Soulmate!au where your words are from song

Do you know this soulmate!au with first words that your soulmate says to you? I guess you do.

I thought about this idea, but maybe it is not new.

Person A is a popular bloggers who also recird his own music or like actual musician, and he is like very cute guy and he is really loved by his fans. His phrase is very usual, just “Hi” or something like that. He is a little upset but he hopes everything is going to be fine.

Person B doesn’t watch YouTube and his favourite music doesn’t include A’s songs, so he has never heard about A. But then B’s best friend C starts to talk to him about his new favourite blogger/musician A and B is forced to listen his songs. And here is it. B’s phrase is poet, with rhythm, and there are a lot of words. When B was a child he was trying to create music with these words, but he failed. He listens to song written and played by A, and his words is part of it and he is just like “OMG what I should do now?”

Finally B decides to wait. You know, it works almost always. And one day B and C meet A, who ocasionally lives in their city and B want to say something remarkable to be sure A is his soulmate, but he is just staring at shining A and whisper “Hi” while A is giving his authograph to C smiling and talking about something meaningless.

And when he realies A has left and his first words was dumb, he tries to contact A, because he realises waiting is not best way to be with his soulmate. Maybe he contacts with A throught Twitter or Tumblr or Youtube, and he tries to explane situation to A, but he doesn’t believe because he is not naive. So B becomes a stalker and he is trying to find A, and fan sites help him. So when he met A on some street, A is a little scared, but then B shows him his hand and A is like “It is really my song, but anyone can just repeat my words” and B says he is pretty sure they are soulmates and he kisses A and it is kinda one of main proofs.

A still is not sure, but if B is such a great kisser why won’t they drink coffee together?