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IVY Riva

I was tagged by @immortalsims to make a spring inspired sim (thanks) but I just redressed my Ivy)

Hair (recolour by me) - @darkosims3
Lipgloss - @shojoangel
Choker - @kiruluvnst
Bracelet - @sclub-privee
Bodychain - @blue8white
Dress - @jordutch
eyebrows @fashionroyaltysims | nails nosepirc @pralinesims | tattoos me

I leave this tag open) maybe if they didn’t do this - @bellaisadellima @20-44-sims @sims4bymia @essiesims @moody-sims @missparaply @puresims @simpliciaty-cc @dreamteamsims @serenity-cc @streetxsims @jennisims

anonymous asked:

do you take recolor requests? there are quite a few shoes that would be beautiful in your palette!

unfortunately i only recoloured those shoes because they only came in two swatches and i wanted more variety!! other than that if a shoe comes in black or white i’m usually content hahahah i may recolour another pair that i’ve been loving a lot though

I’m not sure if this has been done however I decided that the City Living keyboard needed more colour options!

                                   Info & Download below:

  • 22 colours in @eversims Ever So Lovely palette + black and white + 5 patterns  
  • City Living Required 
  • Override of original, the original swatches are still there!



A russian couple, WW1 by Olga