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In Afghanistan, soldiers with 1st Armored Division, 3rd Infantry Brigade, out of Fort Bliss, Texas, are learning how to operate the Carl Gustav recoilless rifle, a weapon normally used by special operations soldiers.

(Video by Specialist Nigel Robinson, Forward Operation Base Altimur, 27 October 2011 via DVIDS.)

[For added LOLZ, watch for “Da Civilian.” -R]

Gonna feel it in the morning.

Coalition force members load a M3 recoilless rifle during live fire training on a base in Herat province, Afghanistan. Afghan National Security Forces have been taking the lead in security operations, with coalition forces as mentors, to bring security and stability to the people of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

(U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Pete Thibodeau, 9 NOV 2012.)


A special forces weapons sergeant trains an Afghan Security Forces soldier to fire a 75mm recoilless rifle during atop a ridgeline 1500 feet above the Pesh Valley, Afghanistan.

ISAF reports that more than 80 82mm recoilless rifle rounds, 32 82mm mortar rounds, two anti-personnel mines, two grenades and two detonators were uncovered in Rodat district, Kandahar yesterday during a joint Afghan/coalition forces operation.

This is what took out the four MRAPs in the ambush yesterday. This is what’s defeating our armor. Ballistics and munitions will always outstrip protection. I’m just grateful there were no casualties in that incident.

Original Finnish Nedinsco Venlo M55 Optical Scope with Case

Original Finnish Nedinsco Venlo M55 Optical Scope with Case

Original Item: These are original Finnish surplus scopes originally used by the Finnish Army, for the M1955 Sink 55mm recoilless rifle. Most are marked “SA”, which stands for Suomen Armeija, the Finnish Army. Each scope features a range-finding reticle, rubber eyepiece, adjustable adapter block, and comes in original carry case. Also included in the case are a lens cloth, wrench, cleaning brush,…

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Olena Kalytiak Davis Is Equally Rare & Awkward As Us

Olena Kalytiak Davis Is Equally Rare & Awkward As Us

Olena Kalytiak Davis grabs the reader by the lapels and begs the reader to read. “Shattered sonnets, love cards, and other off and backhanded importunities” is loud, dramatic, and lively from page one, where she says: “Jaded, staid Reader, You-who can read this and not even flinch. Bare-faced, flint-hearted, recoilless Reader, dare you-Rare Reader, listen and be convinced: Soon, Reader, soon you…

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