Buncha people asked me if I have a pokesona, I didn’t but decided to make one for fun. Let’s just call him Quaree the mawile!

My fav pokemon is bayleef but I wouldn’t wanna be a quadruped sorry

You all noticed Barry’s new style and haircut? That’s a result of the timeline change. What do you think Wally was doing that year he lived with Barry under the West roof? Letting Barry go on with his life in those grandpa sweaters and that damn plaid shirt? 

Wally West is Barry Allen’s fashion coach and no one can tell me otherwise. 

but some people still believe l*caya will rise?????????????????????

                                   ……It’s him.

I always thought I might end up being alone. I’m too attached with my own soul and too fascinated with the concept of love that sometimes I don’t believe someone could handle me the way I handle all the monsters living inside my head.
—  sorealmaria