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Overwatch: Fly on the Wall (WidowTracer)

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They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder. 

Does that apply to a heart that supposedly no longer beats? 

No more than a day since they met, she found out who this obnoxious girl was, where she lives and had every intention of finding out what her deal is. 

Recon on an Overwatch agent.

She told them. 

Very well. Remove her if she’s a threat

They said. 

Target: Lena “Tracer” Oxton 

Age: 26

Ace pilot. Connected to restricted files on failed experiment “Slipstream Project”. She was named dead after two months and suddenly…was not? She wears a harness “Choronal Accelerator” to keep her from literally fading from existence. It also doubles as a small time turning device, able to speed up or reverse her own time. 

Thus the ability to run around like a giggling mess around her bullets. 

“Annoying…” Widow hissed under her breath, taking a knee beside rail and placing the rifle on top of it. She was nearly 20 blocks away but with her scope it felt like she was only a feet. She had the perfect view, the perfect shot if need be but not tonight. Observation only. 

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gxjira  asked:

how often does the b-team help out with heists and jobs and shit? or they sometimes just called in individually and randomly?

Lindsay: I guess I’ll answer this ‘cause I’m here. We deal with recon, after-heisting cleanup (which includes bailout or breaking out if necessary), act as a med team for those non-lethal injuries the crew gets, or extra hands if the heist gets too big for seven people. The main Fakes are kinda the poster children and cause all the mayhem, but we’re in the shadows making sure everything goes according to plan, or if worst comes to worst, making sure the seven of them get out will as little injury as possible. We wipe the slate clean so these assholes can get back up again.

Jeremy: Everyone has their own job over there. Like Caleb’s in charge of the med team, Matt and Mica (and previously me) are in charge of recon, Steffie keeps us out of the system with some help from Ryan, Trevor and Kdin are making sure the money is being dealt out fairly, etcetera. It’s pretty impressive.

Iz Clarifies Context and Background in Captain America 1 So You Don’t Have To!

Hey everyone! So a few days ago I went on a little rant about the spoilers for Cap 1 that now everyone has heard about. That post blew up (not my intentions opps) and as a result, I feel a little responsible to help clarify some things about comics and other information I’ve seen people be unaware of. If you’ve read comics this will be mostly an entertaining rehash except for the little segment about how Cap is probably Hydra, so feel free to skip. But if you don’t read comics and want to know what this means, I’m here to help!

1. Fuck you, you haven’t read a comic-

Slow down there, angry anon. I’ve read a lot of comics. A LOT. I’m a comics blog. Take your “fake geek girl” rant and shove it up your own ass. 

2. This is Captain America 1? What does that mean? I thought Captain America had been going for a long time?

It means it’s the first issue of the new series. As of late, comics have been renumbering their issues once they start to get high as a marketing tactic to attract new readers. It’s kind of BS. But what you need to know is this marks a new series.

3. A new series. Does it carry any backstory with it?

Yeah, it does, which is also super misleading. This isn’t a fresh start of a series- this is a loose continuation of the previous Captain America run. Instead of thinking of it as a new series, it’s probably best to consider it as a new season to a long running tv show-;we have a new story arc but old plot threads carry over.

4. So what’s the backstory?

I’m not a fan of Captain America comics in recent years due to the (in my opinion) terrible writing, but with some quick detective work (pun intended) all you need to know is that Red Skull got his hands on a cosmic cube sometime during the last run that probably gave him the ability to fuck with the timeline. We don’t know what he fucked with.

5. Wait, Red Skull fucked with the timeline? Does that mean-

I’ll finish your sentence there. I would bet $100 that Red Skull went back in time and indoctrinated Sara and Steve into Hydra when Steve was a boy, thus causing the current timeline. Thus the Steve in the comic now isn’t the Steve Rodgers from the last 75 years; he’s a Steve where Red Skull got his hands on him as a kid and converted him to Hydra.

6. So this isn’t Steve?

If my theory pans out, eh, pretty much. Not our Steve at the least; entirely different backstory, motives and rules. 

7. Why the fuck are they saying it is our Steve then?

Sales. Outrage and controversy makes comics rise in value which means more sales for Marvel. Plus outrage causes the comic to get more PR causing people to pick it up and see what all the fuss is about. If they just flat out said “this is Steve corrupted by the timeline” it wouldn’t make any news.

8. That’s terrible.

Yep. Welcome to comics. 

9. If Steve is only Hydra cus of a recent time fuckery, does that mean the criticism about this storyline is invalid?

Nope. Still really shitty to try to pretend Steve could be Hydra without brainwashing and given interviews, they’re trying to sell Steve has been Hydra this entire time rather than this being a different timeline Steve. Which makes all the crit still super valid because they’re still trying to sell Steve as a possible Nazi for 75+ years. Plus, with recent cases of antisemitism in Marvel comics as a whole bunch of other bloggers have brought up, this is a disturbing trend. 

To say to wait the storyline out is pretty belittling to people who feel tricked and hurt by this decision. In real life, minorities get this fake out a lot from people they feel are their friends only to find out they’ve been against them all along. To do the same with a fictional character who has always suppose to have stood up for these groups is a slap in the face, even if it is a fake out.

As for the argument this is suppose to show the power of hate groups on people at young ages, that argument flies if the story was presented as such. If we knew from the start this was the Red Skulls doing, this could be great commentary (in the right hands) on how Steve’s creators shape his impact on the world and how the fact Steve’s creators were Jewish was a huge part of who he is today (i.e the Red Skull messing with his origin representing co-opting of his narrative by white america, and the removal of Erskine from his narrative showcasing the importance of the identity of Steve’s creators) . And even then, people would have the right to be upset. Instead they’re approaching it as “PLOT TWIST SHOCK VALUE” which is lazy. 

For information about the crit and antisemitism in Marvel see, here and here

10. Okay, so we know how the fuck this happened. Will it last?

Probably not past this arc (which usually run 5-7 issues). When comics say something is permanent, they usually mean for one year max before they chicken out and recon the whole deal. So this is a sit and wait kind of deal.

11. Will this effect the MCU?

Nah. The MCU actually effects the comics a lot more than the comics effect the movies these days, so don’t worry, MCU Steve is still safe. They also take place in separate universes, so this comic has no baring on the MCU.

12. Will kids read this?

Nah. Comics are for teens+ these days, with specific comics being reserved for the younger crowd, which our current comic fuckery isn’t for. They’ll be fine as long as no parent picks it up for them on accident not understanding how comic ratings work (entirely possible).

13. I hate this and the writer is to blame!

Before everyone throws the pitchforks at just the writer, it is important to note that in comics writers don’t have all the power over their own storylines given the power of editorial. Editorial makes a lot of decisions about storylines and plot, and given they released this comic right during DC Rebirth, it’s fair to say this storyline was probably made by the company to overshadow their press with a “shocking twist.” The writer still wrote it, don’t get me wrong, but I’d bet good money Marvel pitched the idea in the beginning, supported the idea with everything they had if the pitch remained the same or strongly influenced it’s presentation. (this is pure speculation, but speculation from years of watching this kind of shit go down). So like, Marvel is highly to blame too. Don’t give them a free pass.

14. Wait. So this whole clusterfuck is because Marvel wanted to overshadow DC? The presentation, pretending Steve has been a nazi forever, the whole press is about Marvel vs DC? Really?

Probably. Welcome to comics!


A/N: so I just discovered the amazing series of for lack of a better word ”action” 5sos au’s over on the lovely 5soaumemes’s blog and can’t get over them. So I decided to write some pref’s that coincide with each boy’s au. Anyhoo, you should go check her out. Her content is all sorts of awesome. And as always, enjoy! xo


au here }

“Just think; after tomorrow, we’re gone. We can finally disappear, start over, reinvent ourselves.”

“You’re not sad about it at all? I mean, all the recons and underground deals and the rep we’ve built over the years… you’re not gonna miss any of it?”

Pause. “Well, you know I’m always a sucker for a good chase. But it’s time for us to move on; we’re high profile now after the stunt we pulled at that tech company.”

“Ah, one of our finest achievements. Still can’t believe how much those algorithms and programs went for.”

“Either way, this is the only life we’ve ever known. Now after tomorrow, we can drop off the grid. We won’t have to always watch our backs. Just you and me Cal, taking on the world.”

“That’s how it’s always been. And we’ve gotten pretty fucking good at it.”

“We’ve still got to be careful out there tomorrow, okay?”

“When are we ever not?”

I’m serious Cal. We’re so close. No matter how good we’ve gotten, we can’t get sloppy.”

“Everything is going to be fine y/n. It’s all set; we have the best team, and a plan that’s almost fool proof. We’re getting out of here tomorrow, I promise.”

I racked my brain, trying to recall for the millionth time every detail about that day. I sit across from the whitewashed wall of my cell, our entire operation scribbled a hundred times over in front of me: every angle from every team member involved was diagrammed for the whole facility to see, though it didn’t do much use to investigators as it didn’t give any names or specific MO’s. Even if I am in here, even if I lost the most important person in my life because of one of them, I will never rat any of my team out.

The guards have long since stopped trying to stop me from writing on the walls. No matter what they did and how many times they washed it, the plan would be back up the next day. It’s not uncommon for me to have a couple of inmates looking in on me outside of my cell, but they never speak to me. The first few days I was in here I was quite… Unstable. I spent a week in solitary for it, but at least people know better than to bother me. They just stand and stare at the graffitied wall, trying to solve a mystery that I can’t even figure out. 

It had all happened so fast — what had been a two hour mission felt like it had gone by in mere seconds. On certain days, usually my worst, I can still taste her as she kissed me good luck — for the last time, unbeknownst then. We were so close to the finish line. We’d lost every last cop on our trail and were less than a mile from our safe house. 

“Is everyone alright?” Even as the three others counted themselves off, I focused on her adrenaline-pumped breathing and could picture her behind the wheel of the glowing white getaway car next to mine, exhilarated smile on her face and that wild spark in her eye.

“We did it!”  I switch my earpiece so its only between her and I.

“Home stretch, baby.”

“You were on fire! That final drift at the end to lose those last few cops? Couldn’t have done it better myself.”

“What can I say? I had the best teacher.”

“Well get ready for a whole new chapter, little lady.”


Then I heard a crash and watched in horror through my rear-view mirror as her car flipped through the air and burst into flames as it crumpled like a tin can against the asphalt. Despite Michael’s oppositions, I skidded to a halt and was wading through the molten metal within minutes, the only sound escaping from my lips being her name. 

I swear I saw her; through the flames licking against what was left of the driver door, I saw her — head leaned against the steering wheel, arm hung loosely out of the shattered window. I struggled to reach her, ignoring the searing pain in my legs as I marched them through flame and shrapnel. Everything was forgotten: the mission, the money, the cops who were quickly approaching. Nothing mattered except rescuing the only person who made life worth living.

She wasn’t dead. I wouldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it. Even after the cops caught up to me and shoved me in the back of their car, I screamed at them to save her; that there was another person who should be right next to me.

They just glanced at the wreckage and laughed.

I’m so lost in my memory I don’t hear the footsteps approaching.

“Hey man, you get anywhere yet?”

I start and look over my shoulder. A young inmate, no older than 20, is standing right behind me, arms crossed, looking over my diagram appraisingly.

“You shouldn’t be in here.” I mumble, leaning my elbows on my knees. 

“I just wanna help. I’ve been in here for three months and I’ve been watching you try to work this out.”

I scoff, “does this even make sense to you? What are you in here for, robbing a Toys-R-Us?”

The kid smiles, “something like that. Anyways, I heard about you before I landed here. Word on the street says you and your babe were quite the duo: grand theft auto, con arts, infiltrations, cartels, you name it. You had it all wrapped around your little fingers. You were legends.”

“What’s your point?” I ask, not in the mood to rethink the glory days.

“Well, you two really stirred shit up when you two announced you were droppin’ out. You were the masterminds; fucking best of the best. People close to you lived pretty well.”

I sigh impatiently, “you have two minutes, kid, before I show you what I’m known for in here.

“All I’m saying is it’s pretty strange that the two people who had it all in this business suddenly closed down shop. I doubt you just randomly woke up one day and decided raking in millions was no fun anymore.”

“Thirty seconds.”

“Something must’ve made you decide to drop. Like say, maybe a third member in the family?”

I freeze.

“Didn’t want your child born into this life, did you? Not that I blame you. Fuckin’ brutal out there. Even so, I bet y/n really needed to convince you to abandon the empire you’d been growing your whole life.”

“She didn’t force me to do anything.” I retort.

“Yeah, but if she hadn’t said anything, I bet you’d still be out doin’ what you two do best. And I’m sure the people closest to you knew that.”

I turn to face him, “alright, so you guessed our… motives. Congrats. What does this have to do with this mission?”

The kid crouches down next to me, “come on Calum! The only way to keep you in the game is to get rid of the problem! The problem in this case just happened to be your lady and the mini-me growing inside her. Someone on that team knew the only way to keep you around was to eliminate them both.”

My mind starts whirling at this idea and I look back up to my diagram with new eyes. “Someone who wanted me to stay so badly…”

“…they were willing to do anything to make that happen.”


Suddenly, it all clicked. If anyone voiced their disapproval of us dropping off the grid, it was Mike. He was with us from day one, was the one who even introduced y/n to me. My best friend, my right hand man. He insisted we were making a mistake… That this plan would turn on us…

“What’s the date?” I demand harshly, making the kid jump.

“Uh… July 29th.”

Tomorrow. My sentence is up tomorrow.


“Hey Cal! Finally a free man again!” Michael exults through the receiver. 

“Yeah, feels good to be out. But Michael, I know who killed y/n. I’m driving back to Sydney now.” I grip the hands of the red Cadillac that I just hotwired. Even after two years, my skills come back easy.

“Uhh, you think that’s a good idea? I mean, are you sure you know?” I can hear nervousness in his voice.

"Yeah, I’m positive. It was Rocco. That stupid hired hand I took a chance on.”

Confidence returns in his voice, “Oh yeah! I never trusted that fucker for a second. You gotta watch out for those backstabbers.”

My blood boils. He would know.

“You got a plan?” he asks

“I just called in Hemmings and Irwin to help us out; they’re meeting up with us in Syd.”

“Sweet, I’ll be there.” Pause. “It’s nice to have you back in the game, man. It hasn’t been the same without you. And don’t worry Cal, we’ll make him pay.”

I hang up the my cell phone and toss it in the backseat.

“Yeah, we definitely will.”


[ LUKE ]

au here }

Loud music drums through the hallway the second the elevator doors open, and before I’m even ten steps into the heavily carpeted hallway I recognize the bridge from the Foo Fighters Everlong. Needless to say, I know which room I’m looking for without having to check the number on the card. 

I barely knock before the door flings open to reveal a very smiley Calum Hood, a cold beer in one hand and a buffalo wing in the other.

“Y/n!” he shouts warmly over the music, “it took you long enough. How was the scout?”

I slip inside and close the door behind me and, knowing I’m going to have to report to all of them, stride through the suite to the living room where I find Michael, Luke, and Ashton atop the posh furniture, jamming out on air guitars.

“Hey babe!” Luke flashes a white smile as I appear from the hallway, “we thought you might’ve ditched us and gone back to a life of textbooks and multiple choice tests.”

I smile at his remark and turn the stereo down, the guys plopping down from their private concert as if the music itself was their only source of energy.

“You know, you guys may be getting good at this type of work, but that doesn’t give you reason to be careless the night before a gig and bring attention to ourselves,” I scold them as sternly I can.

“Oh come on y/n, lighten up!” Ashton croons, taking a swig from the mini spirit bottle he took from the fridge, “we may work like old criminal veterans, but we’re still uni students who like a little party.”

“If you were really uni students,” I retort slyly, “you’d be back on campus studying for midterms.”

Michael pipes up, “and what’s with the whole “you guys” shit? Your first gig with us was what, six months ago? Hate to break it to ya sweetheart, but you’re one of us now.”

I fail to suppress a grin. Sometimes it’s hard to think of myself as one of them, but then they always remind me, in one way or another, that we’re a team: they’re my boys, and I’m their girl.

“So how was your trip?” Luke asks as he snakes his arms around my waist and pulls me onto his lap.

“Good. We’re all set for tomorrow. The maintenance guy even told me he’s the only one with a set of master keys after closing time.”

“Really? How’d you get that out of him?” Calum asks quizzically, going for another wing from the takeout box on the coffee table.

I shrug, “We started talking after I just happened to run into him in the parking lot. He was kinda bragging as he said it, so I think he might’ve been trying to impress me.”

“Ooooh, big man with the keys,” Ashton growls playfully, “you better watch out Lucas, someone’s out to steal your girl.”

“That’ll work to your advantage when you seduce him for the keys tomorrow though,” Michael chimes in thoughtfully.

“Or I can pull a gun and we can do it the easy way,” Luke comments mildly with a shrug of his broad shoulders.

I kiss his jaw so he knows I’m not running off anywhere, no matter how big his keys are. “Anyway, I got in about ten minutes till closing and it looked the same as the other scout trips: one guard starting shift, six main lobby cameras, and about four leading to the target vault. Nothing we haven’t accounted for.”

Ashton grins and, after planting a friendly kiss of thanks on my forehead, gets to his feet, “brilliant. Well, I guess that’s enough studying for tonight. Make sure to be rested for the big test tomorrow.”

Calum, after swiping several more wings for his trip down the hall to his own room, heads toward the door, “alright Professor Irwin. See ya tomorrow.”

The other two follow suit, and soon it’s just me and Luke in his room, still settled on the couch.

“I should probably go too…” I start to haul myself to my feet, but Luke hold me back.

“No no no, you’re not going anywhere,” he growls playfully into my neck, “you’re staying with me tonight. It’s part of the mission.”

“How so?”

“Mental and physical preparation. It’s essential.”


“Nice bites,” Calum comments mildly as Luke and I meet up with the others in the lobby. 

Luke shoots him a smug look as I pull my hair over the purple marks along my neck.

Michael grins. “So much for getting rest..”

“I don’t care what the hell you all were doing last night, as long as you’re still able to get the job done tonight.” Ashton strides up to our group and we follow him out the front doors and down the avenue. 

“So we all good with Clifford’s plan?” Ash asks as we see the silhouette of our target bank at the end of the block. We all nod.

“Alright, then lets get going. Once y/n gets the keys, we should be in and out in thirty minutes, tops.”

“I’ll be waiting for you guys.” Calum salutes us and walks down past the bank to fetch our cars.

I ruffle my hair and, after stealing one last kiss, stride down to the bank entrance where the same maintenance guy is just getting out of his beat up Ford. 

“Hello again!” I greet cheerfully, “how are you?”

“Well hi there, miss! Fancy running into you again!” the man smiles as he not-so-discretely takes in my figure dressed in tight black material.

“How’s the job coming along?” I ask sweetly, flipping my hair toward the old brick building.

“Oh, same old stuff. I may be the only one with total access to the entire bank at this hour, but it’s nothing totally exciting.”

We don’t have time for small talk. Get the keys in a minute otherwise I’m giving Luke the okay to snipe him. Ashton’s voice hisses through my earpiece.

“Well, I have a couple ideas on how to make your shift a little more… Eventful.” I look at him through batted eyelashes, my tongue poking through my teeth.

The guy’s face lights up as I push him back into his car, straddling him before closing the door behind us. I run my hands over his chest, and I feel the keys in his inside breast pocket.

“I’m really sorry about this,” I whisper sweetly in his ear. Then in a flash, my elbow juts out to meet his nose with a sharp crack. He slumps back, unconscious, and I dig the large ring of keys out of his pocket and step back out of the car, straightening my jacket as if nothing happened.

“We’re good,” I mumble into the tiny mic in my shirt collar. 

Perfect. Meet us around back. Michael voices in my ear.

I trot to the back entrance of the building, where Michael was waiting. I walk up and hand off the ring.

“You so would apologize to him,” he teases quietly, fingering through the keys to find the one that matches the back lock.

“Is everyone set?” I ask, ignoring his taunts.

“Luke’s already in the vents and Ash is on lookout till we breach.” As if on cue, Michael twists a key in the lock and the door swings open silently.

“All in,” Michael announces quietly.

Okay, you’re clear from the outside. Ashton confirms, remember, you have one guard on the floor and several cams until Luke gives the clear. I’ll be right behind you.

Make that no cams, Luke corrects, just cut the cables.

Michael nods to me and we walk in silently. Once we hit the lobby, we find our guard, sitting as the reception desk reading People. Michael pads up behind him and, with one swift motion, injects him with a serum that knocks him out instantly. He then slinks to the front door to deal with the plethora of locks keeping us from our quick getaway.

I stride to the back of the building where the vaults are. I round the corner and come face to face with a guard.

“Fuck. Luke, there’s another guard.” I hiss as the man sees me and starts toward me, fishing the radio and gun from his belt.

Take him out, now! Ashton orders.

“Don’t move!” the guard barks, lining up his gun with my forehead, “on the ground, n-”

But before he can finish, the vent above our heads collapses and a click and a silent swish sends a bullet through his temple. Luke appears above me, looking a little too satisfied.

“I got your back babe." 

I blow him a kiss before running to the vault, a thump telling me Luke just dropped to the floor and is right behind me.

"We have an issue now. The guard had a radio and he might’ve alerted the station.” Luke informs the team as I attach Michael’s decoder to the vault’s lock system.

Alright, then don’t waste time looking through the loot. Just grab and go. I’m with Mike right now; he’s on his last couple latches and our out is ready to go.

“We have another issue,” I chime in, “Mike’s decoder’s being denied.” I watch as the screen repeatedly shows up red.

That’s impossible! I programmed it myself! Michael insists.

“Do you wanna come look?” I snap, more than aware of our precious time ticking away.

“Fuck this,” Luke growls, brushing me to the side. He shoulders his pack off and attaches a wired box to the latches on the vault. “You might wanna stand back…”

I retreat back around the corner, and Luke meets me there a moment later. He presses a button on his controller, and a loud explosion goes off, followed by the shrill of alarms

“You might want one of these,” Luke hands me a mask and slides one over his own head.

“We’re in,” Luke announces, stepping over the twisted debris.

Alright, grab everything and anything you can. You have about 4 minutes till cops show.

Luke and I rush around the surprisingly large vault, pocketing stacks of cash and boxes of jewelry in our packs, along with anything else we can get our hands on.

“We gotta move now,” I urge, stuffing one last handful of bills down my shirtfront. I grab Luke’s hand, knowing he’d stay in here forever, and drag him out.

“Wait!” he lurches back and snags a large brown paper package and tucks it under his arm, “almost forgot the number 1 objective.”

As we sprint through toward the front, we hear Ashton in our ears. Alright Cal, we’re coming out. Whatcha got for us?

Five cars ready and purring. You’ll be able to tell which ones are ours; they stand out. Just don’t go for the yellow one cuz I’m in it. But you might wanna hurry… I can hear sirens.

We meet up with Michael and Ashton at the front, and together the four of us book it out of the building.

“For fucks sake Cal,” Ashton groans, “you had to pick the god damn flashiest cars..”

Shut up, they’re fast! And so pretty… 

We all split and take one of the four shiny sports cars waiting, engines on and doors unlocked, in the lot. Not a second after we’ve pulled onto the street we see a sea of blue and red speeding toward us.

Alright ladies and gents, let’s see how good your driving is! Calum yells gleefully, his engine revving through the earpiece. 

Last one to the rendezvous buys dinner,  Luke calls.

Oh, you are so on.

And with that we pick up speed, sailing down the highway with the police on our tails.

Alright Luke, y/n, you take the tunnel. Mike, Cal and I will take the onramp. We’ll reconnect at our safe house.

We follow Ashton’s orders and the second we emerge from the tunnel, we’re faced with a fork.

Take a right, Luke barks, we’ll lose them on the bridge!

Both of us make a sharp right and, half skidding, half drifting, make it onto the bridge. The cops had no time to react and were forced to go left, leaving us with no more piranhas on our tails.

We arrive back at our safehouse first and, after covering our new cars, plop on the living room couches and turn on the tv, where our break-in car chase is already all over the news.

“It was almost too easy,” Luke sniggers, emptying his pack onto the coffee table, “I mean, it took us what, two minutes to lose them?”

I laugh and do the same with my loot, “we’re just that good. And lucky.”

Just then Ash, Cal, and Michael all barge through the front door, wide grins plastered on their faces as Cal and Ash insist that Michael was definitely the last one back and is covering our next meal.

“Not too bad then?” Michael asks, eyeing the pile on the table.

“Not bad at all,” Luke agrees, “and the best part…” he unwraps the package and dumps the contents out.

 ”What is that?” Calum asks, knowing the small plastic pieces all too well.

My eyes light up. “Credit cards.”

“A lot of credit cards.”

Ashton plops on the couch next to me. “So how much did we get?” I ask him, knowing he’s the best with eyeing numbers.

“Four million, each. At least.”

After a long night of celebrating counting our earnings, Luke takes me out for a late night drive in his new white Mustang. 

“Another job well done,” he grins at me from the driver seat, one hand on the wheel and the other in mine.

I smile, “so what do we do now? We could go anywhere: Paris, India, Brazil, back to University…”

He laughs and laces his fingers in mine, “I could care less as long as I’m with you.”


A/N: I ended up only doing 2/4 cause they’re hella long and I don’t even know if they’re that good. If you wanna see Ashton/Michael’s parts, tell me in my ask! Or leave a different request! (I’ll love you forever)

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Black-Ops and Wetwork

Hiccup read over the file he had been given. A possible breech had been found, a possible supernatural had been spotted in a neighborhood on the seaside. The place had lots of lakes and rivers.

He had been called in by the Supernatural Neutralization Agency (SNA) to deal recon and possibly neutralize the being.


I want fic where Boyd and Stiles just hang out a lot and become friends. Like, it’s your generic “let’s pair up to do recon on this baddie” deal and Derek just goes: “No, you go with Stiles, Boyd. I can not deal with him today. Noooope.” So Boyd gets stuck with Stiles.

At first it’s just Boyd being silent at Stiles a lot. And Stiles’ fanboy crush on him is really bothersome to deal with. But Stiles is persistent, and damn it, he’s funny. So one time Boyd accidentally laughs at something Stiles says, probably something about the numerous & myriad ways Derek is a jerk. And, well, it devolves further and further when Stiles realizes he can make Boyd laugh. So he tries even harder. And then one day, to his horror, Boyd finds out that he actually likes Stiles. There might be even some mutual life-saving happening. And they hang out at weird places, where Stiles wouldn’t normally go at all, like the actual hills of Beacon Hills (when there’s absolutely nothing dangerous about. And it’s even daytime!) and the art history section at the library and all-night diners and the BH public gardens and just these quiet, slightly strange places. And Boyd finds out that Stiles can actually listen and keep secrets, so he tells him things and it’s surprisingly comfortable.

And one day, when they are all gathered somewhere, Boyd just gives Stiles a look and Stiles bursts into laughter and bumps their shoulders together and everyone else is very confused. And Derek thinks: “But I trusted you, Boyd. I thought you’d be able to resist liking that kid, why does this keep happening, whyyy, you were my last hope!” (And okay, Isaac still might not like Stiles, but Derek does not trust Isaac’s judgement. Like, at all. Everyone else seems to like Stiles and the conclusions you can draw from that are depressing Derek.)

And their friendship is basically this gif:

and Boyd calmly telling Stiles: “You know, for someone claiming to hate his guts, you really talk a lot about Derek.” the end.