• 2010 homestuck:ok terezi killed john but we'll fix the timeline in just a few updates, no sweat
  • 2015 homestuck:ok terezi killed vriska a couple years back but that's fine we'll fix that and then recontextualize everything that's happened since then
  • 2020 homestuck:ok terezi killed former us president john f kennedy and we have to go back in time and stop her so we can change real life history
Final Project Part 1: Process

Things are finally starting to come together for my final project, which I’m calling “ali’s hard drive.” 

The basic rundown: I’m creating a [physical/real/IRL] line of t-shirts based on randomly-selected files from my laptop’s hard drive, randomly-selected t-shirt types from the e-book Generation T: 108 Ways to Transform a T-Shirt, and randomly-selected colors from a list of 500 common color-hex codes. For each t-shirt that I make, there will be one t-shirt type, 2 files, and 2 colors to adhere to. This is the only information I’ll be using to lead my process of t-shirt creation, because my aim is not to create an exact list of instructions that any person can follow to create an identical result as mine, but to create more interpretive, procedural instructions in the vein of Yoko Ono’s Grapefruit, or Sol DeWitt’s Wall Drawing Instructions

[ᴏʀ ᴛʜᴇ ʙɪʙʟᴇ ;) ]

To generate combinations, I created a spreadsheet and inputted it in the GenGen Generator (here’s mine! have fun yung cupcakes!).

Here’s an example result:

The first number is the t-shirt type, the next two are files from my hard drive, and the last two are colors.

So, if I were to make a t-shirt from this combo, these would be the instructions:

Nice! Anything can happen! I almost forgot about that selfie! That’s an article I wrote for the paper way back when! Those are some nice colors! And that’s not even a shirt–that’s a skirt! 

And, so—what’s the meaning of all this? 

Aside from wanting to meld the IRL with the URL, I want to create a final project based heavily on procedure, but with the purpose of fostering creativity. So, melding the uncreative with the creative. Also, inevitably, I’ll be blurring the lines between the material and the emotional, working with either highly meaningless, highly meaningful, or highly forgotten files that I’ve decided to leave on my computer for reasons I may not even remember.

Stay tuned, y’all.

real talk i really love how Story for Steven recontextualizes Greg/Rose’s first meeting from a “two kindred spirits fall in love at first sight” and makes it more of a “Space Alien Rock thinks a human doing a human thing is a cute gimmick, and human with giant fetish is super intrigued by her”

and it really shows there was a LOT between that meeting and what we currently see

“Yet, John Currin is a style monger. What’s that? Someone who is “art smart” and slyly appropriates other styles and other people’s images and incorporates elements of them into their own work, altering them just enough to make it all appear recontextualized. Or better yet, part of a lineage, a grand Tradition that is something conservatives hold dear. The underlying historical references are comfortable, appear intelligent, making us feel we are not just a bunch of diaspora brats but instead are conservative in the best sense by retaining the best of what we have learned. His bizarre painting of two women hanging onto an armature of tree stumps (The Pink Tree, 1999) appears to have jumped straight from the 14th-century easel of Lucas Cranach, but it’s fun to look at. “Art smart” is a visual strategy well mined by hip art academy careerists over the past forty years. Here we have the final arousal of the insipid academic posturing of postmodern art, when it resorts to toe-gazing, talking about itself to the point that it stops looking outside at a larger worldview. I mean, ISIS is raging through the Middle East and we are concerned about what’s happening inside the art world? Can we expect a little bit more from our artists, to get us the hell away from these art school games, from the queasy feeling that our creative best is shallow and fey? Perhaps Currin might have another midlife crisis and dump pornography and try his hand at revisionist history painting.”

Art for the One Percent: John Currin at Gagosian by Clayton Campbell

There is a healing that can happen when we retell our stories. There is a reclaiming that can happen when we recontextualize the stories that were told about us. Especially the hardest parts of it.

Just because we were hard to handle, rebellious, shy or marched to the beat of our own drum doesn’t mean we weren’t worthy of praise. Any part of yourself that was a misfit, an outcast or heretic as a child deserves to have a storybook written about them.

I’m serious. Write one.


Chani Nicholas’s horoscope for full moon in scorpio-Leo (week of April 27th) 

getting my life and my truth to chani nicholas this morning 

lastinfur asked:

Is there not some issues with making money of sean young's face?

When I start making money, I’ll let you know.

Seriously though. I feel the glitch and re-vectoring process I used to create the piece of artwork falls somewhere in an as yet undefined space between appropriation and parody.

As these processes become more popular and accepted by the mainstream, I’m sure that definition will someday appear.

While appropriation  can seem like a bit of a grey area. My intent with the piece was to capture the ephemeral life realization a replicant faces at its moment of clarity, when it realizes what it truly is. I feel what I’ve done with the work recontextualized it to represent its own unique piece of work.


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I just thought of calling york/north/lina North by Yorkwest and I may be crying into my dinner rn

kind of a tangent here but i haven’t thought about norkalina which is surprising because i am pretty sure i have imagined every possible relationship configuration in project freelancer

it sure does recontextualize north and carolina’s interactions in an interesting way, especially depending on where they start snogging? He sounds bitter when she first shows up in season 9, but we see him checking on her after her incident with eta and iota. He also checks on Wash after his incident with Epsilon, so that’s probably just his ~nurturing~ instincts acting up. 

Which is kind of (as york points out) hypocritical because he gets on York for watching over her. Even his “And he’s dedicated.” lines sounds really exasperated

By the way, North was B Team’s leader and Carolina was A Team’s leader and if you wanted to you could get away with calling North/Carolina “Leadership”. Get it? Leader? Ship? No? I tried. Well not really

Deducing the Syntax of Pain

This is the female literary experience.

“For thousands, probably tens of thousands of years,” writes RATTLE editor Timothy Green, “poetry served a very clear and important role as the only way to fix language.” This is a beautiful statement, until you start to consider who is typically in the position of fixing and having their fixes acknowledged. There have over the centuries been, undoubtedly, many different poets with many different voices fixing innumerable different things, and yet when it comes to what we’ve preserved via canonization, the scope of what was covered in these centuries feels somehow incredibly minute.

A lifetime as an avid reader plus 11 total years in 4 separate foreign languages did not, for example, prepare me for sexual assault. Similarly, being raised bilingual in apartments full of books followed by a 4-year-degree in linguistics did not prepare me for the assault being a catalyst in recontextualizing my entire romantic & sexual experience. Things happened and I had no words and this felt like an additional trauma, because the one thing I had always counted on, as a poet & writer & general literary type, was my ability to describe my own life.

“Another way to put it is that poetry is magic,” Green continues. “A poem is a spell, cast — a string of sounds that, when recited correctly, changes consciousness from one position to another.” And here I hold the canon up against the visceral, scorch-hot power of poetry and go “what the fuck?”



Sunday is for experimenting : putting those years of 🎻 training to good use 🎶 Pen as bow to Chopin’s Nocturn in C sharp minor for violin. Stay tuned for stage 2 ..

The latest Tweets from Sneaker Promo (@sneakerbotpromo). for #sneakerheads. A $50 Bag of Yeezy Concert Air

For this exercise, I created a Twitter bot.

First of all, it’s so dope that I can say that now.

Second of all, I’m really tired.

Anyway, I created a Twitter bot that creates promotional tweets for fictional sneakers.

To generate a varied list of possibilities, I used the Bulk GenGen generator, and inputted popular sneaker brands (EDIT: I accidentally omitted adidas, I am heartbroken), Yeezy-fied celebrity names (by celebrities, I mean celebrities that wouldn’t typically be putting out sneakers. Like Edgar Allan Poe. And by Yeezy-fied, I mean Edgar Allan Peezy. I did all of these by hand for quality assurance), typical-sounding sneaker titles, sneaker descriptions (including color and material), and release dates (months and years). 

I tried to remain conscious of the language of sneakerhead culture, so I read a lot of Complex Sneakers to brush up on lingo.

The results are highly amusing, sometimes serendipitous, and often poetic. For example, here is the first tweet:

By mere coincidence, the sneaker title of “Fire” paired with Vladimir Nabokov’s Yeezy-fied celebrity name–one of Nabokov’s best-known works is Pale Fire, (also in which the color blue plays a key role in imagery).

This bot is a fascinating cross-section of capitalism and literati, of sneakerhead canon and literary canon, of parody and possibility. I would definitely love to edit and expand this bot to get even more dynamic results.