Day 27 of October is on its way out and holy crap, it’s almost Halloween. You ever get that feeling that someone is standing behind you but you’re home alone, or when you’re swimming by yourself in the ocean? Might be a ghost. Who knows.

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klance fic rec list

i’m really lazy so this is super belated, BUT i’ve finally made a klance fic rec list.

i have a Thing about established relationship fic and WIPs, so you’ll find neither on this list. if that’s your thing, apologies! otherwise, my standards are pretty high for enjoyable fic, so i hope you enjoy!

also, i tried to avoid recommending too many of the mega-popular fics within the fandom (highest kudos/views/etc.) mostly because they are so easy to find, and i wanted to give some of the lesser viewed fics some attention. that doesn’t mean i don’t enjoy some of the most viewed fics in the fandom, though!

starlight - this fic does a great job of flipping the “friends trying to get other friends together” trope on its head. on-spot characterizations with lance really trying to do the right thing, and failing.
word count: 7719
rating: T

we’ll make it, you and me - because everyone needs near-death fic in their lives.
word count: 6421
rating: Tish
(warning for violence/injury)

what are you willing to do? - there isn’t enough smut of keith and lance fucking in their lions to ever truly satisfy me but this helps to ease the hole in my heart
word count: 3859
rating: E

somewhere i have never traveled - i am a sucker for some good postmodern structuring, and this fic delivers beautifully. lots of feels between two stupid boys in love.
word count: 4257 
rating: T

and i’ll keep you a daydream away - because everyone needs some parks and rec AU in their lives. very humorous!
word count: 2952 
rating: G

bonding time - i know you’re here for explicit recs so just take this heat!keith and enjoy it and its sequel, you fucking pervert
word count: 16416
rating: E

we’ll be counting stars - college AU with keith being a pining, ridiculous mess.
word count: 2958
rating: T

sweet like honeysuckle late at night - featuring prime banter between pidge and lance, along with some humorous porn. (not between pidge and lance. that’d be weird for a klance rec list.)
word count: 4838
rating: E

to catch a thief - a cute, flirty AU with lance as an art thief and keith as a cop.
word count: 5176
rating: T

pepsicola - really endearing rivals-to-friends-to-lovers fic that runs alongside canon.
(also this is inspired by phee’s art and that’s just lovely)
word count: 10320
rating: T
(warning for violence/injury)

the little things - cute fic of klance through hunk’s pov!
word count: 1675
rating: G

rapid escalation - wherein keith is oblivious to lance’s crush. really adorable and accurate characterization!
word count: 3095
rating: M

the benefits of afternoon tea - lance and hunk in a tea shop!! and keith is their server!!!
word count: 1185
rating: G

take the easel way out - this fic had me at “keith is a nude model for lance’s figure drawing class and lance is a flustered mess because of it”
word count: 4093
rating: M

it’s quite bizarre, and will remain this way - THEY’RE SPACE MUSEUM VOLUNTEERS and it is cute as fuck
word count: 16588 rating: T

with quiet words i’ll lead you in - beautifully well-done fic that explores the darker side of being part of voltron.
word count: 5217
rating: T

after doing this i have come to the conclusion that there is not enough porn in this fandom yet. get on it, fanfic authors

Never Watched Doctor Who?

My list of the stories from each series you need to see to get a feel for the show (not necessarily the best episodes). None of them are instrumental as part of any long story arc so won’t give spoilers for that and they all show a different aspect of what Doctor Who is

Series 1 - Father’s day; a glimpse into the perils of changing the past

Series 2 - The Girl in the Fireplace; a complicated love story

Series 3 - Human Nature/The Family of Blood; another complicated love story

Series 4 - The Doctor’s Daughter; ‘a man who never would’

Series 4 Specials - The Waters of Mars; a gripping base under siege episode that shows the doctor his limits

Series 5 - Vincent and the Doctor; a fantastic yet tragic portrayal of a historical character 

Series 6 - The Doctor’s Wife; probably the strangest of Doctor Who’s love stories

Series 7 - Hide; the jump scare side of Doctor Who

Series 8 - Robot of Sherwood; a bit of fun with a ‘historical’ character for lovers of cheesiness

Series 9 - Heaven Sent; a gripping timey wimey episode

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I can’t wait to meet @veschwab and get my babies signed today!!! If you’re a fan and you’re in Toronto, stop by Indigo Sherway Gardens for the 7-9 PM signing!

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Recommended Art History Blogs

This took a long time to put together, but as I keep getting requests for recommended blogs I thought it would be good to have somewhere to direct people. I’m sure I might have forgotten a few and will edit if I remember! So here is a list of blogs that will bring art history to you. In alphabetical order:

a-l-ancien-regime | a-little-bit-pre-raphaelite | ageless-inspiration | ancientart | animals-in-art | antique-royals | arsantiquis | art-and-things-of-beauty | art-classique | art-mirrors-art | artfortheages | artmastered | artofrestraint | artpoteosis | artschoolglasses | astra-inclinat | artstoria | babypleaseremembermeoncemor | baroque-beauty-24 | books0977 | caravaggista | catonhottinroof | cecilia37 | centuriespast | cimmerianweathers | citrusina | clara–lux | classic-art | crests-and-coronets | daemonenkatze | daughterofchaos | detailedart | detailsdetales | detailsofpaintings | didoofcarthage | divine-paintings | female-arthistory | femalebeautyinart | gabrielsmirror | gnosister | hismarmorealcalm | history-of-fashion | imperial-russia | jeannepompadour | joachimmurat | kuntessa | laclefdescoeurs | lionofchaeronea | loumargi | maertyrer | manaartss | master-painters | masterpiecesindetail | medievalautumn | millefeuilleus | mythologer | nataliakoptseva | nigra-lux | ofquietness | oldpaintings | paintingispoetry | paintingses | pre-raphaelisme | radstudies | renaissance-art | rossodimarte | russian-painting | sforzinda | silenceformysoul | simena | slojnotak | sollertias | spanishbaroqueart | speciesbarocus | spoutziki-art | summerlilac | templeofapelles | the-esoteric-arts | the-garden-of-delights | tierradentro | tiny-librarian | titam | v-ersacrum | via-appia | vivelareine | windypoplarsroom | womeninarthistory

Cool mysterious artists thread

For a while i wanted to make a list of interesting concept acts i’ve come across and i want more people to see; The common element here is that they all use mystery to some degree in the way they present themselves and cultivate very particular aesthetics.Also, they have brought a lot of innovative elements to their works using the internet as an art medium and they’re just really good artists so if you’re looking for new music, check this out:

1) Allie X

Allie X is a canadian singer-songwriter with an alternative synthpop sound who is known for her dark visuals and themes. The X in her name represents the unknown variable in algebra. She has written songs for Troye Sivan and is now involving her fanbase heavily in the creation of her next album through a Spotify playlist in wich she publishes demos and upcoming songs so the final tracklist will be decided on fan feedback. She also has self produced some of her own songs, particularly my favourite track of hers, BITCH.

CATCH ,one of her cooler music videos

The History of X, a short art film/music video starring Allie X based on her persona

2) Iamamiwhoami

Anyone who has been following me probably knows them by now but this list wouldn’t be complete without them; Beginning with cryptic and strange videos uploaded to a youtube account and a package sent to an MTV music journalist which included a lock of blond hair, a piece of bark, and a pictogram of six animals, swedish experimental art project Iamamiwhoami been keeping it weird for a while.

Started by singer Jonna Lee and producer Claes Bjorklund (Though their identity remained secret for a long time) and now comprising a full creative team, Iamamiwhoami has been developing an ongoing story that spanned:

1)three audiovisual albums, 

2) two interactive concerts/art installations (one of them included the staged “sacrifice” of a fan in a forest) 

3) a website/online community (The Blue Island), that hosts their art and fanbase

Their style is electronica with dreampop elements and their videos often have nature as the main focus while a character, played by Jonna Lee, embarks on different surrealist journeys.

They have evolved into an independent, self-funded label (To Whom It May Concern, or Twimc label) in order to work without creative constraints,and also have become recently involved with ethical fashion.They also frequently interact with their fanbase on their tumblr tag.

John; one of their most iconic videos in my opinion

3) ThatPoppy

A strange youtube art project slash pop artist, Poppy has the most approachable bubblegum pop sound of this list but its her videos that stand out.While her Vevo debut Lowlife has some pretty strange imagery (including the devil giving a blowjob to a banana as Poppy watches) she also has a channel called PoppyTV full with many unsettling short videos created in collaboration with artist Titanic Sinclair.

In some videos she just stares at the camera and says odd things but in others she reads the entirety of the bible, or is interviewed by a mannequin; “Poppy” as a whole appears to be a dystopian parody of a pop artist, commenting on the distorted reality of the music business, pop culture and social network stars.

The artist is always “in character” in all her social networks and even in interviews, and has never revealed any details of her life, not even her real name or age, giving always vague, intentionally confusing answers.


Lowlife, her debut music video

4) Mouthe

Steering away from pop for a while, Mouthe is a glitch-hop and electronica act that has not yet revealed who’s behind it and if they are a group or a solo artist.All their concept art features variations of this big-mouthed avatar and their visuals, as their sound, are very unnusual.Their sound design is complex and rich, featuring heavy glitching, distortion and both rapping and singing vocals so it can be assumed its a group project;

In their official website they have a strange free minigame you can play to unlock a download of a song and also they offer the stems from many of their releases to remixers.They are quickly rising to public attention on different music blogs and Spotify

My fave song by them,Hallelujah,(a free download)

The trippy video for their single Trouble

5) Elohim

Elohim is an LA-based alternative/dreampop artist who has never revealed neither her name or real face, wich she obscures in all her photos and performances through the use of masks.She has songs dealing with topics such as love, depression and anxiety, with beautiful vocals and great, ethereal production. Her recently released, self-titled album is one of the best  i’ve heard this year, and her debut was an audiovisual EP that is available in full in youtube.She has also created an interactive music video for her song Pigments that you can play using both a website and your phone, and she’s very active on twitter and engages with fans regularly.

Her visual EP

The interactive website for the song Pigments

First annual recommended blogs list:

Since I get asked all the time about good blogs to follow, I’m turning this into an annual thing. Ill break them down by the categories I get asked about the most. Sorry if I forget anyone. Here are some of my favourites, in no particular order:

Assorted military/freedom related blogs:













































SOF Blogs:





















International Militaries/SOF blogs:
















Gear blogs:













Canadian military blogs:













When modernity teaches us to loathe ourselves and then sells us quick fixes for despair, we can be forgiven for balking at the cash register. Anxious millennials now seem to have a choice between desperate narcissism and crushing misery. Which is better? The question is not rhetorical. On the one hand, Instagram happiness gurus make me want to drown myself in a kale smoothie. On the other, I’m sick and tired of seeing the most brilliant people I know, the fighters and artists and mad radical thinkers whose lives’ work might actually improve the world, treat themselves and each other in ludicrously awful ways with the excuse, implicit or explicit, that any other approach to life is counterrevolutionary.

Some of the left critique of self-care as a neoliberal conspiracy has to do with dismissing the work that women and queer people do to survive. “I have heard feminism be dismissed as a form of self-indulgence,” writes Professor Sara Ahmed of Goldsmiths, University of London. So have I. I’ve heard men on the left write off anti-sexist, anti-racist politics as hopelessly individualistic, whilst also refusing to do the basic work of self-care and mutual care that keeps hope alive and health possible, because that work is women’s work, undignified in comparison to watching your life fall apart while you wait for the revolution or for some girl to pick up the pieces, whichever comes first.

—  Laurie Penny · Life-Hacks of the Poor and Aimless

Beca’s Fanfic Appreciation Post: Here I can share with you all the fics I read along the week. 


One Shots


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