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Young Adult Books with Black Protagonists

Akata Witch/What Sunny Saw in the Flames Series by Nnedi Okorafor

Twelve-year-old Sunny lives in Nigeria, but she was born American. Her features are African, but she’s albino. She’s a terrific athlete, but can’t go out into the sun to play soccer. There seems to be no place where she fits in. And then she discovers something amazing she is a “free agent” with latent magical power. Soon she’s part of a quartet of magic students, studying the visible and invisible, learning to change reality. But will it be enough to help them when they are asked to catch a career criminal who knows magic too?

May 26

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Tender, Loving, Care by @callmesweetheartifyoumeanit
   Dean gets hurt on a hunt and after being patched up by a friend he realizes that he wants so much more from her than medical care.

Passing Ships by @ilostmyshoe-79
   Sam and Eileen spend a night together after an unplanned meeting. I am sailing this ship hard.

It’s a Not So Terrible Life by @justanothersaltandburn
   Dean loves his little sister… Probably more than he should. He also loves his little sister’s boyfriend, Sam. He thinks he’s good at hiding his feelings but… Not so much.

Full of Surprises by @melissaj616
   The reader plans a great evening to be with Dean.

Doin’ it Like Sam Winchester by @mysaintsasinner
   It’s very hot, and Sam finds you wearing very little in his bed - the coolest place in the bunker.

No Time Like the Present by @pinknerdpanda
   Cas sends you to 2014 to help bring Dean back, but you get a bit distracted by Endverse!Cas.

Baby by @saxxxology
   You, Sam, and Dean decide to put Baby to yet another test.


Civil War by @blackgirloneshots
   You and Dean don’t see eye to eye when it comes to comic book universes. 

Are You A Wizard by @docharleythegeekqueen
   With encouragement from her friends’ Reader decides to tell Dean Winchester how she feels. Unfortunately, her hopes are seemingly crushed and she turns to alcohol and a mysterious wizard for guidance. Well, she hopes he’s a wizard. 

I Like Your Sass by @imagineteamfreewill
   The reader is shy and Dean doesn’t understand why she doesn’t talk to him.

God Gave Me You by @jotink78
   An old friend comes by to visit the Winchesters and a few secrets are revealed.  

Just Me, Coffee, & My Big Mouth by @lipstickandwhiskey
   You can’t leave it alone, so you have to say your piece. All you can do is hope she’ll listen, and that Sam won’t be too upset.

So Close by @whispersandwhiskerburn
   Dean has a dream come true with the Reader and it’s so perfect, he doesn’t know whether or not he can believe it.

Dad Bod by @winchester-smut
   Dean has a major crush on you, and one comment from Sam has him insecure about it.


Hate to Love You by @casbabydontgoineedyou
   You hate Castiel. Or at least, you tell yourself you do. In turn, Castiel feels the same about you. Exactly the same.

Box of Chocolates by justkeeponwriting (on AO3)
   Through a series of odd happenings, it becomes increasingly clear that the universe is determined to get Dean and Cas together. Dean very much disagrees.

Go With The Flow by @saxxxology
   At a con (VanCon 2013), you and Jared take the opportunity of the fact that both of you are single and more than ready to mingle.

Grand Hotel (1932) directed by Edmund Goulding


Young Adult Books with Black Protagonists

Zahrah the Windseeker by Nnedi Okorafor

In the northern Ooni Kingdom, fear of the unknown runs deep, and children born dada are rumored to have special powers. Thirteen-year-old Zahrah Tsami feels like a normal girl – she grows her own flora computer, has mirrors sewn onto her clothes, and stays clear of the Forbidden Greeny Jungle. But unlike other kids in the village of Kirki, Zahrah was born with the telling dadalocks. Only her best friend, Dari, isn’t afraid of her, even when something unusual begins happening – something that definitely makes Zahrah different. The two friends investigate, edging closer and closer to danger. When Dari’s life is threatened. Zahrah must face her worst fears alone, including the very thing that makes her different.

The Shadow Speaker by Nnedi Okorafor

In West Africa in 2070, after fifteen-year-old “shadow speaker” Ejii witnesses her father’s beheading, she embarks on a dangerous journey across the Sahara to find Jaa, her father’s killer, and upon finding her, she also discovers a greater purpose to her life and to the mystical powers she possesses.

Both novels are part of the shared Ginen Universe a mythical Africa where many of Okorafor’s books like Akata Witch and Who Fears Death take place or make mention of.

anonymous asked:

I'm looking for a few more blogs to follow that post a lot of TOG and/or ACOTAR fanfics. Do you have any blog suggestions?

@feyre-archerons-scrapbook has been working on some fics lately, she’s not a fic blog and I think it’s pretty much just her stuff and mine she posts/reblogs (because she’s my lovely beta and the bestest ever), but she’s a great writer I will always recommend to anyone who listens!! 

She has:::

Beyond her’s though, I don’t actually read fanfic (I know, I write it but don’t read it???), so I’m opening this up to my followers to also help you out!



I am dying. Beth Crowley wrote a song about Harry Potter. Inspired by Snape. Fangirling so hard…(hyperventilates and cries). This applies Dramione, too. Fuck.

I used to love you from afar,
As we all decided who we are,
But you were never mine to have,
Still I loved you to the last,
Because you were my, you are my always

Oh my god oh my god oh my god

One of my best internet friends just bought overwatch and I’m going to piss myself.



Just so you all know, though, I have played with @memefilia, @oroborochi, @moldypechas, @valenshawke, aaaand…i think that’s it.

I talk wayyyy too fuckin much but I think they’ve survived the experience.

It’s really really fun playing with people you sort of know.

So I just can’t wait to play with my friend, it’s gonna be sick.

Grand Hotel (1932) directed by Edmund Goulding

anonymous asked:

that post with people discussing queerbaiting - i rly wish faranda would take off but couples aside, it would just be really amazing if any character could show interest in the same sex ? without having to justify anything ? just like todd has been showing interest towards women ? like it would mean The World to me to see a queer character on this kind of show, and i really don't think it would impact whatever story max wants to tell in any way

I totally agree; while we definitely need more cannon relationships, writers also gotta start showing other orientations without it being a huge thing or plot point. AKA start actually normalizing them, not tokenizing. And honestly, it’s so easy. Have someone make an offhand comment that’s not made into a joke, or casually mention a past relationship without any other characters batting an eye. Literally all it takes is one or two lines, and it doesn’t have to have any story relevance whatsoever. Just mention it! And there’s representation! Ta da!

Anyway, I’m hoping Max will at least give us something. (Please, for the love of the Great Green Arkleseizure, Max, give us something.) 

Thanks for the ask, anon! Happy Towel Day! :) 

Don't threaten me with a good time

Ship: Yoongi/Suga - Hoseok/J-Hope
Rating: Mature
Type: Fluff
Status: One Shot
Warnings: -
Yoongi knew the moment he stepped out of his flat, hungover and on a Monday morning that it was not going to be a good week. Mostly because he faceplanted but there were some other reasons for it.(or: imagine saying everything that you think of)

Adorable Yoonseok Soulmate (Soulpartner ;) ) fic.

Link: Read it here