Hollywood's Ghost In The Shell Cast Photos Apparently Leaked
We’ve already gotten glimpses of Scarlett Johansson as The Major and Pilou Asbæk as Batou. If these leaked photos are to be believed, here is our first look at the other members of Public Security Section 9.
By Brian Ashcraft

Long time without a post, but this came up at Kotaku and just…ugh. Setting aside the whitewashing just for a second here - because I think we’ve all said about as much on that as needs be said, it’s stupid, it’s bad, it shouldn’t happen - did they get anyone right? The comments setcion is full of people pointing out how they look nothing like their comic book counterparts, especially Togusa, who is about two decades too old, and Batou, who has somehow lost his signature artificial eyes.

All of this screams “we just didnt care,” so I think their claims that they are merely recontextualizing the story and it’s not really whitewashing have been completely debunked at this point. This movie is being created by people who don’t care about the manga or its fans, in Japan and out. They’re not getting my money, I hope this film bombs.


“Mica Moca is a gigantic three building complex, the remnants of an old treasure vault factory. It is open and ripe with possibility. In the main room, personal objects are set up around the room. They are offerings for the public. Each collection has a cell phone number and a sort of aural menu attached to it. The public is being asked to pick up their phones for a free, private concert with the singer of their choice. The singers are housed in various rooms throughout the complex, unseen by their audience. It is an intimate concert for two.”

Okay but Jasper’s devotion to Pink Diamond recontextualizes “Chille Tid” so much???

I mean, the way Jasper growls “YOU!” when she sees Steven, the new Rose Quartz? The way she fights tooth and nail just to reach him?

Even at her lowest moment, even when she’s struggling to have control of her own mind, all she wants is to AVENGE HER DIAMOND, I’M SOBBING

I think it’s worth mentioning that I don’t actually think that the Indian references in Fates were done well. The iconography lifted with the intent to exoticize, the sole representation being pale-skinned characters, the lack of context given to the symbols borrowed, evil Buddha, the convenient fact that everyone from Touma can’t speak of it (and therefore tell anything about its native culture)–it’s textbook appropriation.

But that’s exactly why I think it’s important to preserve those clumsy references rather than overwrite them and pretend they never happened–so we know what went wrong. So we, as fans, can try to recontextualize and reclaim at least some of it. So we know that there’s hurtful content in the story and we can acknowledge it and talk about what could have been done better.

Instead it was all brushed under the rug, with Vedic architecture and religious symbols glued to Greek names. I don’t really think that’s better, to boil the primary cultures of the game down to “the east, the west, and also the west”.

(I understand that this isn’t a hypothetical discussion for a lot of people, though. Appropriative design is a touchy subject and some people just don’t want to be reminded of it at all.) 

seriously though, shoutout to the Imperial Radch trilogy for recontextualizing “darling” for me. Previously, I’ve been struggling between a desire to refer to beloved characters as such and the knowledge that, etymologically, it means “favorite minion” - which, with Girl Genius’s influence, has a very specific connotation. But now, while I can still think of it as “favorite minion”, I can alternately say “darling” meaning “child of mine whom I love but must keep a close eye and possibly leash on lest you achieve world domination.” Which is, tbh, a term relevant a considerable number of my faves.


Josh and I talk about some formative music.

So upon listening back to this trucks I am struck by the fact that Josh stops and explains why all the music he likes is good, and I… think I bother to do that once.  From me it’s mostly a torrent of nouns.  I think this is because Josh, being structure boy, has figured out why he likes a lot of the music he likes, whereas despite the fact that I have acquired a huge vocabulary of cultural context to put between myself and the notes, my core reaction still boils down to “I like that”

“that makes me feel good”

Anyway I think I give Bad Religion the least shrift, because I named four of their albums but did not say anything about the music or why I liked it beyond “punk”, which as a word collapsed under a campaign of relentless recontextualization  a long time ago.  So to redress that: I liked them because they were utterly flat and unsubtle and they wrote songs with too many words and had one speed, which was “go”, and even at the time I could tell they were trying too hard and that the Dawkins fedora athiest vibe they aspired to was not for me, but there is something in me which loves this ear of socially oblivious nerd-proud corn

then, past the culture, there’s the content: listen for how many chord changes there are in that chorus.  More than they would need if they weren’t writing melody/accompaniment like first-year composition students, right?  These dudes wrote punk songs like they were etudes or christmas music, and that’s the stuff that makes me listen and keeps me from getting bored, because it was the first kind of music I played myself.

Anyway, this is my fix-it post for a trucks which is probably just fine.  I sing in it.  Way more than you want me to, I sing

@tamaness replied to your post “the more i think about it the further back it goes i mean, come on…”

I’ve been noticing and recontextualizing stuff from my past in this way, too. in hindsight, a lot of stuff makes tons more sense under the light that I’ve realized I’m trans. now I’m just trying to figure out where I want to be, rather than looking at how dissatisfied I am with where I am

This is definitely a better path to take. Just where I want to be seems so far away and so it’s much easier to look at myself in disgust. Just need to work out which steps to take next, it’ll get easier the further along I get.

Let’s jump on the WicDiv challenge bandwagon aka Day 1

Day 1 -  Favourite Issue (excluding Commercial Suicide)

It feels like the challenge starts big, with a question I’m not sure whether I know the answer. Anyways, it’s not about The Best issue, it’s about favourite, so I’ll say which one is most ingrained in a personal context for me (because my theory is, that being fan is predominantly about taking things and recontextualizing them in a deeply personal context)

(Surprise surprise, it would be #13, I may say why in the future)

But otherwise it’s #11. It’s not that personal (like #13), but it holds very vivid memories of that one Wednesday in June 2015. It’s also amazing and kinda weird to see how far has WicDiv come and how much have I changed during just a year. Also it was a damn good issue, and quite a game-changer.

Honorable mentions (because I’m an indecisive fuck) go to #14, for doing Something Completely Diffferent and amazing me in terms of use of the comic medium, and to #22 - again, damn good issue and a game-changer, also my head is still buzzing from all the thoughts, emotions, theories and expectations. 

(I’m doing this version of the challenge)

my self confidence has been sort of fucked by something that resurfaced last night and i didnt even think it was a big deal until it was recontextualized and now i just cant stop feeling awful even tho there was no way of me knowing and ugh this is too hard to keep vague but i really cant talk about it without feeling like absolute shit and i cant concentrate on anything bc of this :///