Aren’t these salvaged/recycled greenhouses lovely?!

I’d collected some very old sash windows here in Brighton with the intent of making cold frames; however this was of course prior to myself and my love deciding to move back to my home country of Ireland to build ourselves a Tiny House and practice a little more self-reliance.

I have saved these images in folders on my computer, and unfortunately not retained sources for them - however a little reverse-image searching via Le Search Engines of your preference should throw up the sources!

From @rustic_houses ・・・ That fireplace though.

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The £1,000.00 Tiny Cabin

Yes! If they can build this in the UK for a little over £1k, then I fully believe we can build our tiny home for our current approximate budget of €8,000.00 back in Ireland!

Kyra’s parents have a large farm in Hereford, here in the UK and she and her partner Christian are parking-up int his little beauty whilst they save for a more permanent home.
Similarly, our creation will be sited on (a MUCH smaller) patch of land owed by my mother and stepfather for a few years until we make further plans.

I really like the fact that many of the materials are salvaged scrap and reclaimed/repurposed items. Though the aesthetic of bare OSB internally might not tickle everyone’s fancy (it doesn’t do it for me) I love the honesty of the materials used here. We’re also plumping for OSB as well as plywood, and plan to keep the nicest parts of the plywood on show - but will be painting, coating, cladding and covering the OSB which I find ever so “rough and ready” for what we’re hoping to achieve in terms of a cosy, clean living space. 

We also love the wood and metal mix - and are really quite enamoured with the stained, discoloured and rusted sections of the external cladding.
All-in-all I really think this is an immensely impressive achievement, not least for the ingenuity shown and for the amazingly tiny budget! Some wonderful design, creative thinking and heaps of can-do attitude has all come together into a bloody inspiring project.

I am ashamed to say this was first spotted in the Daily Mail (shudder) - though in my defence, I came across is after googling “recycled cabin”! They have a blog here, too.

There is also an episode of George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces - if you are in the UK you can watch it on 4OD via the link provided; if not… well, it’s Series 5 Ep.7 “A Home Made of Scrap”. Good luck finding it!

Over 1000 years old Bog Oak.
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without oxygen and light slowly acquire unique strength and aesthetic values.
The combination of water and minerals, time and characteristic biophysical conditions creates a unique drawing and colour of wood and drastically change its structure.
Wood from the water has thick rings and is deprived of resin and is filled with minerals which increase its stability and durability.
Such a wood can be easily processed and is not exposed to biological factors that shorten the life of traditionally obtained raw materials.
This process is comparable with geological changes which form diamonds from coal.
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