zootopia’s going to be the next lion king, i can already tell

not “next lion king” as in critically acclaimed and widely considered to be one of the greatest animated movies of all time

“next lion king” as in it will inspire the next generation of furries to adopt it as their favourite movie and flood deviantart with sexualized, badly traced/recoloured OCs

Project Sofa Bed will proceed as planned.

I can hear the groans now … “Not another Mass Effect reference!”

BUT I just wanted to let everyone know … I just received a message back and PlasticBox has graciously allowed me to use the Hipster Loveseat mesh as the base!

I have almost finished all the recolours for the bed itself and have also been working on some new bedding (someone seriously needs to take the Internet away from me so I stop finding new patterns!) and it will hopefully be ready to upload tomorrow morning (Aussie time)!

It’s gonna be a loooooong night lol

My to-do List

Rather than have them in my head where I get lost, this is the continuing saga of my to-do list, and where I am up to.

1. ½ height veggie bins (karen) - mesh done.

2. Art Nouveau Barstool CEP with 2 subsets - somewhat done.

3. Stylist Sims Bed 5 Dresser - Table to Dresser functionality - a little stuck because of having to resize it and stuffing up the animations.

4. Carla’s Blackboards from English to Simlish

5. Add-ons for lmh bladet set

6. Lemonade Stand Template for recolouring

7. MLC Plain Bedding - textures done, just have to make up the packages.

8. School Uniforms for PV2 school.

9. Default Hairs in Hat Textures - 10 done, a bajillion to go.

10. Aussie textures for Australia Day 2016 gift

11. ATS Lagorette Set - Repositoried - ½ done

12. Bath tile texture template based on LS multi coloured tile what is my favourite - extracted and stared at.

13. Kelly Bedroom and Granada Kitchen (shoukeir) to repository for MAPAT.

14. Art Nouveau Counter add-on - Meshes started and made a mess of.

15. NPC t-shirts for FT, FA, FE - FT, FA done. FE has a little mapping issue.

16. Scout uniforms converted from TS3t2 - have no idea how to do this. Need meshes from TS3 (not currently installed)

17.Maisie’s rug textures onto EA rug base.

18. Matching clothing set for a family. - thought about it.

19.Lights from TS4 converted. No idea. Don’t have TS4.

20. Sign for Canvas Cats photography studio.

21. MLC’s Maxis Recolours - when MLC lets me know which ones she wants done.

22. Drew’s Changetable and Crib request

23. ATS Modernline Kitchen repositoried - done, just the preview pics to do which I hate doing.

BTW folks out there - if there’s anyone who loves taking preview pics, feel free to pm me, because I’m lousy at it and will procrastinate until the end of time before I do them.

P.S. This is not my complete list - just the ones for this year. I have stuff from 2001 still awaiting me pulling my finger out. So… you can take it as read that I will be doing Sims stuff until I die. :D

It’s like how I’m perceived to be constantly going out with people. I’m just not. It’s like she’s a hopeless romantic so she’s a serial monogamist, always dating. They look at me and think: ‘Oh she has to be in love or she’s not happy.’ It is possible for a woman to be a romantic but also to be single and to be happy. I am single, to be honest being single is one of the best things about my life right now. And whatever people think I actually love it.