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(resending because it might've gotten lost) recently i've wanted to purchase a binder to hide my chest. however, i can't buy anything without my parent's notice (i'm 13). but i'm not ready to come out as male yet. my mom won't buy me a sports bra, or very many baggy clothes, but she let me cut my hair short. are there any ideas for a safe makeshift binder? perhaps any clothing ideas? i want to look more convincing when school comes around. vantases or sollux would help!

SOLLUX: dude iit totally 2UCK2 that 2he wont let you get a 2port2 bra ii have no iidea why 2he wouldnt. 

SOLLUX: there2 2eriiou2ly not two much el2e two do iin the way of biindiing becau2e iit2 un2afe two u2e make2hiift materiial2 a2 a general rule. 

SOLLUX: anyway the adviice ii can offer ii2 that black 2hiirt2 2how le22 detaiiled 2hadow2 2o ii know iit i2nt much but iif iit2 all youve got ii gue22 you kiind of have two make do. 

SOLLUX: ii2 there a miixed gender 2port you feel comfortable joiiniing 2o then you could tell your lu2u2 the coach 2trongly recommend2 a 2port2 bra?