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A man with a name derived from the Hebrew phrase “gift of God”, whose mother was Jewish, who is the grandson of Jewish Polish immigrants, and who received a bar mitzvah, holds an art installation that broadcasts online through a public camera. The piece involves reciting the same sentence as many times as one likes, and is intended as a protest against an oppressive regime supported by and promoting fascism.

A member of the public walks up to said public camera, wearing a Hitler Youth hat, and begins deviating from the script of the art piece by quoting speeches promoting Nazism.

The artist responsible for the installation responds by shouting over the member of the public, not with insults or threats of violence, but with the script of the art piece.

The artist is arrested.

Now, tell me how Shia is the one that did wrong here?

How to make a bioware butch

If you want to know how to make a female character a bioware Butch, here are a few easy steps.

1. Have her be Butch, short hair, gruff, loves fighting and cursing, etc. The levels of butch can very depending on your personal tastes.

2. Have her be straight. Either A. To cater to the male gaze and have them think their character is having sex with a lesbian or bi character based on their looks and personality. Or B. To subvert stereotypes… You know, the stereotypes many Queer coded women are proud of and love.

3. Give her a soft side, as all butch women have a soft side… at least in a bioware game. The most common way to do this is through poetry. Either reciting a famous piece or making up her own.

Examples of this character can be found in Cassandra Pentaghast, Ashley Williams, Jack (subject zero), and Cora Harper.
Update 4: Semi-Final Samples · The Boy Who Fell Composition Recital: Studio Album
I made a playlist of all the semi-final midi samples, excluding track #6 (Confrontation). You can listen to it here.These are just the midi files, and they are unedited from the midi the program gave me after putting in the sheet music, so this is not the perfect way to present the music (there's particularly a problem with some of the dynamics in track #8 (666666)), but it is the only way I have available as of right now. Once the school term begins in about 1 1/2 weeks, we will start rehearsing the pieces. I will try my best to provide some recordings of the progress on my youtube channel as well.Also, I will be posting the sheet music on my creation blog every two weeks, starting Tuesday, March 28th, but I am willing to give all the supporters the scores as soon as this kickstarter ends through e-mail. I will be open to any requests you might have for rearrangements for specific instruments (for example, if you play piano and like a certain piece, I could rewrite the piece for piano), and the supporters of this project will be given priority in getting those done.Some more upcoming things will be drafts of track #6 (Confrontation), as well as a snippet of a draft of the extra piece on the physical copy of the album!Thank you all for your wonderful support!

Here is a playlist of the semi-final drafts of 8 of the 9 TBWF Recital pieces!

Note: They are just made from simple midi files, so the dynamics (volume changes and stuff) aren’t quite right, but everything else for the most part is.

These pieces will be performed at the recital on Saturday, May 27th, 2017 at 6pm in Wentz Concert Hall in Naperville. So if you live in the Chicago area, or happen to be there around that time, feel free to stop by and see the free 30 minute performance! We will be giving out coupons for the album with the recital’s music that will go on sale later this year, and hold a small reception with food afterwards.

The kickstarter is still collecting money for creating this album. Although we have already reached the goal necessary for recording it, more donations will help with creating more physical copies of the album, rather than just downloads.

Rewards for kickstarter:

  • If you donate any amount, you will receive free downloads of the scores before they are all released, and will be given priority when asking for rearrangements of piece for certain instruments. This reward was recently added so it is not listed in the kickstarter, but I will make sure everyone who donates receives these.
  • If you pay $5 or more, you will receive a free download of the piece of your choice out of the 9 recital pieces.
  • If you donate $15 or more, you will receive a free download of all of the recital pieces, as well as a link to download an exclusive 5-page 4-panel comic written by DED!
  • If you donate $25 or more, you will receive the full 10-track physical copy of the album, including a TBWF character card (chosen randomly out of 4, available only to kickstarter supporters), as well as a download to the exclusive 5-page 4-panel comic written by DED!

Some more upcoming updates:

  • Once we begin to rehearse the pieces in about 2 weeks, I will put together video recordings of these rehearsals, which will be available to watch on my Youtube Channel.
  • Track #6 (Confrontation) draft wil be posted within the next 2 weeks!
  • I will also post a snippet of the bonus track from the physical album within the next 3 weeks.

Thank you all for your support!

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1. Last movie you watched on DVD: Hidalgo; I had forgotten the scene with the traps, like, lalala lots of walking and scenery and moving horses movie with obligatory actio–EEEEK it went right through hiS SHOULDER AAAAAAAAAA nopenopenopeisitovernopenope

Thank you past self for having an overall positive memory of this movie? Oh, yes, sure, it’s got lots of things you like… Present self is NOT IMPRESSED 

2. Theatre: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (oh, you mean cinema? Hidden Figures) 

3. Last song you listened to: My sister’s piano recital piece; I don’t know what it is but she’s going to do great

4. Last book you read: The Thief (listen, rereading this book is like EVERY TIME you notice somewhere new where your expectations were manipulated. EVERY TIME.)

5. Last thing you ate: scrambled eggs, jellied toast, and yogurt (breakfast)

6. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: apparently today I’d like to visit the Alps? (usually it’s like, England, or Vienna, but right now I’d like to go on a ski vacation to Switzerland?)

7. First thing you would do with lottery money: poke it to make sure it’s real

8. Fictional character you would want to hang out with: Am I visiting them or are they visiting me? Anne Shirley, maybe…

9. What was the last fandom you joined: Leverage

10. Time Right Now: 13:14

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For the Good of the Kingdom

“My king is my lord and keeper and I will remain as his wife and queen, fulfilling my duty as a caregiver and providing a son…”

The newly crowned queen stared at her reflection in the mirror, her trusted knight behind her as he helped her get ready for the morning. Her face was beautiful and glowing, her hair was golden blonde and her skin was pure as ivory, her collarbones marked with a few purple marks from her husband the night before. 

She adjusted her crown on her braided hair, letting out a sigh and glancing up at her friend shrugging her shoulders after she recited her piece. “As long as I am his wife my job is to provide an heir to France…the methods to his love may seem unorthodox but I can assure you he’s quite the gentleman,” She explained, assuring her knight that the bruises and bites on her hips and neck were a symbol of desire and not abuse. 


Kick the Box ;; Jongkey

Title; Kick the Box
Pairing; Jongkey
Genre; Fluff
Summary; Kibum hates that damn crane machine.
(A/N: Inspired by the Baskin Robbins cf)

Kibum is sixteen and brunette when he and Jonghyun meet for the first time. The two boys went to the same high school, but Jonghyun, being a year old, was a grade above Kibum. However, Kibum knew him. Everyone at school knew Kim Jonghyun, or at least knew his name for one reason or another.

First, Jonghyun takes part in school recitals with self composed pieces. They’re never perfect, and he’s notorious for missing notes, but they’re better than anything anyone else could put together. When his singing accompanies his arrangements, he has even the teachers melting in their seats, even when his voice is cracking. The kid had talent, there was no doubt about that, but he never did anything with him.

Second, Jonghyun is generally seated outside the principal’s office at least once a week. He isn’t a troublemaker by any means, but he has a fond love of skipping class, especially toward the end of the day. After lunch, he’s usually missing in action. By extension of being in trouble, he could usually be spotted cleaning windows at the school any time after three o'clock.

Third, Jonghyun’s father owns his own business. Anyone who owns a business is a big deal. It’s not a massive corporation, not in any sense of the word, but there’s at least fifty employees, and his family is well off. Most people think he’s going to get a place at the business after he graduates. There’s speculation that he may even inherit the entire business (even if he doesn’t attend university) rather than his older sister. Jonghyun is smart, maybe even smart enough to run a business, perhaps; he’s just so incredibly lazy.

Jonghyun didn’t work at his father’s business, though, not while in high school. He was the muscle at a local convenience store that Kibum frequented quite often. The slushies were good. The two never really bothered with each other until Kibum got a little too heated with a crane machine outside one evening because he swore that stuffed bunny should have been his. He picked it up! Kicking the machine just happened to cause enough of a commotion for Jonghyun’s manager to usher him outside to shoo Kibum away from the machine. Kibum wasn’t told to get lost like he was bracing for; Jonghyun plucked two spare coins from the pocket of his slacks, proceeding to easily win the bunny that he was aiming for. He hands it over to Kibum with a stupid grin that Kibum would soon fall head over heels for.

“The trick is to not beat up on the machine. You need to love and nurture it,” Jonghyun tells him with a laugh. “I have to get back to work now. Please don’t kick the machine again.”

Kibum, however, kicks the crane each time he wants to spend a little time with Jonghyun. Each time, Jonghyun wins him a stuffed animal of some sort. His collection at home is growing like a weed.


Kibum is blond when Jonghyun finally asks him on their first date.

Kibum heads to his trusty crane machine game, but something is different today. Jonghyun isn’t inside stocking shelves or sweeping the carpet in front of the door. He’s leaned in front of that damn glass box with his arms crossed. He’s waiting for Kibum. When he spots Kibum approaching, he grins that stupid grin of his and offers a hand. Kibum takes it without a second thought. Jonghyun leads him off to the tables set up outside.

In retrospect, it was an awful first date (Kibum lets it slide because they’re only sixteen and seventeen), but Jonghyun got a discount on ramen at the store, and between the cash pooled between the two of them, they ate enough for four. Kibum impressed Jonghyun with how much he could eat, though he was so slim. Jonghyun made fun of his boss every time he was out of earshot and teased Kibum about the crane machine when he wasn’t.

Kibum learned that Jonghyun isn’t so bad, that he isn’t that much of a troublemaker. He just hates math and statistics, which Kibum could understand. Jonghyun adds to never take the teacher at the end of one of his groundless rants, to which Kibum laughs because he’s already had said instructor twice before. As they’re walking toward Kibum’s apartment, Jonghyun tells him about the best and most efficient way of cleaning windows.

“I have a lot of practice,” he nods proudly, patting his chest with the hand that isn’t locked in Kibum’s.