Broadening perspectives, Challenging the norm

Bloggers and independent magazines online have seen a healthy rise in readership and have been the sources of many a heated debate and thoughtful remuneration. 

Our job, as freedom-fighters and voices on the Internet, is to put out material that reflects our own ideals and opinions and, simultaneously, to invite fellow readers to read and have a good think. 

This, the Internet, is fertile planting ground for ideas, contemplations, outspokenness and critical and analytical thinking to take root. Here is the haven for voices (mostly) unsuppressed and the rawest and most radical of thoughts shamelessly broadcasted for all to see. 

I am a proud blogger of the Internet, and I am here to present, through my blog posts, ideas and opinions of mine that I feel are worth sharing in order to encourage people to test uncharted waters and question everything in the pursuit of understanding humanity and its complexities. 

Aside from posting on this blog, I am also an Assistant Editor and regular writer of ReMag, a student-run online magazine branching off from This magazine, whilst its target demographic is mainly the Malaysian youth, also addresses issues which permeate aspects of global society. Among other things, what you will find on ReMag are commentaries regarding current issues of great importance, various opinions and anecdotes, as well as prose and poetry, all with the unified aim of provoking thought and encouraging critical thinking. 

I invite you to have a think. 

This is the link to ReMag : 

The magazine updates weekly, so expect four rounds of articles per month. We also have themed articles each month, themes which are selected via taking votes from the writers themselves. 

I would also like to promote the online magazine Unscientific Malaysia, of which I have no affiliation with but is an online magazine that I personally find interesting. It also consists of commentaries, news and opinions regarding intriguing matters. 

Happy reading and thinking!