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Trackwomen, 1943. Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company

Series: Women Working In Industry, 1940 - 1945. Record Group 86: Records of the Women’s Bureau, 1892 - 1995

March is Women’s History Month! Women have shaped this country’s history in more ways than we can count. Long before Rosie the Riveter joined the war effort in the 1940s, women earned wages to support themselves and their families. This series of posts celebrates the diversity of women’s labor, ranging from industry to agriculture to folklore and beyond. 

This archival series (Women Working In Industry, 1940 - 1945) contains images depicting women and their contributions to the war effort during World War II. The photographs show women for the first time on a mass scale and from every social and economical background preforming jobs that have been traditionally considered as men’s work. In addition to the clerical and secretarial fields, women are seen working in the aircraft industry, the metal industry, ordnance, the railroad, the shipyards, as well as the military services. There are approximately 94 different occupations shown in this series where women were performing the work.

This month’s Women’s History series comes via Nora Sutton, one of our interns from the Department of State’s Virtual Student Foreign Service (VSFS) program. Nora is finishing her Master’s in Public History at West Virginia University this semester.

I'll Never Get Out of this World Alive
Hank Williams with his Drifting Cowboys
I'll Never Get Out of this World Alive

Song: I’ll Never Get Out of this World Alive / I Could Never Be Ashamed of You

Artist: Hank Williams with his Drifting Cowboys

Record Label: MGM Records 11366

Recorded: June 13, 1952

Location: KNOV Radio Station, Hanger 6, Bill’s Safehouse

During the “Signal from Beyond” mission in Pima, New Mexico, Agent Carter and his squad will have to fight their way to the KNOV radio station to rescue Agent Nico DaSilva. Luckily, DaSilva has planted explosive ordnance around to perimeter to help fend off the Outsiders.

However, by the time Carter reaches DaSilva, he already shows signs of Infection as this song plays in the empty station lobby.

It seems to be a favorite of DaSilva’s as it plays when he visits the Hanger 6 Research and Development facility prior to his meeting with Agent Carter.

In Bill’s safehouse in Lincoln, Massachusetts, Joel calls in a favor for an automobile to escape to city. While they scavenge for parts, Ellie manages to swipe (among other things) a compilation cassette tape featuring the songs of Hank Williams. The solemn words provide some comfort as they drive through the desolate landscape in the rain.

This song was intended to be humorous with its ironic title and chorus. However, it gained a tragic connotation with Hank Williams’ death on January 1, 1953. It would posthumously reach No. 1 on Billboard Country Singles and was covered by the Delta Rhythm Boys, Jerry Lee Lewis, as well as by his son and grandson.

External image

Born in Alabama, he was named Hiram, reflecting his parents’ Masonic connections. However, he was born with spina bifida which would cause him immense pain in his lower back throughout his life. His father would develop a brain aneurysm, leaving his mother in charge of the family.

Despite the onset of the Great Depression and losing their family home in a fire, Lillie Williams made ends meet with several side jobs and the disability pension of her husband Elonzo. Stories conflict on how Hank got his first guitar, but he learned the fundamentals of music through Rufus Payne. Williams would be able to put his talent into songwriting despite never learning formal music notation, basing his compositions on storytelling.

In 1937, Williams changed his name from Hiram to Hank to better prepare for an entry into country music. He won talent shows and performed on air for WSFA radio, funding his career to form the Drifting Cowboys. Lillie would become their manager, successfully conducting tours around the country.

However, during WWII, his band members were drafted while he was deferred due to his back condition. He continued touring with replacements, but continued to have problems with alcoholism to mitigate the pain.

By 1946, he was a successful songwriter for Sterling Records and on December 11, recorded "Never Again” and “Honky Tonkin”. They would become his first hits and earn a contract with MGM Records in 1947. He would continue with hits such as “Move It On Over”, “Lovesick Blues” and “My Bucket’s Got a Hole In It”. He made his debut at the acclaimed Grand Ole Opry, becoming the first performer to receive six encores.

He continued to release hits in the early 50s with “Cold, Cold Heart” and “Moanin’ the Blues”. In 1951, a fall during a hunting trip worsened his back pain leading to consumption and later abuse of painkillers and alcohol. His last recording session would be in September 1952 with “Your Cheatin’ Heart” and Take These Chains from My Heart".

Williams was scheduled to perform in Charleston, West Virginia on December 31, 1952. However an ice storm in Nashville hindered conditions, forcing flight cancellations. A college student, Charles Carr, was hired to drive Williams to the New Year’s Day concert in Canton, Ohio. Williams had drunk a combination of chloral hydrate and alcohol. He saw a doctor who injected vitamin B12 and some morphine. By midnight, they had crossed the state line to Virginia and stopped at an all-night restaurant. Carr asked Williams if he wanted something to eat.

Williams’ last words was his reply that he did not. Stopping for fuel in Oak Hill, West Virginia, Carr realized that Williams had passed.

Despite his short life, Hank Williams proved to be a driving force behind 20th century pop and country music. He obtained 35 singles in the Top 10 of Billboard’s County & Western Charts with 11 reaching No. 1.

Listen to the flip side “I Could Never Be Ashamed of You”.

Words Written on Your Wrist | Soulmates! Spencer Reid x Reader | Part 2

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Soulmates! Spencer Reid x reader

Requested: Nope, I just figured I’d jump on the soulmate band wagon

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Part 2/?

       Part 1 Part 3

Words: 1699

Warnings: none

Summary: Everyone’s wrist has three words on it, the first three words you’ll hear your soulmate say. You think the idea of soulmates is just a bunch of junk, but you’re in for a rude awakening when you meet your soulmate at your new job at the BAU. Because you worry you will lose your new dream job, you keep the fact that he’s your soulmate hidden, pretending as if those three words didn’t exist.

A/N: Thank you all so much for all the positive feedback! It honestly means so much to me!! Here’s the second chapter!!

You and Rossi drove to the second dump site, going over possible theories as you navigated the foreign roads of New York. When you got to the scene you ducked under the yellow crime scene tape and took in your surroundings. It was a park, so very public. There was a bit of snow on the ground, though based on the photographs there was more when she was found.

             “She wasn’t found until the snow thawed.” You commented, “There was a blizzard the night she was dumped, which covered the body, that probably upset him, which could explain why there was the short time period between the second and third kills than the first and second.”

             “He could also be deteriorating.” Rossi added, walking around.

             “I don’t understand what message hes trying to send. He takes average middle to upper class women, holds them for a week, doing god knows what, but it isn’t torture, then stabs them, then lays them in very public places. They all had contusions on their head, so blitz attack, the unsub either isn’t very physically big or lacks the social skills to lure them.”

             Rossi agrees, giving the scene another once over before going back to the SUV. As you began driving back to the local precinct, silence took over the car and you thought that you couldn’t wait for 3 months from now when you’re settled in and part of the team. Since they act so much like a family, you felt a bit on the outside. That is, if you last three months and this soulmate situation doesn’t rear its ugly head. After a bit Rossi laughed, well not so much laughed but moer so pushed air through his nose in an amused manor.

             “You do know that the Bureau keeps record of what’s on all their agents wrists, right?” He asks, looking at you with an expression you couldn’t quite make out.

             “Yeah I know, I remember them taking a photogr- Oh. You heard, didn’t you?” Your stomach drops as you realize what he was getting at. Of course your superiors would know what your tattoos said in case there was a conflict of interest on a case or for identification purposes.

             “I did.”

             “What does this mean?” You ask, hands gripping the steering wheel with white knuckles.

             “I think that depends on how you want to handle the situation.”

             “There isn’t even a situation in my mind. Or at least I don’t want there to be. I don’t want a soulmate. I’m happy with my job the way it is and I don’t want to risk it. I’m my own person, I don’t need another half.” You say with a sign.

             “So you’re just going to let him keep thinking he’s a Glitch?” You can hear the disappointment and sadness in his voice. Of course, he would be sad for his friend, they had been working together for years.

             “I don’t know. I just. I don’t want a soulmate.” You say quietly, a guilty feeling settling in your gut. “Please don’t tell him.”

             “We’re bound by laws that say we can’t reveal what anyone’s tattoos say, it’s one of the strictest rules we have in the FBI, so I couldn’t even if I wanted to.” Rossi says as you pull into the parking lot of the local police station and you let out a sigh of relief.

             “Good, you’re back, what did you find?” Hotch asks as you walk in.

             You and Rossi go over all of the things you noticed in detail, explaining your theories. Spencer was standing in front of a white board, a map taped to it, mumbling something to himself and then writing it down on the board, and that guilty feeling started to rise again. Quickly looking away you grabbed the file for the case.

             “Y/L/N, why don’t you go talk to the victim’s partners, we have them in the interview rooms, Reid, will you join her?” Hotch asks after a moment.

             You curse internally, though you plaster a normal look on your face and nod, waiting for Reid to finish the geographical profile before you go to the interview rooms. Glancing at him you kicked yourself, you have to get over the awkward and guilty feelings, you’re going to be working with him for a long time, hopefully, so you need to get better at acting normally around him, you tell yourself.

             “Hello, my name is Dr. Spencer Reid and this is SSA Y/F/N Y/L/N,” Reid introduced you both and you shake the fiancée of the first victim’s hand.

             You two went through the motions of questions, did Angela have any enemies, what were her habits, where was he last, the works. You ignored the nagging feeling that was pulling you left, which just so happened to be the side of you that Spencer was sitting on. It was like your body was telling you to reach out and touch him, but you definitely kept your hands to yourself. Though you hate to admit you moved your chair forward and to the left a couple inches, disguising the leftward movement with the forward one. Maybe if you were closer it would get rid of that annoying feeling and you could concentrate more.

             “No, no I don’t think she had any enemies, everyone loved her. God, I loved her. We weren’t perfect together like everyone else but we loved each other, we made it work.” The fiancée went on, tears in his eyes. You frowned, what could he mean by that? 

             “Im sorry for asking this, but what do you mean?” You ask, leaning forward a bit.

             “Angela and I met in a support group for Glitches.” He clarified.

             You and Spencer nod, and you see Spencer fidget uncomfortably. After that you finish the interview quickly, moving onto the next the second victims husband. When you walked in and shook his hand you immediately noticed that his wrist was bare, and you frowned. Not only was this man a Glitch, he was a Blank. You envied him. You glanced at Spencer, wondering if he had noticed the pattern arising as well, but he didn’t seem to look at the man’s wrist at all. As you Reid was about to dismiss the man after asking all the routine questions you quickly interrupted to say that you had one more question for him.

“How did you and your wife meet?” You ask, hoping that this could give you at least some direction.

“We uh, we met at a group for Glitches.” He said as he held up his wrist you then thanked him for his time and he left.

“Both of the couples so far met at the support group, we should ask the others as well.” You say quickly, “It could be where the unsub is meeting them.”

“I agree, good catch,” Reid says with a small smile, but you noticed he didn’t make eye contact with you. 

Soon enough you found out that out of the four couples, all were Glitches, all four of the four couples met at support groups. When you explained this to the team, they immediately called Garcia asking about all the support groups in the area. Glitches weren’t that common, only about one per million people, and New York state’s population was just under 20 million people, which meant there were about 20 Glitches in total. Garcia found two support groups, both in New York City, but dozens of online forums. Together you came to the conclusion that the unsub may be a Glitch as well, possibly murdering these people because he was jealous that they were happy even without a soulmate.

“We should have two of us go undercover and go to the meetings.” Morgan suggested.

“I agree,” Rossi said next.

“I can go,” Prentiss volunteered with a shrug.

“Your script isn’t very believable as a Glitch though, Prentiss, like you said before, it is a pretty common sentence.” Morgan said with a sign, “Maybe JJ or Y/L/N could go, her is more ambiguous.”

“I can go.” Reid said suddenly, catching everyone’s attention.

“I could do it as well.” JJ gave Spencer a quick glance.

Luckily the team didn’t have to wait long because the first support group met that night at a local community center. JJ and Spencer were fit with wires, and instructed to go in with a story already set to explain how they were Glitches and that they made a pact to go to the support group together. Hotch, Prentiss, Rossi, Morgan, and you all waited outside in two surveillance vans, listening in on the wire. You watch as your teammates walk into the building, hoping that they would be able to find something out about the unsub.

“Hi, welcome to GA, Glitches anonymous, you two are new, what are your names and script so we can get you a name tag?” You heard someone greet. You stopped your jaw from dropping as your heart beat quickened, did they mean what you thought they did? Reaching up to tuck hair behind your ear you notice your hands are shaking. Glancing to your other teammates you make eye contact with Rossi for a second before you tear your eyes away.

“Excuse me?” JJ asked, Reid staying silent.

“Your script, what’s on your wrist, in order to build trust, we all write down what’s the first things we heard our soulmate say to show that we are willing to be vulnerable.” The person obviously running the support group explains.

“What if you’re a Blank?” JJ asks, obviously trying to give Spencer and out so that he doesn’t have to say what his is over the wire.

“Blanks are so rare, we’ve only had two in the 20 years we’ve been around. A lot of people like to claim their Blanks so they don’t have to write it down but we also always roll our sleeves up to keep everything out in the open. So, what are your names and script?”

“Im JJ, mine says ‘you must be’” JJ conceded, holding her wrist out.

“and you, sir?” You subly tried to take deep breaths to calm your heart. They were all in the room when you told Garcia that you love coffee, they would all know immediately.

“Uh, Im Spencer and uh,” He pauses and coughs uncomfortably, you glance to your teammates, who all look like they pity him as they listen. He had been working there for about a decade now and he never revealed what the words on his wrist said. “My script says ‘I love coffee.’”


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“Having a fine time - Will probably join with the crowd in welcoming the king and queen here to morrow. The old whistle is working fine - all set for next week. Everett”
Washington, DC
Postmarked 1939

The keys to success in the archives …

While preparing some documents for digitization, I happened upon a surprise in the paper records – three keys!  According to the attached tag, the keys would open boxes 39, 42, and 60, down in the basement.  It’s doubtful that the boxes (or the basement, for that matter) even exist anymore, because the documents are from circa 1916.  Oh, the interesting things we find!  

Series: Correspondence of Arizona Group Surveys, 01/06/1913-03/30/1924. Record Group: 49, Records of the Bureau of Land Management. (NAID 4751015).

WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU Part 13 Full translation.

Marriage Registration


pages 138-148

6th sector - Kuchiki clan mansion.

On the morning of the day they were to head to the Kinin Noble Assembly, Renji passed through the Kuchiki clan’s huge main gate with a nervous expression. As he advanced on the stone pavement that had been swept clean, he was greeted by an old man with white hair wearing a pair of round spectacles - Seike Nobutsune, an attendant attached to Byakuya.

“Abarai sama, we have been expecting you”

Calmly bowing, he opened the door of the (genkan) entryway, “please come inside”

“Nah, I’ll meet her in front of the entrance……”

“I have been informed to tell you that you are to join Byakuya sama for breakfast”

“With the captain!? U-understood”

Renji became increasingly nervous, moving awkwardly, he followed behind Seike.

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New Beginnings - Twelve

You woke up the next feeling the happiest you’d felt in a long time. As you showered and made breakfast you genuinely felt like dancing around to “You make my dreams come true,” just like Joseph Gordon-Levitt did in that movie you could never remember the name of. 

You and Spencer had smiled shyly at each other when you’d woken up. It wasn’t the things you’d done last night, it was the words that had been spoken afterwards when you’d been drifting off to sleep. Although neither of you mentioned it, you both knew it had happened.

You’d pulled Spencer in for a kiss just before you’d left the apartment seeing him hesitate slightly before he bent his lips to yours. 

“No more Y/N,” he said afterwards. 

You pouted. “And why not?”

“Because I said we couldn’t do anything until this was over.”

“Well perhaps you shouldn’t have done what you did last night then Spencer.” You raised your eyebrows at him remembering the look in his eyes last night. 

He smirked. “Technically I barely did anything last night except watch. Although I’m more than prepared to watch again.”

“Nope. If you’re not prepared to participate until this is over then I’ll just have to make sure I’m actually alone next time.” You attempted to turn the tables back on him and make him feel uncomfortable. “Next time I’m off in the bath, you’ll just have to imagine what I’m doing without you.”

He laughed instead. “Eidetic memory Y/N. I don’t have to imagine. It’s all stored up here.” He tapped his head before continuing. “In fact I already replayed that little movie in my head once this morning when I was in the shower.”

He strutted off to your front door leaving you standing there speechless. “Coming Y/N?” he called. 

‘Hopefully very soon,’ you thought to yourself

You and Penelope were sat in your office sorting through case files and selecting the ones that could be dealt with via a telephone consultation. These would be given to Agent Hotchner for him to divvy out amongst the rest of the profilers. 

You’d kept one file to aside. Two girls had been murdered, stabbed to death within three weeks of another and the case was local. Both were college age and had the same physical description. Black hair, blue eyes. The first girl had been found in her dorm room by her roommate, and although her boyfriend had been arrested on suspicion and was still the main suspect, he’d be let out on bail having had an alibi.  

The second girl had been found in the doorway of a local Indian restaurant where you and Spencer sometimes grabbed takeout from. The security cameras though had proven useless having been been fakes and given that the girl hadn’t been sexually assaulted like the first and her hand bag was missing, the police had put it down to a mugging gone wrong. The ages and the physical similarities between the two girls had caused the cases to be passed to the BAU for review. 

Rossi and Prentiss were off site for the day, having been asked to interview a death row inmate for the bureaus extensive records. At around noon, Spencer and Morgan knocked on your office door.

“Hey gorgeous girls, we’re heading out to pick up some lunch. Do you wanna come with?” Morgan asked. 

You and Garcia looked around at the piles of paperwork surrounding you both. “I’ll stay here boys. Plenty of work to do and I’d hate to leave my office looking a mess.”

“I’ll stay too then. Can you bring us some food back?” Penelope gave her order to Morgan and then you reeled off yours. 

“Are you sure you didn’t want to come Y/N. I know now how you sometimes like to take care of things yourself." 

You eyes snapped to Spencer’s, not quite believing what he’d said. What sounded relatively innocent to some, definitely did not to you. 

Trying to remain composed you replied, "No thanks Spence. I trust you to get it right for me on this occasion.” You smiled sweetly. 

“Oh I’ll get it right on every occasion, Agent Y/L/N.”

Derek and Garcias heads had been tooing and throwing, eyeing you both throughout the exchange and wondering what they were missing.

“Come on genius, let’s go. You can flirt with Y/N later.” Derek started to walk away, dragging Reid with him.

As they left the room Penelope ran to your office door, slamming it shut.  

“ Spill!” she demanded. You shook your head at her.

“There’s nothing to spill.”

“Don’t you lie to me now missy. He’s been acting different all day. I could have sworn he winked at me earlier when I gave him his coffee, and he’s barely reacted to Derek’s taunts all day.”

She narrowed her eyes suspiciously. “Oh my god. You’ve done it!” she clapped her hands excitedly. “What was it like? Is he good? Is he a genius in bed as well as out?”

“Penelope shut up. We haven’t done it.”

“Something’s happened though…..Tell meeee. You know I live for the moment you two finally get it together. You’re my otp.”

You remained silent so she changed track. 

“Fine. Be like that. I thought we were friends Y/N. Aside from Reid I thought I was your best friend here. We’ve grown pretty close over the last few months. I thought if something important was happening in your life you’d tell me.”

Damn it!! You put down the case file you were currently reading. 

“Pen, if I tell you this, you CANNOT tell anyone. And that includes Derek. There will be no teasing, no off hand remarks, nothing.”

She nodded furiously. “Whatever you say. Just spill, I’m dying here.”

You filled her in on what had happened over the weekend, watching her jaw slowly drop and her cheeks blush as you got to the events of last night. By the time you got to the end, she was actually using the file she was holding to fan herself. 

“Fuuuck.” It wasn’t often Penelope Garcia was speechless but hearing about what a tease Reid had become in the space of a few days had apparently done it. 

“This is Reid we’re talking about right? Tall, lanky, pretty thing that struggles to talk to attractive women without rambling or stuttering…….” You nodded at her. “Well fuck me sideways.”

You burst out laughing at her remark and the gobsmacked look that was still on her face. 

“And why is he refusing to actually sleep with you again?”

You’d had to change your story slightly here as Penelope didn’t know about Joshua Cane. 

“He said he wants to wait til we’ve been officially dating for at least a month.”

“And are you… Officially dating?”

You thought back to the end of last night where the ‘I love you's’ had been exchanged. 

“I guess so. But you cannot say anything to anyone yet Garica.”

She huffed. “Fine but I get first dibs as bridesmaid okay.”

You laughed at her. “Okay”. 

The guys came back handing over your lunches and then going back to their desks to eat. You and Penelope ate as you worked. Every so often you glanced up and out into the bull pen seeing both Morgan and Spencer leaning over various files themselves, reading and working.  
Spencer had always had a habit of biting and licking his bottom lip. Most of the time it was an unconscious habit and you’d always thought it was cute but right now, watching him do it was driving you crazy. You were sure he knew you were watching and was doing it on purpose.

“Garcia, are you going to eat that?” You nodded towards the piece of fruit that she’d left.

“Probably not. Have it if you want it.”

“Thanks.” You took it and unpeeled it. 

You grabbed a folder and buzzed Spencer’s desk phone, signalling him to come to your office. 

“Reid, I need you to take a look at this file straight away.”

He took it out of hand, eyes going to the piece of fruit that was in your other hand. You grinned at him, locking eyes and slowly put the banana to your lips, taking a huge bite.

He turned and fled the office, scurrying back down to the his desk. 



You’d finally scored a point.  

Your phone buzzed signalling a text message. 

“The folder is empty Y/N”

“I know.”

“Was there really any need for that little display?”

“Yep…..You were messing with me again. You keep biting and licking your lips. You need to stop, cos I wanna bite them and lick them for you.”

You saw him smirk across the office. “All in good time Y/N.”

“Ladies, we’ve got a case.” Agent Hotchner walked into your office.

“Have we sir?” Penelope asked. “We’ve not finished sorting yet.”

“Yes, this one’s come to me directly. You’re aware that the bodies of two eighteen year old females have been found locally in the past three weeks.”

You nodded. “I have the files here Hotch, for review. Has there been another?" 

"Yes. A male and a female, with the same physical description as the others were found this morning in Catton Park. We’ve been asked to step in.”

That was the park you and Spencer had been walking in yesterday. 

You made copies of the original two cases whilst Hotch motioned for Derek and Spencer to join you in the office, advising he’d fill Rossi and Emily in via phone when they were done with their interview. 

When you were all seated he handed out the copies along with the new file. You’d already read the first two this morning so you skipped straight to the third. 

The file included a crime scene photo taken this morning and when you saw that photo, your blood ran cold. 

The male and female were posed, sat underneath the same tree you and Spencer had been, the male with his back to the tree and the female lying on him with her head in his lap. 

The male had a crown of daisies on his head. 

WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU Part 11 Full Translation

Marriage Registration


pages 121-129

Squad 4 barracks office.

After finishing her patrol of the Coordinated Relief Station, kotetsu Isane returned back to the squad barracks, “I’m back~!” she called out whilst opening the door of the office.

“Wel-come w-ack w-ig sis”

The younger sister Kiyone who was grappling with piled up paperwork on the tabletop lifted her face up and replied whilst her mouth remained stuffed with suzu castella*. (*Bell shaped Japanese sponge cake)

“Oh! Eating sweets during work again!”

“It’s fine! It’s only us! I need to consume enough sugar because I use my head for paperwork”

“You did that at the 13th division too right? Without eating sweets”

"No no, the amount of paperwork at the 4th division is different! I absolutely cannot do without eating this~”

Kiyone said whilst tossing the suzu castella up into the air, catching it with her mouth before eating it. She did not stop herself from eating even as Isane chided her “Ugh! Can you not spill any sugar on the documents?”

“Oh yeah, before coming here just now, I saw Kuchiki san and Abarai kun!”

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anonymous asked:

I've followed your blog only recently, but I really enjoy your metas (although I couldn't read much of them due to my tight time schedules). Maybe you have answered it in one way or another, but can you explain to me why Furuta manipulated Ui into... "cooperating" with him? He could have simply murdered him or he could have orchestrated a mission where he would die off for good. Since most of his aquaintances are dead, Ui has little to no emotional ties with the rest of the CCG and its members

so people would have been mostly wary of his death at worst. Or is Ui regarded that highly that it’s probably better to keep him alive? I am not good at critical thinking, so I apologise for that, but I just don’t understand why Furuta didn’t think twice trying to kill Urie, but he bribes Ui into staying at his side instead. Considering Urie’s importance as a Quinx, thus being a revolutionary experiment, and Ui, who is admittely incredibly skilled and respected, Urie would be much more important

I would argue (especially for Kanou, even if he had Shirazu’s body as as an introduction for the Quinx’ biology). And why is Ui the only one Furuta didn’t try to mercilessly taunt and kill like the rest of his CCG collegues? Sorry for bothering you, I would love to hear some input from your part. And thanks for having so much patience.

Oooh yes this is actually something I’ve put a lot of thought into so don’t worry about bugging me I’m pretty excited to answer a question like this anon. To preface this though before I start typing it up, I have a lot of thoughts on this subject so it might get a bit rambly. So i’m breaking it into parts. 

(1) - Story Reasons

The Ui and Furuta relationship is actually something that has been set up for a long time coming. Tokyo Ghoul is kind of messy at times, but if you look back to the work as a whole it’s a bit amazing how many things that were set up as far back as the Rose arc are paying off now. Ui was technically introduced before Furuta, but the first arc that they were given prominence was shared together. 

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Cable Piano Company. Row of girl key fitters. Operation in manufacturing of pianos., ca. 1918

Series: General Photographic File, 1893 - 1945Record Group 86: Records of the Women’s Bureau, 1892 - 1995

March is Women’s History Month! Women have shaped this country’s history in more ways than we can count. Long before Rosie the Riveter joined the war effort in the 1940s, women earned wages to support themselves and their families. This series of posts celebrates the diversity of women’s labor, ranging from industry to agriculture to folklore and beyond.

Here, women fit keys into pianos at the Cable Piano Company, headquartered in Chicago, IL. Out of economic necessity, working-class women, especially immigrant women and women of color, earned wages through a variety of jobs and tasks throughout the 19th century and beyond.

This month’s Women’s History series comes via Nora Sutton, one of our interns from the Department of State’s Virtual Student Foreign Service (VSFS) program. Nora is finishing her Master’s in Public History at West Virginia University this semester.

Little Lottie

Child labor Laws have always been a controversial topic throughout U.S. history. In the early 1900s, the government ordered the Records of the Child’s Bureau to conduct an investigation on child labor conditions throughout the U.S. 

 The Records of the Children’s Bureau took a picture in 1911 entitled “Little Lottie, a regular oyster shucker in Alabama Canning Co. She speaks no English. Note the condition of her shoes caused by standing on the rough shells so much. A common sight. Bayou La Batre, Ala.” The Records of the Children’s Bureau hoped these pictures would influence Congress to pass an amendment to regulate child labor.                 

 The Supreme Court invalidated several child labor laws, including Keating-Owen. In 1924, Congress proposed the Child Labor Amendment, but it wasn’t ratified by three-fourths of the states. Subsequent legislation was upheld, and the proposed amendment became moot.  Could you imagine what it was like for these children working as if they were adults?      

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WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU Part 10 Full Translation

Marriage Registration


Part 2/2

pages 115-120

“Look! How do you like it?”

Having completed sewing holes for their tails to pass through, Iba handed over the hakama one by one to each of the two.

“Thank you Tetsu san! Is it okay if we also wear them now?”

Shouma said hastily, raising his hands to the cords of his student hakama, “wait wait” he was halted by Iba.

“Keep it for tomorrow! I have to return to work already”


Shouma disappointedly put the hakama back into the bag. “Hey Shouma let’s go!” Urui urged, whilst waving enthusiastically at Iba they dashed towards the alleyway beside the squad building.

Rukia and Renji who received a numbered ticket at the reception desk of the Personnel Record administration Bureau, decided to use the lengthy waiting time to visit the 7th division barracks which was nearby to the administration bureau, they ran into the other pair in that alleyway.

“Wh-what! Those are the kids people have been talking about……!”

The young brothers of the werewolf clan who pass through the academy are rumoured to be ‘super cute’, they were particularly quite famous amongst the female troops who liked cute things.

"Awesome!! Two vice captains!!”

Shouma’s eyes sparkled as he looked up at the couple.

“Tetsu san! Lieutenant Abarai and Lieutenant Kuchiki have arrived!”

Urui went back to the rear of the squad building to call out to Iba.

“Yo, wolf kid! What’s your name?”

Renji bent down, his line of sight connected with Shouma’s.

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Making neckties in the kitchen. The 11 year old girl and 13 year old boy work on the ties every day after school. The mother on right works steadily. Two neighbors help with the work. New York City., 2/23/1912

Series: National Child Labor Committee Photographs taken by Lewis Hine, ca. 1912 - ca. 1912. Record Group 102: Records of the Children’s Bureau, 1908 - 2003

Taken by investigative photographer Lewis Hine 105 years ago, this photograph is from a series of black-and-white prints given to the Children’s Bureau by the National Child Labor Committee.

WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU Part 9 Translation

Hey! Thought I should get to doing more WDkALY again before I leave it too long, I did as much as I could in my free time today, I hope no one will mind, but I cut marriage registration ‘1’ a little bit shorter (not too much happens here aside from setting up the scene for later on) so I can get to translating marriage registration ‘2’, I have a busy few weeks ahead of me so these translations may end up being slow anyway, sorry about that!

Marriage Registration


pages 90-96

6th sector - Kuchiki clan mansion

On a morning after one week since the gathering at the marriage announcement has passed.


Finishing squad preparations, Kuchiki Byakuya exited his room only to be called to a halt by Rukia. She nimbly folded her knees and propped herself up with both hands on the plain wood of the hallway.

“Today I will leave for the nyuseki*  formalities”

(*entering a family register as a married couple)

After bowing and then raising her face, Byakuya looked at Rukia with softened eyes.

“I see……has an appointment for going to the Kininkai already been settled?

Rukia tilted her head at hearing this unfamiliar word ‘Kininkai’.

"Go to……Kininkai……? Don’t I simply submit a notification to the Personnel Record Administration Bureau……?”

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It’s nearly New Year’s here in Rapture. I hear that there’s going to be a pretty big shindig at the Kashmir.

Ryan doesn’t require income declarations or inventory of stock sold, but my old accounting habit still persists.

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Top Women of U.S. Steel during World War II wear oxygen masks as a safety precaution, Gary, Indiana, ca. 1943.