recommended asian movie


1995 Alter Ma Jeep (inThai = 2538 อัลเทอร์มาจีบ)

A male teenager named ’Gong’ (acted by Aaron Ramnarong) happened to use a public phone and suddenly he was thrown back in 1995 (during that period people still listened to cassette tape, pager was popular and alternative song was also popular). That time he and his parents had the same age as teenagers.

He met an attractive young girl her name was ’Som’ (acted by Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul) ‘Gong’ felt in love with her and wanted to take time with her but it was not an appropriate time to do so, because ‘Som’ was a love one of his father.

That meant that 'Som’ was an important variable factor that would not allow him to be born. What should he do?

1995 Alter Ma Jeep (2538 อัลเทอร์มาจีบ) Official Trailer