Get it off! by jaekwon15

I completed Deadly Premonition the other day and it is now my favourite game ever, tied with Half-Life 2. The thing is, hardly anyone has heard of it. And this makes me very sad. So to impress upon people how strange a game it really is, here’s the protagonist, Special Agent Francis York Morgan (call him York, everybody does), being attacked.

Yeah. Some zombies bite or punch. These stick their hands down your throat and choke you. Eep.

Very good game. If you have an Xbox 360 or PS3, you have no excuse for not getting this.

You don’t even recognize me, do you writer? You think you’re god? You think you can just make up stuff? Play with peoples lives and kill them when you think it adds to the drama? You’re in this story now and I’ll make you suffer! You’re a joke. There wouldn’t be a single readable sentence in your books if it wasn’t for your editor. You’ll never publish another one of your shitty stories, ‘cause I’m gonna’ kill you…
—  The Taken Hitchhiker, my favourite quote from Alan Wake