i got a lovely ask from @ggoatboy​ regarding my note-taking tips, and while i rarely took classes where i had to take notes from text, i took a LOT of notes from lectures, so here are some tips re: those!! my great note-taking is what got me through school with a perfect GPA and minimal actual studying, so i’m big on notes

i’ll start off with saying that my lecture notes were messy af, but i had to consciously decide to not worry about it during class. your only concern during class is to listen and get down as much info as you can!

before i walk you through all this stuff, i’ll give you the quick and dirty:

  1. don’t worry about how ur in class notes look like, just focus on listening & paying attention and getting down as much info as you can.
  2. when you recopy, read through your notes carefully and figure out the best way to reorganize them; this also helps you retain the info better.
  3. pick a color scheme if you’d like, and don’t shy away from pretty headers and little post-its and anecdotes; color-coding can also be a big help. recopying notes is a great way to figure out your learning style – it took me a good while to figure out the best method for me.

okay, now, read on for the deets! 

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Le goût de l’archive passe par ce geste artisan, lent et peu rentable, où l’on recopie les textes, morceaux après morceaux, sans en transformer ni la forme, ni l’orthographe, ni même la ponctuation. Sans trop même y penser. En y pensant continûment. Comme si la main, ce faisant, permettait à l’esprit d’être simultanément complice et étranger au temps et à ces femmes et hommes en train de se dire. Comme si la main, en reproduisant à sa façon le moulé des syllabes et des mots d’autrefois, en conservant la syntaxe du siècle passé, s’introduisait dans le temps avec plus d’audace qu’au moyen de notes réfléchies, où l’intelligence aurait trié par avance ce qui lui semble indispensable et laissé de côté le surplus de l’archive. Ce geste d’approche s’est imposé au point de ne jamais se distinguer du reste du travail. L’archive recopiée à la main, sur une page blanche, est un morceau de temps apprivoisé ; plus tard, on découpera les thèmes, on formulera des interprétations. Cela prend beaucoup de temps et parfois fait mal à l’épaule en tiraillant le cou ; mais avec lui du sens se découvre.
—  Arlette Farge, Le Goût de l’archive, Seuil, 1989
Stay Always (Request)

Group: Bangtan Sonyeondan

Member(s): Min Yoongi, Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Park Jimin, Jung Hoseok, Jeon Jungkook, Kim Taehyung

Style: One-shot

Prompt: (Request) An bts au where their cats and the take a liking to the reader? Love your writing btw!

Genre: Fluff, AU

Pairing(s): Slight Reader/BTS

A/N: I came home tonight with the full intention of finishing recopying my TSN chapters from here to Word and then playing Fallout 4. What I actually did? Spent all night writing this. This is my first mother fucking request guys! Do you know how stoked I was? As soon as I saw the ask I started this right away. I was pumped. Thank you, Anon, for requesting. I’m not sure if this is exactly what you wanted, but I hope you like it. Please feel free to reprimand me if I got it wrong. u.u Regardless, please enjoy everyone! Also, I should probably say that unless you specify that you want the reader to be younger in your requests, I will most likely make her older. Just to let y'all know!

Dislcaimer: Gif isn’t mine. Saw this gif like four times three days ago. Took me 15 minutes to find it.

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                    “And I especially hope you stay with us always.”


You didn’t really know how you had gotten into this situation, though you couldn’t say you were surprised. You had unfortunately inherited a bleeding heart when it came to animals from your mother and she would probably cry tears of joy if you told her what you’d done. To say finding a whole horde of seven cats milling around together in an alley on a rainy day was odd in and of itself. Especially since none of them looked alike and all had relatively different personalities.

The largest one, with his sandy colored fur that was longer around his neck than anywhere else on his body and his steady eyes, was relatively docile most of the time. Unless the entire group was playing he was mostly following you about your apartment, watching you with interest and meowing constantly. It was like he was literally trying to have a conversation with you, responding when you spoke to him and yowling in frustration when you weren’t paying attention to him.

The next largest was, despite being male, the epitome of beauty and grace. If he was sitting there not moving or speaking he looked almost regal with his long, well-kept fur that shined in various browns and reds in stripes down his back. However he played as best as all the others and was a bit clumsy if you had to say so. While he looked graceful he spent a majority of his play time skidding along your hardwood floors and bumping into cabinets. He also ate like a beast as well. You had to almost watch them when you fed them, making sure that he wouldn’t steal out of the other bowls when the rest of them looked away. He certainly had a taste for human food too, often begging you incessantly for a morsel of whatever it was you were eating.

Then there was the silver-haired cat. Short fur and extra-long whiskers, he nearly looked like an old man, always sitting hunched over and moving at a much more leisurely pace than the other cats. Where they galloped through your halls, he was casually meandering along behind them. He also had a stare that made your eyebrow twitch and your body squirm uncomfortably. His eyes were sharp and alert, but he always seemed to be quietly letting you know how much of an idiot you were. When he watched the others play, even you could tell he was practically calling them all fools in his head. When you spoke to him his eyes screamed at you that you were an idiot and needed to shut up. Still, despite his condescending stare, he was the one that sat with you the most. When you worked on your computer, he was there on the desk, napping near your mouse. When you were doing laundry, he was napping on top of the warm dryer. When you went to sleep at night, he was the first to follow you into your bed. Honestly he was probably the one you got along with the best as he was always nearby, but never in the way.

Then there was the calico. Somewhere in the middle size wise, his fur was medium length and was a splash of reds, browns, blacks and whites. His eyes were always full of life and light and he always seemed energetic, even early in the morning. He seemed to be one of the more mischievous ones, often starting the galloping parades through your house, where all the cats ran at top speeds from room to room with no real rhyme or reason. He was also loud, meowing as much as the first cat only in a tone that let your now he was yelling. There never seemed to be a reason to it. Most cats would meow to get the attention of their owner. You would find him in a room completely separate from you just screaming. He loved attention as well. He was one of the biggest attention hogs out of the whole bunch. When he wanted to snuggle up and nap in your lap he wanted you petting him non-stop until he was out. Despite that he always seemed happy and bright.

Next was the orange tabby cat. Smaller than the rest, he nearly looked like kitten compared to the others. He was cute and despite his fur being short, it was always soft and fluffy. He was playful and bouncy, pouncing on many of the other cats before cutely bouncing around and running off. He was also one of the biggest cuddlers, often snuggling up next to you or one of the other cats when he napped. His favorite spot was always nearest to your head, snuggling up in your hair if you were laying down or curling up on your chest and practically tucking into your neck.

Then there was the odd ball. He was a calico was well, but having looked up the odd features of his fur, you found out he was better known as a chimera cat. His fur matched the other calico, splashes of orange, black, brown and white, but his face was split perfectly down the middle so that one side was black and the other was orange. His eyes were always big and bright and he strangely always seemed to be smiling. He was one of the most mischievous ones, often causing trouble among the others and pulling them in to playing with him. He was big on cuddling as well. He seemed to sit in your lap the most. In fact, now that you thought about it, you don’t think you’d ever seen him nap on his own. He was always near you and if he couldn’t be near you and was curled up with one of his brothers.

Last was what you swore was the baby. He was a bit bigger than the tabby cat, but he had the personality of a curious and mischievous little boy. His fur was short, his back black and his tummy white. His eyes were always wide and curious and he was honestly the most trouble in the apartment. He was constantly getting into things he shouldn’t and you have found yourself outside searching for him more times than you could count. He somehow always seemed to escape whether it was out a window he’d somehow got open or out the door as you were coming home. He was definitely a hassle.

Despite that you were growing used to and even fond of them all. You hadn’t really had a plan when you led them all home and multiple times you’d wondered if you could really take care of seven cats. However when you thought about giving them away it made you a little sad. They didn’t look like they would do well separated and you were growing attached. You still hadn’t named them, though. Granted you’d only had them a week, but still, if you had no intention of giving them up you should name them right?

“What do you guys think,” you questioned aloud, watching the group of them over the counter of your kitchen. Most of them were wrestling as they played, but the largest one and the silver-haired one both sat off to the side lounging quietly. The sandy-furred cat meowed loudly at you in response.

“I mean, I really need to name you. There’s so many of you. What kind of names would fit you, though? Should I call you things like Whiskers and Mittens?”

The silver-haired cat turned his head from washing himself to give you that ‘you’re clearly an idiot’ look and the others all stopped playing to give you what your swore were incredulous looks.

“No? Okay… How about things like… Shadow and Fox?”

Again the largest cat mewled loudly at you, the loud calico yowling in response as well.

“Okay… I mean, if you guys are going to be picky about it you could just pick your own names, you know.”

The chimera and tabby both mewed at you cutely, both of them bounding over to weave in and out of your legs affectionately. You chuckled warmly and bent down to scratch at their heads, the tabby jumping up and holding his paws up towards your face. You grinned and lifted him just like he wanted, helping him to crawl onto your shoulders. He was surprisingly graceful and you’d found it a little quirky that you could meander about your home while he perched himself on your shoulders. The chimera meowed in protest and you could only chuckle at him.

“I’m trying to feed myself here, guys. I can’t hold all of you and cook at the same time. You’ll get the lap seat while I’m eating, okay?”

And he did. In fact you were pretty much swamped in warm, fluffy cat bodies as you slowly began to drift off after dinner. You could barely hear the TV over all the purring, but it was a comforting white noise as your body slumped further into the sofa and your eyes finally fell closed. You don’t remember dreaming, but it felt like ages before your body was suddenly being pulled from sleep by a light shaking on your shoulder. You could also hear… whispering?

“Noona. Noona, wake up. It’s not good for you to sleep here like this.”

You were a little disoriented and it took your brain a moment to finally red alert you enough that you opened your eyes. You lived alone with seven cats, there should be no voices in your house other than the TV and with how dark it was, you were pretty sure the TV was off.

“What the fuck?!”

Your hands immediately shot out, slapping something, or rather someone, in the face and punching someone else in the chest. You heard a couple of grunts and some more whispering, your eyes trying to make out the faces of the multiple guys now in your living room. Wait, was the chest you just hit bare? You pulled one of your hands back, fisting it up and throwing it out again. It struck something and you heard a shout, the ache in your hand pulsing as you kicked your legs out next.

“Noona! NOONA! Stop, it’s us! We’re not going to hurt you, idiot! Stop it!”

You were suddenly pinned completely to the sofa, your arms and legs being help by three different sets of hands. A click was heard off to your right and the room was suddenly blinded in a warm glow. Someone must’ve turned on the lamp. Your eyes squinted to block out the light, adjusting easily as it thankfully wasn’t too bright to blind you completely. You blinked a few times to clear your vision before your gaze finally fell on…

Seven very naked men.

“Oh… Fuck.”

In all your life you had never imagined that you would be raped-

“Relax, noona. We’re not going to hurt you. We just wanted to move you to the bedroom-“

“So you can rape me in the comforts of a bed-“

“What? Gods no! Why the hell would we do that?!”

“Idiots, we’re all half naked, of course she thinks-“

“You’re fucking naked in my livingroom-“

“We would never hurt you like that, noona-“

“Holy shit-“

“STOP! Stop, everyone! Just! Fucking! Stop!”

The room immediately fell silent and your gaze turned to the owner of the shout. He was tall, a lot taller than the others, with deliciously tanned skin and sandy blonde hair. His lips were plump and quite literally to die for and if you weren’t so panicked, you would definitely make note of how pretty he was. With the silence in the room, you allowed your gaze to drift over the other men in the room. The one that kept calling everyone an idiot was short and almost hunched, his hair a silvery white and his eyes sharp.

There was another tall guy near the back, his hair a light brown and his features so pretty he was honestly prettier than you. His lips were plump and pink and his nice skin gave him a warm glow in your lamp light. Next was the worried looking guy off to the side. His face was thin and slightly long, but his high cheek bones and pouty lips made him beautiful even in the dim lighting.

Then there were the three holding you down. The one on your left was pale and strong looking, his muscles prominent as he pinned your left arm easily. His hair was inky, but soft looking and with his rosy lips and pale skin he almost looked like a doll. The one on your right was equally pretty, lips small, but thick and his hair a fluffy mess of orange. The one just in front of you that held your legs down looked the most distraught by the situation. His skin was a warm, golden color and his hair fell low into his eyes in various shades of brown. His lips were large and full and they pouted nicely as he frowned up at you with worry.

Seven. There were seven of them and as you looked at them all now, their appearances reminded you of something. You couldn’t quite put your finger on what, though. As you eyed them one more time, you made note of the fact that while they were all naked as the day they were born, they all seemed to have wrapped towels around their waists. Wait a minute.

“Those are my fucking towels! What the hell?! Who the fuck are you guys?!”

“Noona please stop shouting, you’ll wake the neighbors-“

“That’s kind of my point! Who the-“

The silver-haired man suddenly pushed his hand to your mouth, quieting your screaming and muffling your words so they could no longer understand you. You glared darkly up at him, but he fixed you with an equally dark look.

“First of all, stop fucking shouting. Second of all, let us explain. We’re not here to hurt you. In fact, according to you, we live here now.”

… What?

The blank click in your brain had you frozen as you tried to work through this ludicrous statement. The tall, sandy-haired one stepped closer and tried to look both serious and non-threatening as he spoke to you.

“We’re the cats that you rescued, noona. My name is Namjoon. I’m sure you can guess which one each of us are just by our appearances, right?”

He paused to see if you were retaining this information and while the process was reluctant and slow, you finally nodded and looked over all the men again. Your cats were nowhere to be seen now that you thought about it and you had briefly thought to yourself about how they all looked familiar. Namjoon suddenly motioned to the silver-haired male.

“Let her go, Yoongi. Let her speak.”

He seemed reluctant, but this Yoongi complied and removed his hand from your mouth.

“Holy shit, are you fucking cracked? You actually expect me to believe you’re the fucking cats I adopted?”

“You don’t see them around anywhere do you,” the tall brunette asked at the back.

“We all strangely resemble them too, don’t you think,” asked Namjoon, trying to ease reason into you.

You were silent for a moment, glaring, but still trying to see what he meant. After a long few minutes your finally spoke.

“You’re the largest one, with the long fur around your neck.”

“Yeah,” he said finally smiling brilliantly at you.

You turned your head to the boy holding your right arm.

“You’re the tabby,” you said, nodding at him then looking to the silver-haired man.

“And you’re the old looking one with the silver fur. I can tell because you look like you’re calling me an idiot in your head right now.”

“I am,” he stated flatly.

“There,” Namjoon interrupted, looking hopeful as he spoke, “… see? I know it sounds crazy as shit, but… It’s the truth.”

“I’m sorry, if you’re my cats, why are you all of a sudden human? Have you had this power the whole time? And if you have, why haven’t you used it before? Like when I’m fully awake and more rational and not just fucking waking up from a deep slumber and practically half delusional?”

They all seemed to grow uneasy at that accusation, probably feeling a little guilty.

“We have always had this power, unfortunately we can’t control when we change. It’s only ever at night and it’s only on nights of the full and new moon. Three days at a time, six days in a month. That’s all the time we get as humans.”

“And you just had to be naked?”

“Do you really expect us to transform and just automatically have clothes on? And it’s not like you’re sporting a bunch of extra men’s wear in your closet,” Yoongi said, his voice laced with irritation.

He had a point.

“Okay,” you said, taking a deep breath, “… Go on.”

“Go on,” Namjoon questioned.

“You have names right? I was trying to figure out names for you this evening. Tell them to me so I don’t have to keep guessing.”

Namjoon let out a quiet ‘oh’ before listing off names and pointing to each guy. Namjoon, Seokjin, Yoongi, Hoseok or Hobi, Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook. Seven of them. Once you learned their names and they were pretty sure you wouldn’t deck any of them again they released you and allowed you to sit comfortable while you all talked. They explained their strange ability to you further and you ended up not sleeping another wink that night while you made them tell you their stories. Where they’d been, when they discovered the power, why they had it, things like that. You stayed up with them all night until the first rays of morning began peeking into your windows. Namjoon quickly alerted you that they would change back soon and you watched in awe as they shifted back into their original cat forms. The transformation was weird and almost painful looking, but by the end of it they were indeed the cats you rescued.

The next night was filled with more late night talks and explanations. You insisted on buying them clothes (at least pants) and had them all write down their sizes before they were back to being cats. Now here you were, nearly two months later and it felt like a regular occurrence to wake up in the middle of the night to feel Taehyung clung to the front of you and Namjoon spooning you from behind. You’d taken to getting the three days they changed off so that you could randomly wake up at night and just be with them.

It was strange to watch them all as cats and then again as humans. There was sometimes almost no difference. Even as humans Taehyung and Jimin still pined for your affection and attention, Yoongi still looked at you like you were a fool, but was somehow the one that sat with you the most. Hoseok was loud, but bright and affectionate. Seokjin was clumsy, but funny and oh so lovely. Jungkook was mischievous and curious and Namjoon talked a lot, but still followed you around practically everywhere.

When time came for it to be their last night of being human before the next moon cycle, they would each leave you little notes filled with an almost childish love and affection for you.


              Don’t miss my human side too much while it’s gone. I’ll give you a lot of love as a cat. Please remember to buy those special treats and scratch my ears a lot. I love you so much, noona!




              You’re working too hard lately. You should relax and take some time to read or something. You’re looking tired. And your typing is loud and annoying.


              Take care of yourself more.




              Don’t forget to rent that new game for us to play! Playing with you is so fun and I don’t want to miss a second of it! Also, please buy me that new mouse toy we saw on the internet! It looks so cool! Eat lots and sleep well, noona!




              I made you a few nights worth of meals and a couple of lunches that should last you for a week or so. I have a couple of new recipes I want to try to, if you’ll taste test them for me. Eat well and don’t put yourself under too much stress… Also share some of those meals with me, will you?




              Your hair is getting long again. I like that. There’s more for me to curl up in when it’s long like that. It’s okay if you want to cut it, though. I know it can get hot when it’s long. Just make sure you’re comfortable. Be healthy, noona!




              I’m sorry about waking you up the other night! I just got so excited, I started shouting. You looked happy when you saw me smiling, though. Please make sure to pet me a lot when I nap. You know I can’t sleep well if you’re not touching me. I love you, Noona!




              I watched over you while you slept last night, I hope that’s not too creepy. The guys love you a lot. I can tell just by how tight Taehyung holds you when he sleeps, or how Jimin subconsciously buries his face into your hair while he’s passed out. Jungkook’s always smiling around you and I’ve never seen Yoongi take to someone as much as he has to you. Jin-hyung really relies on you, and Hobi looks so bright and happy when you two talk. You always take such good care of us, whether we’re cats or rowdy, human boys. You were like an angel the day you came into our lives and brought us all home with you. I hope you never tire of us in either form and I especially hope you stay with us always. You’re very special to us, noona and we love you a lot. I love you a lot. Sleep well and eat plenty, noona. Don’t stress yourself out and always remember that even if I’m a cat you can still vent to me. Take care of yourself.


If you were honest with yourself, despite the extra money, noise, cleaning and out right rowdiness, you were equally glad you’d found them. Your life felt surprisingly full and well lived with them in it. You could no longer picture coming home to an empty apartment or not waking up in the middle of the night to a bunch of shouting boys. You had no intention of living your life away from them and you were perfectly okay with that.

hobieoppa  asked:

Hey ~ when you first write notes, do you write in a notebook or separate piece of paper, and when you rewrite notes, where do those notes go? Thank you ~ hopefully that made sense

hey!!! i write my notes in a spiral notebook, and when i recopy, i rip out the ugly notes and just recopy them into the same spiral – i use a separate spiral for each subject, and this helps me know what i have/haven’t copied and lets me not get all subjects muddled together. i toss the gross notes when i’m done recopying them!! xx


1/100 Days of Productivity
8/10/2016~19:07 EST

Okay, so I’m doing this with @bts-studyblr so I’m very excited! In case you guys don’t know me, my name is Anezi and I’m going to be a Junior starting this coming Monday. My schedule for this year will be:

*late arrival*
3rd: AP Biology
4th: AP US History
5th: AP Calculus AB
6th: AP English Language and Composition
7th: Court Procedures
Dual Enrollment: Elementary Japanese 1

Yesterday and today I think have been and will continue to be super productive. I spent all day at my desk which I’m normally never able to do! I finished recopying my APUSH summer homework and started outlining the first AP Bio chapter yesterday. Today, I’m reading the first two chapters of my AMSCO which you can see above.

Something I kind of just really wanted to show was one of my planners! I pasted some Jungkook pictures on the front of it and Autumn Leaves lyrics on the inside front flap(?).

The other picture is of a pegboard I have on my well which looks super messy! I stuck a lot of post-its on their for stuff that I need to do soon, but there also a lot of cables and stuff. I just really like it though because things I can quickly access in a convenient area.

Not really related to studyblr but I still see it as productive: I learned the entire BTS cut dance of Perfect Man last night and this morning! I felt so accomplished by that!!! Next I want to learn Why by Taeyeon.

44 Odd Things You Don’t Know About Me

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1. Do you like blue cheese: Absolutely! not!
2. Have you ever smoked: Nope
3. Do you own a gun: Finger guns
4. What is your favorite ice cream flavor: Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey!!! It’s my favorite flavor of food on earth
5. Do you get nervous before going to the doctor: Not really, I don’t really have opinions one way or another about going tbh.. I usually chat about science class with my doctors and have 0 medical issues
6. What do you think of hot dogs: They good fam
7. Favorite Christmas Movie: ELF for sure my family watches it every year I love that movie
8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning: water ? I don’t rly drink or eat in the morning
9. Do you do push ups: Yaa
10. What’s your favorite piece of jewelry: I have a skull ring that I’ve worn for about 4 straight years and it’s very important to me bc it represents one of my first favorite fictional characters and it got me through stuff and made me feel connected and powerful… Also I like my bone necklace and the necklaces that belonged to my great grandmothers
11. Favorite Hobby: Drawing! And collecting/reading/obsessing about comic books
12. Do you have A.D.D: Nope
13. Name something you dislike about yourself: hmmm I can’t help but feel guilty at everything and it ruins everything g ….. Stop making me feel shitty all the time, brain…… Also I hate that if I like something I literally physically cannot shut up about it like I word vomit… Are my friends sick of me talking about superheroes yet because it’s annoying as fuck but j still don’t stop lmao
14. Middle name: ok this is confusing so on my birth certificate it’s Rendon but Rendon is ACTUALLY part of my last name so I don’t HAVE a middle name but I wanted a middle name so I’ve taken my grandmother’s maiden names hyphenated: Costilla-Schwartz is my self picked middle name and that’s what I’m going with
15. Name two thoughts at this moment: 1) why do the women gymnasts have to wear tiny bathing suits but men get to wear footsie suits ?? 2) Romania’s women’s gymnast suit is not my favorite but this Romanian woman is doing rly amazing
16. Name 3 drinks you drink: Tea, Diet Coke, water
17. Current worry: My pals I am never free from worries my mind is a never ending river of worries l m a o
18. Current annoyance right now: My cousin’s dog Abby needs to chill tf out
19. Favorite place to be: Welfleet Wildlife Sanctuary in Cape Cod, out way past where other people go it’s. So beautiful
20. How do you feel: I feel pretty content right now.. I’m more chill than usual.. I’m more at peace
21. Where would you like to go: up north somewhere? Svalbard, or Nova Scotia or somewhere up there, also Rome or Egypt or idk I want to go a lot of places
22. Name three people who will complete this: nobody’s gotta lol
23. Do you own slippers: Nope
24. What color shirt are you wearing right now: it’s light blue and has Captain America and Thor and Iron Man on it (my pajama shirt)
25. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets: I haven’t ever .. But yES I bed I love Luxury™
26. Can you whistle?: HECK sorta it was my New Years resolution to learn to whistle so I could whistle along to the X-Files and I am gettin better
27. What are your favorite colors: Sunflower yellow ,, I love colors I love many colors
28. Would you ever be a pirate: Hypothetically hell yeah ! In reality I probably wouldn’t be able to lll
29. What songs do you sing in the shower: Hahahaha what DONT I sing in the shower??
30. Favorite girls name: I love many names
31. Favorite boys name: I love many names
32. What’s in your pocket right now: I’m wearing my pocketless pajamas pal
33. Last thing that made you laugh: I laughed in absolute amazement at Simone Biles like 5 seconds ago
34. Best toy as a child: Stuffed animal cow named Rozie which I still have and adore
35. Worst injury you have ever had: when I was maybe ten I slammed my finger in a car door bc I was distracted by some pretty Queen Anne’s Lace and my thumb nail turned purple and rotten and after about a month it fell off completely…. I’ve probably had worse injuries but that was memorably traumatic
36. Where would you love to live: I love Brooklyn a lot I would love to live in a nicer apartment in Brooklyn like one I can’t afford
37. How many TV’s do you have: Just one??? Plus my laptop which has Netflix
38. Who is your loudest friend: Me, myself, and I
39. How many dogs do you have: TWO!!! I love them so much Roger and Otis my boys my boys I love you boys
40. Does someone trust you: Gosh I hope
41. What book are you reading at the moment: I JUST finished a really really really good book called Station Eleven (I finished it like an hour ago and I’m so sad it’s over) it was so good idk what I’ll read next,, probably the Metamorphosis
42. What’s your favorite candy: Mmmmmmm i don’t have a favorite
43. What’s your favorite sports team?: Go Red Socks bc I was born in Boston, go Mets bc I live in New York, go Women’s US soccer team because they’re goddesses who walk among us
44. Favorite Month: Octoberrr and December and March I guess?

Idk I’ll tag @emilyasako and @doesanyonewannagetout but like y'all don’t gotta do it or anything just formalities

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Hey friend, coffee grounds is a bacteria breeding ground from the warmth and moisture, you're not supposed to even double brew because of it, I really wouldn't put it on your face or hair, etc , unless I'm missing something? Im not trying to be rude

Not rude at all, i havent herd of grounds being a breeding ground for bacteria but it does make sense.
Though typically before use you want to spread the grounds out to dry and make sure the grounds are not days old… they should be dried or used shortly after they have been steeped or brewed.
Perhaps they have a short time line of preferred usage after being steeped?
Im not entirely sure but from the recopies and research ive done i havent come across much bacterial warnings…. but again its always used after being dried and within a short time of getting steeped.

Id be curious if folks have had problems with coffee ground projects?
Thanks for the message! <3

harleyearl52  asked:

Any tips for getting anywhere near as beautiful for notes?

lots and lots of practice!!! i’ve literally been working on my penmanship since 7th grade, and over the years it’s morphed into what it is now and i’m very proud of it. also, in terms of spacing titles and different breaks in your notes and stuff, that also comes with practice and the familiarity with your own study style – i did really well with more paragraph/bullet-point oriented style notes, so that’s what i always recopied my lecture notes into. writing it all over again, and taking the time to arrange it so it looked nice, helped solidify the information, so that all i had to do was reread my notes a couple of times the day before an exam and i would be golden. 

find someone’s notes you like, and try to emulate them!!! that what i did and still continue to do, and i think that’s the biggest tip for developing your own style of taking really lovely notes and the like. c: i hope that helped!!! xx  

3+4/100 Days of Productivity

I’m sorry!!! I skipped yesterday since I was out shopping and didn’t do much, yet again. Please excuse the minimal work since school is about to start and my textbooks are out of accessibility for me right now.

I’m almost done with recopying the Law Class summary, only 3 more pages left! I want to finish tonight with enough time to do my hair as well. I hope I don’t get lazy ):

18 août

Météo mélancolique : nuage mutant, chewing-gum dépressif, c’est encore déjà l’heure de ne rien faire, c’est la fin du monde, c’est gris, c’est pas trop froid, c’est s’écrire sur la jambe : « vive les poils », c’est un sandwich qui donne mal, mais mal au ventre, c’est la dernière fois que j’interromps une conversation, c’est demain que je finis de recopier mon allemand, c’est un beau garçon, ce sont de belles, belles, belles poitrines blanches, c’est des nuages mutants qui collent à la lavande.