So, because I’m obsessed with food, I decided to try those egg roll up things you see all the time in manga. It looked pretty simple and the results turned out all right, so here’s my recipe (since I didn’t look one up):

- In a bowl, whip the yokes and whites of two eggs together.
- Pour into a pre-greased square pan, cook below medium heat. (Egg should fill the pan.)
- While it’s cooking, slice the greens off of two green onions. Dice. Do the same to a few sprigs of fresh parsley (leaves only). Sprinkle these evenly over the egg.
- Be careful not to overcook the egg.
- If desired, add meat. (I chose ham, covering the egg.)
- Remove from heat. (You will probably not get the meat hot before the egg is overcooked, so prioritize the egg.)
- Roll egg onto itself gently, pin to keep in place.

No added sodium, and as you can see, no milk or cheese to make it trouble for my lactose intolerant friends!