The black vulture (Coragyps atratus) is mostly known as a carrion eater, which is true, but they’re also very social. For example, did you know they’re monogamous? They have been known to stay with their mates year round and for many years. They feed their young together for as long as eight months after fledging, maintaining strong social bonds with their families throughout their lives. Black Vultures roost in large flocks in the evening, using the communal roost as a meeting place where foraging groups can assemble and adults can reconvene with their young. This also helps unsuccessful foragers locate carcasses by following roost mates to their location. So while they may not be the most attractive bird, they lead amazing and complex lives doing an undeniable service for nature. Species status: Least Concern


My love for science doesn’t preclude my faith. For me, science is another language we use to talk about the same miracles faith talks about.

Pale Knuckles

Late night, your voice goes soft and
you send me pretty things that make me
smile. Late night, we whisper sweet,
share dreams that make the hour
less heavy. It is late. Night,
as the world slumbers on, 
we persist.

Knowing tomorrow there will be
momentary regret for bedtimes debunked,
alarms overslept. Coffee in our nostrils, we will
reconvene and regret nothing. I wish for you
to be my heart, throbbing and full. You can never
be more than that, I said, and yet
we exist.

You smiled and took my hand.

© 2017 by Jennifer R.R. Mueller

Something I love about the Stranger Things soundtrack is when the two variations of “Kids” are played. The first one, as the boys head home after the campaign, and the second, as they reconvene in the junk yard and Lucas and El forgive each other. It’s a subtle way of marking that El is part of their group of nerdy misfits, loved and accepted by all. She’s one of the Kids

Chaos Reigns Chapter 33- Affirmation

Trigger Warnings: Language, firearms, domestic disputes, smut mcsmut smut

Oh fuck those eggs are not sitting well, I think to myself as we sit around after breakfast. Joker’s gotten up, showered and dressed, before we reconvene to discuss where to go from here. Arkham was in shambles and God knows the finger was going to get pointed at me for blowing it, but surely by now they know this is not how I roll?

“CC?” Joker pulls my attention back to him, looking to me confused, “You ok, doll?”

“Mmm, my stomach is upset, anyone else’s eggs taste funny?” I ask the room. Everyone shakes their head no so I shrug my shoulders, before returning to the issue at hand. When Yari walks in.

“Honey, we got a problem. GCPD is out for you, they’re loyal hound Officer Gordon is back in town and isn’t too happy with what’s gone down. He’s coming to haul your ass in.” Well that puts a dampener on my mood… I sit in silence trying not to hurl my stomach contents up with a pout on my lips.

“You’re not going in.” Joker says, running his hand along my thigh in a show of comfort and support, taking a massive inhalation through my nose, I let it out as I speak.

“They don’t have anything on me, do they Yari?” He sits on the desk in front of J and I. He shakes his head.

“No sweetie, those security cam’s didn’t work allll night.” He tucks a piece of hair behind my ear, “You ok CC? You looking a bit green around the gills there.” He queries and it’s enough to make me realise these eggs are not staying down.

“Nope!” Is all I manage before I do a mad dash to the bathroom, where breakfast makes its reappearance. I hear Yari behind me laughing, saying he’s got this, before he comes in to hold my hair out of the way.

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Larries acting like they arent pressed about the return of Elounor. So why so obsessed? Having to know every detail, nitpicking a 2 sec video- yeah so not pressed🙄

Larries: When I see or hear about Eleanor these days I feel nothing –

*Update all their websites designed specifically around hating Eleanor*

I mean it’s SO convenient she was seen right now because Babygate Is Ending again but –

*Rush to their emergency chat rooms and DMs to reconvene and regroup*

It’s like I can’t even feel anything anymore –

*Twenty empty posts with nothing but Eleanor hate tags posted one after the other in 5 minute bursts lasting over an hour*

I am SO numb to all this –

*Re-circulate Reasons Why It’s Actually Feminism To Obsessively Hate Eleanor in Public posts*

They could get married and I would just laugh –

*Sets up their webcam for their 40 minute daily Eleanor rant*

I just think it’s funny how she comes along again right now because it’s a day ending in Y and that’s like such a coincidence it’s like 1DHQ planned it to the minute–

*Elounor is fake posts circulating at the speed of light among teenage bedrooms*

And even though we’ve been on her tits every single day for weeks on end it’s funny how we ranted about her just like an hour and she shows up again, can you believe they stalk our blogs like this –

*Harass the people who saw her into deleting their comments and going private*

And btw not to distract everyone from how Eleanor isn’t ruining our lives but Briana is such a slut and Freddie is so clearly fake –

*Refuse to spell his name like he’s a demon who can’t be summoned, asterix out their mantra END IT because they’re afraid to voice their plea*

Yeah so I only wail into a moonless sky 5 times a day now when new Eleanor photos come up so it’s amazing how much this doesn’t even bother me.

But fame of that nature, for a performer who had been plugging away at the margins for years, felt disorienting, and a little ephemeral.

“Guys, is this crazy?” he asked his agents about the possibility of moving on. “What if nobody wants me, and I don’t make any money anymore?”

“It all seems fleeting,” he said, somewhat sheepishly but with extreme geniality, of his current renown. “It feels that the reason people want me is not built on anything.”

In the audience were a few dozen theater students and working actors, all of whom had applied to the program to better learn the skills that Mr. Diggs has been cultivating his whole life. After a break, they reconvened to spiritedly go over projects they’d been working on. Mr. Diggs moved across the room, giving notes, offering support, watching the walls he’d been kicking down for years crumble in a hundred different directions. (x)


After a month away, Draugar Vinlands reconvened yesterday at a Thing to discuss our ever growing numbers and the future of our hirð and the nature of our community as the years continue.
In addition, we took the opportunity to welcome four new members to our group, people who have been with us for a long time and have shown true dedication and friendship while meeting DV standards of authenticity: Thora, Eyvind, and Valdis, as well as the Jarl’s young and growing hunting companion, Sterling Halfdan.


On this day in music history: March 12, 1991 - “Out Of Time”, the seventh album by R.E.M. is released. Produced by Scott Litt and R.E.M., it is recorded at Bearsville Studios in Woodstock, NY, John Keane Studios in Athens, GA, Soundscape Studios in Atlanta, GA and Paisley Park Studios in Chanhassen, MN from September - October 1990.  After touring in support of “Green”, their first album for Warner Bros. Records, R.E.M. take a year long hiatus before starting work on the the follow up. When they reconvene, the band members decide to make an album that stands in stark contrast to the previous one. Writing songs on non traditional instruments like mandolin, acoustic guitars and organ, R.E.M. uses this instrumentation as the basis for much of the new album. The mood and feel of the completed album is quieter compared to the bands normally electric guitar based sound, most prominent on the first single “Losing My Religion” (#4 Pop), which features guitarist Peter Buck playing the mandolin as a lead instrument. The song is accompanied by a surreal and visually striking music video directed by Punjabi born filmmaker Tarsem Singh. Filled with religious imagery and based on Indian cinema, the video becomes an immediate fan favorite, broadening R.E.M.’s audience way beyond their original core fan base. The video wins six MTV WMA Awards including Video Of The Year. It also spins off three singles including “Shiny Happy People” (w/ Kate Pierson of The B-52’s) (#10 Pop) and “Radio Song” (w/ KRS-One of Boogie Down Productions) (#48 Mainstream Rock). The huge critical and commercial success, it gives R.E.M. the biggest selling album of their career. It is nominated for seven Grammy Awards, winning three including Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals, Best Alternative Album and Best Music Video Short Form in 1992. “Out Of Time” spends two weeks (non-consecutive) at number one on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified 4x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

Update on Astral Army Reassembly

Thanks to the efforts of @hennils a permanent Discord chat server has been set up exclusively for future chats, whenever they happen to reconvene. I have admin privileges, a permanent link to the server itself, and have given the link to a few choice others in preparation, so when the time comes, be sure to accept the invite and put it on your favorites!

As for the date for the first all-chat, that is a little up in the air. There doesn’t seem to be much consensus on a time other than next weekend. One person can do it Monday, another prefers Friday or Saturday. I suspect it is because everyone is busy with college/university. (Oh the joys of being done with that shit hue)

People who are interested in this and want it to become a regular thing, just leave a message or a reply saying what day and time is best for you?

One of my favorite headcanons is the Kingsman agents just being…baffled when Harry and Eggsy get together. 

Everything is super chaotic after V-Day, and Kingsman has lost a good chunk of their agents, so everyone reconvenes back to HQ to figure out what to do next. When they sit down at a formal meeting, they’re thrown a ton of information: Arthur is dead; Arthur is a traitor; we got to elect a new Arthur; Valentine’s evil scheme was to basically save the elite few and kill the rest of the planet with his SIM cards (”Merlin, you should have made a PowerPoint.”); Roxy Morton is Lancelot; Gary “Eggsy” Unwin is Galahad (”Yes, that Unwin.”); Eggsy didn’t pass the dog test, but we’re short-staffed as it is and he saved the world and the test is sort of stupid anyway; Harry was shot in the head in Kentucky, but he’s fine; now, for the first order of business…

So everyone’s scrambling to recover/pick up the pieces/meet the new agents/toss around a few ideas for Arthur and the new recruits once Kingsman is stable enough, and everything is just chaos with overwork and saving people and trying to connect with the other international branches/MI6 to stabilize the world. When things are just beginning to settle down, Harry recovers and starts to walk around HQ, almost always accompanied by the new agent, Eggsy. 

And then, in the midst of this, the agents notice little things, but sort of brush it off: the way Harry leans against Eggsy during their walks, the way Eggsy fusses over him periodically, the way they take their lunch together in the dining hall, the way they bicker and smile and touch each other on the shoulder and arm. Mostly everyone excuses it as “well, Galahad’s mentor/father figure almost died; that had to be hard” and “Hart’s trying to make up for Lee,” but when Roxy is overheard by Tristan when she goes, “Oh, I’m bringing takeaway to Eggsy and Harry’s house,” the agents start going, “Hm…”

Some simply say, “Well, to be fair, Galahad thought his mentor was dead and so got his house, but I suppose Hart doesn’t have the heart to kick him out,” but others go, “You do realize Hart is opposed to sharing anything, and now he’s sharing a bloody house?”

Part of this is because focusing on solving a mystery that doesn’t hinge upon the fate of the world is a nice change, and part of this is pure nosiness. They’re spies, after all. 

So they comb through every interaction and start going, “Wait, when did this happen? During training? Before recruitment? After V-Day? Is Hart’s dear boy comment platonic or not? What about the arm touching? The hugs? How the fuck did this happen? Hart doesn’t fall in love!” There is a bit of scandal (i.e. the age difference/potential favoritism), but it’s mostly all in good fun; though it is sort of creepy to see Harry Hart smiling when it isn’t related to something cheeky/taking the piss on someone. 

(The smiling freaks everyone out, and Eggsy, who catches wind of the rumors, comments to Harry, “How often did you smile before me?” Harry dryly replies, “Almost never.”) 

Everyone waits for Harry and Eggsy to come right out and say, “We’re shagging/in love/secretly engaged.” Tristan cannot be dissuaded from the last notion, even though both men don’t wear rings. (”That’s why it’s called a secret, Bors! They’re probably on a chain underneath their suits!”) But both of the little shits just never give an origin story/explanation. Rumor has it that Merlin and Roxy know, but Merlin just glares at anyone who tries to pry, and Roxy has an excellent poker face and occasionally makes up outlandish/nearly plausible tales (”Harry met Eggsy while he was training in the Marines, and they’ve been carrying on an affair ever since” or “Eggsy and Harry had a one-night stand, and they met again years later when Harry recruited him”). 

In the end, they never do tell, and why should they? A gentleman should have a few of his own secrets. 

rey meets luke in the desert
  • rey: you're luke skywalker!
  • luke: (taking off his hood and smiling sadly) i have not heard that name in a long time... a long, long time. most people call me john skywalker now. we should go, the regolith-folk are easily spooked, but will reconvene as a larger group

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What if Mike..... Tried to be nice to the Theatre Family for a day?

Send me “What if” + a prompt and I’ll write a drabble based off of it

“Alright! Good work everyone! Take ten! We’ll continue rehearsal after lunch!” Buster declared, lifting his arms in his usual chipper demeanor.

The cast members dispersed, walking over to their individual bags and picking out a homemade or a take out lunch; then they reconvened at the stage, sitting down and happily chatting and catching up about their lives.

Mike stood behind stage, watching the group of animals smile and laugh with each other. Soft, they were all soft and he was better than them, he told himself over and over. Mike never sat with them, never went out with them, never went to dinner, never chatted, never caught up. He preferred to sit alone, away from the rest, in his own secluded spot.

Mike turned to leave, but Ms Crawly’s words ringed in his head.

Letting out a frustrated sigh, Mike grabbed his homemade lunch, from Nancy, and slowly walked over to the rest of the group in the middle of the stage. Taking a deep breath, Mike sat himself next to Moon, who was telling a story about his father.

All conversations stopped though, and the theater crew looked over at Mike curiously.

“Whadda’ you all lookin’ at!? Can’t a guy eat his lunch in peace!?” Mike snapped up, glaring daggers up at the group of animals.

Moon chuckled softly, seeming to know something Mike didn’t. The koala took up his hands again and started the story once more, retelling a tale of his first day at the theater. Everyone went back to listening and chatting away, and although Mike didn’t pipe up again, this was a good start.


Out of the ever growing a hundred million and one that I’ve met.
There’s no one else like you in this world, on that I’d bet.
Though there may be others that can make emotions stir within my head.
None of them come close to what I’m feeling now that you have said…

No matter what the hurdles standing in our way.
No matter what the hour, if it’s night or day.
You’re one out of a hundred million, but I’m still feelin’…
Stronger than ever before.

And if they choose to still not understand,
Or even if they think we’re hopeless children and,
Even if a hundred million turn against us.
You’re still the one forever more.

Even if the only place where we can reconvene is in another world,
I still want nothing else out of a hundred million and one.
As long as I have you I know that I’ve won.

You are the one.
Out of a hundred million.
You light my flame.
When I’m with you, this is more than just a game.

[ I’m so glad I finally found something close to her singing voice, so this felt appropriate. ]