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I'm worried about men having sexual relations being forbidden in the torah. As a member of the LGBT community this scares me, do you think it is just because it was a different time and this was more considered a sin of man against his wife? That's all I could come up with, but I just can't make myself believe that G-d would condemn something as such between to married people who are in love.

Hi there,

You have an extremely valid concern.  I believe that a literary analysis of the material can help to illuminate why “the two verses” exist in the text and how we can better understand them as contemporary Jews.  The most quoted verses of the Tanakh which aim to indignity LGBT+ folks are Lev. 18:22 and 20:13 (”man shalt does not lie with man”) and Deut. 22:5 (“a man shalt not wear women’s clothing”).  I apologize in advanced for the massive amount of text present, but it is all important in order to validate and illuminate your concerns.

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How can i improve khushoo in salah?

There are many ways to improve one’s kushoo and this is partly attained throughout a long process. Here are some points I myself have found to be very effective and the more you get into the routine of this the easier it will be.

1. Prepare yourself before salaah meaning do your wudhu with caution, clean the prayer room, wear beautiful prayer clothes since this is something the prophet salallahu alayhi wassalaam prescribed. Bring that kind of awareness back to you that you re going to stand before Allah as if it is your last prayers. Many people fail to internalise sometimes that salaat is like a very important meeting with Allah.

2. Preparing one’s self for prayer can also mean motivating one’s self before or calming down. Like, take as much as you want before the prayer to maybe reflect on the Qur'an. Sit onto your prayer mat and go through the meaning of the surahs you want to recite. Or simply sit there to collect yourself.

3. Salaah becomes more important the more you revolve your day around Islam and its ibadah. I know, this is not always possible because some of us are not always home but at school and work. But it can mean simple things. Reciting a few pages of the Quran in the morning and evening, doing your adhkar when you wake up or before you go to sleep. Listening to Quran when you go somewhere. All these things can help you to bring back that ‘islamic’ feelings back to you.

4. Other than that you can change something about the way you used pray. What I mean with this is that one must maybe start to to lengthen their prayers and instead of just praying 4 fardh rakaat without dhikr afterwards, add the recommended sunnah prayers to it.

The prophet salallahu alayhi wassalaam said:

Allah will build a house in Heaven for whoever is diligent in observing 12 Sunnah Rak'aat (as follows): 4 Rak'aat before and 2 after the Dhuhr (Midday) Prayer, 2 after the Maghrib (Sunset Prayer), 2 after the ‘Ishaa’ (Evening) Prayer and 2 before the Fajr (Dawn) Prayer.“ Hadith sahih narrated by at-Tirmidhi No. 379 and by others. Hadith No. 6183 in Sahih al-Jaami’.

I think this is very effective for those among us who have the tendency to rush through salaah. It will cause you to have more discipline, and increase your concentration.

4. Learn new surahs with meaning by heart. It can be either a surah that you really like and that makes you feel very emotional, or you can memorize the recommend 30 juzz, the last 20? pages of the Qur'an and strengthen your memory by constantly reciting in in salaah.
I personally think that the longer one’s are very helpful because again you don’t have the option to rush through your prayer.

5. A small thing I also wanted to mention is music. Music is so toxic for salaah, there were so many times I would hear some random music before and it would exactly play inside my head when I would start salaah.

That’s all that I had found to be effective in a way. For the ones who know more, can add their tips to it. Maybe you should also look into the book 'inner dimensions of prayer’.

Adkhaar reminder!

1. Recite every morning and evening (3x). [Remember that morning starts after Fajr and evening starts after Asr.]

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الَّذِیْ لَا یَضُرُّ مَعَ اسْمِهِ شَیْ ءٌ فِیْ الْاَرْضِ وَلَا فِی السَّمَآءِ وَھُوَ السَّمِیْعُ الْعَلِیْمُ

Transliteration: Bismillahillathi la yadurru ma'as-mihi shai’un fil ardi wa la fis-sama’i, wa Huwas-Sami’ul Alim

Translation:In the Name of Allaah with Whose Name there is protection against every kind of harm in the earth or in the heaven, and He is the All-Hearing and All- Knowing)[Tirmidhi]

2. Recite the following after Fajr and Maghrib prayer, before you even speak to anyone, before you even move from the tashahud position.

لاَ إِلَهَ إِلاَّ اللَّهُ وَحْدَهُ لاَ شَرِيكَ لَهُ لَهُ الْمُلْكُ وَلَهُ الْحَمْدُ يُحْيِي وَيُمِيتُ وَهُوَ عَلَى كُلِّ شَيْءٍ قَدِير

Transliteration: laa ilaaha illallaahu wahdahu laa shareeka lahu, lahul mulku wa lahul hamdu yuhyee wa yumeetu wa huwa alaa kulli shay’in qadeer”

Translation: None has the right to be worshipped except Allaah alone having no partner, sovereignty is His and all praise is for Him and He brings life and He causes death and He has full power over everything.)“[Tirmidhi]

And Allaah knows best.

The Messenger of Allah (salallahu alayhi wa sallam) said: He who recites three times every morning and evening: ‘Bismillahil-ladhi la yadurru ma'as-mihi shai'un fil-ardi wa la fis-sama'i, wa Huwas-Sami'ul-'Alim (In the Name of Allah with Whose Name there is protection against every kind of harm in the earth or in the heaven, and He is the All-Hearing and All- Knowing),’ nothing will harm him.
—  Abu Dawud

In the Name of Allah, Who with His Name nothing can cause harm in the earth nor in the heavens, and He is the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing.

Bismillaahil-lathee laa yadhurru ma'as-mihi shay'un fil-‘ardhi wa laa fis-samaa'i wa Huwas-Samee 'ul- 'Aleem

(Recite three times in Arabic; in the morning and the evening)

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you have witch powers? i've always been fascinated with "paranormal" stuff, including magic, so i was wondering if u could tell me stuff about it. is magic real? what kind of stuff did ur grandma do? are ghosts and spirits real too? what kinds of spells can witches cast? is it like supernatural? sorry if i'm asking a lot of questions i'm just so fascinated and curious. i didn't even know witches were like, legit until i read ur tags, i just thought that people back then said that so they had 1/2

2/2 a reason to burn a woman they didn’t like. ok now i’m rambling but in short, what can u tell me about witch stuff? i’m just asking cause i’m really curious :)

(about my tags on this)

#whenever phil gets out the tarot cards and pulls something scarily accurate i’m just like…. yes…. good…show us your witch powers…… #(my own experience with tarot? so reassuring. and calming. it’s like asking for a friend’s advice but that friend is your own brain.) #also my great grandmother was a witch by profession and i definitely got some of her magic #i have not yet learned to recognise a feeling when i feel it.. but when stuff happens later i’m like OH THAT WAS MY MYSTERIOUS FEELING #one of our sheep died a week or so ago.. and for two days straight i was outside in the middle of the night staring at the moon #and wondering why i felt death in the air #and the rain made me cry and it felt like release but i didn’t know why #and i immediately started worrying about our sheep but didn’t follow up to see if they were okay #then two days later my mother comes in and tells me one of our sheep died and two days ago had given my mother “the death look” #if you’ve never seen someone or something die… there’s this look they have that’s like a disgraced peacefulness and self-awareness #but basically i knew the sheep was gonna die without any reason for me to think that #and i need to learn to follow up on my instincts because they’re ever-present and i never know when it’s a psychic thing or random anxiety #disclaimer: IS IT ALL BULLSHIT who knows? but science doesn’t know a whole lot about a lot of things and this stuff is natural to me #so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

okay!! i was expecting someone to ask, so here goes. (in case anyone’s wondering, this is a personal post, and no, i’m not making this stuff up.) (feel free to reblog if you want. but it’s so goddamn long aaah)

first off, an opinion: whether or not you believe magic is real in this world is entirely related to whether or not it is real. at least in my books. magic/paramormal stuff can always be observed, but if you don’t believe it’s anything beyond coincidence or skilled trickery, it’s not gonna impact you.

i do believe in ghosts (or djinns, or something else human-like), but in my experience they don’t really do anything except exist in some other realm and occasionally become visible when i’m at my most lucid, at that point between waking and sleeping. most people (myself included) would say it’s just a hallucination. but like…. who’s to say it isn’t real, just in a way we as humans don’t yet understand? y’know?

the most interesting ghost sighting i’ve experienced was when i was fully awake, not hallucinating. i was in a car with my sister, my sister’s friend, and her mother - and we drove over a bridge, and i saw a fritzing semi-translucent black figure walking along the peak. i looked back and it was gone. it wasn’t scary, it was just really cool. i saw that with my own two eyes, i have zero doubt i saw it, and for that moment, it was there.

other times i’ve seen things pass through walls, or felt presences in the room that vanish when i look. i get deja vu maybe once a week. the ability comes and goes in phases, switched on and off whenever i tell someone about it. it’s like that part of my brain gets really shy and goes into hiding when it’s mentioned.

sometimes it can be pretty powerful. there’ve been moments when a deja vu begins, i remember it from a dream, fast-forward through the memory to remember what happens, and i get ahead of present time, so i predict what’s in front of me by about one to three seconds. usually it’s snippets of conversation, or my hands moving to complete an action, or words i’m typing. (let me tell you, it’s so freaking bizarre when you’re consciously typing, thinking about what you’re typing, and simultaneously remembering typing it before, and knowing what you’re about to type despite not yet knowing. and then seeing it happen. i think a lot of people reading this would be like “what?” but i know there’s someone out there who knows exactly what i mean)

for a long time in my teenage years i told people i’d see coloured figures, like auras without physical people, just hanging around out there in the world, but due to health issues a lot of my teenage memories are gone, and the only memory i have of that stuff is the recollection of me telling people about it, and remembering it while telling people. it’s really weird. i sometimes think maybe i made that up?? but i don’t understand why i’d do that when i do actually see other things sometimes.

once, my family visited this old historic building, and i remember seeing a woman in a maid’s outfit duck through a doorway. but she wasn’t actually there. so. idk.

my great-grandmother (or great-great grandmother?) on my mother’s side used to sell love spells to the people in her Indian village. my mother told me about it when i was little. my [great] great grandmother would write a spell on parchment, and the client had to go home and burn it in their fire. and she would curse people, in exchange for payment. that’s all i know about that. but my grandmother (also on my mother’s side) used to have some kind of power, i never got to ask about it while she was still alive. (she was an awesome woman. one of the first women in her country and generation to go to university.)

personally, having been raised as a muslim, i always felt really disconnected from the culture and practices of the religion, even though i believe in the supernatural aspects of it right down to my core. that’s despite my ultimate acknowledgement of facts being deeply rooted in hard science. recently (like, in the past few months) i’ve started to rediscover my faith - directly following on from a quiet interest in the pinterest & instagram aesthetics of paganism and new age magic, which as a concept i was never really sure about. i just really liked how it looked. basically, it clicked in my brain that islamic prayers could, in essence, just be spells. you gotta take everything with a grain of salt. they might not work. but that’s the beauty of it.

a few weeks ago i stumbled across a prayer on tumblr, and read its intended purpose: “Allah will grant whoever recites this seven times in the morning or evening whatever he desires from this world or the next”.

and… i started to think, maybe the purpose is not to actually do that. nothing ought to be a get-out-of-jail-free/do-this-and-your-life-is-made type thing. maybe the purpose is to make you believe nothing can go wrong. and that every bad thing that happens–? it happens so that you can learn from it. and eventually, after many things change, you realise what you desire was not the thing you thought you desired. (idk how to explain that. an example from my life: i really wanted to be a veterinarian growing up. then i got sick, dropped out of school. and now i’m a writer. i want to be a writer more than i ever wanted to be a vet. i had to get sick and my life had to fall apart before i could discover that. writing was never something i’d have considered before.)

my point is, if you believe everything that happens to you will ultimately be a good thing, bad things don’t hurt so much.

and if you take something as a sign, it’s a sign. it’s just your own brain taking hints from the world around you and using them to conjure up a decision. if you wanna believe it’s magic, it is.

personally i like protection prayers/spells and just…generally positive ones. i say prayers for sick friends, people who i see on my tumblr dash who are having a bad time, and if i see or hear about disasters or worldwide events. i’m not expecting it to have a visible impact, but like.. what’s the harm? at the very least it makes me feel like i did something if i don’t have money to give, or i can’t be there with a friend, or the world is falling apart and i’m helpless. praying or saying a spell is just hoping, really, really hard. if some greater being is out there, listening? cool. (but what if god doesn’t wanna do anything? maybe it’s like my cupcake theory. god puts the ingredients in a baking tray, shoves it in the oven, forgets about it. the universe rises as a cupcake. god made it. but the universe is doing its own damn thing.)

regarding tarot cards: again, it’s self-reflection. you can believe answers come from outside influences, but it’s easily just as much about interpreting generic advice and making it mean something to you. but personally i’ve drawn random cards, and known that no other card in the deck would’ve been as relevant at that moment. i’ve used tarot cards to determine the endings for my stories, and coincidentally pulled cards that directly represent my title characters.

one time i was thinking about my fic “The Moonlighter and the Magician” and the card i pulled first was The Magician. and i was like gee thanks tarot cards that’s helpful. (but actually? it meant those cards were on the same wavelength as me. think about it. 78 cards, there’s a one in 78 chance i pull that one on my first try.)

apart from my wonky first-ever tarot readings with the Rider-Waite travel-size tarot deck (which belonged to my mother), i’ve never pulled anything that didn’t eventually make sense. i use The Wild Unknown cards now, i relate to them so much more. plus they’re mine, not borrowed or abandoned for years, which probably helps. (buying those cards was the most money i ever spent on anything. i don’t regret it.)

is any of this like the show ‘supernatural’? not really. the closest i can say my experiences have come to the show would be the episode “faith”. just, the whole episode. it doesn’t matter if it’s the real deal, so long as it works. and boy, does it work for me. and a lot of other people.

like i said, all the spirit-like entities i’ve encountered have been perfectly benign. no monsters, except things i’m pretty sure are nightmares.

but on that note, i take a lot of things to help me sleep. if i didn’t, i’d be waking up screaming night and day (i hit whistle register while screaming, once). i see faces in the dark and creatures in my bedroom, even when my eyes are closed and i’m awake. i sleep with a light on, and i prefer to sleep in the day. i cannot even deal with the presences in my room.

for that matter, my room is definitely the most presence-heavy room in the house. now, although it’s obviously just in a drafty area, i feel the cold spots. all. the. time. i’m feeling one right now as i type this. the door and window are both closed. the heater is always on. the draft comes from the same corner of the ceiling my cat stares at when she’s “staring into space”. there’s definitely something there, but it legit doesn’t bother me. it watches me get dressed sometimes, but it’s not weird about it. like i said, benign.

i feel energy everywhere i go. i can’t stay in my family’s open plan living room comfortably for more than a few minutes, because that room is filled with people and pets coming and going all freaking day, and even when it’s empty, it’s so LOUD. there’s vibrations and voices coming out of the walls, because the house absorbs it all. as a generally tired person, that room exhausts me. i can only stay there if i have social energy. (yes, even an empty room.)

i am so, so sensitive to people’s moods and the energy they let out (to the point where i burst out screaming if i see a negative microexpression during a personal conversation). i find phone calls very difficult, not just because of social anxiety, but because i can’t sense energy as easily as i want to, and is natural for me. skype calls aren’t the same as being there in person. a lot of this could also be autism-related, but nearly everything about me is autism-related, because i’m autistic. go figure.

one time, the day i had my first period, i passed out in a maths exam. all the other times in my life, i’ve seen black or maybe red when i passed out, but this time it was a striking cobalt blue. and i heard SO MANY VOICES, i thought the whole classroom was full of people shouting. my P.E. teacher was observing that exam, she carried me out of the room and lay me on the floor outside. i told her about the voices, she looked at me in confusion and said “there were no voices?? the whole room was silent for the exam.” obviously that was a weird day, but given the amount of times i’ve lost conciousness in my life, before and after that day, i know the warm muggy feeling of slipping away, and i guarantee that one was just a little bit not-normal.

my cat Wilson follows me everywhere. if you’ve ever seen a picture of a witch and her familiar, that’s me and Wilson. she leaves the house if i leave, and she’ll walk down the road beside me to make sure i stay safe. she only lets me leave completely if i go in a car, but even then, she tries to come too. i know what she says when she talks. she speaks in words for me. it translates naturally in my head without a thinking process.

there was this one time when i was about 15 my parents took me to an after-hours medical centre because apparently i was ~speaking in tongues~ or whatever. i don’t remember it, i remember ‘waking up’ with a doctor’s flashlight in my eyes, crying, then holding my sister’s hand as we looked at the fish in the fishtank afterwards. i can’t say how legit that is because i just.. don’t remember it.

one time as a kid, i am absolutely sure i was possessed for about 30 seconds. i was walking down the street on a balmy English afternoon, pine needles scattered underfoot, with my elderly grandmother (paternal), my grandfather, and my sister. i must’ve been 6 or 7? and a streak of evil just bolted through me. and i stuck out my foot and my grandmother fell flat on her face. my grandfather tried to help her up, a car driving by pulled up and asked if they needed help, grandfather said no, and got her back to her feet. i can’t remember if i felt remorse. i think i just knew instinctively that it wasn’t me who did it. but like.. i wasn’t just A Nice Kid, okay, i was The Nicest Kid. i just don’t do things like that. ever. especially not to a kind and generous grandmother who i love so very dearly. i never had before, and i never have since. that’s the single most evil thing i’ve ever done in my life and it came out of nowhere. being more aware now, i think it was a djinn (aka a demon in christian beliefs, i think). they’re known for being mischievous. (my grandmother was fine, by the way. this is the first time i’ve told anyone about this.) now i think about it, i remember cobalt blue behind my eyes then, too.

whoops, this is a really long post now. but uh… basically, i’ve just always been open to feeling these things, and believing in what i sense for myself, without subscribing to whether or not the science has been done yet. in fact, i think i’m open to it because i experienced the same stuff when i was young. the energy i feel is very much real to me, completely tangible. i’ve never been able to see auras, but i feel them on some people. i think just being open to feeling something makes it more likely to come to you. i try not to ignore my instincts (because they’re always right. always.) but i find it’s super hard to distinguish between anxiety (which i feel often) and magical ability (which is far less commonly felt). also sometimes the instinct is so faint it doesn’t even become a passing thought, just a blur of something i half-considered. but in hindsight i realise what it ought to have been, had i paid proper attention.

i can comfortably manage to go outside in bare feet, shut my eyes and let the moonlight do its thing. it has an immensely powerful energy, i always feel cleaner inside when i go back in. (my cat Wilson sometimes asks me to go outside with her when there’s a full moon. almost every night, especially on warm nights, but even freezing ones, we can just stand out there for an hour together. watching the moon set is transcendent. far more so than a sunset.)

right now, due to years of bad health, i have to force some natural abilities away (like the nightmares) because they’re too much for me to handle. i think as i recover, over time it’ll be easier for me to accept that stuff back into my life.

oh, one more thing, regarding my health - i have celiac disease, which has kept me essentially bedridden for the last 7+ years - WHICH BY THE WAY, my family spent literally 9 years trying to diagnose. my doctor kept doing an anaemia test, telling me there was nothing wrong with me and sending me back to school. i saw various specialists, herbalists, a naturopath, physiotherapists, cardiologists, had an MRI scan, saw family counsellors, school counsellors, a hypnotist, etc etc - basically consulted every medical professional under the sun when a simple blood test would’ve done it. stupid misogynistic doctor who thinks all teenage girls fake it to get out of school.

but one thing we did do was visit a psychic, who told me i had something called a candida. my dad, a sceptic and nonbeliever, googled it and said it was “some kind of magical thing in the gut”, and was therefore bullshit, so we continued the search for a diagnosis. years later - years - after a change of doctor (who i chose because i got a good vibe from her picture) we find out it’s celiac disease, a disease of the gut. of the hundreds of people we saw, the only ones to even pinpoint the right body part were the psychics. i googled candida just now and guess what? literally celiac disease. this woman diagnosed me with celiac disease by kneeling at my feet, holding my hand, and shutting her eyes for 30 seconds.

for the record, slightly off topic, i know very few men in real life, and this is what the men in my life have been. my doctor, dismissing me as a liar because i was a teenage girl. and my father, dismissing my declining health as “not trying hard enough”, even now, more than a year after i was diagnosed by a doctor. i think this is why i take refuge with male fictional characters. they’re better. i want them to be soft and understanding like the men i’ve never known.

anyway, this is the part of my life’s story i never really pieced together until right now. it’s a lot, more than i expected. i happily call myself a witch. most of my magic goes into my stories, and i think a lot of people who read them feel it, even if they translate it as passion or love or good vibes or something. the amazing comments i get would speak to that. i love the energy i get from comments, because it does come through in typed words, even if it’s much fainter than seeing people face-to-face. some comments just hit me with waves of goodness, even if the words themselves aren’t so powerful. so i really appreciate that stuff. it’s good stuff.

yep. that’s all. i hope this satisfies your curiosity, anon!!! <3

The Prince of Egypt: Rameses, ENTJ

ENTJ, The Commander

Rameses is a pretty classic ENTJ movie villain, fulfilling all the traits that the movies need out of their ENTJs—ambitious, relentless, intelligent, and lacking remorse. He’s not a terribly good person to write about for a post coming out on Christmas Eve. If it helps, you can go back and read about a more healthy and loveable ENTJ, the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz. You can also re-read the first entries of this Prince of Egypt series, beginning with Moses—who happens to be Rameses’ mirror, reversing his letters (ISFP) and flipping the order of his cognitive functions.

No wonder these two clashed.

Dominant Function: Te/Extraverted Thinking, “Organize the Experience”

Rameses is in it to win. Even in a boyish, just-for-fun chariot race, he reminds his younger brother of their hierarchy: “Second born! Second best!” He blames Moses for always getting him into trouble and making him look bad.

He bristles at his father’s criticism that he’s foolish and irresponsible. Given new responsibility, Rameses takes charge of constructing a new temple and builds it bigger and better. He finds great pleasure in his accomplishments.

When Moses kills a slave master, Rameses offers to make it so that it never happened. “I am the morning and the evening star!” he recites. “If I say it, it will be done!”

Many years later, when Moses returns, Rameses has built up the kingdom of Egypt to great heights. His father’s criticism stings him even later in life, though, welling up when Rameses shouts that he will not be the weak link. He fears failure.

He’s not about to bend his will to Moses’ newfound God, either. Like his father before him, he sees the Hebrew slaves as nothing more than a means to an end. He increases their workload in response to Moses’ plea for freedom, and looks to the priests to disprove his brother’s “tricks.” It takes the battering of the Ten Plagues for him to change his mind, and even then, it’s more of an emotional decision.

Once the Hebrews have left, Rameses pulls it back together and leads his army against them.

It does not go as planned.

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Waking Up in Anime [ Meeting the Mukami ] [ Innocent! Shy! Reader ]

Your eyes stared to the screen that glowed brightly into the darkness. He’s so handsome, you thought endearingly as you watched Diabolik Lovers: More Blood on your screen. It was at that moment, where Ruki gazed upward with utter anguish painting his face. But even if such a negative, distorting emotion plastered itself on his pale features, it didn’t matter to you, he was a dreamboat. Such a dreamboat, that your risked your youth every night, staying up til three in the morning just to rewatch the series you could even recite in Japanese. With soft eyes, that cased themselves downward casually, you caught the view of your clock on the bottom, right corner. 4:50?! Your eyes widened grandly, before you quickly reached out with your dominant hand as to close the laptop. Watching as darkness clouded all around you, with dots in your vision from the grand contrast of the light to seeing pure darkness. Grabbing your laptop, and placing it safely on the pillow beside you, you set yourself to rest, with your eyes casting themselves out the window. It was then, that the shooting star you never expected to see in your lifetime zipped through the sky, and in that moment you made the most impossible wish. 
        And that was waking up in the anime world in which you even dreamed of being within. But alas, it was an anime, not reality. Relaxing visibly, the drowsiness that was slowly catching up to drown away your lovesick emotions made your eyes close heavily, only to tune the world as you knew it, giving in to the slumber that you didn’t think you’d had. 

BEEP! Came the first annoying noise. BEEP! Came the next. BEEP! It came again. Subconsciously, your hand reached out, and swatted the device that announced you consciousness restoring down to the ground. The impact of gravity yanking the device downward to make contact with the carpeting made a bigger effect on you than it’s natural beeping. Slowly sitting up, stretching your arms out to the east and the west, a soft yawn escaped your lips. “Maybe I should have checked the time,” you whispered out, with your eyes closed, feeling a bit too tired. Reaching up with a softer, second yawn, you attempted to rub the sleep from your eyes as you swung your legs slowly over your bedside. Slowly standing up, you rubbed at your arms, before you looked downwards towards your clock whose face looked right back up to you. For a strange reason, it read p.m instead of a.m. Looking back towards your window, you gave the softest hum before you almost jumped right out of your skin from the fact that someone simply barged into your room.
        “(Y/N)! Get dressed, and come down for dinner.” Announced your mother whom stood at the doorway, your eyes casting themselves over your shoulder as to look back towards the woman whom was far more older than you. Blinking at her, you surveyed her in silence, and she surveyed you in return; her happy, carefree seeming expression faltered into that of a concerned one. “What’s wrong?” She asked you sympathetically. 
        “Nothing! I just…." 
        ”Ah, I know what’s wrong.“ Your mother began as she leaned against the door frame, grasping her chin, as her eyes looked upward in thought. "You’re afraid of your first day at your night school.” She began, as her hands clapped together in triumph of what she believed was correct. “Well, you know what, honey? Don’t be scared. You’re absolutely wonderful. Just…open up a little. Smile.” Reminded the woman whom gave you life. “Your uniform’s in the closet, and dinner is on the table for you to eat. I’ll be waiting for you at the car, since I have to make a few calls.” She gave a little wave before she disappeared, leaving you to stand, gazing after her. 

Your nightly routine, your dinner, your teeth brushed, yourself looking as great as you tried to look; it wasn’t long until you found yourself gazing at the stars from through your window after making strange conclusions on your clothing. It was…. It was familiar. Too familiar for comfort. Reaching up, you softly pressed the edge of your palm to your forehead, closing your eyes. This is strange, you thought quietly to yourself in a muse. One night, I’m watching Diabolik Lovers, and then in the next; supposedly I’m going to night school. Like them. This uniform also kind of looks really familiar. You looked upward, just in time to catch sight of the building of which your lips parted in a small o of awe and total shock. “Welcome to Ryoutei Academy. Sweet, right?” Your mother asked you in a cheerful tone. 
        “Sweet…yeah…I mean!” You shook your head. “Yes. It’s sweet, right.” You blushed and continued to gaze out of the window. You figured your shyness wouldn’t forgive your mother either, as you often kept to yourself quietly. Before long, your mother briefly parked beside a curve, near the concrete of the school. “Great.” She began. “Now go on. Oh! I almost forgot,” she reached into the glove department before she pulled out your schedule, and gave you a warm smile. “Take this. It’s essential." 
        You smiled gently, taking it, and giving her an almost dutiful nod. Opening up the door, you gave a gentle wave. "Bye mom!” You said, as your mother’s eyes sparkled as she gazed at you. “Goodbye sweetie! See you in the morning!” And that was it, the two of you separated ways; her in a vehicle, heading home while you were on your shoes heading into the school. Girls were everywhere with boys to accompany about fifty percent, the halls’ walls were sunset pink, and everything looked rather different than what you expected it to be. Steering out of the ways of others, you cast your eyes downward to the ground. You checked your schedule in silence, walking along, with silent steps that drowned beneath the noises of the student body. 
        A final step forward, and your face collided into a chest. Eyes going wide, you stepped back a few steps, from gazing downward you noted that there were several other pairs of feet that stopped as well. “Ah! I’m really sorry!” Your cheeks that’d tamed themselves from your previous blush only consumed even deeper in color, as you looked up to meet the eyes of a young man with grey eyes. Ruki…. Mukami…. You thought, gazing at him with pure recognition. I’m standing in front of him…and he…and we…. “I…um….” You shied away, looking downward. 
        “Uwah~ M Neko-chan~” Came the call from right behind you, and you glanced over your shoulder, still feeling Ruki’s gaze. “Tch, what’s the hold up? And for a Sow?” Yuma stated with impatience. “Hm.” Azusa silently responded. 

W-wait,” you managed to murmur out, Ruki’s unwavering stare capturing you the most. “C-can you…c-can you help me f-find my class?” You asked very softly. “Well, what is your first class, Livestock?” He questioned as he merely pushed a hand into his pocket, while the other held his blue book, the one in which you knew was actually The Catcher in the Rye, and a memento from his father. 
        “My first class it literature..third year…Mrs. Akita” You murmured in response with a blush, reaching up as to hide your lips behind the paper as you stared up at him with shyness softening your eyes, making them become downcast as to not meet his eyes. 
        “Surprisingly enough, that is my first class as well.” You heard the smirk in Ruki’s voice. “Along with Kou’s." 
        ”Tch.“ Yuma snapped. "Don’t fuckin’ forget me either.” He grumbled. 
        “I’m not…in the…third year….” Azusa’s murmur sounded. “But I…will see you….” With that, he walked forward, and you were left with only three other brothers; one in which was once your platonic love whom now seemed so close. Your eyes and his meeting before Yuma’s stomping feet resonated into the air as he was walking away. “Tch.” He sounded again. “I ain’t gonna be late." 
        ”He’s correct, let’s go.“ With that, Ruki breezed beside you, and you turned quickly as to follow him, admiring him. From your left, you heard the familiar footfalls of Kou, but your eyes cast themselves to Ruki. 
        He’s…he’s absolutely handsome. You mused, practically much more ensnared and tangled in a love that you felt couldn’t be returned. But even if so, it wasn’t returnable in the first place, so your hopes were like before. But as to what happened that particular night, you hadn’t the slightest idea.

What are the daily, weekly and monthly acts of worship?


The topic of acts of worship and obedience is very broad, and there is not room to discuss it in full here.

The questioner may refer to the following books for details on this matter:

·  At-Targheeb wa’t-Tarheeb by Imam al-Mundhiri, along with Saheeh at-Targheeb wa’t-Tarheeb and Da‘eef at-Targheeb wa’t-Tarheeb by Shaykh al-Albaani, for information on the verdict on the soundness and weakness of the hadiths.  Riyaadh as-Saaliheen by Imam an-Nawawi, especially the section entitled Kitaab al-Fadaa’il.


The daily acts of worship include :

  • The five daily prayers and doing wudoo’ for them; 
  • Using the miswaak when doing wudoo’ and praying; 
  • Praying in congregation (jamaa‘ah); 
  • The regular Sunnah prayers, 
  • Duha prayer, 
  • Qiyaam al-layl (voluntary prayers at night); 
  • Witr prayer; 

The adhkaar for :

  1. Morning and evening; 
  2. Adhkaar to be recited by day and by night (when entering and leaving the home, 
  3. When entering and leaving the Masjid, 
  4. When entering and leaving the washroom, 
  5. When eating and drinking, 
  6. Following the prescribed prayers, and so on); 
  7. Repeating after the mu’adhdhin.

The weekly acts of worship include :

  • Jumu‘ah prayer; 
  • Reading Soorat al-Kahf on the night before Friday and on Friday; 
  • Sending a lot of blessings upon the Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) on the night before Friday and on Friday; 
  • Fasting on Mondays and Thursdays.

Monthly acts of worship include :

  • Fasting three days of every month (and it is preferable for that to be on al-ayaam al-beed, i.e., the 13th, 14th and 15th of the Hijri month).

Annual or occasional acts of worship include: 

  • Fasting Ramadan; 
  • Praying Taraweeh in congregation in the mosque; 
  • Offering the Eid prayers;
  • Hajj for those who are able to do so; 
  • Giving zakaah for those for whom the conditions of it being obligatory are fulfilled;
  • Spending the last ten days of Ramadan in i‘tikaaf;
  • Fasting six days of Shawwaal;
  • Fasting ‘Ashoora’ and a day before it or after it;
  • Fasting the day of ‘Arafah; 
  • Doing a lot of good deeds in the first ten days of Dhu’l-Hijjah.

There are also deeds that are not connected to a particular time, so they are prescribed at all times, including deeds of the heart as well as physical actions. 

These include: 

  • Offering voluntary prayers at times other than the times when praying is disallowed; 
  • Observing voluntary fasts; 
  • ‘Umrah; 
  • Remembering Allah (dhikr); 
  • Reading Qur’an; 
  • Sending blessings upon the Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam); supplication (du‘aa’); 
  • Praying for forgiveness (istighfaar); 
  • Honouring one’s parents; 
  • Upholding ties of kinship; 
  • Giving charity; 
  • Spreading the greeting of salaam (peace) among the Muslims; 
  • Having a good attitude; 
  • Controlling one’s tongue; 
  • Loving Allah, fearing Him and putting one’s hopes in Him; 
  • Putting one’s trust in Him; 
  • Contentment; 
  • Certainty of faith; 
  • Seeking His help, may He be glorified and exalted.

And there are good deeds that are done for a reason, in which case it is prescribed to do them when that reason is present. 

These include: 

  • Visiting the sick; 
  • Attending funerals; 
  • Offering the funeral prayer; 
  • Offering condolences; 
  • Saying Yarhamuk Allah(may Allah bless you) to one who sneezes; 
  • Returning greetings of salaam; 
  • Accepting invitations; 
  • Praying istikhaarah; 
  • Offering the prayer of repentance (salaat at-tawbah); 
  • The eclipse prayer; 
  • Prayers for rain; 
  • Reconciling between disputing parties; 
  • Lowering the gaze; 
  • Refraining from harming others; 
  • Bearing annoyance and calamity with patience; and so on.

The salaf (early generations) liked to combine four acts of worship on one day, namely: 

  • Fasting, 
  • Feeding the poor (charity), 
  • Attending funerals and visiting the sick. 

The Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) said concerning these actions: 

“These qualities are not combined in a man but he will enter Paradise.

”Narrated by Muslim (1028).

And Allah knows best. Islam Q&A

I watched my classmates learn today
The lesson was current events
Our assignment
was to study Isis
by looking up passages in the Quran
that justified jihad
I listened in horror
as they read of beheadings
and stonings
and removing fingers
with a certain relish
that comes from superiority
and as the teacher agreed
and explained how ISIS is using
those passages
to justify extremism
I saw them learning

Not deep
all-consuming hate
but the subtle hate
the kind that whispers
“you are better than
these strange aliens
see, how they are barbarians
compared to you
see, you are not the same”
the seductive kind
that settles
and gives false promises
of knowledge
and understanding
I saw them settle in their seats
and satisfied
with the course of their day
believing that now, of course
they understood everything

I wanted to stand up
and shriek that
I wanted to tell the boy
with a cross hanging around his neck
who spoke in a kind of wonder
at his newfound epiphany of
“No wonder they’re like that,
if this is the kind of thing they read,”
that he has no ground to stand on
I wanted to shove a Bible at him
and demand that he highlight
of murder
and rape
and betrayal
before he stand there and condemn
an entire holy script
for passages that are no worse
than the ones he learned in Sunday school

I wanted to share the story
of the kindest girl I knew
at elementary school
who always made time to walk
with the loneliest kid on the playground
so I wouldn’t have to feel so abandoned
who stayed out of the cafeteria
for a month every year
who wore a snow-white hijab
and carried herself
with a possessed, quiet air
radiating serenity
from long, flowing clothing

I wanted to tell them about my uncle
And his copy of the Quran that my father still has on his shelves
I wanted to read them some of the verses underlined with pencil
that speak of peace
and community
and faithfulness
to try and make them listen
before condensing all they have learned
into simply

I wanted to stand on my chair and scream
because how DARE they condemn
how DARE they learn of the five sacred pillars
right next to ISIS
and think them the same
how dare the teacher forever associate those two things in their minds
how dare these same students who stand
and recite the words they were brainwashed into learning every morning
before they even learned what they meant
and so never question them now
still exclaim with outrage
over young children learning prayers

I wanted to demand, more than anything else
How dare you think yourselves different?
How dare you restrict your worldview?
How dare you take these stories
and half-tell and forget them?
I wanted to ask the teacher
How dare you spend fifteen minutes
giving us the basics of faith
on a five-year-old worksheet
and three hours
expounding on the hatred of extremists
detailing how they are ruthless
and cunning
and out to kill all who don’t share their faith?

I wanted to object to this entire exercise
I wanted to walk out of the room
I wanted to yell at everyone
Until they opened their eyes
beyond their new
and tried to learn the full story
without having it spoonfed to them
but in the end
I simply sat
staring at my hands
while my classmates learned hate
and dismissal
of issues a world away from them
with careless laughter.


March 20


“What my classmates learned today.”

In the Name of Allaah, Who with His Name nothing can cause harm in the earth nor in heavens, and He is the All- knowing and All- Hearing.

To be recited 3x every morning and evening.


*Much remembrance of Allaah gives tranquility of heart.

ramshaayub-blog  asked:

assalamoalikum dear brother. i would like you to tell me some surahs to recite daily and about their purposes (for example we recite surah mulk before sleeping. )

Wa Alaykum Selam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh,

Surat al Baqarah:

  • There is blessing in frequently reciting it, there is a loss in abandoning it, and it is unbearable for the witches/magicians [evil people]
  • Shaytaan is barred from any house in which Surat al Baqarah is recited.
  • If anyone recites the two verses at the end of Surat al-Baqarah at night, then they will suffice him [as a reason of gaining Allaah’s protection].

Surat al Imraan:

  • Reading Al-Baqarah and Al Imraan is beneficial because they will come on the Day of Resurrection like two clouds, or two shades, or two flocks of birds, pleading for their companions.

Surat al-Isra:

  • The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) never used to sleep until he recited Az-Zumar and Bani-Israeel (i.e. Surat al-Israa)

Surat al-Kahf

  • Whoever memorizes the first 10 verses from Surat al Kahf, he will be secured from the fitnah of Dajjal
  • Whoever recited Surah al Kahf in the same manner in which it was revealed, it will serve for him as a light on the Day of Judgment; from his standing place to Makkah. And whoever recited the last ten verses, and it happens that the Dajjal should appear after that, the Dajjal will not be empowered over him…
  • Whoever recited Surat al Kahf on the day of Friday, he will be illuminated with a light between the two fridays.

Surat al Mulk:

  • This surat will intercede for a person until he is forgiven and the Prophet (peace be upon him) never used to sleep until he recited it.
  • It is a prevention of the punishment of the grave.

Surat al-Kafirun:

  • Recite it before going to sleep, it is a barrier against shirk.

Surat al-Ikhlaas:

  • Whoever recites it ten times, Allaah will build for him a palace in Paradise.

Surat al-Ikhlaas, Surat al-Falaq, and Surat an-Naas:

  • Recite three times in the morning and evening, they will suffice you from everything.
Nirvana Appears when we Live in the Reality of the Present

‘When we’re idealistic, we - and many practitioners in Asian Buddhist countries as well - imagine that nirvana exists somewhere high in the Himalayas, reserved for monks who have meditated for the whole of their life. My own teachers - and other wonderful masters like Shunryu Suzuki Roshi - emphasized that nirvana is to be found here an now.

In the morning and evening chanting in the forest monastery we recite the Buddha’s words, that the dharma of liberation is every present, immediate, timeless, to be experienced here and now by all who see wisely. Nirvana appears when er let go, when we live in the reality of the present. Sorrow arises when the mind and heart are caught in greed, hatred and delusion. Nirvana appears in their absence. Nirvana manifests as ease, as love, as connectedness, as generosity, as clarity, as unshakable freedom. This isn’t watering down nirvana. This is the reality of liberation that we can experience, sometimes in a moment and sometimes in transformative ways that change our entire life…

Liberation is only found here and now, the direct experience of freedom, beyond the concepts of nirvana or enlightenment. In our life, we can actually experience what the Buddha taught: suffering, the cause of the suffering, and the release of suffering. This is a direct and immediate experience, and the cessation of suffering is the experience of nirvana.

I explain these teachings as “The Nature of Enlightenments” - there are a number of ways to experience nirvana. Nirvana can be experienced as emptiness, as the void. It can be experienced as the absence of greed, hatred, and delusion. It can be experienced as silence, as pure awareness, as peace, as wisdom, as boundless love and as true stability. It has a number of different dimensions, like facets of crystal.’

- Jack Kornfield, The Wise Heart, from an Interview with Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, Summer 2008 issue.

A valuable prescription

A traveler once came to the masjid to see the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) after greeting the Prophet (S.A.W), he was asked where he was from. The traveler replied that he came from very far just to get a few questions answered.
Following is the dialogue between the traveler and the Prophet (saw).

*Traveler : I do not want adhaab
(punishments) to be written in my account.
*Prophet : Behave well with your parents
*Traveler : I want to be known amongst people as an intelligent person.
*Prophet : Fear Allah (Jalla Jalalu),always.
*Traveler : I want to be counted amongst Allah’s favourites.
*Prophet : Recite Quran every morning and evening.
*Traveler: I want my heart to always be enlightened.
*Prophet : Never forget death.
*Traveler: I never want to be away from Allah’s blessing.
*Prophet : Always treat fellow creatures well.
*Traveler: I never want to be harmed by my enemies.
*Prophet : Always have faith in Allah.(Only)
*Traveler: I never want to be humiliated.
*Prophet : Be careful of your actions.
*Traveler: I wish to live long.
*Prophet : Always do Goodness towards blood Relations
*Traveler: I want my sustenance to increase.
*Prophet : Always be in wudhoo.
*Traveler: I wish to stay free of adhaab in the grave.
*Prophet : Always wear pure clothes.
*Traveler: I never want to be
burned in hell.
*Prophet : Control your eyes and tongue.
*Traveler: How do I get my sins forgiven?
*Prophet : Always ask forgiveness from Allah with
a lot of humility.
*Traveler: I want people to respect me always.
*Prophet : Never extend your hands of need at people.
*Traveler: I want to always be honoured.
*Prophet : Never humiliate or put down anyone.
*Traveler: I don’t want to be squeezed by Qabr.(Squeezing in the grave)
*Prophet : Recite Surat Al Mulk (The Dominion)often.
*Traveler: I want my wealth to increase.
*Prophet : Recite surat Al Waqiah (The Inevitable) every night.
*Traveler: I want to be safe and at peace on Day of Judgment.
*Prophet : Do zikr (Praises) of Allah from dusk to night.
*Traveler: I want to be in full
attention & concentration during prayers.
*Prophet : Always do wudhoo with concentration and attention.

Drink the sun when it shines and love the moon when it hides. Swallow down your three meals a day with your eight glasses of water drink tea when your head hurts try your mom’s natural herbs she promises works. Get enough sleep wash your sheets have good dreams. Do your homework and read, recite test scores and be proud. Love evenings hate mornings ask people how they’re doing with the new English assignment. Offer to help them. Spend hours on your makeup to get just one compliment but be ok with it because you feel great.
Be ok for them.
Be ok for him.
Be ok for yourself.

Allahumma `ālim al-ghaybi wa’l-shahādati fātir al-samāwāti wa’l-ardi rabba kulli shay’in wa malīkah; ash-hadu an lā ilāha illa ant, a`ūdhu bika min sharri nafsī, wa min sharri’l-shaytāni wa shirkih (sharakih), wa ‘an aqtarifa `ala nafsī sū’an aw ajurrahu ilā Muslim.

“O Allah, Knower of the unseen and the evident, Maker of the heavens and the earth, Lord of everything and its Possessor, I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship but You. I seek refuge in You from the evil of my soul and from the evil of Satan and his helpers (or traps); and from bringing evil upon my soul and from harming any Muslim.” (Reported by al-Tirmidhi)

(Recite three times in Arabic; in the morning and the evening)

رَضِيتُ باللهِ رَبَّاً، وَبِالْإِسْلَامِ دِيناً، وَبِمُحَمَّدٍ صَلَى اللهُ عَلِيهِ وَسَلَّمَ نَبِيَّاً
(3 times)

Radheetu billaahi Rabban, wa bil-‘Islaami deenan, wa bi-Muhammadin (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallama) Nabiyyan

I am pleased with Allah as my Lord, with Islam as my religion and with Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) as my Prophet.

“Allah has promised that anyone who says this three times every morning or evening will be pleased on the Day of Resurrection.” Ahmad 4/ 337, An-Nasa'i, 'Amalul-Yawm wal-Laylah p. 4, Ibn As-Sunni (no. 68), At-Tirmithi 5/465. Its chain of transmission is good (Hasan), Ibn Baz, p. 39.