Dragon: The Game
Be the DRAGON! Help us create an open-world sandbox, action RPG like none before. Create your custom dragon and loose it upon the world


Have you ever wanted to live the life of a dragon?

Choose between helping and pillaging towns
Designing your custom dragon to take flight within the lands?
Well Red Level Games wants to make the game we have all wanted a reality!

I’ve been following this game for a while now, and they have made some huge improvements to the baseline of the game. It’s still very early right now, but it has still had an amazing reception so far

I’ve spoken with the devs on the forums, and they aim to take this game as far as they can. Even if the game only reaches a set level of stretch goals, they will continue on to seek out future investments from companies and using the game that kickstarter helps build to seek out investments to push their dream even further.

This means that the more funding this game received from us, the better they can build it, giving them a greater chance at even more funding from larger companies. So your donation will help push the game exponentially.

Lets help build the dragon game we have always wanted!

  • Improved gameplay at 30k
  • Building better groundwork and improved graphics at 100k
  • PVP and CO-OP multiplayer at 250k
  • Dynamic world economics at 450k
  • Huge graphics upgrade at 470k
  • Cinematics and voice acting at 650k
  • $1,000,000 milestone will bring advanced flight physics, yet another graphical upgrade, massive plot lines you can follow, and ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ to make this the greatest dragon game the world has seen!

There are many more milestones between these, visit the kickstarter page to take a look at everything else they have planned!

I also have a few keys for the game, so even if you can’t support it, I’ll be doing a raffle at the end to all those who reblog this post to see who will get a free copy of the game

Bob: “ He doesn’t feel his relationship with Gina was as heartfelt. Bellamy is more vulnerable and close with Clarke. ”

Said his scenes with Clarke in s4 are “quite good” + they’re going to film on hug set

wore Bellarke hat. & He has picture with Gabbi - “she asked bob to do bellarke hug.” AND HE ASKED HER WHICH ONE and she said the first one. AND he remembers exactly how his hands were in this hug

HE REMEMBERS EXACTLY HOW IT WAS! hug that was recorded 2 years ago!

S4 is going to be a lot like S1. Bellarke partnership is important.

“I used to give and now I get to recive” This whole con got me like.

Bellarke fam will never give up, love ya all


–our pearl of price, our princess fair and gud,
Our charbunkle chosin of high imperiale blud,
Our rose royal most reverent under croune,
Joy be and grace onto thi selcitud:
Rejoice!, thoue queyne of Scottis regioun

MARGARET TUDOR, 1489 – 1541 (request by anonymous, fancast: Lynn Collins)

Life Heck for the Holly-daystime: Dont get nobody no pets for no presnents!!!!! Pet is not gift. pet is creature and will give kiss and must recive kiss. must be perpared to responsibility and to care-for-years!!

THEN can enjoy a smoch smoch time, thank you

Is It Only EXO Who Is Outstanding...Digital·Physical, All Captured by SHINee, Triple Crown Dignity [Golden Disk]

Idol group SHINee received Triple Crown at GDA, boasting the dignity of receiving the most awards. SHINee took 3 trophies for CeCi Icon Award, Physical Album Section Popularity Award and Bonsang. They were awarded the most awards at the award show on this day among all the other participants.

Last year, SHINee who embraced their Daesang trophy 6 years after debut, since the beginning of the new year achieved Triple Crown dignity solidifying their usual said position as talented idols.

Eventhough they conceded the Daesang to juniors EXO, in digital and physical, they caught attention by accomplishing acknowledgement in everything.

Also, the stage SHINee prepared on this day showed a 7th year down appearance. Even showing 2 continuous songs ‘Dream Girl’ and 'Everybody’, they completed the stage without any signs of exhaustion, with perfect live and powerful performance with not even a single inch of error. On this day at GDA, some idols’ singing was criticized by netizens for being below standard, as opposed to SHINee who was praised for a flawless led stage.


**Rough translations. May not be accurate.**

Credit: @MissPhotoSlut

Post easter break tea break sketches. I always feel super rusty after a few days away from my desk, this page took a lot longer to fill than i would care to talk about.

I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has picked up a copy of my first sketch collection, i have been blown away by the fantastic feed back and support i have recived!

If anyone else is interested in some high resolution pages from my sketchbook, vol 1 is right here:


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Context: The party (A halfling rogue, a elven wizard who is a total wildcard, and a chaotic good monk) has just cleared a mansion where a demonic cult has been engaging in cannibalism and ritual suicide to summon various nasty things. When they defeated the boss, it turned into a young priest who had been kidnapped (the party had been sent to find him)

Monk (ooc): “Can i convert him to my order by doing a flip?”

DM: “Um sure… roll a religion check”

Monk: *rolls high*

Monk: “Hey kid, check this out WHOO!” *does a flip*

DM: “The priest is completely astounded by your sick flip, he’s decided to convert”


Wheels then proceeded to become the Monk’s personal slave. He took his clothes, gave him a large stick to use as a quaterstaff and usually sent him into battle first. The only advice Wheels ever recived was “do a flip”.



Please look this link for know what is this about:

Hey ( @ahogehope ) Claus, I heard you are a quite sick this days so I hope this make you feel better. ALL THE CAST OF DANGAN RONPA IT’S DONE -except Santa Shikiba, but who would a button of him anyway?- AND I’M SO HAPPY, I SURPRIES OF HOW CUTE THEY LOOK AT THE END.

Also, One more thing. Claus I really, really, REALLY need to talk with you (because i left you a lot of messages without answer. Pls Claus i need some via for send you this with more quality!)

Well, that’s all. I hope you’ll better soon! See ya~!