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Just Wont Say; Hijack Fluff

Title: Just Wont Say 
Alternative Title: Stupid Love Troupe Cliches
Genre: Fluff beyond words featuring a dash of typical petty angst!
Warning: I fucking love dumb cliches like this, I welcome people sending me any and all and I’ll turn this into more then a oneshot of dumb fluff.

The typical story was always boy meets girl, girl next door, boy oblivious, girl stubborn, so on and so on. And perhaps that is what had always been holding him back. He had been waiting for the girl next door, forgetting about the boy next door that knew his darkest secrets, that had helped him forge his parents signature on a bad report card, who got caught and busted for it, who had spent an entire two week period sending messages through written notes and placed on the window to each other while grounded. He had been looking for the girl, when he already had the perfect guy.

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