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Gathering Of The Sixth Moon. these clowns have journeyed from across the Clowngalaxy by whatever means their class, faction and fashion dictate to cluster like colourful barnacles on the Klownderstructure, a half-temple-half-music-festival-venue built by the fabled ancestor-clowns, those who witnessed the founding of the universe. here the disillusioned modernclowns gather every century or so in anticipation for a rare, pink-hued moon to render itself briefly in the void (it remains unviewable in the skies of anyone who did not pay admission). as it rotates, serene and huge above them, they beg it for forgiveness. the patented Forgiveness of this reclusive moon is reportedly potent enough to erase all feelings guilt for the undesirable act/acts, as well as any memories of said act/acts. tickets to the GOTSM are known to sell out in under a clownmillisecond.


Dakota McElroy - a contestant for @arthoepixelsBC!

For a professional fortune teller, Dakota isn’t really a “people person”. They tolerate them to a point, and has mentally prepared themself for the prolonged period of social interaction this BC will require of them, but when left to their own devices they would much rather spend time by themself. Nevertheless, destiny has apparently chosen them to be their generation’s greatest fortune teller… or maybe the second best. Third if you count extra-ordinarily gifted cats (Dakota most definitely does). Due both to their reclusive nature and the fact that they know a little more about their prospective partners than is usual, they have never actually been in a relationship before, but they can’t keep the hopeless romantic within from holding out for that special someone - and they’re hoping that Nicky will be the one!

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destiel fic rec

Sleight of Hand by aileenrose (@paperclothesline)
Rating: Mature; Wordcount: 64.5k
Summary: Dean Winchester has interviewed them all–mob bosses, serial killers, crooked politicians. Next he plans to unveil the con-man who markets himself as Castiel, a reclusive and secretive “healer” who claims to heal the sick in return for thousands of dollars. Dean’s expecting a challenge, but he never expected Castiel to be so clueless or sweet…or that he might be telling the truth.

I can’t put my finger on the exact reason why I loved this fic so much, but everything about it worked for me. There’s Cas, who sees his abilities as a gift but also a curse that isolates him from human contact. He’s desperately looking for a friend but needs to be cautious about letting people in. And Dean is his typical tenacious self who just won’t let go - which is exactly what Cas needs. Jo and Victor also have great roles and especially Jo is well fleshed out as the intrepid reporter who is determined to make a name for herself and is also there to deliver a (metaphorical) kick in the pants to Dean when he’s being a dick.

The pacing was great and the plot interesting and exciting - it’s a real pageturner. True story: I bingeread this on a weekday cause I couldn’t put it down and I went to work with like 3 hours of sleep. Worth it though.

Most of all I loved every single scene and interaction Dean and Cas had together. Go and read this - you won’t be disappointed!

Hi Tumblr, what have I missed?

(not the Yahoo thing, I didn’t miss that. I mean, like, hilarious memes, pretty fanart, or awesome meta from the past week or two. …or six.)

Things I have been doing while AWOL from Tumblr:

- Binge-watching Person of Interest, which I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys this blog. Think of it as Cap 2′s low-key procedural sibling? No superheroes, just techno-dystopian surveillance-state paranoia, vigilante crime-fighting, uneasy alliances with law enforcement, reclusive genius hackers of questionable mental stability, and sardonic emotionally-stunted ex-covert-ops agents who’ve never met a problem they can’t punch and/or shoot their way out of. (Two of them are female. Those two’s hobbies include maladjusted, emotionally-stunted flirting via vaguely-kinky threats to torture one another. Oh, and the pairing ends up canon. I’M JUST SAYING IN CASE THIS IS RELEVANT TO ANYONE’S INTERESTS.)

- Moving. Holy shit have I ever been moving. Not apartment-hopping “take your bedroom furniture and whatever belongings will fit into the new living situation” moving, we’re talking “haul all the furniture out of storage, excavate and pack up all the archeological layers of crap from your room at your parents’ house, right down to your freshman-year math notebooks” moving. It has been drawn-out and exhausting and I’m still not done going through fifteen-year-old me’s highly questionable thrift-store selections, but least now I know for sure that the books are actually finite. Not only that, but I have more shelf space than I have books. I didn’t even think that was possible.

- Doing approximately three people’s jobs at work. I think everyone has just…. forgotten that I’m a junior developer and started treating me like mid-level, because goddammit the shit needs to be done and ain’t nobody else around who can do it.

- Did I mention moving. So much moving. So much getting shit set up at the new place. (New place is awesome, though. And I’m getting tantalizingly close to done.)

Shippy Angst Starters. (New roleplay) || Closed
“You took advantage of my feelings for you.”
Sasuke said with a stoic face. He wouldn’’t let her see him hurt, no. He’s too stuborn and proud for this. He had left Konoha, and she made him leave Orochimaru as well. He joined her, but in the end… did she just wanted the information he had? Had she ever really fell in love with him? Sasuke didn’t know, neither he wanted to. He just wanted to recluse himself and not face any human for a while. He should’ve known better. Why couldn’t he love a cat or something? No, he had fallen in love for the orange-haired girl, Darian. She was like a dream, but he had long learned dreams are for kids. It was his fault for being like this, after all. He shouldn’t had fallen in love. ~~ Darian shook her head quickly, “I-I didn’t! I swear!” She stammered, her eyes wide and slightly sad looking. What had made the man act like this so suddenly? Had she done something wrong? “What…What’s making you say that? Is it something I said…?” She asked softly, stepping back away from him slightly.

Little bits of Cassandra’s room. Cassandra’s a recluse and spends the majority of her time in her bedroom, conducting paranormal experiments that many consider to cross a line, but Cassandra is a child of both magic and science and has combined them to make equally groundbreaking and forbidden results on the science of necromancy, which has earned her isolation from both the science and magic communities, not that she minds at all.

A World So Small

A World So Small by wordslinging

Rating: R

Length: 31k

Summary: When Frank, a sickly young man, is advised by his doctors to leave London for the country, he makes arrangements to stay with his friend Michael, who just so happens to be in possession of a large, old, and somewhat creepy manor house. What Frank has no idea of at the time is that Michael has an older brother, whose presence in the house he conceals. Gerard is an eccentric recluse who spends most of his time hiding in the attic and avoiding any kind of interaction with people, but he finds himself fascinated with Frank, who in turn realizes that the house has secrets, and becomes determined to uncover them. When he finally does discover Gerard, their first meeting is only the beginning of their story.

It was cold. I baked.

Today the high was 25 degrees Farenheit, so I decided that it was a good day to stay inside and bake and be otherwise cozy.  

Anyway, this photo is evidence that I did not totally (just mostly) waste this day: Glorified Gingerbread (Mennonite Community Cookbook), and two batches of biscuits (King Arthur Flour Baker’s Companion). My biggest achievement here was to put cocoa powder in one batch of biscuits, which I am looking forward to nomming down with peanut butter. Nom.

Thank god New York only gets, like, three and a half days of this weather a year. 

anonymous asked:

Can you combine these AUs - My cat only keeps going to your apartment because you feed him, you know… It’s like you’re encouraging him on purpose..’ AU‘ & I suspect you might be my favourite reclusive author but I’ve heard you’re notoriously shy and I don’t know how to be cool about this’ AU - where Nico is a shy author who loves his neighbor's (Will's) cat

I got like five messages for the cat one you guys are such cat nerds lmao I love you. 

It wasn’t normal for Will’s cat to be gone. Granted, it was a cat and he lived on the first floor of the apartment buildings and the cat was always left on the porch because for some reason pets weren’t allowed inside, but… still. Kit-Kat was the kind of lazy cat that lounged in same spot of shade all day every day. He only moved when he heard Will coming out to the porch to feed him.

Now all of a sudden, his cat was disappearing for hours at a time each day. He’d come back, but still it was odd behavior for Kit-Kat.

One day, Will was coming back from throwing out the trash when he saw Kit-Kat fitting his obese body between the bars of the patio railing. “Where do you think you’re going?” he chided, stepping in front of it. His cat looked up at him with bored green eyes mixed with gold from the reflecting sun. It was slightly unnerving. “Get back in the patio.”

The cat meowed and pranced past him. Will sighed and mentally berated himself for not getting a dog instead. He turned and saw Kit-Kat jumping up the stairs to the second floor apartments. “Really? You’re going to make me exert myself and exercise to catch you, you rotten cat?” Will muttered. He went up the stairs and nearly caught his cat on the top step.

Then it dashed down the breezeway much to Will’s frustration. He groaned and glared in its direction. “I’m going get you a leash,” he threatened. He walked down the breezeway, but before he could call for his cat, he heard another voice.

“Hey, kitty. Are you hungry?” Will stopped walking before turning the corner and waited. “There’s a good kitty. I wonder if your owner knows you’re here.” Slowly, Will peeked around the corner to see who was talking to Kit-Kat.

When he saw the mess of black hair he gasped and ran back down the breezeway. He was about ninety percent sure that the author of one of his favorite independent novels was living in the apartments, but he hadn’t thought he’d live so close. And he was… feeding Will’s cat?

That bloody cat had better luck than Will ever would. Of course, Will wasn’t completely sure, but he’d seen the guy when he was on his way to work and he was eerily similar to the black and white picture in the back of Will’s book. He was dying to know if it was him, but he had no idea how to ask or explain himself, and he didn’t want to look like an idiot if it wasn’t him. Besides, he’d read on a blog that the author liked to keep a low profile because he was incredibly shy.

He hesitated as he looked down the hall. Maybe this was his chance.

Slowly, nervously, he walked back down the breezeway until he reached the corner. Before he could turn, Kit-Kat came prancing back. He meowed at Will and continued down the breezeway like he hadn’t just been fed by the best author Will had ever read. He looked around the corner and to his dismay, the door was shut and the possible author was nowhere to be seen.

He could knock on the door….

Nope, it wasn’t happening.

He stomped back to his apartment and rolled his eyes when he saw Kit-Kat laying in the shade of the patio. “You’re an ungrateful little shit you know that, buddy?” Kit-Kat meowed lazily and Will went back into his apartment.

That’s how Will ended up stalking his cat and in turn his neighbor. Although, stalking was a strong word. If Will happened to catch his cat leaving the patio, he followed him to be sure he wasn’t getting hurt, of course. Then Kit-Kat would stop at his neighbor’s door. It was almost like the guy was expecting the cat to show up.

Each time, he’d croon at Kit-Kat and talk idly about nothing in particular with a voice that soothed Will. He tried to build up the nerve to talk to him or at least tell him it was his cat he was feeding, but he never could. When he thought he’d mustered the courage, it would dissipate or his cat would come turning the corner and rub against Will’s leg almost mockingly.

Finally, one day Will saw Kit-Kat missing and went out to get him. Will wanted to shower him before he had to go meet his friends at the mall. “Kit-Kat,” he called down the hall. Of course, he didn’t come back. He wasn’t a dog.

With a surrendering sigh, Will trudged forward calling for his cat. He turned the corner and saw his raven haired neighbor sitting beside Kit-Kat stroking his gray fur as he ate from a small bowl that had been set out.

“O-oh, hello,” he said in a timid voice. “Is… this your cat?” he asked. Will bit his lip and nodded. “I hope it’s okay I’ve been feeding him. I like the company.”

“It’s completely fine. He comes back every time.” It was suddenly hard to breathe. Not because this guy might have been the author Will adored, but because he was absolutely gorgeous. His eyes were dark and mysterious, the shy smile on his face made his heart stutter, the tone of his skin, his cheekbones, his jawline. This guy could be a role model.

“What’s your name?”

“Will,” he answered, maybe a little too quickly. He cleared his throat. “Yours?”

“Nico,” he said with a smile.

Will’s heart nearly stopped. “Um… Nico… di Angelo?” he asked hopefully.

Immediately, Nico’s face turned bright red. “Ah… you read my book.” Will nodded, unable to form words anymore. “I’m uh…. Look I’d appreciate if people didn’t come knocking on my door asking me-”

“I wasn’t… I wasn’t going to tell. I won’t even ask for an autograph.”

Nico nodded and stood up. “Okay…. Um you have a really nice cat. Sorry for… feeding him. Goodbye.” Nico turned away and into his house, leaving Will feeling deflated. Kit-Kat meowed at him and maybe Will imagined it, but there was a tinge of annoyance in the sound.

He ducked down and scooped his cat up. Before leaving he looked at the door forlornly, wishing he hadn’t opened his mouth.

The next day when he got back from work, he found his cat missing again. He sighed and went up the stairs and down the breezeway. He turned the corner and saw Nico sitting beside Kit-Kat, stroking his fur, and the same little bowl the cat ate from.

“So you’re the one encouraging my cat to abandon me.” Nico jumped and looked up at Will. Before he say anything, Will said, “I’ve been wondering where he was going off to. I’m Will. Who are you?”

Nico furrowed his eyebrows and looked at him oddly. “What are you….?”

Will gave him a rueful smile. “I made you uncomfortable yesterday. So I’m making up for it by pretending it didn’t happen.” He held out his hand. “What’s your name?”

Nico stood and slowly shook his hand. “Nico….”

“Nico? Wow, I’ve never heard that name before. That’s a unique name, neighbor.” Nico tried to suppress a smile and failed. “The cat so greedily eating at your doorstep is Kit-Kat.”

“I gathered from the collar. You know cats don’t normally wear collars.” Will shrugged. “It’s a nice cat.”

Will smiled as Nico seemed less likely to disappear into his apartment this time. “Want to hear a funny story? I found him as a kitten on my way to the trash. I thought he was a girl at first and I named him Shishi.”

Nico’s eyebrows shot up and he chuckled. “How’d you find out he’s a boy?”

Will winced and heaved a sigh. “I was giving him a bath and realized he had testicles.” Nico snorted and covered his mouth trying to hold it back. “Yeah,” Will drawled. “Very interesting day. Anyway, he hates me. I think he enjoys clawing at me.”

“Well, he’s nice to me. Maybe you’re just not feeding him right,” Nico answered with a smile. Will laughed and shook his head. “It’s nature’s way of telling you you’re not a cat person.”

“That means so much to me, thank you,” Will answered with playful sarcasm. Nico laughed and looked up at him with a light blush in his cheeks. “I mean, we could share him. He seems to like you a lot, and I’m sort of attached.”

“I’d like that,” Nico answered softly. Kit-Kat purred against Will’s legs and Nico smiled. “See, he likes you.”

Will smiled at his white and gray cat. “Yeah, I guess it’s tough love.” Kit-Kat dashed back down the corridor. “Um, I think that’s my cue.” He turned back to Nico and smiled nervously. “It was nice meeting you, Nico.”

“Nice meeting you too,” he answered as he went back inside. “I’ll… see you around.” Will nodded and Nico shut the door. This time the last thing Will saw was his timid smile.

He walked back down the breezeway triumphantly and took the stairs two at a time. When he got to his door, he saw Kit-Kat lounging in the shade. Will scoffed and smiled. “I guess you’re not so bad, Kit-Kat.”


There is actually a Victorian mansion in NYC that is preserved both inside and out and which is allegedly haunted by the original owner’s daughter, who happened to be named Gertrude. It’s the Merchant’s House Museum on East 4th Street, between Lafayette and Bowery, and you can visit from Wednesday to Sunday every week.

Unlike Gertrude Aldredge, Gertrude Treadwell lived a long life and never suddenly went murderously insane. After her father, Seabury Treadwell, veto’d her marriage to a Catholic man, Gertude decided to spite her father by never marrying at all, and she ultimately died a semi-reclusive but apparently fairly satisfied and happy spinster at the age of 90, asleep in the same bed she was born in. Since then, she’s been seen by multiple visitors to the house as both a young woman standing on the stair landing (probably a memory apparition rather than her spirit or anything) and as an old woman. It’s the reports of old Gertrude sightings that get interesting, though.

To visit the house, you have to go up the landing and ring the doorbell so a docent can let you in. There are multiple reports of people going up during normal operating hours and ringing the bell, only to be greeted by a very petite old woman in a purple taffeta Victorian gown who politely, apologetically informs them that the house is closed today and that they need to come back later. The museum doesn’t employ costumed docents, and the general consensus is that Gertrude is benignly trying to keep busybodies out of her home! She’s not always in such a grumpy mood, however, and has also been known to talk happily to people on the upper levels of the house before vanishing.

Gertrude Aldredge’s fate in the film seems to borrow mainly from the story of the 16th century serial killer Erszèbet Báthory, who was ultimately imprisoned in her home behind a brick wall with no contact with the outside world except for food being pushed through a slat in the wall once a day as punishment for her sexual abuse and mutilation of scores of teenage girls, mainly peasants she hired as maids. However, it might also be referencing the (possibly fictional) story of Gertrude Treadwell’s older sister Sarah, who became pregnant out of wedlock. Seabury Treadwell, whom all signs point to being an abusive father even by Victorian patriarch standards, allegedly had the baby taken from Sarah at the moment of birth to prevent a scandal and either adopted the child out or had it smuggled through tunnels leading from the basement to the waterfront, where it was drowned by a family servant. In any case, Sarah is said to have gone insane with grief and eventually wasted away and died- in some versions, in those same subterranean tunnels.

I’ve had a few non-dramatically spooky experiences there myself, and an hoping to get to go to their Halloween “funeral” event this year. It’s only $10 to visit, so it’s definitely worth checking out!