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[INFO] I BTS sono gli unici artisti stranieri ad essere certificati come doppio platino in Giappone con un singolo del 2017

“I BTS sono ora confermati come gli unici artisti stranieri dell’anno scorso ad avere il doppio platino di un singolo in Giappone!

Il 15 Gennaio la Recording Industry Association of Japan ha annunciato che l’ultimo singolo giapponese dei BTS, “MIC Drop/DNA/Crystal Snow”, ha registrato oltre 500,000 vendite e che è stato ufficialmente certificato come doppio platino. È stato anche confermato essere l’unico singolo rilasciato da un artista straniero nel 2017 a raggiungere questo traguardo.

Secondo le soglie certificate della RIAJ, gli album sono certificati oro a 100,000 vendite, platino a 250,000 e doppio platino a 500,000.

“MIC Drop/DNA/Crystal Snow” ha rotto anche diversi record sulla classifica giapponese Oricon, quando ho raggiunto la posizione più alta di sempre conquistata da un artista K-pop nella classifica dei singoli annuali. Ha inoltre segnato il punteggio più alto mai registrato da un artista straniero nella classifica settimanale dei singoli.

Congratulazioni ai BTS per aver raggiunto un altro strepitoso traguardo in Giappone!”

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スピッツ / spitz

This is a small appreciation post for probably my favorite Japanese band spitz (スピッツ) because they’re mostly unknown outside of Japan.

The group was originally formed in 1987 by four art school students in Tokyo. They have consistently maintained jangly pop/rock style of music, featuring arpeggiated guitar work influenced by Donovan. They are also noted for catchy melodic compositions, symbolic lyrics, and clear high-pitched vocals by the group’s chief singer-songwriter Masamune Kusano.

After their breakthrough in the mid 1990s, Spitz has sustained commercial success in Japanese market for nearly 20 years. They have been listed in the top 30 of the best-selling music acts in history of the Japanese record charts, having sold over 20.8 million copies albums and singles domestically as of December 2013. [wikipedia]

魔法のコトバ  / Mahou no Kotoba (2002)

You might be familiar with spitz from the Honey and Clover OST

魚  / Sakana (1999)

  チェリー / Cherry (1996)

水色の街 / Mizuiro no Machi (2002)

  群青 / Gunjou (2007)


Mic Drop | BTS 

[+237, -199] For sales to just randomly explode like that in the middle of the night is suspicious, the way most sajaegis work

[+24, -1] What is BTS… or rather, who are they..?

[+212, -33] Who are these BTS nugus

“BTS’ ‘Wings’ Sets New U.S. Record for Highest-Charting, Best-Selling K-Pop Album”

“BTS break records with ‘Love Yourself - Her’ album sales”

“BTS is the first K-pop artist on Spotify’s Global Top 50”

“On the first day of its release, 'Love Yourself - Her’ sold a total of 455,888 copies. The album also set an impressive new record for highest stock pre-orders with 1,122,946 albums.”

Did you see my bag
It’s full of trophies
How you think bout that
Haters are already fed up

cr. first crush | cr. suga pop | cr. bdt

Nice to Meet You

Summary: An Sam x reader a/b/o fic. The reader moves to a new town and changes careers, but those aren’t the only major life changes she’s faced with. (An AU where both Sam and the reader work at a high school.)

Warning: a/b/o dynamics, knotting and claiming, smut

Word Count: 5,000ish

A/N: I had fun writing his one. Hope y’all enjoy it, too! Feedback appreciated!! XOXO

Originally posted by samwinchesterappreciation

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170216 Why BTS' 'Spring Day' Is the Perfect Move for the K-Pop Boy Band -- Both Artistically & Professionally

If there’s a K-pop act that is navigating the global music scene best, BTS is arguably the top choice. Since their 2013 debut, the boy band has broken records on the Billboard 200 – becoming the Korean act to land the most albums on the chart and net the biggest first-week opening – in addition to being a constant presence on charts like Billboard’s Social 50, World Albums and World Digital Song Sales tallies. Yet, it’s only with their latest release “Spring Day” that a BTS single seems most likely to break the group into new chart territory and that’s thanks to smart artistic and professional decisions.

Undoubtedly, BTS has found the major enthusiasm for their LPs thanks to the deeper social and personal topics the band discusses with past album tracks touching on bullying, mental health and the dark sides of adolescence. Meanwhile, past singles like “Run” and “Blood, Sweat & Tears” and their accompanying videos stood out for exploring deep devotion, but ultimately only explored that one topic. “Spring Day” takes things a step farther by getting more into the journey one takes during a tough time or break up.

On the single, the members sing and rap about an internal winter inside them due to missing someone and, at first, there does not seem to be an end to the heartache – likely a commentary on depression and mental health, topics the band had discussed in past album tracks and mixtapes. Yet by the end of “Spring Day,” there is a change and the boys describe how there is a light and warmness that inevitably comes with Jungkook declaring, “No darkness, no season, is forever.”

The guys are still pining for their lost love, but they aren’t staying in a one-track mindset. Instead, they use the weather and seasonal metaphors to describe how things get better – a lesson many of their young fans can find comfort in when dealing with relationships, or school, friends, family, their careers or beyond. While it’s all done over hard-hitting beats, buttery vocals and punchy rap verses – as one would expect from any BTS release – it’s this newfound maturity and enlightenment that makes the single stand out so much.

Not only was “Spring Day” a smart artistic move, but it was extremely savvy for BTS and their Korean label BigHit Entertainment to focus on one single for the repackaged deluxe version of their hit album Wings titled You Never Walk Alone.

Wings already broke – and continues to break – multiple chart records, including when it became the first K-pop album to spend multiple weeks on the Billboard 200 and also as it celebrates a remarkable 18th week on World Albums this week. By leading a re-ignited excitement over You Never Walk Alone with one single, fans are more than ever collectively focused on this one song.

That focus was seen when “Spring Day” flew into the the Top 10 of the Top Overall Songs chart on U.S. iTunes after its release on Sunday and remained high even as tracks from the 2017 Grammys began racing up the rankings. No K-pop group has sent a song as high on the iTunes singles chart, with only PSY being the other Korean act to land a song as high when “Gangnam Style” topped the ranking in 2012. A tweet from BigHit’s CEO Bang Sihyuk even commented on the accomplishment on Twitter.

The hype for “Spring Day” is particularly high in America as the band gears up for three arena concerts in America, a major indication of the fans ready to support, buy, stream and watch the music video for this single and not be as distracted by a full-length album’s worth of material. (Though, one should not disregard the new tracks including ultra-fierce “Not Today,” the long-awaited thumper “Outro: Wings,” or the introspective “A Supplemental Story: You Never Walk Alone.”)

There are hurdles BTS will need to jump over to have their single be a chart hit in America, including releasing the song two days after the charting period started on Friday and major competition from songs associated with the Grammys. But if the numbers end up in BTS’ favor and they chart a single on the Billboard Hot 100 – or even the Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart, which counts the 25 singles just below the top 100 – it will be a major accomplishment, but not one unearned. By continuing to progress as artists, the band’s business- and chart-savvy moves only make their releases able to be that much more celebrated.

© Billboard

pop queens aka ariana grande and little mix are getting snubbed at music awards when they’re out here making pop perfection albums and breaking records and smashing the charts with their songs…….. both artists are extremely talented in terms of vocals and artistry, they both put on amazing performances that are high in production that even includes choreography while singing their lungs out…….. justice for ariana and little mix im so done with ppl sleeping on talent 

Harry Styles: The Rockstar Nobody Expected (And How That Will Help Him)

Just over a week ago, one-time One Direction singer Harry Styles finally ventured out on his own musically with his debut single as a solo act, “Sign Of The Times,” and the track wasted no time in immediately certifying the British musician as a smashing success. The song kicked off its charting life in the singer’s home country at No. 1, knocking Ed Sheeran’s “Shape Of You” out of the top spot after an incredible 13-week run. Here in the States, the track also performed well upon arrival, starting at No. 4, and there is the possibility it could continue to rise.

While Styles had plenty going for him before anybody even heard what he had to offer—a famous name, a dedicated fan base, a powerful record label with massive resources and a level of anticipation which is rarely seen in the music industry—there is one thing about “Sign” that is also helping him succeed: the song’s genre.

It would have been incredibly easy for Styles to pair up with serious pop hitmakers like Max Martin and his crew and secure a No. 1 smash worldwide, but instead, he opted to go another route and take a risk. “Sign” sounds like it belongs more appropriately in the 1970’s than in 2017, and while that might not work for many acts, it’s helping Styles rise to the top of charts everywhere. Who else has the power to try to push glam psych-rock in an electro-pop world but somebody who has already proven themselves to be one of the most successful musicians in history by the age of 23?

“Sign Of The Times’ was greeted first with surprise, and then with almost unanimous acclaim. Critics everywhere loved not only the chance Styles took in going down this rock-y road, but many applauded the song itself, and the majority of media outlets suggested readers give the cut a try. Skeptics and those expecting more boy band-esque fodder were forced to immediately reconsider the man not just as a bestseller, but now as a true artist. One Direction may have taken over the world with their music, but they were never true critical favorites. Where he stands in the eyes of critics and music journalists everywhere may change now that Styles has shown what he can do when left to create with the right talents and some freedom. “Sign” elevates him to a place few singers reach after leaving the group that made them stars.

Perhaps most importantly, everything about his first single out of the gate as a standalone act separates him noticeably from his former bandmates, all of whom are also attempting to make it as solo artists. Zayn, the first One Direction member to leave the band, has already achieved global success, and he is now attempting to do so again with a second album, which is expected later this summer. Other 1D singers like Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson have only dropped one proper single, but they are also off to a good start. Each man has chosen a different lane to operate in, and he and his team were smart enough to know that if they were going to succeed, they needed to differentiate the British boybander from the crowd…and it’s working.

In fact, nobody in the top 40 world is rocking out like Styles seems prepared to do with his upcoming self-titled album, and that will work in his favor. It’s incredibly difficult to out-pop Katy Perry or Lady Gaga, or to beat Calvin Harris or The Chainsmokers when it comes to EDM, but without a serious, famous challenger in the rock arena, Styles can claim charting records and shoot up the charts and grab plenty of attention and new fans doing so.

These are still early days for Harry’s fledgling solo career, but with a serious smash hit already to his credit, a slew of public appearances currently taking place and an album scheduled for less than a month from now, an era of rock and roll from an unlikely candidate may already be upon us.

  • a fandom: exo are flops because they dont get that validation in the west, and like no one reacts to them on youtube.
  • exo-l: aaah yeah, exo has sold out tokyo dome that can hold 55k people... five times... they sold out seoul olympic stadium that can hold 72k people... they've got ads everywhere, spread all over asia (their demographic), they're breaking records, they own the charts in their home country... and 3 million chinese fans is registered on their fan cafe anand 3,9 million fans on the exo-l site,, but you know because they dont got as many western fans or some dude never reacted to them on youtube.... i guess you're right, they're irrelevant :/

[…] For the first time in more than 51 years, there are two cast recordings in the top 20 of the Billboard 200 chart. The original Broadway cast recording of Dear Evan Hansen debuts at No. 8 with 29,000 equivalent album units earned in the week ending Feb. 9, while still-hot Hamilton: An American Musical, moves from No. 12 to No. 13 (25,000 units; down 1 percent). The chart last housed a pair of top 20-charting cast albums way back in 1965, when the Broadway cast recordings of Hello, Dolly! and Fiddler on the Roof both occupied the region for 11 consecutive weeks, between Jan. 16 and March 27, 1965. Hello, Dolly! topped the chart for one week in 1964, while Fiddler On the Roof peaked at No. 7 in January of 1965. Both albums were particularly strong performers on the list, with Hello, Dolly! spending 90 weeks on the tally, and Fiddler charting 206 frames on the list.

As previously reported, Dear Evan Hansen’s bow at No. 8 is the highest debut for a cast recording on the chart since 1961, and marks just the fourth cast recording to reach the top 10 of the Billboard 200 in the last 50 years. In that span of time, the only previous cast albums to visit the region were: Hamilton (No. 3 in 2016), The Book of Mormon (No. 3 in 2011) and Hair (No. 1 for 13 weeks in 1969). […]

The Recruit (Chapter 11) - Mitch Rapp

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “Day 62″

Characters: Mitch Rapp, Stan Hurley, Beth, Dan Brunski, Peter Collins, Jacob Clemens & Reader/OFC

Warnings: Separation anxiety, anxiety, somewhat detailed description of sexual assault/attempted rape.

IM SERIOUS DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU ARE EASILY TRIGGERED. you can always just message me and ask me what important plot you missed.

Author’s Note: “y/n/n” means your nickname, like if your name can be shortened to something, if it can’t then just go with your name. “y/f/i” means the first initial of your first name. 

Summary: Mitch is forced to take a day trip with Stan to the Ghost Protocol Training facilities, and y/n takes off for New York City to see someone from her past.

Chapter Ten - Chapter Eleven - Chapter Twelve

Originally posted by stileslydias

“Y/n/n.. Y/n/n…” Mitch whispered and nudged you awake. “Hey, hey… it’s me.” You flinched backwards in your bed, your legs struggling to get you upright fast enough under your sheets. You were clearly having a nightmare about the attack. Mitch wanted to leave even less.

“What’s going on? Why are you dressed?” You asked groggily.

“I heard Stan telling Aiden that he’d be gone for a couple of days so I went and slept in my room after you fell asleep. I was worried he’d come in my room and I wouldn’t be there.”

“You’re leaving?”

Mitch held up Joseph Heller’s novel, Catch-22.

“You’re going back to Ghost..”

“Yea and I’ve gotta go now. I told Stan that I’d be down in a minute, I was just stealing one of your books. I’ll only be gone for a day.”

“Be careful.” You looked up at him with emotional eyes, and he nodded.

“I will.” Mitch leaned down and left a lingering, sad kiss on your lips.

Don’t go.” was what you wanted to say but didn’t. You watched him walk out the door, your book in his hand, and you sunk back into your pillow. It was still dark out. You glanced up at the bookcase on your wall and saw the space where Catch-22 had been. It was the first time that he had left in a month and you were anything but excited to go through the day without him. You decided you wouldn’t.

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Meanwhile on  YouTube;

German youtuber BibisBeautyPalace is literally rushing the dislike-toplist like a fucking pro. Her song was released yesterday, and she received 1 million dislikes (more than most of Justin Bieber’s songs) in only one day, although she only has 4 million subscribers and only has a german fanbase.

Some reasons why people think the song is so unpopular are;

-The song simply sucks

–She didn’t make the lyrics, which are terrible enough on their own.

–She didn’t mix the music

–She didn’t create the beat

–Her voice was altered a lot.

(–It sounds like a tune from that could be from a TV-commercial as well, but that is just my opinion)

-Many people criticize her for starting to cash in at the music market too, since she already created several beauty products that saw widespread release and fantastic sales, making her more of a marketing figure. Why is this bad? Germany hates marketing YouTubers, because being a sellout for advertisement is against the sort of YouTube-honor-code Germany upholds.

-She promoted the song about a week before it was released and made pre-orders for 4,99€, while the song only costs 1,29€ today.

-She started using english text out of nowhere so she could get more views internationally which only makes her even more sellout than she already is.

–She made horrible mistakes in her description due to this. For example, she forgot to translate Austria and kept it at the german name “Österreich”, although everything else was english.

-Some people also argued that she tried to get more male audience, because she is wearing extraordinarily sexy clothes that aren’t really what she wears regularly, and because she is supposedly not wearing clothes in some shots.

At the moment, she is around the Top 11 most disliked YouTube videos of all time, beating videos like the Pokemon GO song or the YouTube Heroes announcement in just 24 hours.