Please, please when researching herbs for paganism/witchcraft, make sure you also look up its physical, botanical and chemical properties as well. Some websites seem credible but don’t put warnings about dangers of herbs/flowers/plants. Some are poisonous, some are irritants, some are abortifacient. AND NEVER INGEST HERBS/FLOWERS/PLANTS WITHOUT LEARNING EVERY POSSIBLE THING ABOUT THEM.

Thank you, this has been a PSA.

Scandinavian Heathenry

I thought it might be a good idea to outline organisations regarding Ásatrú/Forn Siðr in the Scandinavian countries so those who are from further away can get an idea of how it is organised in the lands from where it originated.

It is a little more complex than you might first think due, largely, to the use of terms and how they are applied almost arbitrarily between the branches.

With Scandinavian heathenry there are broadly two main branches to consider in most cases and Scandinavians tend only to divide the practice along grounds of “reconstructionist” or “traditionalist”.

Generally, when referring to reconstructionist practice they have (following the Icelandic nomenclature) used the term Ásatrú. However, more recently, many of the reconstructionist branches are also now taking up the Forn Sed name.

Traditionalists tend to always use the terms Forn Sed/Nordisk Sed (or Folketro in direct contrast to Ásatrú). Scandinavian Heathens generally think of Nordisk Sed as a more authentic path, based on local lore and traditions.

Here is a list of some of the main heathen organisations around Scandinavia:


Åsatrufellesskapet Bifrost (Reconstructionist)
Forn Sed Norge (Traditionalist)


Samfälligheten för Nordisk Sed (Traditionalist)
Samfundet Forn Sed Sverige (Reconstructionist)


Forn Siðr — Asa- og Vanetrosamfundet i Danmark


Ásatrúarfélagið (Reconstructionist)

There are also organisations such as Æsir Kindred Motorcycle Club which is a heathen Kindred across Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

So I hope that sheds at least a little light on the organisations and ways of practice that are held in the Scandinavian community. Any questions are welcome.

Til års og fred!