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Sometimes I’ll be going through certain tags to find art that I think is good but has very few notes. As someone who has an art blog I know the frustration of your work never getting any notes. I want to use my large follower base on this blog as a way to get these artists some exposure. So if you see some art I reblog that you like consider reblogging or liking it yourself or even following the artist if you like the other art that’s on their blog. You will make the artist’s day. There is nothing an artist on tumblr likes more than actually getting some recognition for posting our work here.

When you don’t win the award for best animation, despite bringing stunning, new techniques to the grounds of anime though a playful, consistent artstyle.


Jack + recognition

you know it’s so great that sam has all these fans now, he’s so funny and wonderful, i remember a few years ago when it was literally only me who posted about him + i made @samrriegel to help bring in fans, i remember when he didn’t even have 4,000 twitter followers and i used to talk with him about how it was only a matter of time before people realised how great he was. what i’m trying to say is that i’m grateful that he’s finally getting recognised because of critical role and that i’m glad i’ve been here since the very beginning.

  • Bae: come over
  • Me: sorry, I have to go to bed. Lin-Manuel Miranda just posted his goodnight tweet.
  • Bae: But my parent's aren't home
  • Me: I don't think you understand

So, Caitriona and Sam did not win in their categories - Best Actor/Actress in a Drama Series - of the Critcs’ Choice Awards

Before everyone starts with their “they-don’t-get-the-recognition-they-deserve” posts, I’d like to remind you all that being NOMINATED in a MAJOR award is a recognition. A big one. There’s a ton of TV shows with great actors out there, many of them super deserving of recognition, most of them always snubbed. Only six were lucky enough to be nominated in each category, and Sam and Cait were among them.

Their work was recognized the moment they made into that list.

secret study buddy ;)

hey guys! so, to get in the holiday spirit, i wanted to do something like a secret santa, where you can send the other person messages or inspiration/motivation, but on anon… on december 25th, you’d reveal yourself, and you would have made a new friend who is most likely interested in things that you are! there are a few rules, but nothing too much! i’m not sure how much recognition this post will get, but i will be stopping it at around 100 people. if you’re seeing this and would like to participate, please follow the rules early to make sure you are included! without further adieu, let me explain the rules!


  1. must be following me! @studyearlgrey
  2. must reblog this post (let’s get as many people involved as possible!)
  3. send me an ask (off anon) letting me know that you would like to participate!
  4. that’s it!! 

how it’ll go

hopefully by december 1st (but possibly the 2nd) i will have sent you an ask or message with the account that you will be sending ANON asks to. obviously be kind and try not to make them uncomfortable. send them an ask EVERY SINGLE DAY OF DECEMBER!! you can send them stuff more than once, but don’t be annoying! on december 25th, send them your final message OFF OF ANON. if you feel compelled to, continue conversations with them in a private message!! i hope i get enough participants, and have a great day!!

Hufflepuffs are finally getting the recognition they deserve but I find it funny that Ravenclaws are like awkwardly standing in the corner whispering “hey…hi….yeah….we’re here too…”