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If you had to ask me to pick Rainbow Dash’s most defining and important moment, this would probably be at the top of my list.

It’s heartbreaking and yet triumphant all at once. In that moment, Rainbow believed her lifetime idols rewarded reckless, dangerous behavior that, just moments ago, almost got her friends killed. And now the decision was to either stay for her childhood dream, he stand by her convictions and leave. Look at her face in the last gif. She knew exactly what she had just walked away from.

Rainbow’s been through some strong, character-defining moments ever since she was introduced, and this really shows how far she’s come from season 1′s wild, reckless Rainbow. And it only makes it all the more empowering when standing by her convictions comes back to reward her.

I know season 3 is considered a divisive season because of its length and infamous finale, but it had so many amazing moments, especially this one.

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The thing that has got me thinking about when the contract ends is the release of the next single. We all know that it's supposedly Ready to Run, but there's been no hints of when it'll come out. Originally I thought they'd release a shitty MV this month to promote the tour cause otherwise they'd have to wait til Apr since TOURING... but then I got thinking. Ready to Run is pretty much a CO song. What if they do release it in Apr? After they've ended the contract with MM? To signal a new start?

At the moment the following speculation is going on w their contracts…

Modest has left:

  • Can we even confirm this? The boys look genuinely happy, the same happy as they did in Q4 2014. Harry had a lot of MIA times in LA, hanging out w Azoff and co. Zayn is more and more open about Nasty (EDIT: I mistyped sorry: Naughty) boy, like.. I haven’t followed it much, but literally there is somethinig now every day… Also Zayn is more present on twitter, embracing fanart and artists. Great!

  • even if they are signed by a new management, NDA’s exist and there is not a need for a formal announcement 
  • They took the bearding card when Louis did a pretend arrival at LAX. To be honest I’m quite sure that he is contractually obligated to do that. No way in hell he does it for fun. Louis’ twitter account is still “interesting”.

Modest stays but only manages the tour

  • How would that look? 1D managed by Azoff as clients, but Modest would be responsible for the tour. Given the half-assed too late announcement of the opening act or anything OTRA at the moment I can see Modest in it.

Modest stays until mid tour - April 2015

  • This is where it gets the most intriguing: if you remember back to WWA tour the boys were happy to get 2 weeks off to be able to adjust to time zones. Now right after the APAC leg they have a 2 months break. Does that 2 months break sound Modest to you? It is either a new management that finally takes care of their physical and mental health and/or a plan to pull something…

  • The 2 months break starts 2 months into OTRA, a bit early. Tour starts on 7th Feb and the APAC leg is on til April 4h. Next concert is on June 5th. OTRA consists of 80 shows. They have the 2 months break after 23 shows. 23 shows out ot 80. A bit more than ¼ of their shows. That’s so strange. 

  • Interesting though is that APAC countries are the one which are considered homophobic.

  • remember the proky pies interview? They had that in 2012 Oct. The interviewer mentioned to them that he heard they have signed an 18 months - 24 months extension. The 18 months extension expires in 2015 April. in the interview they mentioned Management, not record label. Management.

Modest stays till the end of OTRA: Oct 31st.

  • October 2015 would align perfectly with the 24 months extension in the porky pies interview.

Modest stays until the end of 2015

Worst case scenario is that it all ends in:

countdown page :)

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So maybe a ridiculous prompt, but - Krypton didn't have weather the same way Earth does. While there was rain, the permanent damage to the planet's core had destabilized the atmosphere. So there were no rainbows. The first time Kara sees a rainbow, she eagerly asks her sister about it, and Alex pranks her with a story about Leprechauns and their mischievous ways. Even now, years later, Kara struggles to fight the urge to race to the end of the rainbow and prevent them from being bad.

Hey Everyone!  Remember that time I was so excited about Supergirl being renewed for Season 2 and I asked for ridiculously fluffy prompts so I could write celebratory fic?

This is the prompt I received, and below is the resulting cracky, fluffy fic.

Suspend your disbelief, put away your science books and don your crack goggles.  It’s just meant to be fun.



The red light of Rao awoke her from a sound sleep.  Kara stood and made her way to her window, high above Argo City where the red sunrise shone through crystal clear glass.  She sighed.  There would be no leaving the tower today.  No Academy, no visiting Aunt Astra at the Growing Houses, and no walk to the lake with Kal-El.

It was raining today and rain on Krypton was dangerous.  The rain fell as deadly sulfuric acid that could burn the skin through in moments.  It fell in opaque drops lit a fiery orange when reflecting the red sun.  Kara hated rain.  She would be stuck inside all day and her father would make her work her Arithmetic figures until her head hurt and her fingers ached.  She was usually allowed a few hours on these ‘rain days’ to get out her paints and put the dreams in her imagination on canvas, so she could look forward to that.

Once, when she was seven, she snuck out to try to see Aunt Astra on a ‘rain day.’  Her mother found her huddled under an overhang just outside their home, covered in blistering sores where the rain had splashed her skin.  She spent three days in the Healing Center and she wasn’t allowed her paints for almost an entire moon cycle.

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