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so, in all, i wanted to make a ff to commemorate this wonderful moment!! this was meant to be done ages ago, but seeing as i had no time (or skill hah rip me) to actually create a decent ff i’ll just be sticking to the good old original style!! so, without further ado, let us begin~

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10 Tips on How to Connect / Reconnect with God

1) Pray. 

Even though you are not in the mood to pray. Say His Name. Call Him and talk to Him through prayers. Pray even though your subjects and verbs don’t agree. You can pray without words; just let your heart speaks to Him. He can understand you though. His understanding is unsearchable.

2) Read the Bible. 

Read even though you are not interested. Read the verses that you want, that you can understand and/or that you can relate to. After reading some verses, try to reflect. Try to understand what the verses would like to tell you. I recommend to you the books of Psalms, Proverbs, Isaiah and John. You may also highlight the verses that will strike you and that you want to reread. 

3)  Listen to spiritual songs. 

Instead of downloading songs like pop and rock music, download spiritual songs. I highly suggest songs by Hillsong United whatever your religion is. Create your spiritual songs playlist in your music player. Then, listen to those songs when you are taking a bath, when you are trying to fall asleep, before you rise from your bed, etc. You may also search for the lyrics of the songs that will capture your heart. Then, sing that spiritual song even though you don’t have that ‘golden voice’. Well, God listens to your heart, not to your voice. 

4) Do good. 

Do good even though no one is looking. Do good to others, and please don’t forget to do good to yourself, too. You don’t need to do great things to connect/reconnect with God. Your love that you put on while doing something matters most than what you are doing. You can do good in simple ways like respecting yourself and others, making someone smile and/or laugh, washing the dishes, etc. However, please take note that you are doing something for the LORD. Do good wholeheartedly.

5) Have a break. 

Sometimes, you just have to take a break. Take some rest. Rest your body, heart, mind and soul. Mostly, the things that we are going through or the stuffs that are just in our heads become the reasons why we are being taken away from God. Learn to breathe deeply for at least 5 minutes everyday. Learn to stop yourself from worrying over things that actually don’t matter 5 years from now. 

6) Appreciate. 

Sometimes, we forget to appreciate what we have and we only focus on the things that we don’t have. When we can’t get what we want, we become selfish to say ‘thank you’ especially to God. Whatever situation you are in right now, please don’t forget to thank the LORD for the new life that you have, for the blessings that He has given to you, for every struggle that you have experienced. Appreciate every storm that will come to your life, not only because it won’t last forever but also because it will teach you lessons that no one else can ever do. Storm will also give you wisdom and will polish your character, so you don’t need to worry too much! Again, please always thank God every day of your life. He loves you.

7) Attend Holy Mass.

I know your attendance in your church is not the mere basis of your faith in God. However, it is better to listen to the bible readings and to the homily of the priests/pastors, to receive the body of Christ during the communion and to be surrounded with others who are also asking for forgiveness and thanking God for His goodness. You can also sing along with the choir or just feel the lyrics of the songs. 

8) Surround yourself with people who will bring you closer to God. 

Surround yourself with people whom you can talk with about God. It feels so awesome to know that someone can relate to you, to your struggles, to your faith. However, my advice is, please don’t be like other Christians but be like Christ. All Christians have their weaknesses; Christ have none. Christians sometimes fail; Christ won’t. If you cannot find someone, please be one.

9) Stay away from temptations. 

There are so many temptations in this world which sometimes destroy our faith and our connection with God. Please don’t let the enemy push you away from God. Stay away from drinking alcoholic drinks, using drugs, watching porn, saying foul words and such things like these. And, please as you avoid yourself from temptations, don’t be the reason why others will be tempted. Wherever you go, whatever you do, always choose to follow Jesus. I repeat, choose Jesus. 

10) Forgive. 

I won’t force you to forget someone or something but please forgive. Sometimes, it feels so difficult to turn to God when our hearts have so much hatred and regrets. Why not try to forgive? Did you choose a wrong decision? Forgive yourself. Did someone hurt you physically or emotionally? Forgive him/her.  Remember that life is not perfect. Forgive yourself and others as God forgave you. Begin again.

May you become closer and closer to God.

God bless you always, beloved!

Yet another epic Outlander three-beat

Just like the three-beats we saw used to great effect in 01x07 “The Wedding,” 01x16 “To Ransom a Man’s Soul,” and 02x03 “Useful Occupations and Deceptions” - the magnificent 02x05 “Untimely Resurrection” also uses the three-beat plot device.

Specifically - the three key moments between Jamie and Claire at the beginning, middle, and end if this episode:

1. When Jamie returns and puts Fergus to bed and has the “La Dame Blanche” conversation

2. When Jamie and Claire discuss the prince’s plan - and we see the achingly beautiful exchange of “I love yous” (THE FIRST TIME IN THE ENTIRE SERIES ONE PERSON SAYS “I LOVE YOU” AND THE OTHER SAYS “I LOVE YOU TOO”)

3. When Claire tells Jamie that he owes her a life, and Jamie honors her, but asks her to not touch him and then puts a huge amount of space between them

In 1 they reconnect, check in with each other. In 2 their bond deepens - it’s clear that the other person is the only one that can be trusted. In 3 a chasm is formed between them - their bond is severely tested. Each one-on-one conversation has a purpose, driving forward the plot as well as Jamie and Claire’s relationship with each other.

Bravo, Richard Kahan.