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To what caste does Rajenlo belong too?

She’s part of a very rare caste known as Servals. It is almost entirely comprised of females as it is a caste spliced with the Altes gestalt, a matriarchal species with ridiculous sex dimorphism, the females of a same-age male are at least twice their size and keep growing…not to mention they’re infamous for turning their faces inside-out when angry and are able to fly. They’re space vampires basically. 

They’re uncannily adept at ylem manipulation, and unlike Jauria they don’t craft armor/weapons from it or use it for close combat but from afar as crowd-control effects in its liquid-state. This is primarily the inherited trait that makes Servals invaluable Jauria units, though breeding rights are required not to mention the fatality rate for breeding exclusive-females without horrifying genetic deformities makes it a very hard asset to acquire. 

Rajenlo is part of a successful serval centuria, and she’s one of the few well-bred servals spared after the Jauria elite roundups post-dethroning them from Frontera control. She strives to breed more like her but with little success, Altes like to keep their hands clean and in spite of their heavy ties with Jauria they were quick to disown most ties with them after recolonization and interventions to take out Jauria military. 

Overall Servals aren’t meant to look like something exactly, just vaguely resembling Altes–long limbed and graceful death-dealers. They’re priced in Jauria but occupy a weird space where they’re both revered and detested–part way because Jauria are patriarchal and because Altes consider them devolved savage versions of themselves. Servals thus grow up carrying themselves with extreme poise and more isolated than most. 

Uya is one of Rajen’s few serval daughters and currently occupying an elite position in her dome. She…is a piece of work.


Xochicalco, Morelos

Xochicalco was founded in about 650 AD by the Olmeca-Xicallanca, which are a Mayan group of traders from Campeche, at a site that gave them an excellent position along several of the major Mesoamerican trade routes. The city-state had a population of 10,000 to 15,000 people, many of whom were engaged in craft production and long-distance trade. It was an important fortressed commercial and religious center following the decline of the great Mesoamerican city states. The poor farming conditions in the area show that it was likely built for defense purposes and trading.

At some point around AD 900 the city of Xochicalco was burned and destroyed. Many of the excavated houses and temples have layers of burning and destruction that cover the deposits from the main Epiclassic occupation. Underneath destruction layers, numerous objects were left in place in the houses, indicating that the site was destroyed and abandoned quickly. A small remnant population lived on, however, on the lower slopes of the hill. Later, around 1200, the site was recolonized by the Nahuatl-speaking Tlahuica peoples, ancestors to the Nahuatl-speaking populations of the modern state of Morelos.
Jason Sheehan, In 'Walkaway,' A Blueprint For A New, Weird (But Better) World
Cory Doctorow's latest novel is set in a ripped-from-the-headlines near future dystopia, where the creative and the capable — and the lost — are walking into the wilderness to build a new world.

Cory Doctorow’ new book, Walkaway, is about a new generation of drop outs in the not-too-distant dystopian future, who, as reviewer Jason Sheehan put it, 

Where the creative and the capable — and the lost — are walking into the wilderness to build a new world.

Very interesting. Sheehan digs in: 

His novels read less like speculation than prediction — a hardcore nerd’s careful read on technology and biology and entropy, impeccably sourced and, in their own way, as real and present and hopeful as the augury of a Bizarro World Cassandra with carpal tunnel and grease under her nails. 

Walkaway is his newest, and it is remarkable. It’s one of those books that I don’t want to describe at all, because doing so would ruin the new car smell of stepping into a fresh-off-the-lot universe. It would sour the joy of getting face-punched over and over again by the utopian/dystopian ideas, theories, arguments and philosophies that Doctorow lays down. It would, in short, wreck the fun.


Doctorow’s world is one where most people live in “Default” — as in the default reality of cities, bills, jobs, whatever. But in between these spirit-crushing bastions of old thought and old rules are a million miles of everything else. Fields. Wildflowers. Entire abandoned cities left to rot. And in Doctorow’s fantasy, it is into these spaces that all the world’s smart people and capable people and pissed-off people have gone.

“The point of Walkaway is the first days of a better nation,” says one of Doctorow’s characters. Says many of them, actually. That’s the recurring belief-system on which the book runs. It is the story of precisely this — what comes after the slow-burn apocalypse we all secretly fear is coming, how it will work, how it will all go wrong and how it will get made right again with drones, wet printers and elbow grease. It’s like the Genesis story of a world not yet here, but maybe dangerously close. After the flood, this is how we rebuilt …

Ok. I’m down. 

This reminds me of one of the scenarios I’ve explore regarding future joblessness if we allow a world in which AI ephemeralizes work for nearly everyone. Since so much of what we need will drop precipitously in cost – since low-cost and enormously productive robots and AI will be filling our roles in all supply chains, people will be able to ‘walkaway’, and recolonize exurban space. With a handful of low-cost robots, an individual or group could start a farm, grow food, herd animals, make yogurt, weave cloth, cure leather, bake bread… all with solar power, open source robots, and a small loan from a mutual aid society.

I’m also reminded of Bruce Sterling’s line:

The frontier of the future will be the ruins of the unsustainable.


the maze runner au: EXPEDITION

it’s fourteen years after the sun flares destroyed the earth, and wckd has no choice but to deploy the back-up plan no one dared to think truly possible: recolonization. enter the gladers, a group of teens raised to become the superscientists the world so desperately needs. but when their mission to the so-called paradise of an exoplanet quite quickly turns sideways, they are forced to scrap a plan ten years in the making and just wing what is perhaps the most important expedition in human history.

if they fail, there will be no longer be such thing as human history.


I see myself as an antiracist feminist. Why does antiracist feminism matter in struggles for economic and social justice in the early twenty-first century? The last century was clearly the century of the maturing of feminist ideas, sensibilities, and movements. The twentieth-century was also the century of the decolonization of the Third World/South, the rise of the splintering of the communist Second World, the triumphal rise and recolonization of almost the entire globe by capitalism, and the consolidation of ethnic, nationalist, and religious and fundamentalist movements and nation-states. Thus, while feminist ideas and movements may have grown and matured, the backlash and challenges to feminism have also grown exponentially.

So in this political/economic context, what would an economically and socially just feminist politics look like? It would require a clear understanding that being a woman has political consequences in the world we live in; that there can be unjust and unfair effects on women depending on our economic and social marginality and/or privilege. It would require recognizing that sexism, racism, misogyny, and heterosexism underlie and fuel social and political institutions of rule and thus often lead to hatred of women and (supposedly justified) violence against women. The interwoven processes of sexism, racism, misogyny, and heterosexism are an integral part of our social fabric, wherever in the world we happen to be. We need to be aware that these ideologies, in conjunction with the regressive politics of ethnic nationalism and capitalist consumerism, are differently constitutive of all of our lives in the early twenty-first century. Besides recognizing all this and formulating a clear analysis and critique of the behaviours, attitudes, institutions, and relational politics that these interwoven systems entail, a just and inclusive feminist politics for the present needs also to have a vision for transformation and strategies for realizing this vision.

Hence decolonization, anticapitalist critique and solidarity.

—  An excerpt from “Feminism Without Borders,” by Chandra Talpade Mohanty.
You’re the worst (part 1)

(Murphy x reader, slow burn, enemies to friends to lovers, y/n is salty af in the beginning, canon-divergent, tell me what you guys think!! Also it’s a bit long sorry) (warning: explicit language)

“Fuck you.”

”Oh you wish, sweetheart,” the boy sitting across from you spat.

“I just don’t understand how you manage to be such an asshole,” Okay not your best comeback, but it was better than letting him win.

 “Hard work and determination,” he grinned back in that sure of himself sort of way that just made you want to punch him in the face. Well, more than you usually do at least.

 “Whatever Johnathan.”

You casually looked away as you said it, trying to rest your eyes on anything but the glare you could feel burning onto your skin.

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Can we please talk about how long Dwalin lived. So according to the appendixes he died in FA 91 which makes him like hella old, 340 in fact. He lived longer than any other in Thorin’s Company.

But also he wasn’t even born when Smaug took Erebor, he was born 2 years later.

He was only 27 at the Battle of Azanulbizar- Kili and Fili were considered young at 77 and 82. DWALIN WAS 27 AND HE WENT INTO BATTLE. One that saw the death of his king no less.

But then, he went on a hopeless quest because of Thorin, his battle brother and King, who he would have sworn to protect- only to fail when Thorin died, and the for Fii and Kili to die as well, he would have massively blamed himself for that, unable to protect those he had sworn an oath to. (And this is purely speculation- but there is a good chance that he would have helped train Fili and Kili being a close family friend as well as being from a noble family that was close to the royal family. also, you know, a weapons master and shit. so he would have felt as if he had failed as their teacher as well)

And then for him to live under Dain II who was definitely not his king, only for his brother to go on a stupid quest to attempt to recolonize Moria just 48 years after the BOtFA. (Also he lost Ori to this as well, and although this is only my head canon, Dwalin and Ori were totally in love with each other and when Ori went with Balin to Moria… Also Oin went with them as well. And died.) 

But when Gimli went through Moria, he didnt know of the fate of those inside. Dwalin would have had to wait until Gimli had returned from the events of the War of the Ring to tell him of the fate of his brother (and husband), which would of been more than 30 years. (And I’m sure that Dwalin would have pieced it together, I mean he’s not stupid but actually hearing definitively…)

But then he out lives like everybody- I mean apart from Gimli (who departed Arda with Legolas in FA 120 for the Undying lands). I mean he lost so much and in such a short amount of time only for him to go screw it I’m gonna out live everybody just to spite them.

But he would have been so fucking lonely and I have way to many feelings about Dwalin

Black Sheep

My parents sent me away to boarding school when I was a freshmen in high school because I was an embarrassment to the Hale family. I had always been the black sheep of the family, for as long as I could remember. I sometimes wondered if I was really a Hale. Jacob and David could do no wrong in my father’s book, but me, I could never do anything right.

When I did come home, twenty years after leaving Charming David was the only one from my family really happy to see me. Jacob and my father, wished I’d go back to whatever rock I’d been living under. What they didn’t know, is that I had out grown my wild child ways, and had become an up standing citizen.  I was now Dr. (Y/N) Hale, the newest ER doc at St. Thomas. 

I pulled into the parking lot of TM, my car needed an oil change after my cross country drive. Walking into the office, I pulled off my glasses, smiling at the woman sitting at the desk. After all these years, she hadn’t changed.

“Can I help you?” She looked at me, I could tell there was a hint of recolonization.

“I need an oil change Mrs. Morrow.” I smiled at her. 

“(Y/N) Hale, is that you sweetheart?” 

“It is!” She got up hugging me.

“Where have you been all these years?”

I let out a little laugh. “I got sent to boarding school freshmen year, and told I was welcome home. So I stayed gone for the next twenty years, I just accepted a position in the ER at St. Thomas.”

“You’re a doctor? How does your family feel about that?”

“I am. Jacob and dad, wish I’d crawl a back under whatever rock I’ve been living under, but David is happy to see me.”

 “I’m sorry about your family baby.”

I shrugged my shoulders, knowing that you can’t choose your family. “It’s fine, I’ve lived the last twenty years without a family.”

“Let me get one of the guys to do your oil change.” I watched her go out into the garage, going over to a bald, heavily tattooed man. The man looked intense, I had to remember I wasn’t that wild child anymore.

He came into the office. “You need an oil change.”

“Yes, please.” I handed him the keys, taking them he left the office. Gemma came back inside, smiling.

“Come over to the clubhouse, and have a drink with me. Jax and Opie are over there, they’ll love to see you again. Happy will come over when he’s done with your car.” 

I thought that Happy was a strange name for Mr. Intense, but I shrugged it off. Going into the club, Gemma yelled out. “Hey boys, I have a blast from the past!”

Pulling me from behind her, Jax and Opie stared at me. “Holy shit! (Y/N), is it really you?” Jax asked.

“It’s actually Dr. (Y/N) Hale….” I smiled at Jax.


Light, lit, & split


   Text MSG 2:23pm:Desmond— Yo mate want to split that spliff with me now?

    His phone vibrated just shortly between his next class, Geometrical Disciplines and Architectural skills, aka not the best class to go to when you were already tired of being lectured to. Dane was more of a hands on learner, than a programmed robot to stay silent and take notes. So to say that Desmond’s text was welcomed with a smile would be an understatement. A few quick and abbreviated text later he got an address to one of the more quieter wings of the school, with a class number that he didn’t recolonize. The halls he walked through were older than his majors’ wing, a bit dusty and hummed less with the voices of students but with the rustling of the air conditioner units. “Where the fuck am I?” he thought for a moment, double checking his phone to make sure he was heading the right way.

     D403, was the number that was plastered on the front of the door. It was partially opened, looking purposeful, before he opened it causing a whining creek to follow. “Hello, is anyone here?” he called out, a bit quietly but the place was poor light and definitely look ill used or even abandoned. Did he step off campus and into a grave sight, or did he really spend too much time in the design buildings all these years. 

psst!” kisu waves his arms at the first person he recolonizes walking past his little hiding spot behind a bush. the day had started out fine until kisu heard the one name he was here to get away from. echo. he thought crossing an ocean away from korea would work to hide out and escape that life for a while, recover from quite a bad breakdown. seems he’s more popular in the states than he thought. granted the start of his career was in the states. this was how kisu finds himself hiding behind a flower bush, trying to grasp the attention of a passerby. “over here, please!”
I Don't Need Anyone To Recolonize My Decolonized Body
I hear a lot of talk about "pretty privilege" as a perceived "pretty girl." But nobody is really talking about the fact that some of us brown gir...

“I don’t know when being brown became sexy, exotic and beautiful, but do not come for me because I suffered intense bullying and outright colorism for being this way my entire life. So when you compliment the features that I’ve worked 30 years to love, I see right through you. I see you being hip and trendy, but you do not understand that this body has gone through hell and back, and trends were never on its side till now. So keep walking. I do not need you to recolonize this decolonized body for your checklist.“

Adventure Time Theory!

This is my 1st time doing a theory so please bare with me!

In Stakes part 2 (Everything stays) Tom the human said he and the other humans were leaving the continent because of high radiation levels. If they did leave OOO to find safety that would explain why Finns dad Martin talked about Finn being born on a boat and later being left in OOO (if this was true in the 1st place). The humans colonized outside off OOO, in a new land without the harsh radiation. Martin probably brought Finn to OOO to escape whatever he was running from before being captured and put into the Citadel leaving Finn alone. We know that there would have to be other humans in Adventure time, Finns mom being one of them. If it’s not the popular fan theory that Finns mom is Susan strong that would mean that Finns mother would have to have been outside of OOO due to OOO’s lack of humans.

What I think this could mean. More Humans being introduced into the story. Maybe they attempt to recolonize OOO after discovering livable conditions, sustainable resources and lower radiation levels. This could cause conflicts in OOO and between the gang and it would be interesting if it was true but I think it’s defiantly possible.


Country Setting in Frozen

Though it’s never stated in the film outright, there are many implications that Frozen is located in Scandinavia, a region made up of a few countries that includes Norway. But due to my own observations, I am fully convinced that the kingdom of Arendelle is set in Norway. Here are the clues found in the film that support my belief:

  • Like those shown in Arendelle, the geography of Norway is dominated by vast mountain ranges broken up by valleys and fjords. Even the word “fjord” comes to English from Norwegian.
  • Major buildings in Arendelle are inspired by real ones in Norway. The Arendelle castle is loosely based on Akershus Fortress in Oslo, the Arendelle town is inspired by Bryggen in Bergen, a west-coast Norwegian city, and the landscape around Arendelle is similar to the Nærøyfjord, also on the west side of Norway.
  • Kristoff works as an ice harvester, which involves cutting and harvesting ice from the frozen ponds in the mountains and then selling it. This was part of the ice trade, which was a real life 19th-century industry performed on the east coast of the United States and Norway. Harvested ice was sold for domestic consumption and commercial purposes.
  • All of the animals shown in the film are native to Norway:
  1. Sven is a reindeer, and those in Europe are found in portions of southern Norway. In southern Norway in the mountain ranges, there are about 30,000–35,000 reindeer with 23 different populations.
  2. The wolves shown are most likely Eurasian wolves, which is a subspecies of gray wolf that is largely found in Sweden. Since the late 1970s, they began to recolonize and populations have expanded to Norway.
  3. The horses featured are all Norwegian Fjords. They are known for the distinct dark stripe that runs through the center of the mane. Manes are typically cut to a mohawk-like crescent shape to emphasize this feature and the breed’s neck. Interestingly enough, while it’s never mentioned in the film, Hans’s horse is named Sitron. This would be appropriate due to his yellow color, because his name is Norwegian for “lemon.”
  • Foods shown or mentioned in the film are part of Norwegian cuisine:
  1. After Oaken throws out Kristoff, he offers Anna “lutefisk,” which appears to be fish in a jar. Lutefisk is whitefish soaked in lye and a traditional dish of Sweden, Norway, and Finland.
  2. The Essential Guide mentions that one of Anna’s favorite desserts is krumkake, a Norwegian, paper-thin, rolled cake filled with whipped cream. According to the novelization, this is what Hans is eating in the scene when she tells him, “Yeah, the whole thing! You got it!”
  3. When Hans is handing out the cloaks, he mentions the castle having soup and hot glögg. Glögg is a term used for mulled wine, which is served throughout Scandinavia, including Norway.
  • Trolls are supernatural beings in Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore. In fact, when the King pulls the book off the shelf to figure out where to find the trolls, the book is written in Norse runes.
  • The names Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Sven, Kristoff and Hans are Norwegian or close to Norwegian or other Scandinavian names.
  • And last but certainly not least, Hans’s home kingdom of the Southern Isles is possibly located in Denmark. Denmark is located directly south of Norway, and Hans shares the first name of Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, the author of The Snow Queen, the fairy tale upon which Frozen is loosely based.
  • BONUS: everyone knows this, of course, but I just wanted to mention how, in quick sequence, “Hans Kristoff Anna Sven” sounds similar to “Hans Christian Andersen.”

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So where do you think the crystal gems are at in the future where Time Baby is in charge? Personally, I think it would be cool if the Crystal Gems have recolonize Homeworld and it's under new rulers (maybe Steven himself if he can still control his age) and even have some humans living on it who decided they didn't want to live on an earth that is ruled by a giant baby.

I have no idea tbh :P Honestly, while I know while everyone wants me to address the status of Gems in the future, I’m likely not going to in the next chapter. Because A. I don’t wanna over-complicate the chapter and B. We don’t know what the endgame for Gemkind in general is going to be by the end of SU, since the show isn’t over yet, so I don’t want to make an ill informed guess and then look stupid in retrospect :P