reclaim fat

me a fat person : reclaims the word fat thats been used against me by my family and the people aroound me since my literal birth and uses it for dru

someone who i didnt fucking ask : *has an aneurysm* bUT faT is A BaD WoRD

I just picked up my third pornblog follower.  Hey, pornblog.  So far, I’m down with the pornblogs that do follow me.  Gay black cock?  I’ll objectify it.  Fat ladies reclaiming their sexuality?  Sign me up, sister; shake those tiddies.  I don’t remember the other one, so it was probably something I’m not super into.

I always kind of wonder what about this blog makes a pornblog follow me.  I rarely reblog NSFW anything, so it must be liking a post that’s only tangent to their theme.  Whatever.  Come to my fandom cocktail party and get naked.  Wooo.

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Listen, i'm fat myself and the exaggeration of the panda village is because they're pandas? Thats who and what they are they're lazy and fat and eat a lot and its not being fatphobic to accentuate that characterization when its relevant to the plot also jack black (po) is fat himself? And his character usually makes the fatphobic jokes in a self deprecating manner? Sometimes yall reach tooo much

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So by your same logic the pig characters on Sing have nothing to do with fatness?
They are a characterization. Pandas or pigs, they are animals with human features meant to describe human things and situations. A symbolism of fatness.

Yes, Jack Black or Gabriel Iglesias being fat can reclaim fatness on their comedy. That is not mutually exclusive with perpetuating fat stereotypes. Which they do. 

Kung Fu Panda has no underlying positive message for fat people. Po is a walking fat stereotype. He suddenly becomes amazing in a deus ex machina plot twist

He didn’t work for it, he never had it before. He just suddenly started having a super power that is solely based on his weight, using his fatness as attacks and techniques (another old fat trope of fat characters in media and video games that we talked about before)
Could this be meant as a symbolism of coming to terms with being fat so no one can hurt you for it? If that was the intention, it wasn’t clear, nor it is mentioned. 
There is no positive message. Just “if you are fat you are all these stereotypes, you are a walking joke, and maybe one day you’ll wake up being a super Kung Fu master, but if that doesn’t happen… well, sucks to be you.”

The Panda village is not a depiction of pandas. It is a symbolism of fat humans through the behavior of pandas that are equated to those of fat humans. And obviously their main theme and common feature is fatness. 

Before accusing us of outreaching just because we dared to speak up against something you like, I would recommend you to start analyzing the things you ship a little better. Because you are clearly under reaching. 

We are not here to cater to any show or any fandom. We are here to call out fatphobia wherever it is. 

- mod Guillermo

Around 60% of adults are overweight. 35% are obese. 25% of children are overweight or obese.

You are no longer the minority in western countries. You are not oppressed. it is damn right offensive to compare your struggles to that of the lgbt+ community.

You have to face the music we are under an obesity crisis so stop trying to reclaim the word fat and destroy the negative connotations directed at it. It has negative meaning because being fat//obese is NOT a good thing and comes with many related health risks. 

-Cheshire Cat

When we only depict ‘flattering’ fat bodies, we undermine what it is to reclaim fatness

I aim to create a series of paintings that depict fat bodies without screaming about it. Images that depict fat bodies without pandering to the Good Fatty Bad Fatty trope. Images of fat bodies how we see ourselves everyday. 

Fat Acceptance will only come with increased visibility of ALL fat bodies.

Please submit images of contorted fat bodies, curled up in a ball, rolls on show, lying down and being subjected to gravity, images shot from below. 

I will then create a series of images to be shown at my Degree Show in the summer, it would mean the world if you could contribute!

Only I will see original images, I will not post them here or show them to anyone. The paintings will be stylised (feel free to censor your face if you are too nervous to send them normally, bodies are the focus and likenesses will be made but arent 100% necessary)



smaller fat ppl who reclaim the world fat is so COMPLICATED for me

like im not sure its entirely a bad thing to destigmatize and maybe even expand the boundaries of fatness but

whenever ppl who are so much less fat than me use fat to describe themselves bc my fat experience is so impacted by a handful of very specific things they dont experience, it can be frustrating
when smaller fat people are still experiencing a level of thin privilege i dont have access to while also simultaneously implicitly acting as if our experiences are similar or even comparable, as if theyre exempt from the possibility of perpetuating fat hated against me, as if their work around fatness is done while people my size, close to my size and larger are bearing the brunt of fat stigma and we are the ones dying because of lack of access but ok

i am glad more and more people are becoming comfortable or even proud of their bodies, and that fatness is becoming more and more socially acceptable, but i worry that this is not actually doing the work of liberating the fattest people, those most vulnerable to fat hatred and stigma

please dont act like because you have a small belly, or maybe because you were made to feel monstrously fat by your family your whole life even though maybe you werent that fat, or you dont fit in clothes at american apparel or maybe forever 21 but you do at target or maybe even asos, and that you claim fatness that i can or should trust you. smaller fat people still have work to do.

An ode to We, larger than Average Women

To the women
Who do not feel large enough
to truly reclaim the word Fat, but feel
not quite thin enough that the label doesn’t apply to them,

To the in-betweeners
Who know the struggle of finding
“Almost plus sized” clothing

Who know that you can either pay
19.99 for a dress that won’t button over your chest

Or 69.99 for one that fits your hips
and leaves you “gapping”
(If you’ve been there, you know)

To the women who cannot decide whether to shrink or grow
Who feel like their ample still
Means not enough

To the mothers,
the women whose bodies are
A universe, a
Blackhole working in reverse
Pushing out newborn planets
and that once
Did not exist
Rather than constantly
sucking them in

To the women who are always
Sucking it in
I know what it’s like
To wear spanx as a second skin

To the ones who want to say
“Fuck your beauty standards” -
But don’t even feel glamorous enough to be fetishized.

To we, the curvaceous
The thicker but not /damn thick/

To the ones yearning to FIT -
Into those jeans, into this life

You don’t have to keep
holding your breath -
Inhale, being full is not a sin.

Living in this stretched skin,
Is holy.

You are a goddess.
We. are. holy.

All of this soft
And marked
And /More Than/

To the ones spilling out of box
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
and You
are the only beholder that matters.
Just a friendly reminder that Rebel Wilson used the n word in her comedy, until people in the US reacted negatively, and that she compared using the n word to reclaiming the word "fat"

“In America, you really can’t say the N-word. I learned that very quickly. I did some standup when I first got to LA. I used that word. It didn’t go down well.” Her improvised jokes often get censored, too; she keeps a folder on set in which she writes them down, keeping tabs on what gets cut. “In Pitch Perfect 2, when I disgrace the Bellas, I said: ‘Well, it’s not like my vagina queefed the N-word.’ They all laughed and then gasped. It never went in.”

She likens the reclaiming of racist terms to her own reappropriation of the word “fat”. At the University of New South Wales, where she studied law and arts, she took a module on comedy and power. On one of her first sketch shows on Australian TV, she created Fat Mandi who, like her character in Pitch Perfect, owns the F-word so that the other “twig bitches don’t say it behind my back”. “If you reclaim a pejorative word, it can no longer be offensive to you. There is power in that.”

NOT the same thing. She gets NO say in reclaiming the n word.


I’m a big instagram addict. If I’m on my phone and not group texting the squad, I’m usually on instagram doubletapping to my hearts content. There is a whole range of accounts I follow, from celebrities, to friends, to people across the world with pretty photos, to cute little gelato shop that just opened across town. One of the groups of people on instagram I’m a big fan of are the body positive women. These women share so much love and support with each other, and emanate so much confidence that has inspired me to be in love with my body. 

So when I realized this morning that #curvy was blocked on instagram, I clearly became upset. Curvy was the one word that I could describe myself as that did not make me feel like I was being looked down upon. There were no negative connotations attached to it. Sometimes, it actually kind of felt nice. I’m all for reclaiming words like “fat” to reduce the negative connotations of it, but there’s something about curvy that helped me feel like I wasn’t being stared at in a negative way. 

I can understand why Instagram would ban #thin and #fat, since there is a lot of thinspo and shaming that can go along with it, unfortunately. But to ban #curvy is just so ridiculous to me. 

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Isn't it hilarious when ppl try to use fat as an insult and are shocked when it doesn't work. I'm like yeah and??? And the look on their face is so ridiculous like "how dare you not be insulted by my clever new insult!!" lmao.

omg right? It’s so weird to me. Especially cause it’s literally in my url and my tags… like bruh…. you really think an anon message that says “fat fuck” is gonna upset me? 
And props to you for being able to reclaim the word!!

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Look. Here's the thing: when you responded to that psycho anon, you said that there's nothing wrong with the way you look: and that's fine. That's fine, no one cares. I think the point that a lot of people see is that regardless of how you look, feel, act, or attempt to reclaim the word fat: you are unhealthy. You cannot sit there with good conscious and tell your followers, people who love you, that you are healthy. If you feel secure, I would find a doctor and get a physical, just ask.

The really funny thing about people like you who bring this up - I NEVER talk about my health or really health in general (aside from mental/emotional) on this blog. It is irrelevant. That is not what this blog has ever been about. Where do you see me preaching that, exactly?

I could tell you that I do in fact have a doctor, who I’ve seen several times this year, and my bp, cholesterol levels, blood glucose - are all in healthy range. Despite me telling you that, you will say that I’m either straight up lying or ‘even if you’re in good health now you won’t be when you’re older’. I know how this goes and I also know that this blog is not about my health, nor how you perceive it.

So thanks for, ya know - seeing that someone said they would kill me because I’m fat and still finding something negative to say based on words that I never said.