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Leak your recipes pls I live on my own and I'm pretty sure I'm dying of malnutrition because I survive on coffee and cliff bars



It’s funny that you say that because I’m actually in the process of compiling all of my recipes and pictures and uploading them to a blog on like blogspot or whatever. 

Not just recipes but tips on how to shop smart and budget-friendly. Ever since I had a kid I budget my food spending like crazy but we still need to eat well. I spend less than $100/week at the grocery store for 3 people, 3 meals a day plus the other household necessities. 

Almost everything I made is from scratch with fresh ingredients. It takes a bit more time to prepare but it’s so worth it and it tastes SO MUCH BETTER. 

BUT–I also have a shit ton of recipes for like…crock pots that use 3-4 ingredients and can feed you for 3 days. So if you’re busy a lot and have like…no money, these are AMAZING and TASTY. Just throw the stuff in the pot before going to school or work and you come home and eat. 

Just a few random recipes and pictures of what I have made recently are 

Tonkatsu with homemade Tonkatsu sauce (freshly ground roasted white sesame seeds added) and Gyoza

Pho (this is all from scratch, DELICIOUS. I MADE IT LIKE 3 DAYS IN A ROW BECAUSE IM OBSESSED) ((I had a way better pic but I cant find it boo)) 

Tofu and Wakame Miso Soup (I make this from scratch every morning for breakfast. It’s INSANELY HEALTHY for you. And it takes less than 30 minutes as long as you make your Dashi stock in bulk on like Sunday and use that–the stock lasts for a week in the fridge) 

R A M E N with Braised Pork Belly (okay this recipe is NOT EASY. It took me 19 hours to make. But it is my husbands favorite dish of all time that I make so I do it on special occasions or when I feel like not sleeping and watching the stove all damn night and day haha) 

Thai Meatballs in cabbage boats with Sriracha Mayo 

Mongolian Beef (bruhhh love this one) 

Roasted Lemon Chicken Thighs with Asparagus and Baby Red Potatoes


I also cook some….not so healthy but damn delicious food too such as

Copycat In-N-Out Burgers (the sauce is DIIVINE also sorry for the messy plate lol and if you don’t know what In-N-Out is…its sooo good im sorry you’ve never had it but now you can)

PIZZAAAA (okay but for real fuck Dominos and everything, it’s sooo expensive, and frozen pizzas tend to taste like garbage. With a homemade sauce and dough ((SHIT YOU CAN EVEN MAKE YOUR OWN MOZZARELLA USING JUST A GALLON OF MILK)) you can have delicious customized pizza for wayyy less money. Add whatever toppings you want! 

Mini Pineapple Upside Down Cupcakes! (I actually had Buzzfeed really like this recipe and post of mine online! These are seriously moist as HECK and you’ll probably eat them all in one sitting I swear) 


ANYWAY I LOVE TO COOK. I have soooo many more recipes than this. My husband pressures me like every day to open up a food truck or something lmao, but nah. I just like to cook for the people I love in my own home. 

If you guys are interested in good food recipes and ways to save a ton of money in the grocery store then I can post a link for my food blog once I have it up and running!!!! 

I’m really passionate about young people and really everyone in general finding ways to cook more. It’s taken me years to gain all of the knowledge I have on shopping smart and knowing how to spend what little money I have the RIGHT way so I’m not wasting food and eating garbage. I would love to share it with as many people as I can.  

My Witchy “Planner”

One of the most important tools that I use in my Craft is my witchy “planner.” It isn’t actually a planner, but it incorporates elements of both journals, bullet journals, and planners. Today I wanted to share my “planner” with you and show you how I use it for everyday witchiness!

I use a mini-three ring binder I bought from Target. I have it divided into a couple sections. On the front of my binder I glued a Project Life card to create a small pocket where I can slip in notes or the list of current journaling prompts I may be doing for easy access.

Inside my binder I have a one-page almanac for the year that tells me the dates of the dark moon, the full moon and the sabbats.

In the beginning I have a lot of basic pages. Not all of these pages are meant for everyday use. This is more a general collection of my goals and reminders. Some of the things I have in there right now are:

- Daily Witch Practices
- Some Favorite Inspirational Quotes
- What is G.R.O.W? (For when I am reading spiritual books or studying witchcraft)
- A Book Blessing
- Witchy Projects (This changes monthly; I write down small milestones for each project to complete each month)
- Witchy Blog posts I want to write

⛤ Section One: My “Gratitude Journal.” This is where I write a short blurb about what happened that day and one thing I was grateful for. I also take note of my energy level, the moon phase and how much I slept. This helps me keep track of my moods.

⛤ Section Two: Calendar. Here I make a note of all the astrological happenings of the month, such as dark moon, full moon, sabbats, retrogrades, the moon changing signs, eclipses and meteor showers. I also keep a “notes” section where I jot down a variety of notes to myself about tools and ingredients I need to buy and mundane things like doctor’s appointments.

⛤ Section Three: Sabbat and Esbat section. Here is where I record my thoughts and feelings during a holiday, or recipes that I will use. At the beginning of the month I make a short goal for celebrating Sabbats and Esbats (because I’m terrible at planning full rituals).

⛤ Section Four: Spell/Ritual reflections. I don’t find much time to cast spells or make charms, or even rituals, so there isn’t much in this section. How ever I do include WIP spells I’m writing.

This next one isn’t actually a section, but is actually just a plastic pocket insert and a handful of pages. This section is what I call a “self-care” section. I have lists of things that make me happy, inspirational pictures, recipes for special baths or lotions, and a variety of things that are meant to help me when my anxiety/depression kicks in.

⛤ Section Five: Personal reflections. Every week I sit down with my “Gratitude Journal” entries for the week and I evaluate how my week went, how I felt, etc. It’s kind of like doing my own therapy. This section also includes any epiphanies, rants or reverence moments I have.

Section Six: Meditation and Exercises. Self explanatory. I write about my experiences and any thoughts I have.

Section Seven: Witchy StudyI have a list of topics to research and my notes in this section. Most of what is in this section is meant to be moved over to my grimoire at a later date.

**UPDATE** I’ve added this video showing you the inside of my Planner! I’m currently in the middle of reorganizing for December so it’s a bit messy, but here you go!

the 99 on tumblr

Jake Peralta:
basically introduces the squad to tumblr. reblogs die hard gifs and shitposts, but sometimes tags amy in cute love text posts and images of animals cuddled together

Amy Santiago:
Her blog is full of aesthetic images of study spaces, vintage (gina calls it ‘grandma’) fashion and home decor. also reblogs essays on self-improvement and conflict resolution. reblogs love poems and tags jake in them.

Raymond Holt:
At first, he rarely uses tumblr, but after he finds science blogs, his blog is filled with pictured of orchids and scientific phenomena. also writes posts about being a cop. Amy likes and reblogs all of his posts.

Rosa Diaz:
Her blog is 98% pictures of cool knives and other deadly weapons, but sometimes she reposts pictures of cute animals. which she deletes 3 seconds later.

Gina Linetti:
She doesn’t use tumblr. twitter is all she needs; her large fanbase keeps her occupied.

Charles Boyle:
posts constantly. the entire squad has had to resort to blocking him. he reblogs cooking recipes and pictures of dogs that remind him of his dead dog who humped everything. also reblogs any photo with 2 people/animals in it, tagging it with “me and jake”

Terry Jeffords: reblogs inspirational quotes about family and love. also rants about yogurt and yogurt related issues, which charles sometimes reblogs. he started following workout and exercise motivation blogs, but then porn blogs started following him. he’s blocked 127 of them so far.

Kevin Cozner: oddly, kevin uses tumblr… he reblogs images of classic lit art and quotes from classical texts, his blog actually looks really aesthetic. the whole squad fawned over kevin and holt being sappy and romantic when kevin tagged raymond in a love quote. they’ve never interacted on tumblr since.
Chocolate Chip Pretzel Cake Mix Cookies

So, my mother-in-law is a professional baker and keeps trying out new recipes, and this most recent one is the BOMB.  Like really, they’re soft, chewy, sweet, salty awesome cookies and i ate like twelve in one sitting.  I know that people hate it when cooking is described as “Ridiculously Easy!” but these are the most low-effort cookies I’ve ever made.  

Recipe, Tools, Pictures and Kitchen Misadventures under the Cut:

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If Monsta X had Tumblrs

Shownu: His blog would consist of two things and two things only. Dance videos he posts of himself and selcas with his friends that he reblogs. That’s it, that’s his whole blog. Generic Tumblr theme because he can’t be bothered to learn how to change it.

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Wonho: Super aesthetic blog. Lots of selcas that get thousands of notes but he never interacts with his followers. Changes his theme every week because he gets bored. Lots of late night reflections accompanied by music he composes when he can’t sleep.

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Kihyun: Would post lots of recipes coupled with pictures of him cooking. Also posts selcas but they never get more than six notes. Occasionally posts song covers that get tens of thousands of notes and spread across Tumblr fandoms.

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Minhyuk: High quality blog full of cute animal videos and flowers. All of his selcas are taken outside so the sunshine makes him glow. Super friendly with all his followers, always encouraging them to chase after their dreams.

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Hyungwon: Never updates because he’s always asleep but constantly gets tagged in posts so his phone is always blowing up with notifications. That he ignores because he’s asleep.

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Jooheon:  Music rec blog exclusively composed of international hiphop. But his most popular posts are Soundcloud links to his own raps. Takes requests to rap over certain beats and bgms, always delivers. His friends always tag him in videos of them scaring him though so it ruins his image.

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I.M: Cat videos. Lots and lots of cat videos. So many that people think he’s a 45 year old woman who never leaves home but then he posts a winking selca with his dimple showing and the Internet crashes for a hot minute. Kim K who?

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The Best Vegan Hot Cocoa

(My recipe, my picture)

Is there anything better than a hot chocolate on a cold winter night? I don’t think so. This recipe is vegan and super easy to make, plus it will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth! 

The Best Vegan Hot Cocoa

2 tablespoons of cocoa powder

¼-1/3 cup of white sugar (depending on how sweet you want it to be)

1 ¾ cup oat milk

¼ cup oat milk (to be used separately from other milk)

Cardamon to taste


Stir together the sugar and the cocoa powder in a pan. Add ¼ cup of the oat milk, and apply heat to the pan to bring the mixture to a low boil stirring constantly. 

Let the mixture boil for a couple of minutes (keep stirring) and then add the rest of the oat milk.

Finish off with a bit of cardamon if you feel like making the chocolate taste more of christmas! 

xx Wilma

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Please talk about girl direction as types of tumblr users? Like what kind of blogs they'd have, how they write in the tags, if they write in the bloody tags, how they respond to asks and friendly anons, how they respond to not so friendly anons etc...x

This has been sitting in my inbox because I didn’t realise you meant girl direction and I was very uninspired, hahah. Imagine my glee when I saw girl direction, suddenly. SOOOO.

Alright, Niall is predominantly a music and food blog. She never posts recipes, just pictures of food that look good to her and she wishes she could eat right in that second. She’s a bit of a music snob and can endlessly talk about how good the Eagles were, or how she wishes The Beatles would bring out another album if all of them were still alive, and she visits a lot of concerts. Niall is the one who has a very elaborate tagging system so she can find back her food and concerts very quickly, and she’s just very easy going - she has a few anons that she just chats with for fun, about nothing, and she never really gets unfriendly anons. When she does get one, on the offchance that it happens,  she laughs and shrugs it off - however, when one of the other girls get an angry anon, she’s always immediately ready to defend all of them. She doesn’t really talk in the tags. 

Harry is that aesthetic blog we all reblog from that she puts a lot of thought into, and then she suddenly reblogs a ton of shit posts and puns in between. She writes long personal things in the tags about what the pictures and posts remind her of, personal anecdotes, sometimes she’ll posts some lyrics she wrote without context. She never posts selfies, only candids someone else took. When she gets an anon that she doesn’t like, she gets very passive aggressive, but mostly just sticks to ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, please go bother someone else, yes?’. She doesn’t show it gets to her, but she’ll throw a hissy fit over it in private. When she gets anons that need help, she’ll be patient and loving and a support to them in the warmest way, and everyone loves her immediately. 

Louis posts anything she wants, tv gifsets, books (or fics) she likes, a lot about the band she is a fan of. It’s just a mess of all her interests. She would just drag her friends for the shit they said in the tags, especially Harry and her puns (’FUCK OFF, HARRY, I HATE THIS’) and she’d have constant commentary in the tags. She reblogs clothes she wants, people she finds hot, but mostly she just reblogs whenever Harry posts some candid someone took of her or when Zayn uploads a selfie, and then just cries about it in the tags (’why would you do this to me? I HATE YOU WHY DO YOU LOOK LIKE THIS THIS IS JUST UNFAIR’) and then posts an underwear selfie of her own as payback (which is when Harry dies). She roasts unfriendly anons with all that she has, she doesn’t have the patience to be diplomatic about it. When someone hurts her friends she’ll write long, angry posts about how everyone can fuck the hell off, but she’s unexpectedly kind to people that need the help. (unexpected to people that don’t know her, that is). 

Zayn is that blog that constantly posts her art and gets commissioned and she promises she will get to it soon, but then accidentally draws something else that she wanted to draw more, and then suddenly disappears from her blog for a while, only to come back with a masterpiece seemingly out of nowhere. She talks some bullshit in the tags all the time, and she loves posting mirror shots of her outfit because we all know how much pride Zayn takes in her clothes and aesthetic, so of course her blog will reflect that, and everyone will constantly lose their shit over it because this girl is not only talented but also hot as fuck (though secretly, whenever Zayn posts one, she just hopes Liam sees it). She loves people asking her about her art, and can talk about it for hours, and never responds to the unfriendly anons, but she thinks about it a lot (and then bitches about it to Louis in private, who will then make an angry post about it). 

Liam would be the one who constantly posts work outs she’s trying to complete, she reblogs Zayn’s art a lot, and there’s constant posts about how she just wants to be someone, a lot of personal post as well that are sometimes unfortunately worded, but everyone loves her anyway. When she gets angry anons, she tries to defend herself, but it never comes across right. She posts a lot of progress pictures of how her body is transforming thanks to her time in the gym, and it’s purely progress pictures for her, nothing else, but Zayn and Louis lose their minds over it on a frequent basis because HOLY SHIT, LIAM, HAVE YOU SEEN YOUR BODY? She posts a lot of pictures of her dogs as well and it’s always very clear what tv show she is obsessed with in that moment, because it will frequently pop up on her blog and then never come back again.  Finally, she always, always, always reblogs everything Zayn does when she pops back up online after a long time and she tries to be chill, but everyone sees right through her.

He’d noticed that sex bore some resemblance to cookery: It fascinated people, they sometimes bought books full of complicated recipes and interesting pictures, and sometimes when they were really hungry they created vast banquets in their imagination - but at the end of the day they’d settle quite happily for egg and chips, if it was well done and maybe had a slice of tomato.

-Vimes and the concept of sex; The Fifth Elephant

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Shunk! Stuck in an elevator :D

( ̄▽ ̄) anon after my own heart

Today was not Hunk’s day.

First, his alarm didn’t go off and he ended up missing his usual train and having to wait for the next one. Then, some businessman spilled his coffee on Hunk’s shirt. And when he finally got to work, his boss yelled at him for being late and then yelled some more over a project that wasn’t even his. (It was Carl’s, whose desk was next to Hunk’s, but who looked nothing like Hunk, so Hunk wasn’t really sure why their boss always got them confused.)

Suffice to say, today wasn’t one of Hunk’s best days. However, there was one thing that Hunk clung to like a lifeline that made the otherwise shitty day take on a hopeful tint. 

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Fic: A Recipe for Love, Or: Lesbians and Lasagna, Ch 1

by @rowark-sq and me

Read at AO3

Summary: They were all lesbians and they ate lasagna every damn day. An intentionally ridiculous fic.

Emma’s brow wrinkled as she contemplated the casserole dish Regina had just pulled out of the oven. “Lasagna again? Seriously, Regina, is this the only thing you like to eat?” They were alone in the kitchen, Henry having gone upstairs to wash his hands before their weekly family dinner.

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The rumors at Shujin Academy said that Ann Takamaki was easy- that she’d hook up with anybody. The truth of the matter was: not just anybody.

A short set of drabbles; of Ann’s five senses, and five loves.

Read it on AO3 here


Ann is no stranger to having eyes on her.

When she was young, people stared at her, sky-blue eyes and flaxen hair in a sea of black. When she got older, the stares gained an edge. Ann sharpened herself against those stares, gaining an edge of her own where others only saw curves.

When she first met Akira, she felt that edge, the light glinting off his glasses, hiding his eyes. She went stiff, guarded, feeling herself in crosshairs.

Now she catches his gaze across the cafe- stormy-gray, secretive, soft with concern.

Ann doesn’t know what he sees; not exactly. But she feels safe under his eyes.


There’s something about Makoto’s voice. Gentle one moment, commanding the next.

“Do you sing?” Ann had asked her, once, when they were supposed to have been studying. Makoto had scoffed.

“Do I look like somebody who belongs on a stage?”

Her wandering mind took her to a stage, but Makoto wasn’t singing. Makoto was whispering in her ear while tying a blindfold around her eyes- a threat, bound in steel, wrapped in silk.

“Are you even listening to me?” Makoto asks, with that hint of steel to her voice.

“Yes,” Ann says, sincerely, though she’s not thinking of schoolwork at all.


Ann’s Sundays with Shiho are rare, and they are precious.

They call, of course. Every night, to say goodnight. They text. They catch each other online, screen-share movies together, link each other to memes, listicles, recipes, cat pictures.

None of that compares to when Shiho throws her arms around Ann’s neck at the station gate, and Ann breathes in the countryside caught in her hair.

The scent of honeysuckle and spring lingers long after Shiho takes the train home; on fingers, on lips, and on the calendar on Ann’s wall, the Sunday two weeks from now circled in red.


It’s no secret that Ann loves sweets.

Everyone gives her grief for it. The guys at the modeling agency. Her parents, when they’re ever home long enough to share a meal with her. Even Shiho, whom Ann has yet to convince that crepes and ice cream are a perfectly nutritious breakfast.

That’s why Ann loves eating with Ryuji, and not just because he doesn’t give a shit about ‘proper, ladylike bites’.

“Hey,” Ryuji says, across the table at the Wilton Buffet, during their third monthly Steak & Cake meetup.


“I’ll race you.”

“Fuck off,” Ann laughs, her plate piled high. Tonight was gonna be something to savor.


So many things can be said with a touch.

Casually, when Ryuji bumps his elbow against hers. Intimately, when Shiho presses her forehead into hers, and her lips are only inches away. Subtly, when Akira catches her eyes across a room. Or not so subtly, when Makoto hurls her out of the way of an incoming attack, and her vicious reprisal shatters a Shadow’s jaw.

Little touches, throughout the day, for a girl who, mere months ago, kept everyone at arms’ length.

It’s Ryuji, looping an arm over her shoulders and excitedly shoving this month’s Shonen Jump into her hands. It’s Akira, brewing coffee in comfortable silence, wordlessly setting a mug down in front of her. It’s Makoto beside her, explaining the equation for a third time, reaching for Ann’s eraser and Ann blushing when their fingers meet.

It’s the buzz in her pocket when Shiho calls, and Ann rushes out the door.

And when she steps back into Leblanc, all smiles, clutching her phone to her heart, it’s Ryuji’s teasing laughter, Akira’s smirk, and Makoto’s knowing smile.

It’s the warmth in their eyes as they welcome her home.


Sun, Sand and Swindling Walkthrough (Liar! Uncover the Truth and Liar Office event)

If you find this walkthrough useful in any way at all, please like or comment to let me know! It’s greatly appreciated :D

Please only click “keep reading” if you are willing to know the answer. If you are on mobile and do not wish to see, please scroll down fast!  

Note: Answers are translated from Japanese by me so wording is not exact however  A/B/C choices are guaranteed. Official translations are up now.

Event requirements
Stage 1 - 200 CP
Stage 2 - 500 CP
One Route - 600 CP
Two Routes - 700 CP
Three Routes - 800 CP
Four Routes - 900 CP
All Routes - 1000 CP

Routes for Kazumi, Sotaro, Azusa, Yusei and Keisuke are available after the main story.

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2p Tumblrs

2p America: vegan-safe-memerinos
Vegan safe recipes and memes and pictures of his dogs. Lots of selfies and motorcycle stuff too. Reblogs those jokes about vegans that others would get mad at to keep the Bad Vegans™ away.

2p Canada: the-canadian-wilderness
Wildlife and forests.

2p England: cupcakeking
Baking recipes, those stichting patterns or whatever they’re called, cute animals.

2p France: au-dieu-amour
Quotes, cigarettes, really depressing/deep thoughts.

2p Russia: dont-forget-to-study-kids
Books, study tips, more books. The leader of Studyblr.

2p China: meowmeow420
Drugs, cats, and bad pick up lines.

2p Japan: toojapanesetobeaweeb
Katanas, anime, gorey fanart.

2p Veneziano: theultimateitalian
Knives, fighting tips, restaurant reviews, scenery.

2p Romano: fashionista-republica-italia
Fashion, positive posts, animals, occasional rants about Veneziano.

2p Germany: idfightapotato
Cats and memes.

2p Prussia: positivememesforeveryone
Memes, animals, positivity posts, lots of signal boosts, song lyrics.

2p Spain: am-i-still-skunk-head
Posts stuff like “Day 26365756, they still call me skunk-head.” That’s it.

2p Hungary: bubblegumqueen
Fashion, baking, love quotes, long arguments with Austria that nobody wants to see.

2p Austria: bandfannumber666
Instruments, music, infinite covers and remixes of All-star by Smash Mouth and Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley, arguments with Hungary.

2p Switzerland: lovelaughsmile
Just bad puns, animals, love quotes, fandom stuff.

2p Liechtenstein: theemoaesthetic
Guns and animals and flowers and Fall Out Boy.

2p Belarus: pleasesmiletodaydear
All types of cute stuff. Aesthetic blogger.

2p Ukraine: dothedosafely
Sexual education blog.

2p Lithuania: whyarepeoplelikethis
Questionable life tips, sneaky pictures they took of their friends, posts along the lines of “I wanna fight acephobes behind an Arby’s at 3 am.”

2p Latvia: flirtyman10000
Just bad pick up lines and how to beat alcohol/drug addiction. Fights with China a lot on that subject.

2p Estonia: billnyethesciencesenpai
Science. That includes TERRIBLE science puns.

2p Finland: iamnotameme

2p Sweden: minecraftbro
Minecraft and PewDiePie fan stuff.

2p Denmark: deathisinevitable
Aesthetic blogger but more sad than Anastasia’s blog. Lots of fighting with Prussia through repetitive asks.

2p Norway: flameboi
Fire safety and 3 am thoughts.

2p Iceland: flameboi
Helps Norway run his blog. Also has
1p Iceland on their block list to avoid memes.

2p Sealand: actual-pinkheadedprankster
Links to the prank videos on his Youtube channel, lots of reblogs from England.

2p Ladonia: wootwootminecraft
Basically the same stuff Sweden posts. Also reblogs Sealand’s stuff if he is in the videos.

2p Romania: vampiresdosparkle
Twilight fanblog. Argues with his 1p all the time (and his blog is called vampiresdontsparkle)

2p Molossia: how-to-survive-a-vegan
“How to survive having a vegan brother” blog.