recontextualizing space

Please Stop Removing Artist Credits

I don’t understand the logic behind reblogging and removing artists credits/text from their work. When I see this done to my work, it makes me feel homicidal.

When an artist adds accompanying text to their work, the text is part of the work. It defines the work, the medium, the title, etc. When you remove that text, you are sharing it out of context.

In the event that work is posted for sale and you strip the sale information before reblogging, you are indicating that the piece was made for you to have as blog eye candy but not for the artist to make a living. In other words, the artist selling their art is getting in the way of your interest in harvesting their art to beautify your blog.

Stripping any content from an artist before reblogging is a covert way of stealing and it reeks of entitlement and disrespect. If you do this, you don’t respect art, you respect content.

It’s bad enough that sites like Tumblr encourage rampant copyright infringement and most works get uploaded and posted without even a nod to the artists name. But when you go directly to their home (official blog) and reblog something after altering or removing their text, it’s an especially heinous move.

Do not come into my space and recontextualize my work.