reckless rick


This scene is all the richonne I needed to know rick and Michonne were in love. She is passionately arguing for them to go a little farther, hold on a little longer. There are tears in her eyes and her lip is quivering. And she is grasping for something that will protect her boys, especially Carl.

And Glenn is so tired. He’s so exhausted by the idea that there is a place they could be safe, because repetition is what history’s taught. And losing someone else has made him mad enough to kill.

But Rick sees Michonne. She is a real breathing woman who loves his children more than anyone but him. And how can he say no to a queen willing to put herself between oncoming hordes and in front of bullets to protect his babies. Their babies, he realizes.

And the look of tenderness in her eyes when he agrees, is so plainly full of love it makes my heart hurt. and if he had a minute to analyze that look, it would tell him everything. All her feelings, plain as day.

I think Rick works as a leader with Michonne. Michonne keeps him in check and ensures his decisions are rational. He needs her for that job, so in actuality, I think Rick and Michonne should lead together. Rick hasn’t shown concern for the entire group with people like Sasha while Michonne has. She checks up on everyone like the mother of the group. Both of them parent that group in their own way. That’s how the dynamic should be, not Rick being a 1 man standing with reckless & illogical choices.