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Do you have any recomendations for a new comic lover? Like to get my head in the game? *que the hsm music*

(I’m assuming that you would like new, in progress, series’)

  • Superman (Rebirth) - Hella cute family fun with alien crime fighting
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws (Rebirth) - Jason being Jason. ‘nuff said.
  • Robin: Son of Batman (Completed) - One of my favorite series of all time. It’s about Damian going on an adventure of redemption and atonement. It’s adorable and sad and heartwarming all at the same time.
  • Superman: American Alien (finished but only a 7 part series) - This one is Clark’s fumbling origin story spanning from when he was a boy to into his adulthood. In one issue he crashes a party on a yacht and impersonates a young Bruce Wayne and actually gets away with it. 
  • DC Comics Bombshells - The best way to describe this is: World War II AU. It doesn’t affect the main continuity but it’s fun to read. 
  • Super Sons - Damian Wayne and Jon Kent cause trouble together … well more like Damian is a bad influence and gets them both grounded every month.

I drew a picture of my girlfriend, because I just can’t get over how gorgeous she is. I know she has her insecurities, but she will always be perfect to me.
So with all sappines aside, I want to spread some positivity around the lgbtqia community. Send me a picture of someone you find inspiring or in need of something pretty in their life, and I’ll draw them. If you have any questions, concerns, or recomendations, feel free to shoot me an ask!

Gay books you should read!

you over there! you want to read gay books? YA gay books? good, here’s the must must MUST read books, AND MOST IMPORTANT! when you pick one up and read it TELL ME!

Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz

Silent by Sara Alva

One Man Guy by Michael Barakiva

Wonders of the Invisible World by Christopher Barzak

The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black

Gives Light by Rose Christo

Stranger Than Fanfiction by Chris Colfer

Carry the Ocean by Heidi Cullinan

Tales from Foster High by John Goode

Half Bad Books (Half Bad, Half Wild, Half Lost) by Sally Green

Totally Joe by James Howe

After School Activities by Dirk Hunter

The Five Stages of Andrew Brawley by Shaun David Hutchinson

We Are the Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson

At the Edge of the Universe by Shaun David Hutchinson

The Boy Who Couldn’t Fly Straight by Jeff Jacobson

Haffling by Caleb James

The Red Sheet by Mia Kerick

The Lightning-Struck Heart by T.J. Klune

Openly Straight by Bill Konigsberg

Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan 

Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan 

How to Repair a Mechanical Heart by J.C. Lillis

When Ryan Came Back by Devon McCormack

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

Hero by Perry Moore

Teeth by Hannah Moskowitz

I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson

Play Me, I’m Yours by Madison Parker

Here’s to You, Zeb Pike by Johanna Parkhurst

Junior Hero Blues by J.K. Pendragon 

When Everything Feels Like the Movies by Raziel Reid

The Hammer of Thor by Rick Riordan

The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Rainbow Boys by Alex Sanchez

So Hard to Say by Alex Sanchez

More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera

History is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera

Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith

Freak Show by James St. James

Ray of Sunlight by Brynn Stein

(In)visible by Anyta Sunday

366 Days by Kiyoshi Tanaka

Because You’ll Never Meet Me by Leah Thomas

Fan Art by Sarah Tregay

Suicide Watch by Kelley York

if you have any questions need help picking something else, want to tell me about a book, really anything send me an ask I’m open 24/7 don’t be shy

Writing With Color – Featured Research Guides

Although WWC shares resources when we can and bring some to the table ourselves, we don’t exist to seek outside sources for one’s writing; this is ultimately the writer’s job. Even so, we’re more than happy to offer guidance on the What, Where and How of doing research for your inclusive writing. 

Take a look at some of the research help & resources complied below:


Research Sources

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Cultural and Religious Resources

WWC Naming Resources/Guides


Just noticed that my public playlist “INSPIRATION” now has over 300 songs! :D So if it was a while ago since you checked it out then maybe you will now find some awesome new songs in there. 


OBS: This playlist was created after countless people kept asking me what my current favorite songs are and what type of music inspires me to make videos. 

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Hi!! I love all your fic recomendations ❤❤❤ I wasn't into ao3 before you. Thank you so much And can I ask for some secret love or imposible romance fic? Please

Thanks for this request! This was a little hard for me to find, so if anyone has seen some that you think I’ve missed let me know!

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Secret Relationship/Impossible Love

Masquerade by Ashida, Explicit, 60k (WIP)
Yuuri is part of Japan’s most notorious mafias. Victor is the head of the Russian mafia. After brief meetings throughout the span of five years, they decide to go off together and leave everything behind. I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS FIC!

Dancing Daffodils by grayclouds, Mature, 40k (WIP)
Greek God AU where Yuuri is the god of Eros who falls for Victor, a man secluded/banished from the rest of society. Very sweet, and the mix of Greek mythology and YOI works amazingly well. I’ve rec’d this fic so many times, it’s that good!

Setting Sun by LittleLostStar, Mature, 29k (WIP)
With the world watching their every move, Victor and Yuuri begin trading lyrics in a secret musical conversation; from playful rivalry to intense seduction, through bubblegum pop and pulse-pounding guitars, their virtual affair unfolds, hidden in plain sight. But the Grand Prix approaches, and one wrong move from Victor or Yuuri could destroy their careers. They’ll just have to pretend they’re not crazy about each other; how hard could it be? Great fic!

Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by Reiya, Explicit, 197k
Rivals AU where Yuuri’s main goal, ever since he was a child, is to beat Victor and win the GPF. Lots of steamy secret meetings!!

leave no fingerprints by yukine, Mature, 2k (WIP)
He’s an enigma, and he knows it. He speaks in obscurities, he shrouds his own mystery, and there’s a time bomb ticking for me to figure him out. This beautiful thief that I’ve been assigned to is willing to give me the information I need, and I’m getting desperate.  There’s just one condition. Rec’d by a follower!

Turn Backwards on Go by inkwellstars, Not Rated, 5.3k (WIP)
In which Yuuri and Victor, happily married and retired, find themselves thrown into the past and proceed to mess with everyone. One of the few time travel fics without angst, and they keep their relationship a secret!

I will break the ice of your heart by Madlymiho, Explicit, 35k (WIP)
Yuuri is a talented but very shy student who enters in a new university for his last year. There, he meets a coldhearted and strict philosophy teacher: Viktor Nikiforov. Despite their differences, the two of them start to get closer… Thumbs up!

Kingdoms of the Sun and Moon by OathKeeper, Explicit, 17k (WIP)
Prince Yuuri, heir to the throne, is in an arranged marriage with Princess Mila. The only problem is that Yuuri’s attracted to men, and Mila’s attracted to women. Oh, and her brother, Prince Victor, is really attractive. I’m obsessed with this fic!!!! I can’t wait for the next update!

the air is heavy with the fragrance of gardenias by thehibiscusthief, Gen, 672 words
No fans, no coaches, no reporters knew of their relationship, of the love quietly blooming like the gardenias in the wood. No one was let in on the secret until Katsuki Yuuri, flushed and triumphant after winning the Grand Prix, pulled his coach into a celebratory kiss before they even made it off the ice. Quick one shot!

There’s a Rumor in Saint Petersburg by MagicalGirl15, Teen, 5.8k (WIP)
Viktor Nikiforov, the prince of Saint Petersburg, now twenty-eight years of age, needs to find a suitor appropriate enough to please his father, the king, and continue the blue blooded Nikiforov line. What happens when he meets an attractive peasant in town and sees him in secret? Love!

Blue Echo by Myka, Explicit, 17k (WIP)
Yuri is a natare. A mermaid. He knows how to follow the rules that keep his kind safe. So why does a human dancer named Victor make him feel like breaking all of them? Forbidden love fic!

The Boyfriend Experience by cryingoverspilledvodka, Explicit, 107k (WIP)
Katsuki Yuuri is an accomplished escort at 23, operating under the pseudonym Eros, in Detroit. When one of his favourite clients sets him up with none other than world-renowned figure skater Victor Nikiforov, the delicate balance between Yuuri’s personal and professional life teeters ever closer towards ruin. I LOVE this fic!

Amor no correspondido

    Se entiende por amor no correspondido a esa persona la cual te gusta y por la que estas dispuesta a dar amor incondicional, sin embargo, esta persona no está dispuesta a aceptarlo, porque no le gustas.  

    Todos alguna vez en un punto de nuestra vida hemos pasado por eso  Esa persona que nos gusta, nos encanta, esa persona por la cual daríamos todo por estar con ella, pero, que por diferentes motivos, no la podemos tener, que lo máximo que lograremos conseguir de ella sea una simple amistad. Sin embargo, esto último no es muy recomendable, de hecho me atrevería  a decir que es un acto masoquista. Escribirle a la persona, hablar con ella, compartir con ella, salir con ella pero, no poder besarla y tenerla como uno tanto lo desea, y solo limitarse a la amistad que esta te ofrece. Por eso, lo mejor para los amores no correspondidos es olvidarlos, alejarse de ellos lo más que pueda, dolerá, ciertamente, pero con el tiempo olvidaras a esa persona, y posteriormente la superaras.

Hola! Volví con mi súper recomendación de películas! Espero que alguien lo vea...

10 Things I hate about you.

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500 Days Of Summer.

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El eterno resplandor de una mente sin recuerdos.

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Las ventaja de ser invisible.

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El club de los cinco.

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Perfect Sisters.

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Los juegos del hambre.

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Los juegos del hambre, En llamas.

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La vida de Adele.

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Fic Recs

i hope you don’t mind some recs here. Some of these aren’t quite..recent BUT they still deserve love if you haven’t seen them. @alfred-braginsky

Promised to Me by Daughter of the Revolution. Historical fiction and SO good. MUST READ FOR ALL

Edge of the World by Vaecordia. Enticingly dark

American Sleepover by SkittleBarf. Fluff!!

These Memories Remain by spicygenou. Interesting concept but the end was kind of dull in ma opinion

Chewier Stops the Chatter by Daughter of the Revolution. Fluffy, cute, and domestic

Freeze by Mizuno-no-neko. fluff

Ra, Ra, RusAme by CelestiaLily Fluffly. Based on BoneyM’s Rasputin

Take the World Apart by MissLadyDemon. Dark but oh so good

Push by TheCanadianConspiracy. Cute and light

Math class like...
  • Friend: do you have the equation?
  • Me: i do.
  • Friend: what is it?
  • Me: (Levi + Jean) x (murder × psychological trauma) - 10 months of sleep = Killing Stalking
  • Friend [donw with my shit]: really?
  • Me: the basement.

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So you posted about it not being many popular wlw books around here. Do you have some good books with a wlw protagonist? I really wanna read more lesbian books. Love you xx

sdfghjkl oh boy here comes a masterpost

i’m also happy to recomend individual books if you send your three current favourite books to my lit/wlw blog!

if you like percy jackson: the dark wife by sarah diemer (it’s free!). trigger warning for rape at the beginning though.

if you enjoyed the picture of dorian gray (or books that are incredibly exquisite!) read the price of salt or carol by patricia highsmith. it was recently made into an excellent movie starring cate blanchett & rooney mara.

if you like pain, read the well of loneliness. it doesn’t not end happily, but i enjoyed it nevertheless.

virginia woolf’s works have lots of sapphic themes– orlando has a nonbinary/genderfluent protagonist, and in mrs dalloway clarissa remembers her affair with sally seton. i would also read her love letters to vita sackville-west!

edit: when i get the money, i will be buying thérèse et isabelle by violette leduc, a french lesbian novel that is, most likely, the most beautiful book i have ever read. for now i’m reading excerpts on the internet, which you can find here and here.

fingersmith by sarah waters is also supposed to be good, though i haven’t read it! 

- 15 wlw classics

         - fantasy wlw books with happy endings
         - lesbian & bi women medieval fantasy
         - bi woc scifi/fantasy
         - lesbian knights
         - lesbian fairytales
         - lesbian princesses
         - lesbian pirate fiction
         - lesbian shapeshifter fiction
         - lesbian steampunk stories
         - lesbians in space
         - time travel lesbian fiction
         - lesbian vampire fiction
         - non-human lesbians
         - lesbian zombie fiction
         - good lesbian fantasy books

         - lesbian graphic novels & comics 
         - lesbian webcomics

         - lesbian books with happy endings
         - fantasy books with happy endings

        - best teen lesbian books with happy endings
        - wlw ya with happy endings
        - lesbian young adult fiction
        - lesbian ya sci fi & fantasy
        - lesbian historical ya
        - lesbian ya fiction by country/state
        - wlw ya books

        - f/f books without drama
       - lesbian lawyers
       - lesbian comedies
       - asexual lesbian fiction
       - lesbian bodyguard fiction
       - jewish lesbian books
       - lesbian christmas fiction
       - wlw nonfiction

          - mermaidyke’s wlw book masterpost

         - fuckyeahlesbianliterature
         - theydontdie

other people, feel free to add your own book recs! :)

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Hi, what kind of fantasy themed book would you recommend? btw love your blog

Sorry for taking so long to reply anon 😅

My favourite fantasy books are those that combine romance and adventure. I am such a bookworm I can’t possible choose one so I’ll do a rec list for you. You’ll see I have a real thing for Urban Fantasy and Paranormal romance lol  

A word of warning a lot of these are adult orientated books but some are young-adult. 

Amazing Authors to check out and I’ll put a * by the series I’ve re-read multiple times. Some of these really are guilty pleasures lmao  

I’ve read a lot more but these were the first ones to catch my attention on my good reads list. 

Kristen Ashley - Fantasyland Series *

Elise Kova - Air Awakens

Anne Bishop - The Others Series

Suzanne Wright - The Dark in you Series

Alwyn Hamilton - Rebel of the Sands Series

Rebecca Zanetti  - The Scorpius syndrome & Dark Protectors series

Sally Slater  - Paladin 

Karen Marie Moning - Fever & Highlander series

Rachel Hartman - Seraphina 

Trudi Canavan - The Black Magician Trilogy

Lindsay J. Pryor - The Blackthorn Series

Juliette Cross  - Vale of Stars Series

J.R. Ward – Black Dagger Brotherhood Series *

Sherrilyn Kenyon  - Dark Hunterverse *

Christine Feehan – Dark Carpathians 

Nalini Singh – Psy-changling and Guild Hunter series *

D.B. Reynolds – Vampires in America Series

Jeaniene Frost – Night Prince Series

Cynthia Eden – Phoenix Fire, Purgatory, Midnight & Night Watch Series *

Christine Warren – The others series *

 Helen Harper – Blood Destiny Series

Amelia Hutchins – The Fae Chronicles *

Laurann Dohner – New Species *

Gena Showalter – Lords of the Underworld 

Thea Harrison - Elder Race Series *

Holly Black - Modern Fairy Tales

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can you recomend any comics with a mlm relationship with a merman?

Yup! Both mermaids and mermen have been popular themes over the last year or so for some reason.

Until Sunset: Isaac has resigned himself to being stuck alone in his family holiday house for 2 months – that is until he meets Derek, a merman that got wounded when swimming too close to a fishing boat. Now Isaac gets to spend his holiday nursing his new friend back to health, and finds that he wouldn’t want to spend it any other way.

Acquine: Acquine tells the unusual love story between Nicco and Suhn, an aspiring pirate and a lost merman, and his adventures at sea!

Semiaquatic Love: A young merman wants to get out of the sea and go on an adventure on land. Will he succeed? Maybe with the help of a certain pirate…

The Meeting: A short love story about a Merman and Centaur.

Out of the Blue: A short bit of experimental nonsense about a boy and a fish monster.

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you got any spanish song recomendations for a whitewashed latino to get more in touch with their culture?

got a whole playlist for you fam


This is really beautiful I highly recommend!