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A big post of people I’ll admire from afar behind that big tree you see over there and giggling about all the pretty pictures *-* Yea, I’ll be that kind of creep. I’ll be one with the tree. lol jkjk now being serious,

I’ve been here for three years now for the sims and still am loving it. Not only the game, but the community too. The people I’ve met are all kinds of awesomeness and I couldn’t have wish for anything better to have met such gorgeous people. I’m still talking with people who’ve I met from the beginning, to meeting amazing new people. Thank you for all your kindness ^.^

Yea, there’s many who have been on hiatus and I didn’t do any better with disappearing every now and then. I hope my wishes still reach all of you who are not as often on here as they used to. Be well is all I can hope you’re right now.

To all my followers, I thank you for being there for me and liking my content. It’s a joy to see you all and seeing replies makes my day all perfect. ^^ I hope to be able to make you smile too!

I wish everyone a wholesome 2017 and to everyone important to you as well.

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Nisuki’s Sims 3; Forever Follow ~
If you’re in this list, it’s probably one or more of these reasons:
1. I adore your cc
2. I like your posts/blog 
3. You’re an amazing person 
There’s no particular order. I started at the first blog I followed and so on~ 

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Keep doing what you do! If it’s writing, creating, or having fun, just keep it up. I’m secretly watching you~ and my male sim, Saul too. Haha.. ha.. ~ 
Have an awesome day. (。’▽’。)♡

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I know I’ve been M.I.A, however life has consumed all of my time.

Here is a picture reckless-sims and I took of Ryan, Elli, Ben and Alana in late 2009 (yes Hometown Glory was written back then). This series means a lot to us, it has brought my niece (reckless-sims) and I much closer and it allowed us to explore our creative outlets in the sims.

Bottom line I wanted to show you guys this because I’ve gotten a lot of messages asking if Hometown Glory is gone for good. HG isn’t finished my loves, it may take us a while to put out another video but Hometown Glory means too much to us to just flat out cancel the series.

But bare with us, do know that when we do post another video there will be no announcement. We will just post it.
Trust me it’ll be worth the wait.

Thank you guys for the support of the series. I love you all

reckless-sims replied to your post: Seriously just more than a little irritated right now.

I love this.I’m not married but I’ve been dating my bf since I was almost 14(19 now). I hate that people believe that you have to be a certain age to be able to handle a relationship and marriage, when its maturity level that really matters.

Thank you, yes. I realize some young people get married too quickly and probably for all the wrong reasons, so they tend to divorce, obviously. I think it’s definitely maturity level that matters. But come on, almost every older couple I know has divorced too.

Oh and, one major thing they’re pointing out is saying 18 year olds are more into their friends and partying than anything else, so how can they get married and make it last, etcetc, while wanting to do nothing except party? Excuse me, but I do not “party”. I’m on tumblr and play sims in my free time (this makes it sound like I ignore my husband lmao), what are these “friends” you think I hang out with all the time? Don’t they know the sims aren’t real people. ;)

anonymous asked:

I just joined you blog like a couple of seconds ago , but I have two questions . 1. do you have a YouTube series of your sims? I was looking threw your blog and your sims like 😳 I love them ! so yeahh . 2. do you know any good simblr blogs that you follow or just may know of ?

Lol thank you! No I don’t have a Youtube series. And I follow a few nice people with great pictures :3

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