So I met Jennifer Hale today...

She was at AVcon and she did a Q&A.

Some interesting things that popped up:

1. Her favourite line from Mass Effect is ‘I’ve had enough of your disingenuous assertions’
2. Bioware approached her to voice Krem. She did weeks of research and watched a lot of documentaries and considers it a huge honour to voice Krem.
3. She’s good friends with Ali Hillis (Liara) and whenever she has a ‘red carpet’ event to go to, Ali helps her pick out what to wear
4. As such Jennifer really enjoyed her scenes with Liara (even though Ali wasn’t present in the room with her)
5. Her favourite Mass Effect character is Mordin
6. Her OTP is Shakarian
7. She got emotional doing the goodbye scene with Garrus at the end of ME3 and had to recompose herself
8. She often doesn’t know what the script says until she’s in the recording booth
9. She doesn’t play video games because she is terrible at them
10. If she played Mass Effect she’d be renegade
11. She cannot legally say anything about Mass Effect: Andromeda. However, she did stress that it did not mean she was necessarily in it
12. Her favourite line from Diablo is literally just a roar (I haven’t played the game so I can’t explain it better than that, sorry)
14. She loved working with Freddie Prinze Jr. and says he is very funny and great fun to be around
13. She has hit the ‘limit’ for the amount of concussions one person can have. She also told us a story about a plane and motion sickness, but it’s pretty gross so if you want to hear it then feel free to message me.

She answered more questions, but that’s currently all I remember. If I remember more then I will post it.


See? I did it! I know I know, these are super rough sketches, I’m sorry! 

Still I hope you like them Nyxie :P

I’m so happy that A can somehow sleep now…so I made a snuggle sleepy moment xD but, of course, she’s creepy even when she sleep!

And in the second picture A has lost her leg! How? who knows? Maybe Pom!Elsa stole it! Still Elsa is a sugarcube and carries A around! “Don’t worry A, we’ll find your leg”.

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Here’s our schedule for the next few months:

3rd of August: Kill of the Night by Wolf Brigade

10th: Feel, don’t Conceal by Kurrent 

17th: And I Saw the Beast Upon A Cold World by Corbray

24th: The Queen’s Mercy by JYN044

31st: You Are by Pmrising

7th of September: In the Absence of the Sun by gschelt

14th: The Legend of Elsa by Rinjin

21st: Be Strong, My Girl by Hotskytrotsky

28th: Tempest by Kaiserklee

5th of October: Love Lesson 9 by /u/hunhund

12th: A Formal Arrangement by Requ

19th: A Snowflake in Spring by Celery Sticks

this is short and has no plot at all but it happened in my head so

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Lily Evans walked away from the Ravenclaw common room feeling sufficiently prepared for the Transfiguration exam quickly approaching within the next few days. McGonagall’s tests were a right horror if one attempted to go into them without studying beforehand. She, unlike her nefarious boyfriend James Potter, lacked a natural ability with the subject.

Minding her own thoughts as she strolled, her mind focused more on various laws and theories than the people she passed in the corridor, Lily jolted back to her surroundings when Hogwarts’ infamous headmaster suddenly appeared less than a centimeter in front of her. The sight of him thankfully had her feet stopping on their own accord, otherwise her preoccupied mind wouldn’t have stopped her momentum in time to avoid a messy collision.

“Good afternoon, Miss Evans. I hope your study group session proved beneficial?”

Lily quickly recomposed herself. One must always expect the unexpected in the halls of Hogwarts. She belatedly replied, “Yes, sir. Thorea and Wilbur are both impressively knowledgeable.”

“I’m glad to hear it.” The man pulled lightly on the tip of his neatly trimmed beard. His eyes glinted and he smiled. “Do you happen to know where Mr. Potter is lying about?  I wished to speak with him.”

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Ask a girl out

“I have eight hours to spend.”

She looked at him with narrowed eyes, trying to understand where all of this sudden excitement came from.

“… Chief, are you asking me out?” she dared to say, hesitantly.


“How can you be asking me out when we’re in deep shit like this?”

(I swear to God, I’m not laughing. I’m not. I’m rolling under my desk)

Preference #1 - You’re His Celebrity Crush


When the interviewer mentioned it to you,you couldn’t help but throw yourself over laughing,but when you realized she was serious,you recomposed yourself.

“Honestly?” and she nodded, “Wow,that’s- God,that’s amazing.”

“He kept blushing every time his band mates mentioned your name.He’s such a cutie.” she laughed,and you did with her.

“He is.Such a cutie,” you blushed furiously.


“Whaaat?” you squealed unbelievably,nervously flipping your hair onto your shoulder and looking down.

“Yes,he absolutely adores you.”

It was no secret you were in love with 5 Seconds of Summer,and head over heels for a certain drummer,so to hear you were his celebrity crush excited you a lot.

“Would you consider getting to know him?”

“Even though I probably know everything about him already,there’s a few other things I’d love to know,so yes I would.”


“I know! It was trending the other day,and it was so funny.It’s crazy how flustered I was.I mean knowing one of the most gorgeous guys ever has a crush on you is ever girl’s dream.”

“Do you have anything to say to him if he’s watching right now?”

“Michael,you’re the cutest thing ever,and if you want to act on your feelings,twitter is just a screen tap away.” You blew a kiss and smiled after.


“Hmm…” you sit back,mouth tucked to the corner a bit,and eye averted to ponder this for a moment. Luke Hemmings; the Luke Hemmings had a crush on you.

“Surprised?” You shot her an incredulous look.

“Surprised?More like flabbergasted,honestly. He’s like the hottest dude alive,swear down.” The audience laughed,and you blushed a little.

“So,I take it he’s your celebrity crush?”


Sacrifice Part 2

Characters: 1231

Warning(s): None 

Trigger(s): None


Part 1


Hi. Please don’t kill me since I took forever to write this one.


3 months later…

Dean’s POV

We were at St. Charles, Missouri that day, the day we met again. Sammy and I were working on a case and had went to the local hospital to visit the dead bodies.

“I’m FBI Agent Carter,” I said, pulling my fake FBI badge out to show to the doctor. I then proceed to point my head toward my little brother. “This is my partner, Agent Rogers.”

“Doctor Barnes,” the physician introduced himself. “I assume you guys are with the other FBI agent, right?”

I exchanged a confused look with Sammy, but I recomposed myself and replied, “Yes.”

“You know, I knew all the victims,” Dr. Barnes told us as he led my brother and me to the morgue. “It’s a shame, they were really good people.”

“I’m sorry for your loss,” sympathized Sam.

“Doctor Barnes, your patient in room 221 needs you,” a young nurse called out in a panic from behind us as we reached closer to the mortuary.

“I’ll be right there.” The doctor turned around and replied to the nurse before he averted his attention to us. “I apologize, but I have some business to take care of.”

Sam smiled. “That’s fine.”

After that, the doctor left to help with the patient while Sammy and I continued on and entered the morgue. That was where I saw her again. Y/N. Her beautiful Y/E/C lit with surprise to see us.

“Sammy?” Y/N asked, astonished. She was wearing a well-tailored black suit and her hair was tied up in a professionally looking bun. “What are you and Dean doing here?  

“We are working on the case,” my little brother said, stating the obvious.

“It’s alright. I got it,” Y/N said, averting eye contact. “You guys should go take a rest and hit another town.”

I sighed and pulled the face, “Damn it, Y/N. We did not drive 24 hours to just sit around and do nothing. Let us help.”


Fuck him and his adorable puppy face. I swear I’m going to kill him before I go down below.

I breathe out heavily as a sign of defeat and lead them toward the rotting body.

“Check this out,” said I, removing the sheet that was covering the dead girl’s body. “Like the other bodies, this girl’s heart was taken out.”

“Werewolves,” Dean huffs in annoyance.

I nodded.

After that, the three of us went back to the boys’ motel to do research. The analysis showed that the killings were all in a 5 mile radius, and in the center of the murders was a house. 6749 Walk Street. We reloaded our guns with silver bullets and dressed up in the proper attire before we headed to the house.

When we arrived there, the three of us were greeted by a man with spiked-up chestnut-colored hair and dark blue eyes.

“Hi, we are with the FBI. I am Agent Carter and these are my partners Agent Rogers and Stark,” Dean introduced, holding out his badge. Sammy and I did the same.

“Oh,” the man said, opening the door wider to let us in. “I’m Danny Piper.”

“Danny, we would like to ask you about the recent killings,” I said when I entered the house.

“Yea, alright,” Piper replied. “Anything to help.”

“Have you been bitten recently?” Sammy asked.

“Why does that matter?”

“Just answer the question, please,” I voiced.

Danny answered in a confused tone, “Yes, I have. A few months ago I was walking through the woods when something bit me.”

“Thank you,” the younger brother grinned. The three of shared a glance before turning our attention back to the young man before us.

“Moving on, sir, we believe that you are going to be the serial killer’s next victim. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you should let us stay here in order to protect you, for this killer’s pattern consists of murdering at night,” I told Danny Piper.

“The unsub goes through the victim’s bedroom window and slaughters them in their own bed,” Dean added in.

Frightened, Danny agreed in letting us stay the night as well as allowing Dean and I to stay in his bedroom in hopes to get better protection from the serial killer. The older Winchester sat across the room from me. After a few hours of sitting in silence, unconsciousness took over me.

Dean’s POV

Y/N looks so beautiful when she is asleep. I couldn’t help but stare at her, but it was because of that I didn’t realize that Danny had turned. It was his low growl that had brought me back to Earth. I quickly held up my gun and aimed for the heart; however, Danny was faster and slapped the gun out of my hand and scratch my right side of my forehead down to my cheekbone. The monster nearly clawed my eyes out. I screamed out in pain the same time the werewolf raised his hand up, preparing himself to tear at me some more.

I closed my eyes tightly, waiting for the impact, but there wasn’t any. Instead, there was two loud bangs. I reopened my eyes to see Danny fall down on his knees before dropping down entirely. Behind Piper was Y/N standing with her gun. God, she is so amazing and alluring.


Sammy quickly drove back to the motel with Dean in the shotgun seat holding a napkin to the right side of his face while I sat in the back. When we got there, I urged Sam to go to sleep since he hasn’t gotten much shuteye. I tended to Dean’s wounds by stitches. The feeling that I usually feel when I get close to him was back again. “You can’t get back together with Dean, Y/N. Not with what is going to happen to you in a couple more months,” I mentally thought when I finished sewing up the older Winchester’s cuts.

“Alrighty,” I proudly said, taking a step back to examine my work. “All done.”

I turned around to leave but then Dean called out to me; therefore, I turned back to face him, only to be greeted by a pair of lips on mine. Dean’s. I pushed away while giving him a cold glare.

“Y/N, I was wrong-, “Dean desperately said.

“No, Dean you were right. It’s better off for the both of us to not be together. I’m going to go now. Tell Sammy that I said goodbye,” I interrupted, shifting back to face the door and marching towards it.

“There might be a way to destroy the contract,” the older Winchester blurted out.

I sighed and moved to face freckled-face again as I gently shook my head. “Dean, we don’t even know if it would work, and I’ve already accepted it. I’m going to die. Therefore, instead of spending my time hunting for some boss demon to revoke a contract, I will be trying to save as many lives as I can while I’m still breathing on Earth.”

The Winchester stood silent for a moment before he quietly let out, “Think about your father.”

This time it was me who was quiet.

“You haven’t told him about the news, haven’t you?”

“Shut up.”

“Do it for him. His wife, your mom, is already gone. He can’t lose you as well.”

I huffed. He was right. “Fine.”

Part 3 will be here soon! 

Google translate dumbass

I’m trying to translate some text from English to Spanish (copy-paste chunks of text, add some Google Translate magic then correct the shitload of errors… still, it’s faster than actual manual translation) and I’m having a really though time. 

This is how you find out that English is much more gender neutral (you can actually write an entire paragraph about something without referring to it as a he or a she, just as an it… we don’t have that flexibility in Spanish, is either a he or a she, or a thing that has to be named as a thing) and Google is giving me crap because it actually reads everything as a “he” by default. I know that names per-se aren’t exactly indicative of gender (more so with unisex names) but dude, you’re making me sweat blood right now.

Get your shit together, Google Translate.

Collapsing onto the foot of her bed, Pru stared down at the blood that appeared to have somehow stained the majority of the ivory flesh upon her hands, a sigh escaped her lips as she allowed for what she had witnessed settle, though it was hardl to comprehend. Foster was gone… A being that, despite their issues, had been the only other constant from Amy, who she had managed to maintain a relationship with over the years… gone. The tears from earlier had already dried on her cheeks, and her eyes were heavy with exhaustion, but the girl persisted to move over to her drawer, tugging it open and dipping her hand inside to retrieve a photograph, one of her favourites. It all seemed so long ago now, though in reality it had only been a little over a year, how times had changed. A small smile worked it’s way onto her features as her fingers brushed over the edges of the photograph, knowing that soon she would need to recompose herself as the only remaining people in her life would not understand her emotions for the passing of Foster.

kyojinkelly asked:

"My, my. For a servant, you have quite the attitude Young Lady." Satryn stepped out of the darkness. She had been watching the Waiter for quite sometime and thought it was time to approach her. She tucked a stand of violet hair behind her ear. "But... I like a girl who not afraid to speak her mind."

“Holy–!” The girl whipped her head around to see the woman who had just snuck up on her. “Whoa whoa, I appreciate the compliment, uh…” She laughed awkwardly as she tried to recompose herself. “I mean, I do like to speak my mind, but… Okay, first of all, who are you, and second of all, how did you even get here?” Waiter knew for a fact that she had never seen this woman in her life, and the fact that she seemed to pop out of nowhere and say that… She didn’t know what to think.

Beyond the veil/chapter 1 end/ post execution/Zinaida/ Open?

Zinaida did not stop moving with Asumu in her arms until she reached the stairs, there, finally, her facade broke and she let out a little choked sob. No tears came, and after a few seconds she had recomposed herself.

“W-we..” Was all she managed, before she slowly set Asumu down, and then sat on the stairway she was standing nearby. 

“I don’t know what to say.”

She rested her face in her hands, not going to stop Asumu if she ran off somewhere, the strength had left her body now, and all she felt was empty.

“How do I follow that up? I..I am sorry that had to happen. And that you’re stuck here in this situation, Asumu. And everyone else too. You’ priority, but everyone else doesn’t deserve this either.”

She slowly lifted her face from her hands, and she looked up at the ceiling, which from where she was, was just the start of the next floor.

“I don’t know what to do now..”

– && midnightiings:

she walked down the hall with her hand over her stomach and her hair covering the bruise on her face. lily stopped in front of her door, hearing brayden stumbling around inside as usual, and unlocked the door before taking a deep breath, wiping her tears and recomposing herself. she adjusted the hair over her cheek in effort to hide the bruise and stood up straight so it wasn’t clear she was in pain before opening the door and walking inside. lily licked her lips before throwing her keys on the counter and avoiding eye contact with the boy. “hey, um, i’m gonna shower,” she muttered, hoping he wouldn’t notice her obvious discomfort.