reckless fusion


The whole gang fusion, 30 years ago.

Fiddley (Stanley/Fiddleford) The tallest nerd of Gravity Falls.  He can stay working without any rest for weeks, if they try. Is pretty paternal and protective. The most part of the time is smoking and walking while thinks about a pretty complicated stuff.

Ford (Stanford/Fiddleford) The confident guy. They feel really great just the way he is. Tends to forgets that is a fusion. Likes spend time with everyone in gravity falls, specially with kids.

Stan (Stanford/Stanley) The cunning fusion. Reckless and fearless. Hates the idea of splits himself. Just like both Stans, he want his own life, punch guys in the face, have adventures and even a family. Althought he said that feels perfect and complete, with the time the loneliness and insecurities of the brothers arise. And decided to split just to let them be together alone.