reckless destruction

This is how you get rid of love.
This is how you get rid of that
Bad aftertaste. Buy an ounce,
A G, don’t matter the size, just
Something to numb the pain.
$10, $15, $20, the prices are
Never the same with different
Dealers. I wonder if they know
What this is for. I wonder if
They care. I’ll be rolling up a
Joint just to numb the pain.
Love? That’s cute. I don’t know
What that is. Love? Never
Heard of it. Dreams? I heard
This will make me feel like I’m
In one. Heartbreak? Pain? I
Don’t know. I’ve never felt it.
This numbs it out. I’ll be okay.

This is how you get rid of love.
This is how you get rid of that
Bad after taste. Just take a sip.
You can hold your liquor right?
They’re mixing up the colors. I
hope your body is use to change.
Just take a sip. It’s gonna make
You feel better. Another sip,
Come on, you have to let the
Alcohol touch every cell. The
Faster your drink, the faster it
Works. It’ll be alright. Can’t
Think? It means it’s working.
Take a breather, baby. What’s
The panic for? Can’t walk straight?
We got you. Just get in the car,
We’re taking you home. Backslide?
You mean call your ex, crying?
No, you’re good. We turned the
Phone off for you. Stop crying.
You’ll be okay. You’ll be okay.

This is how you get rid of love.
This is how you get rid of that
Bad aftertaste. Reckless driving.
If you crash, but the car hits
You first then it’s not your fault.
Red lights? Nah, We’re suddenly
Color blind. Just keep driving.
The speed limit is 40, but
Everyone is doing 60. These
Back roads to no where always
Share the best space. Careless
Driving. If a car hits you then
They can’t say you gave up.
They can’t dance into the hospital
Room & say you broke your
Promise. What promise? The
Promise they’d never leave? The
Promise they’d never stop loving
You? Say, “Sorry, you’ll have to
Be a little more specific. The
Crash caused some head damage.
I could of swore I wasn’t the
The who left.” Let their faces
Fall. Remind them, they choose
Not to be in love anymore and
You’re not mad at that part;
You’re mad at all the time wasted.
The only person you’re pointing
Fingers at is yourself. You knew
The risk, knew the pain &
Punishment. This is you telling
Them it’s not their fault, and
Someone keeps saying you’ll be
Okay. You’ll be okay. Yeah, you
Thought that too.

This is how you get rid of love.
This is how you get rid of that
Bad aftertaste. Slut culture.
You never remember the names,
Never ask unless they say it
Theirselves. Your body count
Goes up and everyone makes
A joke out of it. The person who
Had numbers lower than three
Now have a graveyard worth of
People who tasted you, but they
Don’t get it. They don’t know that
You’re trying to wash away
Something that’s no longer
There. The smell of them is
Gone. It’s been long gone. Baby,
What are you doing? Washing
Your sheets every night. You got
Your parents worried. It’s the
Nightmares isn’t it? It’s the
Withdraws, isn’t it? Your body
Doesn’t do good with change.
It’s crying out: Where’s the late
Night calls? The last minute
‘I love you’s? Where’s the sex?
The cuddles? The hand holding?
The touching? My god, all of
The goddamn touching? Some
Thing is missing. The biology in
Your body can tell. It’s reacting,
Acting up. You can’t breathe.
Everything is heavy. Is it the
Room? When did the lights get
Dark? When did it get so bright?
Something’s missing and you’re
Body knows it. It’s having with-
Draws. You’re googling solutions.
“How to forget someone?” But
It’s not that simple. All that pops
Up is shitty advice from rich
White kids who never tasted
Poor love, hood love, desperate
Love, real love. It was real, right?
You can’t escape. You can’t
Escape. It’s everywhere. Every
One knows. That’s what small
Towns are made for.

This is how you get rid of love.
This is how you get rid of that
Bad aftertaste. Burning. Burn
Everything they touched, even
Your heart, even your soul.

—  This Is How You Get Rid of Love

Damn though, Izaya in the middle of a meeting at his apartment with a big group of terrifying thugs. They’re doing their best to really instill the fear of God in him before they hire him for a job, so he knows not to mess with them, and right as they really feel like they’ve gotten him where they want him, Heiwajima fucking Shizuo wanders downstairs in his pajamas and starts digging around in the fridge like nothing important is going on.

He even stops in and gives Izaya a little kiss on the cheek before he goes upstairs, and Izaya smiles at them like he just knows how fucked they’ve figured out that they are.

it was love.
but, it wasn’t the blue sky, sunny day love.
it wasn’t the kind of love that warms the hearts of the hopeless romantics.
it wasn’t a happy every after kind of love.

it was a reckless love. a destructive love. one that destroyed everything in its path.
it was careless and painful, and in the end, almost nothing remained.
but, it was love.

—  and that was enough.
Getting Over Saving the World
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: Nattish | Word Count: 44.4k | Rating: NC-17

Summary: Harry was a hero, but now he’s not. Unable to cope with his peaceful, mundane life, he acts out with violence, vandalism, and hedonistic behaviors. He is sentenced to community service for his crimes, and there he finds a reason to move on.

Review: As the summary says, Harry has had a difficult and frustrating inability to cope and figure out who he is after the war, and acts increasingly reckless and self-destructively, hurting those around him with his erratic behaviour. He is flawed and a disappointment to himself and those around him, and he knows it but can’t seem to figure out what to do. 

It’s Hermione and Ron and their strong support that gets him to start changing things about his life. As a part of his community service, he takes up a job as professor for DADA at Hogwarts, with Draco as his supervising officer. But Draco has his own problems and things he needs to deal with, and end up helping each other find their own ways in the process.

The ending is so mushy and adorable, I literally can’t deal!! Despite all the difficulties Harry goes through, this story focuses on the parts where he works to better things for himself, and how in the end he manages to earn and deserve the best thing possible.

Content/Warnings: Alcoholism, Past Harry/Ginny, Harry/OMC

Mood Music: I Wanna Get Better - Bleachers

It has taken me this long to learn not to pick at the loose part of an almost broken nail. 

It has taken me this long to learn my body has a hard enough time healing itself without me breaking it to completion.

Yet my instinct is still to throw my stupid heart under moving trains, never satisfied to let the leaving things go without tearing me apart.

Prince of Egypt sentence meme

❝ Come on. Where’s your sense of fun ? ❞
❝ Why do the gods torment me with such reckless, destructive, blasphemous people ? ❞
❝ I seek to build an empire, and your only thought is to amuse yourself by tearing it down. ❞
❝ Have I taught you nothing ? ❞
❝ Hmm. Responsible. Do you know the meaning of that word ? ❞
❝ One weak link can break the chain of a mighty dynasty. ❞
❝ You must not allow yourself to be lead astray. ❞
❝ All he/she cares about is your approval. I’m sure he/she will live up to your expectations. They only need the opportunity. ❞
❝ Single-handedly, you will bring the greatest kingdom on Earth to ruin ! ❞
❝ Why is it that every time you start something, I’m the one who ends up in trouble ? ❞
❝ Don’t worry. Nobody will even notice us coming in. ❞
❝ I won’t be given to anyone ! Especially an arrogant, pampered brat ! ❞
❝ I am showing you all the respect you deserve — none ! ❞
❝ Ask the man that you call ‘father’. ❞
❝ Sometimes, for the greater good, sacrifices must be made. ❞
❝ Oh, they were only slaves. ❞
❝ We can take care of that. I will make it so it never happened. ❞
❝ Nothing you say can change what I’ve done. 
❝ All I’ve ever known to be true is a lie. ❞
❝ I’m trying to get the funny man out of the well. ❞
❝ That’s why they say that she’ll never get married. ❞
❝ It seems you do not know what is worthy of honour. ❞
❝ What on earth are you dressed as ? ❞
❝ I cannot change what you see. ❞
❝ His hands bore the blood of thousands of children. ❞
❝ So, how does it feel when you get struck to the ground ? ❞
❝ Still gnawing away at that bone, are we ? ❞
❝ Abandon this futile mission. I’ve indulged you long enough. ❞
❝ There is one thing they cannot take away from you: your faith. ❞
❝ You were always getting me into trouble ! But then, you were always there to — get me out of trouble again. ❞
❝ No kingdom should be made on the backs of slaves. ❞
❝ I will not be dictated to ! I will not be threatened ! ❞
❝ Let go of your contempt for life before it destroys everything you hold dear. ❞


I wrote you a love poem,

but it went off last night drinking

and I haven’t seen it since.

I wrote you a love poem,

but it didn’t act the way I

expected it to.

It spat and smoked cigarettes and

had scars on it’s wrists with tattoos

that said, “never again” between

the pink fleshy lines.

I wrote you a love poem and

it accused me of being a liar.

It stole my booze and

wrecked my father’s car.

It threw bricks through windows

and wrote your return address on them.

It ambushed itself with a knife

in a dark alley;

carved your initials inside a heart in

the bark of it’s chest.

It woke up in lockup with hickeys

and no memory of what happened.

I wrote you a love poem,

and it did exactly what it’s job was-

it described just

how hard I fell for you.

Today on ‘Nerdy’s wild theorycrafting proves correct every once in a while’

‘’It seems the Spider-Man: Homecoming footage shown at CinemaCon featured Tony Stark upbraiding Tom Holland’s Spider-Man for being reckless and destructive.
According to Feige, the idea for how to introduce Spider-Man into the MCU is to play up the fact that Peter Parker’s been there the whole time, as he would’ve been roughly five or six at the time that Tony Stark revealed himself as Iron Man. 

A mistake by Spidey during a ferry rescue scene prompts Iron Man to show up and make the actual save.  Peter’s struggle prompts Tony to take the Spider-Man costume/armor back as he tells Peter he “shouldn’t need it to be Spider-Man.” As such, Peter suits back up in the homemade costume briefly seen in Captain America: Civil War. ‘’

Emphasis mine and BRUH I CALLED IT Y E A H 


‘’It seems Watts wants to show Peter yearning to be an Avenger and operate on a larger scale but his journey in Homecoming will be about him learning to just take care of NYC.  At one point, Tony literally tells him, “Can’t you just be a friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man?”

when you want to cringe at that line but you also want to applaud it

Trying to Predict the Unpredictable


There was a time when she would give anything to forget, to erase every scar that had cut into her heart and threw her into a downward spiral of self destruction and reckless behavior that more often than not got her into trouble. Then again, wasn’t that exactly what the Night Mother excelled at? Getting into trouble, and causing chaos wherever those heeled feet walked. Since that fateful day, the woman had never been the same. She had thrown caution to the wind, gave a big fuck you to whatever consequences came her way and at the same time.. gave up. They say, what’s yours will always come back; if it doesn’t it was never yours to begin with. Perhaps there is some truth behind it, and perhaps it’s nothing but a lie made to make us believe that we hold some power over the unknown. 

We’ll never truly know, but for the Night Mother herself things were beginning to feel like some kind of sick game. How fast would she break, how quick would she melt. How quickly would she forget all the hurt, just to feel his touch once more.

Deep below in the sewers of Dalaran, that clad leather figure stalked her way through the thick decaying smell of waste and whatever poor soul met his fate in what could be compared to as the depths of hell. Burning the eyes of those less trained, and if the smell hadn’t caused you to tuck tail and run then it would have been the shady figures that lurked in every darkened corner, turning eyes away from the woman as she walked passed. She was known well enough in her trade to be left alone, less they find themselves joining the corpses that turned belly up in the sewage. A job she intended to finish as quick as possible, never having liked lingering here in the sewers for very long, she was paranoid her leathers would never get rid of the smell. 

The Goblin ordered several bags of narcotics, to which Ayamei agreed to for twenty five gold pieces per pill, they weren’t easy to get her hands on and the demand was high for this specific type of narcotic and although she was suspicious he accepted so quickly to her outrages price, the gold was something she refused to turn down; if her suspicions came through she’d simply kill the man and take the money she was owed as well as keeping the narcotics for the next customer. 

The odds were in her favor, but when approaching the assigned room she had caught the eyes of the barkeep peering at her a warning spark within his eyes. Perhaps the Goblin intended to fool her after-all. She held the barkeeps gaze intensely for a long moment before he quickly averted his eyes and returned to polishing the already glistening bar-top. 

Long tapered ears flicked attentively and turned the knob to swing the door open. Strangely, it was dark within the room having only been lit by a small candle sitting tableside from the hammock that sat suspended from the rafters. Golden eyes scanned the room, venturing down to lay them upon the corpse of who could only be the Goblin she had intended to meet here. A normal person would have turned and left, but everyone already knew Ayamei wasn’t exactly the most cautious person in the world. Reckless, more like.  She entered the room despite the dangers that may have been lurking by and loomed over the body with her hands upon her hips and a less than pleased expression upon her lips. She let go of an irritated sigh and cursed under her breath. “Well fuck…” 

The very moment she turned her heel to look about, she felt rough hands upon her shoulders and in a matter of moments found herself belly first upon the floorboards and a pair of swords crisscrossing around her neck; milking beads of crimson from her flesh. Despite this, she kicked her legs and attempted to throw the assailant from her body, but he had her locked to the point where any subtle movement may have snapped her ankles. So, she fell still and waited for whatever was to happen next. Whoever it was quickly turned the woman around and replaced the blades to her neck. She stared up at the Wolf Pelt mask with a snarl, having absolutely not way to reach for the revolver that sat hip-side. She displayed no fear, not so much as a tremble to the blades that threatened to decapitate her. She instead, hissed at the male figure looming over her. 

The assailant fell silent, the grip on his blades loosening ever so slightly before her name escaped his lips in a hurried and surprised fashion. “Aya?” 

She didn’t recognize the voice given the muffle from the mask he wore, so instead of stopping to reply she continued to struggle which had his blades tightening around her throat. Again, despite close to death she shot a fist up in attempts to strike him in the jaw but given her position he was easily able to evade it. However, upon doing so she managed to clip the hood and send it flying off his features to reveal his now masked face and unkept raven strands falling over his face. His eyes were the only thing she needed to realize who exactly this man was, and once they locked eyes all movement from her ceased. Staring up at him wide eyed like a deer in headlights. It didn’t take her long to kick herself backward and away from the man, scrambling to her feet to just stare at him in silence. Expression hidden by the mask she wore, but it was clear it was one of disbelief. She nearly pinched herself to reassure herself this was in fact, not a dream or figment of her imagination. 

Everything seemed to be at a standstill in that moment, as if time had completely stopped or even ceased to exist. She stared, features flat and portraying no emotion whatsoever as she gazed at the man she had once called her lover. The very man that had broken her into pieces upon his departure. The very man that ripped what was left of her heart. The man.. she looked for in every other man who set their eyes upon her. No one ever lived up to her expectations, no one could make her forget or mend that heart that had once been in the palm of his hand. 


Her mind raced, creating a silence that hung in the air for what felt like hours before she moved forward to bring trembling fingers up to pull down the mask that concealed his features and exposed them to her; heart sinking the moment she set her eyes upon that familiar mug. The familiar coppery smell, and that pensive stare directed down at her as his hands lifted to bring his blades across her back; trapping her there with absolutely nowhere to go. He had every right to be suspicious, he knew of what she had become after he disappeared. She had give up, handed herself over to the very people they had been running from for years. Without him there, her life had little meaning. He was all she had left, and then she didn’t even have that.

She half expected him to end her life right then and there, assuming his suspicions were fact and skipped asking questions. Instead, he had her remove his glove and brought it up to near her porcelain cheek where he anticipated what reaction her skin would have against the Spellbreaker. Upon making contact, the room hung heavy as the woman stood without reaction to his touch, she was no longer bound by the emotionless curse placed upon her by the fiends she called Family and now, even held a beating heart that thrumped wildly within her chest. She knew, that if she had reacted negatively to his touch her life would have been ended right then and there by the man she loved, and yet, would have welcomed it all the same. Despite the blades to her chest, she couldn’t help but lean in and press her head to his chest where she had so many times before and found that she still smelled the same, and fit perfectly there against him. Still, after so long. Emotions were expressed behind closed doors, a woman so headstrong and stubborn finding safety in him.. enough to allow what walls she carried with her to be brought down in one swoop as his arms curled around her waist and held her in turn; pressing a gentle kiss atop those short platinum locks. 

A heated argument was exchanged afterwards, causing that rage she had hidden away to boil and explode toward him, blaming him for how things ended up; though at the same time knew he wasn’t to blame at all. She allowed herself to get caught in that web, instead of running; but oh how she was tired of running. She and Jeros had run for years, just for one chance at a normal life. As normal as they could possibly get; and even then they were constantly on edge. Was someone watching, did they know their location? How long was it until Ayamei had another episode. Now that she looks back, he knows leaving her was perhaps for the best. For his own sanity. 

She never thought she’d see him again, and so the when the moment came she was able to touch his face without any protest she felt her stomach quiver. She clutched his body to her own and buried her face into his chest and remained this way for what felt like hours. Time had escaped them, and not a movement was held between the two. Standing in silence, wrapped in the warmth of each other’s embrace. 

She felt that at any moment he would simply disappear, cease to exist and awake from a dream she had been dreaming for many moons. But if it was real, how real was this moment. How long until he simply… left. 

“You know he admires you, Aya…” 

“It doesn’t matter, he will never meet my expectations. Not since him, not since Jeros.. Father…” 

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