I finally went in game to play, I was customizing a male sim I downloaded off the gallery. I saw these shirts and wanted him to wear them.  However they had this colour block across the front which really bothered me. So I exited the game and promptly recoloured so I could use them.

This creation is Non-default.
Mesh by EA.
Comes in 28 colours.
Custom Thumbnail included.

Download at Simista


Gwen Hair by Simduction

New hair for females, is a ts3 to ts4 conversion of a hair from ts3 store. Comes in 18 colours, hat compatible. Feel free to recolour!

TOU: Don’t claim as your own, don’t reupload and if you do recolors do not include the mesh.



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Kitchen Decor Set (Ts4) by Dara Sims

The set consist of 17 objects. All meshes is created in original game and should work with any addons. Each object are possible to recolour (all recolors are shown in the pictures below).The archive contains .package formats.You can find all kitchen decor in category Decor - Wall Sculptures/Clutter/Misc Decoration (all items for 2 simoleons).

Polygon Counts:

  • Baking Dish: vertices 82, faces 98
  • Bread-plate: vertices 586, faces 556
  • Colander & Cutting Boards: vertices 1205, faces 1430
  • Kettle: vertices 723, faces 912
  • Kitchen Accessories: vertices 1146, faces 1160
  • Kitchen Apron: vertices 2216, faces 3728
  • Kitchen Knives: vertices 2357, faces 1602
  • Kitchen Plates Stand: vertices 2912, faces 2638
  • Pan: vertices 347, faces 452
  • Plates: vertices 2343, faces 2240
  • Potholders: vertices 1088, faces 1400
  • Saucepan: vertices 503, faces 644
  • Spices & Grains: vertices 2024, faces 2262
  • Stewpan: vertices 347, faces 452
  • Temporary Closing Down (big): vertices 458, faces 676
  • Temporary Closing Down2 (small): vertices 497, faces 696
  • Toaster: vertices 504, faces 474



Nightcrawler Thunder and Stealthic Envy (the bun is lighter coloured than the rest for some reason but I can’t fix it) clayified and recoloured in Pixelswirl’s Pooklet Overhaul colours. Both are enabled for m&f.

DOWNLOAD(m) <- Nightcrawler Thunder, requires MESH.

DOWNLOAD(m) <- Stealthic Envy, requires MESH.

Here is a tutorial in case you want to remove textures from a hair.  This hair does not look right in laptop mode.

Credits: Nightcrawler, Stealthic, S4S, Pixelswirl, Pooklet, Io, Remi.

Rolled-up Cargo Shorts

for boys

A while back I converted and recoloured the cargo capris from Outdoor Retreat for boys, and I only recently noticed that the cargo shorts from the same EP were also only for girls.

Since they look like a rolled-up version of the cargo capris, I converted these shorts and recoloured them in the same 13 colours.

Please note: This does require Outdoor Retreat, as the mesh is not included in the file.

Download here: MediaFire

Cornelia Boots by Sentate

Possibly my favorite pair of shoes I’ve ever created - The Cornelia Boots are A pair of high heeled lace up military boots that finish at the calf; with the laces doubled up around the ankle for a real grungy fit. Designed to be worn over skintight trousers of bear legs. (Will not look right underneath flares/baggy pants) Comes in 8 volours.

-Recolours/Retextures are welcome but please do NOT include the mesh, link back here instead.