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anonymous asked:

Are mestizxs allowed to reclaim indigenous ancestry? Even if we have more privilege?

I think that all depends how capable you are in finding a respectful route for reconnection.

Some ‘revivalists’ idea of ‘reclaiming’ their indigenous pride involves putting on mock regalia and claiming to be a part of a struggle in latin america that was never theirs (while pushing people who are actually involved in that heritage aside). 

There are ways to explore your native background as a mestizx without overshadowing connected people, but it involves a lot of long term communication and interaction with knowledge keepers and other community members. 

Who, i should mention, are under no obligation to teach us.

- liz

Why am I seeing nonnative people trying to make a #nativeselfieday to follow #Blackout? You need to stop speaking on behalf of us. And if any native people were buying into this here’s a reminder.

Native people have our own special tags we created and formed back in like 2012 and that’s perfect because we’re taking back our OWN tags from people posting triggering/romanticizing/sexualizing/racist stuff in our own tags. We do this year-round, for a while we did an anniversary of when we started our take back the tag thing, idk if any of us still remember the date. We also created our own special tag which we have been free to post selfies in any damn time we want.
What we will NOT do is try to steal and get in on #Blackout which INCLUDES Black Indians and has nothing to do with the rest of us, other than that we should be supporting our Black Indian siblings in feeling safe to participate in both Black and Indian movements without us trying to weasel our way in too.

Go at it and reclaim:
And whatever native tags that are flooded with nonnative bullshit.

But stay away from copycats of #Blackout because it’s not ours and should stand as a love-filled day without everyone else trying to get a piece when we already have our own community to participate in and revitalize.

vinegardoppio said: not sure itd be ok to ID as native if you werent part of that culture considering theres still non-spanish-speaking natives in latin america getting fucked over today (chiapas, guatemala, etc..)

Exactly. I keep seeing articles (from mixed Latin American and North American native people alike) stating that mestizxs (whom a lot of us don’t have any cultural connection or ties to our native roots) should strive to “reclaim” our ‘indigenous identities’

…but at the same time…

this way of thinking about decolonization often ignores what we (as mestizx) have had alot of native ppl in Latin America be put through for the sake of our own exploitative/colonial agendas.

It’s like suddenly going:

“I know that alot of mestizxs have been trying to ride this wave of white supremacy (for being part European), and continue to be willing supporters of the oppressive social structures pitted against our Latin nations’ black and native ppls throughout history. But hey, i’m indigenous now too! So things are gonna be good.”

Idk…I don’t like it. It just feels like this rhetoric that all mestizxs are native wants to omit alot about our own roles in promoting assimilation/cultural genocide. I don’t like the idea that people would want to put this under the rug…

- Liz