Rajigaze Oct 14

(talking about their costumes for Spooky Box)

Reita: We’re not going to dress up as “something”, it’s gonna be more just a…how should I put it…[Halloween] vibe.

Ruki: Yes, a vibe. 

Reita: But it will be something we definitely wouldn’t wear if it wasn’t Halloween. 

Ruki: There’s not many options for guys, anyway, for scary costumes…

Reita: Yeah, we basically have Dracula and that’s it. Or like The Addams Family…

Ruki: Yeah, stuff like that…but if we did The Addams Family, everyone would wanna be what, the hand?

(Reita bursts out laughing)

Ruki: Hu-hu, hu-hu, hu-hu

Reita: It’s true.

Ruki: Everyone would wanna be the hand…

Reita: Yeah.

Ruki: It would be, “Everyone’s a Hand.” 


Reita: Well, everyone will just have to look forward to coming and seeing [what our costumes are].

Ruki: Yes, please look forward to it!

Reita: Then we’ll have to do something for people who couldn’t come. You know, for people who are like, (puts on girly voice) “I just want a peek, I just wanna see a lil picture, do you have pictures of the live?” 

Ruki: Well, I wanna keep doing [Spooky Box].

Reita: Yeah, same. So on that day –

Ruki: The next one will be “Spooky Box 2.” 

Reita: (laughs) Oh yeah? 

Ruki: We’ll go up to Season 3, and then the next one will be “Zero.”

Reita: (laughing) Why?

Ruki: “Spooky Box Zero.” 

(both laughing)

Reita: Are we gonna perform without makeup?

Ruki: No, no, it’ll be like…um…like, the mystery of our birth. 

Reita: Ahhh, yeah yeah…

Ruki: Like a secret.

Reita: Kinda like Star Wars. 

Ruki: Yes, yes, yes

(both laughing)

  • Reita:continuing is the most difficult but also the most immportant thing. to finish and accomplish something makes you grow a great deal, more than anything.
  • Reita:of course I also have a lot of setbacks. 9 out of 10 times I fail. but achieving even one of my goals gives me confindence and leads to motivation for the next one. one step at a time. failure is natural. but I think, when you catch hold of one of your goals the world changes.
  • Ruki:*meeeltiiing*
  • Ruki:Rei-Chan is saying some serious stuff
  • Ruki:one thing I've never failed at would have to be the band, I guess
  • Ruki:being in a band is associated with so many things, but to keep going is what matters, you know
  • Ruki:something I failed at?...well, I failed but I didn't feel frustrated about it at the time so I don't remember.
  • Ruki:rather than failure it's stuff like mistakes and regrets that make me feel like I'm gonna lose it 🙉
  • Ruki:thoughts like "I should have done this, I should have done that" stay with me even after 10 years have passed and I can't turn back time.
  • Ruki:that's exactly what LIVES are. an endless series of "this is frustratig, I could have done more", one after another
  • Ruki:I'm writing all these serious things
  • but my head is melting away 👥
  • Ruki:the LIVES are fun! but it's something completely different to think whether I could or couldn't have done more.
  • Ruki:for example, sometimes you sing at school or something, right?
  • how did you feel about that?
  • Ruki:well, how about Karaoke?
  • Reita:let's totally go to Karaoke!
  • Ruki:let's all go and do a newsletter story on it, lol
  • Ruki:singing without Karaoke is awesome, huh lol
  • Ruki:singing in public is fun! sad songs and stuff at Karaoke.
  • apart from that, do you have those times when you listen to your favorite music and suddenly those lyrics are all about yourself and apply to your own life?
  • Ruki:you do, right? performers are those few steps ahead and write down their own uncontainable feelings and thoughts and present them on stage. that's why it's fun! but more than that it's about being able to express my lyrics well enough. it's important for me to be able to put my feelings into them.
  • Ruki:in my 2nd year of junior high school I was standing in the rain without an umbrella, getting wet and I listened to X and looked up at the sky, that's why I'm sure the work I'm doing now is my calling.
  • Ruki:when people who are in a band go to Karaoke they start with a soundcheck #stuffthathappens
  • Ruki:we're on tour soooon? what should we play?