Every now and then I do something crazy like actually play the Sims instead of all the other stuff I do. 

CC Used:

Top image: sofa @leo-sims*; sugababy chair conversion, nanu basket conversion by @mio-sims;  base-rug recolour by me; pouffe plumboarchitect; plant stand @sanoysims; plant; display cabinet @peacemaker-ic, painting @dreamteamsims (my recolour to be released). I also haven’t listed what is in the display cabinet because I am pretty sure you can’t see what is in there but if you can and are curious just message me. 

Middle image 1: items as above; credenza, blinds, hex mirror, floor plant @peacemaker-ic; tv, ceiling light, ikea mini glasshouse/plant @mxims; spider plant @13pumpkin31 (recolour not released); teeny plant, painting on credenza* mangosims; 2 plants @loveratsims4; wall painting @dreamteamsims (my recolour to be released), @leo-sims highchair recolour by @13pumpkin31.

Middle image 2: counters and island @minc7878; barstools @mxims; pikelets on plate and board, coffee dripper @dreamteamsims; coffee cup @aroundthesims; grocery bag, bread on board @leo-sims, rangehood, fridge, induction range @peacemaker-ic; chopping boards @solori

Bottom image: as above, soap on dish, cakebox, black patterned jar, olive oil @mio-sims, Anye tin cup with brush, metal cleaning product @sanoysims, wall rack @aroundthesims, mugs, pepper grinder @peacemaker-ic, 2 black white vessels @solori, single thin jar, single fat jar by simcredible,  knives on wall, sink EA.

All doors, windows, floors and walls by @peacemaker-ic

Apologies if I missed any creators.

* Recolours by me and available in MYCC

anonymous asked:

hi lina! how do you do your recolours? they;re always so accurate to the palette, whenever i try and recolour something the colour looks off somehow. but yours are always accurate!

Hi!(first, sorry in advance for the crappy explanation, I really suck at explaining things D:)
I agree that it can be tricky to get 100% close to the color you’re aiming for
while also trying to stay as true as possible to the original texture in question.
What I do first is to arrange the workspace in photoshop by “2 up vertical” (see picture) window > arrange > 2 up vertical

this way I can see my recolor and the palette that I’m working with at the same time, it helps a lot imo and I can use the colorpicker to spot the differences in the colors (in addition to my eyes :3). After that it’s simply just a lot of playing around with multiplier/brightness/contrast/saturation etc. (I’m afraid
I can’t be more helpful there as this process varies from recolor to recolor).
Sometimes it’s just really quick & painfree and sometimes I spend hours trying to get as close as possible to the color/palette in question. I hope this helped at least a little bit.

anonymous asked:

your recolours literally give me life <3, seriously, i think i have every single one of them in my game. thank you so much and i can't wait to see what you do next!!!

Originally posted by ottokaji-vixx

you are precious tysm ❤

also whAt am i doing next ????? can s0meone give me s0me guidAnce please

I’m not sure if this has been done however I decided that the City Living keyboard needed more colour options!

                                   Info & Download below:

  • 22 colours in @eversims Ever So Lovely palette + black and white + 5 patterns  
  • City Living Required 
  • Override of original, the original swatches are still there!


-Merry Simsmas!-

Finally got S4S working again so I thought I’d recolour/retexture a base game two piece and remove the pattern from it! This is for everyone who is stuck celebrating Christmas in the heat :P

I also added in a matching hat!

-Please don’t reupload/claim as your own

-Feel free to recolour my retexture of the patternless two piece, but please give credit!

-If you use this, please tag me as I’d love to see! :3


Note: the colour swatches aren’t showing up for some reason in cas, so you’ll have to deal with the ugly glitchy swatches (sorry :(  I blame the new update!)