reckoning entertainment

23 May 2017

[Outside the Woolpack with Robert, Aaron, Victoria, and Rebecca]

ROBERT: You do remember your last party don’t you? Rebecca got invited for the Plot and we ended up with a life size Zayn cutout.

AARON: Yeah…right. I also punched you in the face. I’ll try not to do that this time around. That thirty seconds of counseling I had before our holiday really helped me out.

ROBERT: Well that’s reassuring.

AARON: Hey, Vic! We’re having a party at our house that’s totally finished even though we haven’t been here to work on it. It’s on a Thursday so there’s sure to be drama of some kind. What do you say?

VICTORIA: I say Adam’s probably going to be there so…

AARON: *well yeah he’s my best mate even if we haven’t had scenes together in ages face*

ROBERT: *Guilty ‘why do our stories have to mirror each other’s so much and you mentioning Adam makes me remember my own mistake as if I needed reminding’ Face*

VICTORIA: But that’s my problem, not yours, because even though we’re family we don’t talk about the things that really matter like the potential end of my marriage. So…yeah…of course I’ll come.

AARON: *Great glad that worked out face*

ROBERT: *Sorry Vic it’s not like I don’t care I’m just dealing with the potential end of my own marriage but I’m trying to look like nothing’s wrong face*

*Rebecca walks by*

VICTORIA: Plot! Plot! Plot! Hey, what are you doing on Thursday?

AARON: *Vic she doesn’t need to be in all of our scenes face*  #Relatable

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  • Aaron: Do you reckon we need some entertainment?
  • Robert: What, you not think we're entertaining enough?
  • Aaron: Yeah, but when we finish our drag act, obviously.
  • Faith: Hm, this sounds promising. Short skirts, please. I need to see those legs.
  • Robert: You're his grandma.
  • Faith: I'm not yours. I'll let you call me mummy, though. (leaves)
  • Robert: No, we don't need entertainment. But we might get a few more people to come if the booze is free.
  • Aaron: People are gonna turn up anyway cos I'm a top bloke. Did you get enough food or shall we make some more?
  • Robert: What, cook?
  • Aaron: No, as if. I'll get Vic to do it. In fact, I'm gonna get on it now. (leaves, Ross walks up)
  • Ross: Hello.
  • Robert: Goodbye.
  • Ross: Rebecca is most displeased with you, my man. Most displeased indeed.
  • Robert: And that's got how much to do with you?
  • Ross: Well, she must have thought some, or she wouldn't have told me.
  • Robert: Well, thanks for the update. Your table's over there. In fact, better, the door's over there.
  • Ross: Pick a number between one and ten.
  • Robert: What? No.
  • Ross: Go on. It's a game. Pick a number.
  • Robert: All right, three. Can you go away now, please?
  • Ross: Wrong. The answer's ten. Wanna guess the question?
  • Robert: is it how many knuckles I wanna hit you in the mouth with?
  • Ross: (laughs) No. It's how many grand is Robert gonna have to stump up this time to stop me blabbing about his little secret to the last person in the wordl he'd want me to? Well... See ya!