reclamation art

Robert Smithson, Bingham Copper Mining Pit – Utah Reclamation Project, 1973

Wax pencil and tape on plastic overlay on photograph, 20 x 30 inches (50.8 x 76.2 cm)

Thank you to all my followers. As of today there are 60,000 of you, an incomprehensible number. I wanted to make some sort of statement -  that I would try to be worthy of your trust or whatever - but everything sounded so pompous. Let me instead just thank all of you for helping to keep not only the memory of Old Hollywood alive but also the artistic and social significance of these films for us today. We are not only involved in nostalgia but in the reclamation of a great art form.


Kasey Reinbold (2015)

Simultaneous fascination and disgust with the reclamation, refashioning, repurposing of art in a digital platform. Thinking a lot about how the internet lets me see the way that others interact with my work, especially in ways that don’t sit well with me. Does the artist have any control over work made public? Does the artist have any justifiable claim to it once it is out of their hands? Is it my work after you have made it yours? Art is a conversation, and I can’t help but yelling.