Room Decor



heres some t-shirts I reconstructed with the bff.

I only sewed the call of duty, he sewed the rest. But I cut them up.

I was gonna wait til maybe the guy we did these for got his model to take some shots in them so that way you could see the work better, but whatevs.

I am missing one, it was a The Doors shirt, really large, cut into a dress with gills and the back was with a corset made with ribbon

Lace Sleeve Shirt

Sorry this picture is so small but I saw this and had to share it because it’s so easy. You just cut out a rectangle from a shirt and buy lace thick enough to cover it. If you want the lace to go all the way down the sleeve, then cut the rectangle all the way down. If you want to make the sleeve bigger, then cut a slit rather than cutting out a rectangle,