truth - James Delaney

“I see you found the intruder.” Brace said, putting a glass of brandy down in front of James.  

The reunion between you and James had not been the one you dreamed of when you were younger. You had spent years in the Magdalene Laundry learning how to control your anger and yet that all seemed to be null when you were standing in front of James. You had longed for him, every day you were separated you had yearned for the day you would be back in his arms. And when the chance presented itself all you did was slap him and scream at him.  

“You fucking bastard!”

In what most would consider out of character James just stood there. He looked as though he’d seen a ghost looking at you. When you hit him he attempted to grab your arm, not to hurt you back but just to calm you. That had backfired as you pulled away from him and stumbled into the door.  

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Drabble: Namjoon X Reader

For @kimnamjoonisbae

You slowly approached the door to your boyfriend’s studio. You hadn’t seen him for a few weeks and you were missing each other like crazy. You slowly knocked on the door, not wanting to barge in sounding rude. You were so excited to see Namjoon for the first time in weeks but, to your surprise, Hoseok answered the door.

“Oh, hey Y/N, can I help you?” He smiled as he hasn’t seen you in weeks too.

“Oh, Hoseok. I was just looking for Namjoon, you haven’t seen him have you?” You questioned, cheeks blushing a light pink.

“I haven’t seen him today. Try checking the dorms, he’s been hanging round there a lot lately.” He advised.

“Oh okay, thank you Hobi, good luck with whatever you’re recording!” You wished him well as you began to walk to the dorms where hopefully you would he greeted by your boyfriend.

Once you arrived, there was a strong lavender smell coming from the dorms, so strong that you could smell it as you walked down the corridor. You knocked lightly on the door, not knowing who might be in there this time, but you got no answer. The door was unlocked and the lights were off, you could only see a few candle flames coming from various places in the room. You decided to wait there until Namjoon arrived from wherever he had been, but as soon as you stepped into the room, you were greeted by slim hands reaching around your waist.

“Good morning sweetie.” The familiar voice echoed from behind you. You excitedly spun around and turned on the lights to be met face to face with Namjoon.

“Namjoon you’re home!” You squealed, eyes lighting up as you’re admiring the face that you’d missed so much. His perfect eyes, purple hair falling onto his forehead in just the right place, the one small dimple beginning to make an appearance, he was a work of art that you felt so lucky to have.

“I’ve missed you so much baby girl.” He hugged you, arms snaking around your back and resting his chin on your shoulder.

“I’ve missed you so much too Joonie.” You responded, arms linking around his neck. It was nice, just the two of you in the lavender scented room. “I have a surprise for you.” He smiled, grabbing your hand and sitting you down on the bed, next to him.

Once you were sat down, you had a good chance to look around the room. Purple candles burning the most wonderful smells, small red rose petals scattered across the floor and the bed, a dew drop stained champagne bottle accompanied by a large bucket of ice, and of course, your boyfriend as the best part. He turned back to face you, holding a small box.

“I want you to open this box, and I want you to know how much you mean to me.” He spoke, handing you the white cube.

Inside was a bracelet, coloured the most beautiful rose you’d ever seen. Enscripted were the words ‘To the moon and back, Namjoon & Y/N’. As soon as you opened it your eyes glazed over as you looked up at your boyfriend, smiling at how happy you were. He took the bracelet out of your hands and out of the box to place it lightly around your wrist. It fit perfectly, it looked just right.

Namjoon reached out and held both of your hands, “Y/N, I love you more than words can wield the matter. In my true heart, I name this very deed of love, the love I have for you. I profess myself an enemy to all other joys, except for you. I find I am alone, felicitate in my sweet girlfriend’s love.” You broke down, removing your hands from his to fling them around his shoulders and pull him into the strongest hug you’ve both ever had.

“I love you so much.” You cried, wondering how you got so lucky to have a boyfriend like him. “I love you more baby.”


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Gonna be honest here with you guys 

never in a million years did I think my art blog would get pass 100 let alone two?? Holy crispy bacon bits?????

I feel like a record player by saying thank you but I rlly don’t know what else to say to this<3

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you mentioned a few days ago-ish that things like spicy foods, dairy, etc are foods to stay away from for voice acting, but would that be in general or like a decent amount of time before someone would plan on recording? thank you!

Doesn’t have to be in general if you’re making sure to stay hydrated and practicing good hygiene habits (brushing teeth, mouthwash, etc.). You definitely don’t want to be consuming foods/drinks that would cause phlegm or runny sinuses within a few hours of a session, though.

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Hi Glassprism, would you happen to know if the RAH CD is a soundboard or simply the audio from the DVD ripped. I read somewhere that its their mic feeds, yet the audience seems too loud, and I can't find any sources or a definitive answers. Please help.

I’m fairly certain that it’s a soundboard. I think a DVD-rip would be lower quality than most would like, as it’s essentially a recording of another recording. As it’s a commercially released recording, there’s probably some sound adjustment going on, which might account for why the audience noise is loud at the end - a sound engineer could probably edit sounds so that they get louder at one point and quieter at another. Though with that said, having listened to it, I actually don’t think the audience is much louder than it is, say, at the end of the Swedish cast recording (also a soundboard). If you’ve ever compared it to a bootleg recording - that is truly loud audience noise, where you can distinguish individual claps and commentary like it’s coming right near the recorder (which, you know, is because it is).

2/2 (same anon asking about the RAH CD) I’m sorry I also forgot to ask, if the DVD is synced with the audio of their mic feed?

I haven’t checked to see it exactly, but what you have to keep in mind was that there were three performances of the 25th anniversary concert, and that the DVD is a mix of shots from all of these (which results in the occasional continuity error*). So while I’m sure effort was taken to be sure audio matched with lip movements, I think it’s unlikely that every shot is synced directly with their audio from that same performance. (Though I don’t really know if the sound people simply used one performance’s recording for everything, or if they cut and spliced songs from different dates.) As for whether a rip of the DVD’s sound is identical with the concert recording… I don’t know. I would guess so, or that any differences would be fairly minimal. But I haven’t checked myself.

*Example of a continuity error: the Red Death hat changing position in different shots (these were taken literally within two seconds of one another):




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